"Father…how would someone go about collecting his bride?" The sea prince of the Mediterranean asked his Father.

The Great king thought for a moment.

"Humans are fickle things my son. They cover their bodies with layers of animal fur and eat from the great earth. Collecting your bride would be a troublesome thing indeed…you should try to share your interests perhaps?"

"But my bride only likes playing these strange sounds out of a hollowed branch and stays very close inland. He rarely visits the ocean" The sea prince argued.

"Then take the appearance of a surface dweller my son. Go to the sea nymphs and ask for their help. See if their wisdom can guide you."

And so the sea prince visited the sea nymphs who lived in the river where his beloved lived. The thing about sea nymphs is that they require a form of payment for their services. Something of equal value perhaps.

The Prince, knowing this, took with him a string of pearls from box of wonders which he found in a sunken ship and swam as quickly as he could toward the rivers. The flute of his beloved, Hanayome, was safe inside his satchel as he swam against the strong currents.

He quickly reached the playing spot of sea nymphs. They were sliding down rocks and playing with reeds which immerged from the water.

The sea prince asked the wisest of them all what to do. She told him to give an exchange, his tail for feet. The Prince immediately took the offer. Using her magic, she transformed the prince from a fish to a…cat!

The prince was confused, why would he be turned into a strange animal. The nymphs disappeared and the prince was left alone to wander around the mountain confused at what he was.

The strange shapes of foliage confused him; there was an ocean on top of him filled with foam. The prince enjoyed the feel of rough dirt beneath his strange feet. He held Hanayome's flute in his mouth, not willing to let it get dirtied by the ground.

Many strange smells invaded his nose and he seemed to echolocate* objects even on the surface. His ear twitched when he heard a sound come from in front of him in a strange dry patch of seaweed.

It was another human! His beloved Hanayome!

The prince ran up to him before looking up at his bride. He tried to speak but it came out in a strange sound. Almost like the small cry of a dying dolphin.

Hanayome looked directly at him before smiling and picking up him up. He cooed over the sea prince, rubbing his fingers through the sleek coat of fur.

Hanayome had searched earlier for his flute in his room, thinking he had misplaced it. He searched outside the courtyard, around the house and even began asking villagers if they have seen his flute.

Hanayome discouraged sat by himself outside his room, dipping his legs into the moist earth. Hanayome decided to consult a mountain god who was sanctioned in the mountain of his village. Maybe the god would know where his flute went. Hanyome took with him, spare clothes, some food and a sword.

He traveled for a few days before wearily resting on a rock as he soothed his tired feet. He noticed a cat walking into the view in the forest. It had a flute in his mouth!

Hanayome approached the cat. The cat did not seem to cower so Hanayome picked the cat up to eye view. He noticed that the flute was in the cat's mouth. The cat released the flute from his jaws before mewing cutely at Hanayome.

Hanayome did not resist the urge to pet his fur in which the prince(although Hanayome did not know this is the Prince) began purring even more. He noticed that around the neck of the cat, was a silver ring on a piece of string. Hanayome gently began walking back toward his home down by the coast.

"I think I'll name you Girisha after my father's visitor from a faraway country called Greece." Hanayome scratched behind Girisha's ear.

That was the development of a long happy relationship. Wherever Hanayome was, Girisha was there to watch him. Girisha stayed closed to Hanayome, following him wherever he went. He never complained about anything, he loved fish and enjoyed sleeping in the sun on top of Hanyome.

Girisha loved Hanyome's comb, the small sound of emeralds tapping against each other as Hanyome moved his head. He loved that strange hollowed stick (which he later found out was called a flute) which played beautiful sounds.

He loved being with Hanayome, just enjoying his company and his friendship.

That all changed one fateful day in spring. The days were still chilly yet brighter than in the winter. Snow began melting from the cherry blossom trees. The buds began to bloom.

It was a lazy day at the house. Mother was out shopping with some women of the town, Father was in town trading. Hanayome sat outside with Girisha at his side. They were currently watching the cherry blossom. Hanayome was drinking out of this nice tea set his father brought back from one of his travels.

"Look Girisha-san…my tea leaf stick is upright..." Hanayome showed his tea cup to Girisha-san. Now Girisha-san managed to learn Japanese in the short time he has been there. This made it easier to understand his beloved.

Girisha's ears perked when he started smelling burnt wood. And not far. He began hissing at the fence that surrounded the garden.

"What is it Giri—" Hanayome didn't get to finish his sentence when loud fire sticks began shooting, and cinders started flying around with the sound of breaking wood and glass.

Hanayome jumped back when a figure stood out of the mess. He was strange. He had a large plumed hat covered in different assortments of jewels and feathers. He wore a bright emerald jacket with golden details along the jacket's cuffs and buttons. He wore a ripped white shirt revealing milky white skin and tight black pants with worn out leather boots. Around his red sash there was a large sword and metal objects.

Girisha got a good look at his face, yellow sand hair with bushy black eyebrows and cold emerald eyes. Girisha immediately went to Hanyome's side, trying to make himself as intimidating as possible.

" Capture the boy" A group of burly unwashed men attacked Hanayome. Girisha tried his best to claw their eyes out and bite them but there were too many.

Hanayome wasn't the most defenseless person in the village, but they began grabbing his arms and legs. Girisha was about to save his beloved before the strangely dressed man kicked him in the stomach. They dragged Hanayome with them, stealing his many family valuables and more Japanese objects.

One muscular man tossed Hanayome over his shoulder like a sack of flour. Girisha was paralyzed for a moment before racing over, following the men to the coastline. Their large ship sat by the docks. A large platform connected the stern of the ship to the small docks. Girisha raced over to the ship, in an attempt to save him.

This is not according to plans! Oh how he wished he bring Hanayome to the sea with him to meet his family and friends when Hanayome decided to be his. To enjoy the ever changing temperatures of the sea. To admire the life beneath the water.

Hanayome was thrown in the Captain's cabin at the bow of the ship. He rubbed his back before observing his surroundings. The Captain's quarters were quite messy, becoming for a pirate, a series of maps and parchment all over the place. A single bed sat in the corner with a large chest at its foot.

Hanayome got up and walked around, straightening his heavy kimono. He hid his emerald comb in his yukata top. The door opened revealing the captain and Girisha took that opportunity to slip in through the door.

The Captain licked his lips. Girisha did not like the way he looked at Hanayome.

He said something that frightened Hanayome, Girisha ran over to try to attack the captain but was picked up and thrown into a chest.

Hanayome moved away from the captain but he was too quick. He grabbed Hanyome's wrists together roughly, pulling them above Hanyome's head with one arm. He quickly tied them together with his sash on his hips.

Hanayome knew what the Captain wanted…

Girisha never forgot the sound of his beloved raped in that room nor will he forget those cries of agony in which he felt completely powerless, unable to save him.

In the aftermath of this, Hanayome pitifully moved away from the Captain, who took the opportunity to leave his cabin, calling him a "wonderfully useful whore". He felt unclean, filthy, and most of all, disgusted with himself. The evidence of what had happened was stickily placed on his stomach. Hanayome moved toward the trunk, his only comfort was in Girisha.

Girisha stiff from being locked in the chest for so long, immediately comforted Hanayome. Licking his hands, his face…his free flowing tears. He grabbed a ribbed piece of cloth from under the bed to hand to Hanayome to clean himself up. Hanayome bit his lips, resists a cry of pain shooting up his spine. Girisha looked around before dragging Hanyome's yukata, which was torn off him in the beginning, to him.

Hanayome held Girisha close to him. Girisha licked his cheek comfortingly.

And this was how they survived for the new few months upon the ships. Hanayome became the little toy of the Captain, used for showing and handling and the occasional whore out. Hanayome could not speak their language so he stayed quiet through the months aboard.

The Captain had a strange fetish for having his toys perfectly usable and beautiful, giving Hanayome jewels and fine clothes made of silks and satins. And multiple medical kits to clean himself up. Something about he couldn't have his whore sick with disease.

Hanayome honestly looked more like a porcelain doll as time came along. The multitude of jewels around his slender neck and thin finger made him look like an exotic doll. The fine silk kimonos and yukatas made him look like a princess even though he was male. He always bathed in warm water scented with spices. He had lots of sandals made of reeds for his petite feet so that they wouldn't be rough. Gold adorned his wrists and feet.

There were other things he had to do: he played his flute for the Captain, sang songs in his native language and often danced to entertain his master. Almost like a geisha. It was a regular thing on the ship. He would deliver the captains meals to him in bed, entertained him for a while and assist him with whatever he needed.

Although in the last months, the captain had not even laid a finger on Hanayome. He looked troubled, restless. He paced his quarters constantly as if waiting for something. He constantly polished his pistol and multitude of swords and knives which scared Hanayome. He prayed that the Captain would not kill him so soon.

Girisha was Hanayome's only source of comfort. The captain would not get rid of him due to a superstition of having cats onboard would mean being lucky. Hanayome constantly played with him like a child, often singing songs from his village to comfort him.

{Let's light the lanterns on the tiered stand.

Let's put peach blossoms on the tiered stand.*

Five court musicians are playing flutes and drums.

Today is a happy Dolls' Festival.}

One day however, the captain staggered in after coming back from one of the ports. His left eye bled profusely. Although he yelled at Hanyome to stay away, Hanayome decided to try his best to stop the bleeding.

While the captain slept, unconscious from blood loss, Hanayome began to clean the eye and fix what he can. The eyeball was cut out, leaving an empty hole in the eye socket. Hanayome cleansed it with brandy and covered the Captain's eye with a red sash from his many collections of clothes.

As he began to slink back, he heard a quiet " Thank you" from the Captains lips.

And from here on, the Captain's left eye was useless, his eyeball was torn out leaving an empty socket, and he wore a red sash around his left eye until he purchased a satin eye patch.

In the meantime, Hanayome began to quietly learn English until the Captain heard him practicing one night and told him" Better work on the accent though."

Hanayome tried his very best to communicate until one day, he held a complete conversation with the ship's cook.

He began taking on more assignments from the Captain until one day, the Captain returned him to Japan. Strangely enough, he had built a large home for Hanayome on a Cliffside where he could stay and rest. Hanayome was overjoyed to say the least. But completely puzzled.

The captain left him with all his finery and jewels and a chest full of Spanish gold and silver. He was allowed to keep all his clothes. Something about the captain's behavior suggested something was amiss but Hanayome decided not to question it, lest the captain changed his mind.

There was one condition however…should the Captain ever return to his home, he was to act like his slave once more. Entertainment and sex. Hanayome agreed reluctantly as the Captain captured his lips once more before leaving the ship.

He roamed his strange new home. He gathered seeds and planted multiple Sakura trees and apple and persimmon trees. He many furnishings with his gold and began playing the flute once more.

He played a lot with Girisha, often talking with him and rubbing his back whom one day disappeared.

Hanayome called out to him, searching by the seashore where Girisha liked to play until he saw the Sea Nymph he had met at his old village.

The Handsome stranger had not changed at all since he has seen him. Beautifully built like a handsome god, hair like curled chocolate ( Which the Captain gave him once to taste) and deep eyes like the sea, never one changing like the sea itself.

" My love" He kissed Hanayome, holding his face tenderly in his hands. Hanayome backed away.

" Forgive me but I belong to someone else. I cannot do this" Hanayome tried to argue. The Sea Prince placed a silver ring upon Hanayome's ring finger.

"I break you from your commitment to the Sea Captain. He has taken your purity and innocence for which he should be condemned to die."

" No! You can't he's—" Hanayome was interrupted in a kiss.

" I love you…"

Kiku hid his face once more in the book he casually picked up. He didn't know why he was hiding his face in a book but he accidentally saw the manager's assistant walk by.

" Damn it! This is not like me to hide my face of embarrassment."

Kiku hurried along to the coffee shop section of the store and sat down in one of the chairs.

He glanced around casually before almost jumping of surprise when he noticed the assistant placing books in a high shelf. Kiku hid his face once more, trying to be discreet. This was honestly the first time he felt like this, shy and embarrassed easily.

This as a problem for the usually polite-quiet Japanese man. He liked beautiful faces much too easily and Heracles Karpusi was one of them. Kiku could only muster up the courage to observe him, never conversing.

He was absolutely perfect in every way. His hair was the exact shade of oak trees, curled and wavy like ocean waves. He was tall like a pillar, standing up straight with tan skin like the sands of the Mediterranean.

His body was muscled enough to show through the thin lining of his shirt (where Kiku was notchecking out, mind you) yet his fingers looked gentle as he placed books on the shelves of the bookstore.

His eyes were the exact shade of the coastal waters around Greece although they never stayed one color. Sometimes they look green and sometimes they are blue. They always had this ancient link to them, knowledgeable yet alert like so many older folks.

Kiku likes to compare him to Greek gods, strong like the hero Hercules, knowledgeable like Apollo and yet more handsome than Adonis.

He didn't talk much, there was no need to. Kiku checked his phone just for the sake of a distraction. Just a text from Yao his cousin, more random videos from Yong Soo, and a greeting from Mai.

Kiku quickly checked the time on his phone. 6:24 pm.

The store would be closing soon. Kiku grabbed the manga books he wanted and the book on Greek gods before heading off to the cash register. He quickly grabbed his wallet and paid for his purchase before heading off toward home. Thank kami that Heracles wasn't on cash-register duty.

He lived a simple home he supposed. It was on the hills and he lived in an apartment complex above an Asian food restaurant. His mother died when he was young and his Father works overseas in the United States. He lives with his cousins who own the Asian restaurant on the island.

The Restaurant was pretty popular. It named The Tiger's Eye because of a strange family obsession with emeralds.

They at least had eastern style rooms above as it which was a comfort to Kiku. Kiku climbed up the outside stairs as to not come in through the restaurant. His room was in the secluded corner of the side of the house where the sun rises.

Kiku walked into his neat room. An entire wall of bookshelves filled with manga books and trinkets. His bed was a western style bed, lifted from the carpet. The room was stylishly decorated. The walls were painted a background shade of electric blue with random splashes of different colored shapes. The carpet was electric green. His furniture was neo-deco styled.

Kiku had a bonsai tree by his bed side table where he liked to place his important objects such as his IPod, cellphone and wallet.

Kiku dropped onto his bed, staring at the poster covered ceiling.

"His face was beautiful"

Kiku couldn't seem to get that man out of his head. His face, his eyes, his nose, his cheeks, and his brows everything was so perfect in that Grecian body. Kiku didn't look up from his book as he read about the Greek gods once more.

The things Kiku likes about these gods are how human they act. Cheating on their spouses, arguing amongst themselves, gambling, having illegitimate offspring, etc. etc.

Kiku continued the tale of Lida and the Swan in which, Zeus transformed himself into a swan and seduced Lida, the queen of Sparta.

He thought once more of Heracles, who could have taken the appearance of a lion and seduce him. Kiku shook his head, attempting to rid himself of his thoughts.

Maybe I should go to the park!

The fresh ocean breeze was comfortable enough, the day was warm. The park was only a 5 minute walk. Kiku sat by one of his favorite areas. A bench surrounded by trees and foliage.

Kiku felt his eyes get heavy and he began to close them. He didn't even finish his story. Kiku closed his eyes once more, not opening them. It must have been an odd sight to be seen. A Japanese teenager asleep on a park bench.

He didn't know how long he slept before feeling the tingle of cool metal sliding down his neck. A thin chain of metal slipped onto his neck down to his collarbone.

Kiku felt fingers brush against his face, brushing the short hair way from his ear. The fingers felt rough and calloused yet very warm against his face. Kiku began to flutter his eyes open rubbing them with his hands. He looked around.


Kiku noticed that his book had turned over to the page of Psyche going through the trials placed on her by the Gods. Kiku felt around his neck before feeling a foreign object down by his slender collar.

It was a ring on a thin silver necklace. He glanced around and searched around before deciding to go home.

Yao needed help in the restaurant that night so Kiku got into a uniform and began serving meals to the customers. Business was busy since it was a Friday night, many families and young couples decided to go out that night.

Kiku served table 12 before noticing a loud laughter arise from Table 2. Sitting there was a very attractive American with his close friend Arthur Kirkland.

Again with the attractive faces. He scanned the American closer. Well built, 6'2, bright blonde hair and very enchanting blue eyes. The glasses make him look more handsome in a way and made him look charismatic in a way. He wore a Mario Kart t-shirt with authentic Japanese lettering on the sides and tight jeans sagged enough to be cool.

Kiku felt his cheeks heat up as he the attractive stranger caught his gaze and winked. Kiku turned away and continued to serve. He broke out his train of thoughts when he heard a loud shouting come from the other side of the table.

A tall tanned man drunkenly staggered to hit one of their clients before falling to the ground. The other man grabbed his arm and wrapped an arm around his strong shoulders.

" You're such a geezer you know…" The man muttered, cursing under his breath.

" Shad up! What would a kid like you know!" The drunken man shouted, hiccupping.

" More than you know you bastard!" The man cursed him

" Do you need any assistance?" Kiku asked politely before the stranger turned to him. Kiku's eyes widened as it was the attractive Manager's assistant from the bookstore. He couldn't mistake those eyes.

" No but thank you." He dragged the drunk man out the door before apologizing to Yao who stood out the door.

Kiku stayed uncharacteristically frozen with surprise…he just spoke to his long time crush for who knows how long and all he said

"Do you need any assistance?"

Would Kami just kill him at that instant.

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