Stormwind was much now a broken city with valiant heroes fighting for survival against Deathwing attack. Buildings, monuments, and homes that had been known to many over the years in a matter of minutes turned into a torn, broken city with nothing but pain and suffering of many innocent lives. The sky was still a dark grey and the rain pounding down viciously on the stone floor and the thunder still roaring ferociously.

Deathwing looked down at the destruction and yelped "Azeroth shall fall under my wrath, and nor you Varian or anyone will stop the final outcome of my rage."

Varian raised the Shalamayne and with the adrenaline pumping around his body he turned the sword decapitating one of the minion's heads that was running towards him. As he looked down at the minion fooling to the floor the thousands of regrets that were running through his mind turned into nothing but darkness. One by one he walked through the battle slaying Deathwings minions from what-ever direction that they came from, he made his way towards the bridge that had been broken and witnessed Deathwing in his human form on the other side of the broken bridge looking towards at Varian.

"It ends here Varian"Deathwing said

Varian kept his eyes glued onto Deathwing and raised a smirk "Your right Neltharion it does end here"

Deathwing angrily heard the name in which Varian called him by in which for years he tried to diminish from the name given to him by the titans. "How dare you call me by that name? I do not go by that name; - my name is more superior, more ruling, and fiercer and before this night ends you will see darkness and Azeroth will be mine."

Varian raised another smirk and using his forearm wiped the blood that was dripping vigorously from his forehead. He didn't even say anything but his facial expressions told everything, by hoisting his sword up in the air he pointed it towards Deathwing and tilted his head up high. "Than tonight one of us shall die"

Deathwing nodded

"Tonight you will die in vain and everyone you know shall be slaughtered. Prepare for your demise."

Deathwing raised his arms and began to transition back into Dragon form. Varian watched on as Deathing flew into the air making a loud screech. Stormwind slowly began to crumble even more as they fell down onto the stone floor. Varian gripped using his both his hands on his sword and began to raise it waiting for Deathwing. Behind him came Commander Ulrich who survived when the bridge fell, General Markus Jonathan and the rest of the surviving alliance army. The thundering shattered again by another quick succession of lighting that flashed straight after.

Deathwing laughed looking down at the heroes "Looks like it's the end"

"King Varian were here till the end" said Commander Ulrich

Varian nodded

Varian along with the heroes awaited their fate as Deathwing began to breathe in again with the magma beginning to surge up his body. Varian looked up at the sky as the thunder shattered again. Deathwing breathed out his fire the same time a quick flash of lighting happened. Varian raised the Shalamayne as the lighting hit the gem and before the fire could hit them Varian raised his sword as the fire was sucked into the gem.

"What is this?"

Varian raised the Shalamayne and threw the sword towards Deathwing as it pierced through into his body. Deathwing immediately began to fall down into the water in the valley of the heroes. His body fell hard into the water with the water splashing up and then coming back down.

"Is it over?" one of the heroes shouted

No one said a word but waited anxiously. Everything seemed to have stopped as if time had stood till and everyone was just waiting for something to happen In a split of a second. Varian held his arm high to warn the rest of the army to stay back as he began to slowly walk over to the edge. The rain began to ease down and the thunder seemed no more. Varian looked down to see the water that was still rippling from the force in which Deathwing collided with the water. He turned back around to see Ulrich, Marcus and the rest of the battered alliance army waiting for Varian to proclaim them the news that Deathwing had been defeated and the war was over. Before he could say anything the whole of Azeroth began to shake lightly as if a earthquake was coming on, the surviving rocks in Stormwind began to crumble once more falling on the stone floor that they were situated in. Deathwing arose from the water with the waves splashing up he made another loud screech showing his prominence and power with the rain beginning to pour from the grey, torn sky and the thundering once again began to erupt as if the destruction was starting all over again.

"To the death?" asked Commander Ulrich

Varian turned his head slightly turning his attention away from Deathwing looking back at the heroes that stood before him. He saw one hero holding onto his sword with full group shaking but trying to keep his nerves together. Varian put his hand on the young hero shoulder and told him "Do not be afraid of death". The young hero slowly began to shop shaking as if a black cloud had finally been released and the fear had gone. He looked up at Varian and mumbled the words "Thank you my king".

As another rift started to emerge Stormwind began to split into two, with some of the heroes falling down into the cracks. Varian jumped off the edge of Stormwind into the water below as he began to swim to the bottom of the water desperately trying to find his sword. As he looked around he saw fallen heroes that had died from the hands of Deathwing. Even from underwater he could hear the battle that was commencing from above and although he hated leaving his people he knew he had to reclaim his sword. Searching through the dirt and still holding his breath he saw his Shalamayne dug down right into the dirt. He gripped his right hand on the handle of the sword and pulled it out of the dirt. As he looked up he could see the fire that was scorching from Deathwing as the heroes were screaming in pain and agony. He rose back up to the top and put his hand on some rubble and began to climb his way up the half broken bridge. The rubble began to weaken and Varian began to lose his footing and just as he was about to fall Marcus Jonathan gripped his hand and pulled him up.

"This is how it ends, with me proclaiming my rightful place as the only ruler of Azeroth"

The lava was surging viciously around Deathwing body as he began to breathe in the fire and unleashed it towards the heroes. Varian watched on and saw Commander Ulrich and the rest of the heroes fighting off the Minions. As most of the heroes were dying off and Ulrich was desperately tying to keep the minions from entering Stormwind the fire had overwhelmed them. Most of them were screaming in pain and began to jump in the water below trying to get the scorching fire off them.

"It's over" said Marcus

"We must fight till the end, no matter what" replied Varian

Varian and Marcus began to make their way through Stormwind passing the destruction that was going on near-by. As he walked past he could still hear the screaming going through his head and the pictures of his mind of the valiant heroes like Quine Foreshadow being killed. As he walked through Stormwind in failure in defeat he made his way outside the kingdom accompanied by Marcus Jonathan. He looked up at the statue that was half broken and made his way into the kingdom up along the hallway.

"I'll stay out here and defend your kingdom" said Marus even though he knew that he alone could not defeat Deathwing or his minions. As Varian walked up the long hallway he shut his eyes and reminisced the times in which his wife died. Behind him he could hear Marcus fighting off the minions and in a few seconds after that he heard Marcus sword drop the floor. It was now only King Varian that was left walking up to his throne with the minions now entering the kingdom. King Varian sat upon his throne and placed the Shalamayne sword beside him. Neltharion walked up the kingdom with his hundreds of minions by his side as he stood just a distance away from Varian.

"You have failed to protect Azeroth Varian and now you must meet your demise"

"I lived as a King and I shall die as a king. You will be defeated Neltharion in time you will begin to realise your not as powerful as you think you are-"

Neltharion transformed into his dragon form as Varian watched on. The buildings that surrounded began to crumble but Varian did not move, nor speak he kept looking up at Deathwing. Varian was prepared for his fate as he watched Deathwing breathing in the fire with the magma surging around his body and in a flash of a second the fire erupted like a volcano as the fire came towards Varian as he sat on his throne he closed his eyes and accepted his fate.

"On this day will be marked as the day not only has King Varian been de-throned but as the day Azoreth has been taken over by Deathwing the Destroyer!"