She chewed her lip, blinking back tears as she stared at the alarm clock.

Morning six waking up without Larry.

But she had a new bedmate, Bobby having decided that their indiscretion the previous morning was an invitation to repeat their egregious lapse in judgment that night. And apparently he was a cuddler, his body spooned behind hers as she laid on her side and stared between his alarm clock and his wall.

And it just felt wrong.

Sure, Bobby was perfectly nice – an ardent and determined lover who was good with his hands and body and, dear Lord, was he good with his mouth. But he wasn't her Larry.

So it was wrong. She didn't want to be Robby's newest girlfriend. She just wanted Larry to beg her to come home.

It was a mistake to be here at all. Of course, she was the queen of mistakes. So she knew by now that the trouble with mistakes is that they never felt that way while you were making them.

So walking out because she'd felt Larry didn't care about her enough had seemed like a great idea. As had staying with Bobby to make Larry worry since there wouldn't be a hotel bill for him to check. And when Larry hadn't come to find her, it had seemed like a logical decision to find out from Bobby if she was even still attractive. And none of it had seemed like a mistake.

But now she and Bobby had gone at it twice. And she knew it was a mistake. She should've just waited for Larry to get back from work to beg her.

She felt Bobby move behind her and immediately closed her eyes – maybe he'd think she was asleep and would go to work without trying for a third time.

He pressed a kiss to the back of her neck, "Jo?"

She didn't answer, trying to keep her breathing even.

"Jo," he repeated softly, petting her side. "We have some time before I have to go to work." He pulled her hips back towards his.

She forced out another slow breath, not daring to open her eyes.

"Jo," he breathed, moving his head to suck at her throat.

And she knew she'd give in again, her jaw going slack as his tongue teased her skin. "Ohh..."

"You're up," he murmured, smiling against her neck before tugging her to her back and moving over her. His mouth found hers, kissing her sweetly as he gently pried her legs apart and moved between them. "We have some time," he repeated against her lips before kissing down her neck again.

She should stop him. They couldn't keep repeating the same mistake. It was wrong and foolish and-

"Ohhh..." she moaned, his kisses having moving further south, his tongue flicking rapidly between her thighs. "God- Robby... oohh.." She dropped a hand, covering the sheet over his head as she writhed under his mouth.

His tongue continued moving against her, coaxing low groans out of her as he gripped her thighs.

"Ohh, Robby!" she purred, arching as she gripped his hair through the sheet.

He found her clit, sucking determinedly before changing his mind and instead flicking his tongue across it rapidly. "Jo..."

She nodded, panting between low groans, "Ohh- mmm.. y-ohhh, Robby!"

He tugged her lower on the bed by his grip on her hips, his glorious mouth moving against her in ways that made her forget to breathe until her body's natural instincts kicked her, she gasping desperately.

"Oh, Jo," he spoke lowly, raising a hand under the covers to work her breast, "You make the most exquisite sounds."

She covered his hand on her breast through the sheet, tossing her head back, "Ohh, fuck, Robby..."

He was so good with his mouth.

This was what she meant by mistakes never seeming that way when you were making them.

His mouth felt so good. How could it be a mistake to let him continue?

How could his tongue moving in those circles be a m-

"Ah-shit-fuck, Robby-" she moaned, arching her back.

"Do you want fingers?" he asked, one hand still on her breast as he teasingly ran the other along her thigh.

She nodded, "Oh, yes! Fuck, Robby- yes!"

He smirked, suggesting, "Or we could stop…"

She shook her head panting and gripping his hair through the sheet, "Fuck! Don't ever stop! Right- mhmm! Yes! Oh, God-yes!"

"You want me to keep going?" he teased, speaking against her clit before flicking his tongue back and forth. "Do you want me to call out of work today and keep you busy?"

She barely knew what she was agreeing to, his fingers having moved higher before he thrust two of them roughly into her, when she nodded again, squealing as she climaxed, "Fuck! Yes! Robby! Ohh! F-ahh! Yes!"

"Yeah?" he repeated, still moving his fingers before stretching her with a third. "You want me to keep making you cum, Jo?"

She arched, pressing his hand harder against her breast as she shivered, "Ooo- oh, God- Fuck- Oh, shit- Robby- yes-o! Fuck-yes- keep-oh, God, there-!"

"Here?" he echoed, still brutally moving his fingers as he switched to slow drags of his tongue. He tweaked her nipple, she mewling and arching again in response. "Fuck, Jo, you're delicious."

"Shit!" She threw her head back, writhing and rocking her hips again.

"You like that?" he taunted, tweaking her nipple again as he closed his lips around her clit and hummed, sucking hard.

She trembled, trying to close her thighs, "Fuck! I'm gonna-"

"Mmm-" he encouraged, rocking his fingers up to tease the rough patch.

She yelped, grappling for the headboard, "I'm cumming! Ohh! Ah! Robby!"

He groaned his approval when she came in his mouth, briefly slowing his fingers before seeming to change his mind. Turning his head, he nipped at her thigh, reminding, "You said you didn't want me to stop, that you wanted me to stay here and keep making you cum."

"Ohhhh-" She licked her lips, her head falling to one side, "Oh, fuck- God- Robby-"

"I love the way you moan my name, Jo," he growled, moving his fingers roughly again and earning sharp gasps in response. "Do it again."

"F-n-ahh! Too much-ahh- shit-" she gasped, tensing. She let out a shuddered breath when his tongue found her clit again.

He licked her slowly before speaking against her thigh, "Fuck, Jo. You make me so hard."

She panted, forcing a swallow, and thought she might have a chance to get him to stop - to refocus him by taking care of the erection he'd mentioned. But then his soft, warm lips closed around her clit again and it was all she could do to remember to breathe. "Fuck! Ohhh! Rob-Robby-oh!"

"Mmm-" he groaned against her, rocking his hips down against the bed in response to her cries.

"Oh- G-ahhh! Fuck! Sh- ahhh!" she gasped, shivering.

He flicked his tongue against her, his fingers still moving at a demanding pace, "I can't wait to make you scream, Jo. I'm gonna make you cum so hard."

He tweaked a rosy bud again, she whimpering through a gasp as she climaxed in response, her hips arching to meet him. "Ohh-f-ahh! Robby-"

"Again," he growled against her sensitive clit.

She panted, her mouth dry and her hips still rocking of their own accord, eagerly meeting each thrust of his fingers. "F-ahhh-" Her nails scraped at the headboard, "Oh- God- ohhhh-"

He swirled his tongue around her clit, turning his head and biting her thigh again, "That's it. One more."

She whimpered, still shivering, "F- ohh-shit! Robby! Ohh!" His hot mouth moved over her again, his tongue moving slowly before he closed his mouth around her and hummed a moan. She screamed in response, her moan a loud cry of ecstasy as she orgasmed. "Robby! Ahhh!"

"Fuck, Jo," he breathed, pulling his fingers out of her and wiping them on the sheet before throwing it back. He ran his hands greedily along her sides as he sat on his knees, smirking as she gasped desperately for breaths. "You're not tired already, are you? We just woke up."

"You- you don't play fair," she accused.

He nodded, leaning over her and kissing her neck as he guided himself into her. "That's what makes it so fun to play," he teased, breathing in her ear.

She tipped her head back, arching, "Ohhh-"

"If I'm gonna stay home, we'll have to see if we can come up with a few fun ideas. I wouldn't want you to get bored," he teased, guiding one of her legs around his waist before spanking her.

Bored. Yeah. Like that was an option when he'd basically woken her up with his head between her legs.

She gasped, closing her eyes and rocking her hips up. "Shit-"

"You like that, Jo?" he slapped her rear again before squeezing it, "Maybe that can be one of the fun ideas."

"Ohh-" She licked her lips, clutching and scratching at his back.

He used his grip on her ass to move faster. "You're always so pent up and serious. I'd love to see you on your hands and knees, embracing some of that animal."

"Fuck- ahhh! Fuck-Robby-ye-ahhh! Yes!" she cried, digging her fingers into his shoulder.

"Will you be an animal for me, Jo?" he taunted.

She nodded vaguely, the smooth, deep movements of his hard cock making her forget herself. "Oh-f-anything you want- Just- just keep-oh, fuck.."

He stopped though, pulling out before petting her hip as he coached, "So roll over for me, my wild animal. Get on your hands and knees." Panting, she managed to roll over, shifting to her hands and knees as instructed. He nudged her knees further apart, she having no time to even consider reflecting on how unladylike the position was before he'd rewarded her by sinking into her again.

"Fuck!" she screamed.

Smirking again, he moved his hand, spanking her with each hard thrust, "That's it, Jo- Fuck, you feel so good this way. So tight-"

She fisted her fingers in the sheets, mewling as her arms shook before giving out entirely, she falling to her forearms instead. "Oh, God-! Ah! F-"

"You like being my wild animal? Roar for me," he encouraged, spanking her harder with his thrusts before moving his free hand to tease one of her breasts.

Shivering and near delirious with pleasure, she rocked her hips back against his as she came again, her muscles clenching around him. "F-Robby!"

"Yes," he growled, leaning over her to press his chest to her back and hold her tightly as he continued moving. He hit her outer thigh before curling his arm around her and slapping her inner thighs. "Again."

Her thighs were trembling, she barely getting proper breaths between each desperate moan, when his hand slid higher. His fingers teasingly pat her clit, she squealing, before he switched to drawing circles.

She gasped sharply, his legs keeping her from closing her thighs when she tried, "F-ahh!"

"Are you gonna cum? You animal…" he encouraged, his fingers pressing harder.

"Robby! F-ahh! Oh!" she managed, her voice choked, as she came again.

He switched to rougher strokes with his fingers, she clawing at the sheets as she gasped, when he started moving his hips harder. "Fuck, Jo- you sound- shit- so sexy…"

"Gonna-gonna-fuck-oh! Robby- I'm-ahhh!" she wheezed.

He nodded, rocking his hips hard again, "I'm gonna cum, Jo- fuck- one more, Jo. Cum for me once more…"

He said it like she had a choice, his fingers cruelly circling her throbbing clit again and again and ag-

She sobbed when she came again, shaking as each thrust made her body rock.

He spilled into her, biting the side of her neck to smother his cry of pleasure, before moving off her and rolling to the side. She collapsed, breathing hard.

"... You seem worn out," he accused, teasing, "Maybe I should go to work to let you rest."

She nodded, "Oh- shit…."

"Sounds like a yes," he decided, leaning over her and kissing her cheek. "You wash and rest up for when I come home at lunch. I'll really wear you out."

She swallowed, groaning and rolling to her side.

… That mistake had been exquisite every… how many times was it? She'd lost count.

She'd changed the sheets before showering - they were still damp when she'd woken up again after their romp. But that hadn't kept her from laying in their sex sheets as she debated what to do.

Larry wasn't coming to get her, that much seemed clear, but she couldn't stay here any longer and keep making the same delicious mistake with Robby. When she went back to Larry - to be begged, which apparently was fake since he hadn't shown up, or to leave him - she needed to have a clear head. And she needed to be the one in the right. And she so wasn't when Robby was making her cum until she forgot Larry's name.

So she'd get her things together when he went back to work after lunch and she'd go home. Or she'd get a hotel.

After his lunch hour. There was no reason they couldn't make mistakes all over his living room first before she came to her senses.

She absently set the table - though based on his promise that morning, they wouldn't be eating - before pouring herself a drink as she waited.

"Jo?" Robby's voice greeted her before she made it to the door. He sounded nervous.

"Yes, Robby-l-" She stopped when she saw him.

Robby was nervous because he had Larry with him.

Eyes wide, she fled, running into the bedroom and locking the door behind herself.

Larry!? Here!?

But- why!?

"Jo! Don't- Please?" her husband begged. "I brought flowers!"

She swallowed, panting as she stared at the nicely made bed she thought Robby would defile her on. "Wh-what kind?"

As if it mattered. As if she had any right to be acting like she was holding out.

He'd come to beg her to come home and she'd spent the last thirty-six hours as Robby's whore.


She sniffed, closing her eyes.

…. What Larry didn't know wouldn't have to hurt him.

Shit. The bite marks.

"... Without thorns?" she stalled, grabbing at her makeup before moving in front of the mirror to inspect her throat.

"Of course!" he agreed.

Of course. Because he was a loving, doting husband and knew her preferences.


She hastily applied coverup to the slight bruise Robby had left, not opening the door.

"... I also have jewelry!" Larry added.

She closed her eyes, feeling terrible, "... Wh-hem. What?"

"It's a diamond ring," he supplied.

The hickey or love bite or whatever was c-

Fuck. Her thigh.

She pulled her dress up, glaring at her thigh as she applied coverup there as well. "How many carats?"

"Nine, my love," he swore.

He must feel terrible.

Nine carats.

She finished evening out the coverup before using a wipe to clean her hands. Smoothing her dress down, she went to the door, opening it and feigning disinterest as she held her hand out.

Larry pressed a kiss to her hand before sliding the ring on her finger. "I missed you. And I've been so worried."

"... You didn't ask me to stay," she reminded, opening the door wider.

"I had an emergency at work. I wasn't home all week. When I got home this morning, our maid told me you hadn't been home and I just panicked. I called Bobby at work and he admitted you were staying with him."

So he wasn't over her. He'd just been busy.

So she'd cheated for no reason.

She licked her lips, reaching and stroking his face, "Lemme pack up and you can take me home."

Larry smiled, nodding, "I'd like that."

"I'll help," Robby volunteered. "Why don't you relax?"

She moved out of the way, letting Robby follow her in before grabbing her suitcase from the closet, "... Sorry I put you out like this." She started packing efficiently, Robby watching and not moving to help. "You've been such a good friend to let me st-"

"Marry me, Jo," he told her, his voice soft and desperate.

She stopped, blinking as she stood up straight, her shoes clutched to her chest. "What did you just say, kiddo?"

"It's been…. so nice and easy and fun and free and … sexy," he explained, moving and grabbing her wrist, her shoes tumbling to the floor. "Why can't it be like this always? Marry me."