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Chapter 10: Many Dead Ends

The plan to search though the past began. Penelope, Jonathan and Ginny (with Ramona's help) would search though the journals and notes from that year's group.

The journals had plenty of information about the investigation.

It turned out that there was a very suspicious Slytherin student by the name of Tom Riddle.

However there was a major hiccup.

"Are you serious?" asked Jonathan reading something from one of the journals.

"What is it?" asked Ginny.

"Look at this!" said Jonathan.

He showed them the journal entry.

"Tom Riddle brought proved that a third year Gryffindor was behind it…" explained Johnathan, "And the attacks stopped shortly thereafter…"

"Wait are you serious?" asked Ginny.

They read the journal entries.

"It's true…" said Penelope.

"Myself and the other Guardians confronted Riddle about this. He said the matter has stopped so there wasn't a problem any more…" read Ginny.

"So maybe it's Riddle's grandson or granddaughter doing this." Said Jonathan.

"Maybe but there isn't a Riddle that's currently a student." Said Penelope.

"It could be the child of his daughter…' Said Ginny.

"I don't it's that… why wouldn't his daughter do that?" asked Clara.

"Maybe she hated it…" said Ginny.

"Maybe…" said Jonathan.

"How should we go looking around for him." Said Ginny.

"There's plenty of ways…" said Penelope.

"I guess you're right." Said Ginny.

"Don't worry Ginny we'll hand le this part…" said Jonathan.

Ginny nodding knowing she would need Romana to help in the research and in this case it was better to let the older students handle it.

A few days later however, in the meeting room both were venting to the rest of the Guardians and their guardian characters.

"Wait… he's comply missing?" asked Ginny.

"The last time people have seen him was when he adactyly applied to be the Defense against the Dark Arts Teacher… adder that he completely disappeared." Sighed Penelope.

"Wait are you serious?" asked Heather.

"I am…" said Penelope.

"Okay… so that is not a good thing…" said Cormac.

"We know Cormac…" sighed Clarence.

"Maybe if we find the Guardians from that year… they might know whatever happened to them." Said Penelope.

"Yeah…" said Ginny.

Over the course of the next few days, Penelope and Jonathan decided to try to get in contact with the former guardians.

During that time Ginny stumbled onto Harry, Ron and Hermione clearly planning something.

Her Guardian Character also saw them.

"They are up to something…" said Ramona.

"You should follow them…" said Serena.

"Whatever their doing they might get in trouble." Said Hazel.

Ginny nodded and followed then.

As it turned out it was to a bathroom that wasn't used due to the fact it's haunted.

"Okay! They are seriously upon to something." Said Romana.

Ginny entered the bathroom.

Which wasn't locked…

She saw them with a cauldron.

"Ginny!" said Ron, "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing." Said Ginny.

The three second year students sighed.

"You can't tell anyone what we're going to do…" said Harry.

"I can't promise anything." Said Ginny.

"Seriously Ginny!" yelled Ron.

"Fine I won't tell the teachers or Percy." Muttered Ginny.

"You're going to tell the other Guardians…" sighed Hazel.

"Of course she is.;.. because it's clear they're trying to investigate too." Said Gloria.

Ginny didn't say anything due to the three not being able to see the four Guardian Characters.

"Fine we'll tell you." Sighed Ron, "Just never make sure Percy and especially Snape finds out."

Ginny nodded.

That was when the three oft hem explained that they thought Malfoy was the one and they were going to use a transformation potion called the Polyjuice Potion to interrogate him.

"You think it's Malfoy." Said Ginny.

Okay so it was her own biases of being part an official investigation and she knew it was extremally unlikely that Malfoy was the culprit. She sighed and knew she had to do a character change with Gloria… because she needed it right now.

"Are you sure he's the culprit… he could just be an idiot with no brain to mouth filter." Said Ginny.

"You know how Malfoy is about Muggle-Borns." Said Hermione.

"I know…" sighed Ginny.

She realized that she wasn't going to get through to them.

"You better keep your end of the bargain…" said Ron.

"I know… no telling Percy or any of the teachers." Said Ginny.

Of course the promise didn't extend to the other Guardians.

"They think it's Malfoy?" asked Tracey.

Several of the Guardian Characters were laughing at this.

"Well it does kind of makes sense…" said Ginny.

"He's open about hating Muggle- Borns." Sighed Tracey.

"And that's it really…" said Jonathan, "He's just open about it…"

"So what are they planning to do exactly?" asked Penelope, "Because it sounds like they're planning something."

"I don't know if I should tell you all that…" said Ginny.

"It's something illegal… isn't it?" asked Heather.

Ginny didn't say anything.

"Awesome…" said Heather.

"Heather…" sighed both Penelope and Melody.

"Look I'm the current leader so I say we ignore them…" said Heather.

Everyone stared at Heather.

"Should I tell Malfoy that people think he's the heir because of how he talks about it?" asked Tracey.

"No… " said Cormac, "Do you think he'll listen?"

"Actually I was silently agreeing with you because I know people know… Crabbe and Gayle have been forgetting that he is not the heir…" said Tracey.

Everyone stared at Tracey in horror.

"Really? They're that dumb?" asked Bowman.

"Unfortunately…" sighed Mimi.

However a few days later the two Ravenclaws of the team had the news…

"We have good news and bad news…" said Jonathan, "The good news is that we found all 7 Guardians from that year…"

"The bad news… is that their all dead." Said Penelope.

"Wait are you serious?" asked Heather.

"Unfortunately…" said Penelope.

"All of them died at the hands of Death Eaters back during the war… the 3rd, 5th and 6th were all said to be personally executed by He Who Must Not Be Named Himself." Said Jonathan.

Ginny was shocked.

"But isn't it obvious they would be dead…" sighed Tracey, "The truth is that almost every single Guardian was considered a top fighter during the war due to our abilities… I'm not surprised they died in the war…"

"What I can't help; but to wonder what they three of them did to piss off You Know So Much he personally executed…" said Heather.

"Who knows… but at the moment we're back to square one…" said Jonathan.

Ginny sighed as it was true… they were back to square one with the mystery.

And all of them hoped that the next clue would show up soon…

And hopefully before the next time the monster would attack again…

Next Time: With no clues at the moment everyone deicides to just enjoy the first Quidditch Game of the year... however that night there's another victim... what will happen? Find out next time!