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Chapter Thirty-Three


After Edward's little announcement and the drama that ensued on Christmas, it seemed like life was suddenly flying by.

Jacob and Angela were finally able to find out the sex of their own baby just after the new year. They were so excited that they held a sudden gender reveal party. I had never seen Jacob so excited before. He was one proud daddy when those blue balloons came out of the large brown box. I knew Angela had been hoping for a girl. After all, she was the only girl in her family. Her siblings, cousins... they had been all boys. She later admitted to me that she wasn't disappointed. The baby was healthy and seeing Jacob so happy made her happy.

Their own happiness - and that baby Black would be here soon – had me looking forward to my own new baby. Addie was six months now and had finally mastered the art of crawling. Now she was determined to pull herself up. The day I came around the corner and saw her holding on to her play pen had me in tears. My baby was growing up too quickly for my liking. I wanted her to slow down.

Now today, Esme was on her way to sit with the baby while Edward and I went to see the other baby. I was seven weeks today and we would get the first look at our peanut.


I looked up from the textbook I had been studying. Yeah. School had officially started for me last week. I was still hesitant about being pregnant and attending but Edward pushed me, reassuring me that he would do what he could to make sure I still graduated on time.

Edward rounded the corner with Esme hot on his heels. His tie hung loosely around his neck and his auburn locks looked like his hand had been through it a dozen times. Esme wore a huge smile on her face and greeted me before rushing over to Addie and removing her from her ExerSaucer.

Addie cooed and snuggled against her. She loved her Nanny time but definitely not as much as Esme loved her time with Addie.

"You ready?" Edward asked and I nodded. He smiled his crooked smile before kissing me as he walked by. "Great. Let me just go change my clothes and we'll head out."

"He's so excited, Bella," Esme told me as she sat down and her son disappeared up the stairs. "I was talking to him on his drive home. He didn't get this way with Kate's appointments."

"I'm excited too," I told her. "I wasn't sure how to feel with Addie still being so little but Edward told me about him and Alice being close together. I calmed down a little after that."

"Speaking of Alice..."

"Uh oh. Do I even want to know?" I laughed.

"I think it's a marvelous idea but remember you can say no."

"Uh huh."

"She wants to have a gender reveal party."

"Does Alice realize that I'm roughly seven weeks along? We're just going to make sure everything is alright. Maybe even hear the heartbeat. I won't find out until sixteen weeks if we're lucky."

"She knows," Esme chuckled. "But she says she needs that time to plan. You know how she is."

"Fine," I sighed. "Just please, Esme... keep her from going overboard."

"I'll do my best."

"Ready to go?" Edward asked as he quickly jogged down the steps. He had changed out of his suit and into a sweater and some jeans. It looked like he had even put some gel in his hair.

I liked the sex look he had going...

"Have fun you two," Esme told us as we walked out the door. "I want to hear all about it when you get back."

"I know I'm a doctor and everything but that's a lot of paperwork," Edward complained when I came back from the window with a stack of papers.

"You should know that it's standard procedure then," I told him when I sat down. I began filling out the paperwork since I hadn't been to see my gynecologist for over a year and I had been at Dartmouth then. Feeling his eyes on me, I stopped writing and looked over at him. "What?"

"Your insurance. It's Charlie's."

"Yeah so? I'm a broke college student, Edward. What'd you expect?"

"I could put you on mine."


"Or we could just get married and then put you on my insurance? We're engaged and expecting anyway. I could adopt Addie too."

"Isabella Swan?" A nurse called out.

Wow. That was quick. I hadn't even finished the paperwork yet.

Edward and I both stood to go into the back room. I chose to ignore his suggestion. Did I want to get married right away? Or did I want to just enjoy being a couple for a while?

He was right though. We were already engaged and we were already pregnant. Did I want to be married before the baby arrived? Did I want Addie to have the same surname as her brother or sister?

Most definitely.

Edward and I sure had a lot to talk about after our appointment.

"How are you doing today, Bella?" Dr. Tanner asked as she breezed into the room. I had always liked her. She was a very no nonsense kind of person and could always see through my crap. I hated having to switch doctors when I moved away for school.

"The nausea isn't as bad," I told her. "But it's still there. I'm not throwing up like I have been."

"Good. Good," Dr. Tanner murmured as she wrote on her clipboard. She set it aside and approached me with a gentle smile. "Alright, Mom..." She glanced over at Edward. "You're dad I presume?"

Edward nodded, unable to form much of a sentence. He had been relatively quiet since we had been taken back to a room.

"So today we're going to have a look at your baby and get a feel of when you're due. Maybe even see if we can hear the heartbeat," Dr. Tanner told us as she moved the band of my pants down a little before pushing my shirt up underneath my breasts. She squirted some warm gel on my abdomen and proceeded to move the plastic wand around to get a look at our tadpole. She pushed a few buttons and a loud thump, thump, thump fills the room.

Followed by a second thump, thump, thump.

All was silent as I looked back and forth between my doctor and my future husband. Dr. Tanner seemed happy with everything but Edward looked like he was about to pass out.

"I had my suspicions but this just confirms it," Dr. Tanner told us.

"What? Is everything okay?" I asked, my voice rising. I knew that I had to calm down before I had a full blown panic attack.

"Your HCG has risen considerably since I've seen you last," she explained. "It is much higher that what is common for a single baby." She turned the machine towards us to give us a better look. She then pointed to the screen. "This is baby A and this... is baby B."

"Twins?" I squeaked.

"Fraternal," she added.

"Holy shit."