AN: Hello. This is my attempt at a Murder Mystery. It is a 4 part story that is composed as an investigation. Each section has the reader as an investigator and the story plays out for the reader to attempt to guess who the villan is. For Murder Mysteries written for fanfiction, a topic is chosen and a story must be made. Readers are asked to place any thoughts and or who they think is the killer at the end of the third chapter. The fourth chapter is the reveil and shold not be read until after the review unless you do not care for that.

Stage 1 – Investigation:

Sponges. One of the first animals, they are resistant to most changes and escape the cold iron grip of death for quite some time. But nothing lasts forever… Another had fallen, Spongebob Squarepants. Never known to be evil or hateful, our dear sponge was found shredded in a pile on the floor of his home. Gary, his faithful pet snail, had made the discovery late at night after an all-night party at the Krusty Krab. He complained of a headache and had left the party at about 11:30pm. His house, which was on a road with only two others, had a school of people outside. No one was able to see the scene, not even the friends of the deceased. The crime was reported at 12:15am and the Krusty Krab was only 15 minutes away from the scene. Well enough time for the criminal to zip over and eliminate the invertebrate. Official time of death was impossible due to Spongebob being cold-blooded as well as being that he was in a couple hundred pieces. But the murder was just as it had been when Gary had crawled upon it. No one aside Gary and a cop had seen the scene before the cop closed the area. The phone, where the call to the station had come from, was still off the hook. The weapon, a cheese grater of all things, left smashed down upon Spongbob as if it was a knife piercing his last chance of life. The only thing out of place in the room was his favorite chair. It had been thrown across the room and laid against the far wall. Under where it was, was the remainder of what looked like a safe. The last clue was apparent to everyone, the door was unlocked as if the killer had a key!