Heroes of the Alliance


Let me just start by saying this story shall be mixed with Lore and my own imagination. I am not the best writer on this site but I always look to improve my writing. So please be so kind to leave a review and I'll be happy to leave one back. All I can promise in my Warcraft story is that I'll make sure to be able to keep updating, keep improving and most importantly keep listening in what you people would like to see. So please don't be shy in PM me and sharing your ideas because I will always listen. Chapters may be added weekly depending on whether I'm busy so get reading and enjoy. Thank you.


Many years ago a group of 5 heroes went on what to be known as the " Alliance Expedition " in which these heroes tried to retrieve the Book of Medivh in hope of stopping Ner'zhul from opening portals in which he could find new lands to conquer. The heroes decided the only way to protect Azeorth would be to seal the Dark Portal. Ner'zhul entered one of the portals but was immediately captured by Kil'Jaeden. The heroes sealed the portal but there where-abouts of some of them remained unknown. Some of the heroes are said to be alive, and some said to of disappeared. With the Dark Portal open, and Deathwing return the only way in defeating Deathwing is to gather the 5 heroes where-ever they may be and bring them together to defeat Deathwing once and for all.


Heroes of the Alliance is an epic story that takes place during the war against Deathwing the Destroyer. A young hero named Darudus and his brother Parido set adventure to find the missing heroes that once fought many years ago that protected the alliance in the Draenor expedition. With Deathwing preparing a second attack Darudus and Parido will find themselves looking for the 5 heroes and bring them all together and back to Azeroth to defeat Deathwing the Destroyer.