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Santana and Puck slammed down the thirteen shot glasses onto the table that the Glee Club and Blaine were sitting around. It was the last day of summer vacation before the group entered Senior year and they were celebrating at the Fabray Mansion; Judy was in Michigan, visiting Quinn's sister, for the week. A bottle of Stoli was placed in the middle of the table after each glass had been filled.

"Time for some 'I Never', bitches!" Santana shouted. Two pairs of eyes locked across the table, chocolate questioning hazel. A slight nod and small smile were given in reply.

Puck raised his glass. "A shot for all to start us off! I have never been in a Glee Club!" Each teen downed their shot, grimacing as the vodka burned its way into their stomachs. Puck then turned to his right, where Brittany was seated. "You're up."

The tall blonde tilted her head in confusion. "Up where?"

Puck turned to his left. "You're up." He told Lauren.

"I have never lost a physical fight." The girl stated with a crack of her knuckles.

Puck, Sam, Quinn, Santana, Finn, Mike, Rachel and Blaine each threw back their shot.

"Blaine?" Puck questioned. The two had become close friends that summer; bonding over a shared love of video games and football.

"Rachel?" Quinn half-yelled at the same time.

The Glee members' heads turned back and forth between the two teens in confusion; both of whom were looking down. Kurt grabbed his boyfriend's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. Blaine looked at the boy pleadingly.

"He and another boy were beaten up for trying to attend a school dance together at his old school." The falsetto told them. Angry murmurs passed through the group.

"What about you, Berry?" Santana asked, turning to the short singer. "Lose a fight with an old lady over some ugly ass animal sweater?"

Rachel looked up, meeting the Latina's gaze unflinchingly. "Actually, I was jumped by some Cheerios after school once."

"What!" Quinn snarled, while Puck chuckled. The blonde leveled him with an icy glare. "Find something funny about that situation, Puckerman?"

Puck raised his hands in self-defense. "Not at all, baby mama. It's just, My Jewbabe could've easily won that fight if she'd wanted to and been willing to show off her moves."

Santana snorted in disbelief. "The midget could never win a fight against even one of the Cheerios."

"Say that again after you've seen her whoop ass at our Fight Club. I'll be the first to admit that she has kicked the crap outta me."

"Okay!" Rachel shouted. "Ignoring Noah's blatant breaking of the First Rule; how about we get back to the game?" She glared at the mow-hawk sporting boy before turning to Artie, gesturing for him to go.

"Um... Never have I ever.. kissed a dude?" He half asked half stated.

Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Puck and all of the girls drank. Sam and Puck received several questioning glances and a few vocalized 'What the fuck?'s. Looking at each other, they shrugged in unison.

"A party involving Spin The Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven." Sam answered for both of them, before turning to his ex. "Quinn?"

The former Head Cheerio pondered for a few seconds. "I have never used a fake ID card." Santana, Puck and Rachel downed their drinks.

"Damn, Berry! You've been holding out on us."

Rachel shrugged, seemingly sober despite the number of shots she'd already taken. "There's a lot you don't know about me." She said, avoiding the slightly accusatory and upset hazel eyes burning a hole in the side of her head.

"I have never been a virgin!" Finn blurted out. Ever since Rachel broke up with him less than a month into Summer Vacation (which he adamantly refused to acknowledge as him being dumped, but rather tried to play it off as himself being victimized) he'd been attempting to crack open old wounds.

Mercedes, Tina, Kurt and Blaine drank. Gasps went through the circle as Rachel's glass remained untouched.

"Seriously, Rachel?" Finn shouted. "What, did you feel the need to slut it up with someone to slight me after our break up?"

"Shut it, Finneptitude!" Quinn growled, lunging at the giant boy. Blaine and Mike barely managed to pull the furious girl back into her seat.

"Listen to the girl, or I'll have to rearrange your face for insulting my Jewbro." Puck said, clenching his fists.

"For your information, Finn," Rachel said quietly, running a finger absentmindedly around the rim of her glass, "not everything has to do with you. The loss of my virginity, for instance, had absolutely nothing to do with you, actually."

Santana was the only one to notice Rachel locking gazes with a certain blonde, who instantly calmed against the hands restraining her. Her eyes widened in realization before a devilish smirk spread across her face. "Shut it, Finnocence. I'm sure Berry had a much more pleasurable first time than she would've with you and your... early arrival issues." Finn flushed red and crossed his arms with a huff. "Anyways, it's my turn! I have never, "she paused for dramatic affect, "been a gold star." Silence permeated the room. Santana rolled her eyes as a few of the teens gave her confused looks. "For those of you who are... uninformed, that's a girl who has only ever slept with girls." As understanding spread through everyone in the room, Rachel calmly downed her shot. "I knew it!" Santana fist-pumped. Aside from Puck, Quinn and Santana, each person gaped in shock at the girl.

"You're a dyke now too?" Santana, Quinn and Rachel winced, before the short brunette stood; she crossed to Finn and socked him in the jaw, knocking him flat onto the floor. Without a word, she walked over to Quinn, who didn't hesitate to pull the singer into her lap, wrapping her arms protectively around Rachel's waist and kissing the top of her head. Circling her arms around the blonde's neck, Rachel laid her head on Quinn's shoulder. The ex-Cheerio glared around the circle, daring anyone to comment. Finn sat back up with a groan, clutching his swelling jaw. "What the hell, Rachel?"

"Dude, be glad she didn't break your jaw. She could've." Puck stood. "And should've." He stated under his breath, before entering the kitchen. Returning, he placed a towel wrapped ice pack into Quinn's hand; she, in turn, took Rachel's hand and kissed the bruised knuckles before pressing the pack against them. "Now," Puck said, sitting back down, "why don't you apologize to my Jewbro, Latinabro and Baby Mama before one of us does do more than bruise your jaw."

Finn glared at his ex-best friend before mumbling a half-assed apology.

"Not accepted." Santana said, moving to sit in Brittany's lap. Finn cringed as she passed him. "But, I'd rather not touch you. I'd have to boil my hands to make sure I wouldn't catch the homophobic idiot."

Awkward silence descended upon the group.

"I have never kissed a duck." Brittany stated suddenly before downing her shot.

Santana closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose before chugging her own shot. Opening her eyes, she saw everyone elses' on her. "What? You try saying no to Britt!"

Puck made a whipping noise in unison with Rachel motioning the cracking of a whip from her position in her girlfriend's arms.


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