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All was peaceful in the Alderaanian Palace.

Guards patrolled the halls as tour groups made their rounds and Bail Organa was enjoying the silence of his office.

An orange light suddenly glowed on his desk.

Bail frowned.

Somewhere in the Palace there was a security breach.

Bail felt his heart pound in his chest. It had only been a few days since he had brought Leia here and the adoption was going along just fine. Had someone discovered the truth?

Several security guards entered and took different positions in the room. One of them was speaking into his commlink; something about the bird in the office.

"What happened?" Bail asked. "Are my wife and Leia alright?"

"As far as we know they are fine, sir.

"Something is wrong with the security cams in different parts of the palace. They keep showing empty corridors that we know are occupied." One of the guards said.

Bail tried to return to his work when several more guards entered, their faces pale and fearful.

"Move the Viceroy to a secure location We have a security breach." One of them said.

"What about my wife and Leia?" He asked them urgently.

"Guards are on their way to them right now, Viceroy." The leader said.

Bail stood and followed some of the guards out of his office and down the corridor.

"Are the civilians being evacuated?" Bail asked.

"We are having some trouble evacuating them but it shouldn't take much longer." A guard responded.

The turbo lift ride was one of the longest in his life.

Once in the Safe Room he noticed that neither Breha nor Leia were there.

Bail felt his heart pound in is chest.

Hours seemed to pass before some guards entered looking defeated.

"What happened?" He demanded. "Where's my wife and Leia?"

The guards bowed their heads.

"The queen is critically injured. She was stabbed with a knife of some type." The captain explained.

Bail gasped in horror. "Is she going to live?" He asked urgently.

"You will have to speak to the doctors and medics." The captain answered.

Bail's throat tightened.

"And Leia?" he asked, fearing the answer.

"We chased her abductor to the Gate River. There she stood on the railing and threatened to jump in if we came any closer." The captain paused.

"Did she get away?" Bail demanded.

"Someone shot her in the head and she fell backward into the river and the swift current swept their bodies away." The captain finished.

"We are combing the river for their bodies but we don't expect to find much."

Bail sat down, his mind refusing to comprehend what he had just heard.

Minutes ticked by.

Finally Bail stood.

"Take me to my wife." He whispered.

They led him through the Palace to the Med Wing.

Breha lay pale on the bed.

"We will know by tomorrow if she's going to make it." The medical droid informed him.

Bail swallowed.

He had never known such pain.


Three days later Breha opened her eyes.

She kept says something about a woman with a clear knife.

Bail nearly sighed with relief when he was given the green light to enter the room and visit her.

He sat down in the chair next to her bed.

"Have they caught the intruder?" Breha asked.

"The intruder is dead." Bail said softly.

Breha nodded.

"Do you know what the intruder wanted or why she was in the Nursery?" Breha asked.

Bail swallowed.

"We believe that she wanted to abduct Leia and possibly hold her for ransom." Bail explained.

Breha suddenly frowned.

"But Leia's adoption hasn't even gone through yet. Why would someone want to abduct her before hand?"She asked.

"I don't know Love." Bail replied softly.

"Where's Leia?" Breha asked. "I am sure that she's distraught that our hour together was interrupted and that I haven't been back to see her." Breha continued.

Bail glanced down.

"Breha, the reason why I didn't bring Leia down is because she's dead." Bail explained slowly. "The woman was shot while standing on the railing by the Gate River with Leia in her arms. The woman fell backwards into the river and the current swept them away."

Tears ran down Breha's cheeks.

"She was only a baby!" She wailed.

Bail took her in his arms and held her close.

"I know, Breha. I know." He whispered.


Two days later Leia's funeral was held.

Mourners lined the streets as the empty casket was drawn through the streets. The Royal family trailed behind.

The Emperor had sent his condolences along with a representative.

Bail wasn't sure what to think or how to feel.

He chose certain flowers so that Obi-Wan would know that Leia was indeed dead since it would be too risky to send him a message.


Late that day they located the abductor's body.

She was a handful of centimeters shorter than two meters and had long brown hair.

The knife she had used on the queen was still in its sheath by her side,

The Morgue workers took her holo and ran it through the database and came up empty handed.

Since it was late the workers stored her body and left for home. Planning on extracting DNA and other vital things from her body the next day

Strangely during the night her body disappeared from the morgue. Even the knife disappeared from the evidence locker.

All the security cams started looping in the middle of the night. The loop lasted long enough for someone to have gone in and taken not only the knife but the body as well.

It was a complete mystery.