When Voyager stumbles through a strange part of space they pick up several visitors.

Even though this is a Star Wars/Star Trek Voyager crossover the bulk of this story will take place on Voyager since it would be safer for our Federation friends to remain in their own galaxy.

The couples in this fic are Tom/B'Elanna and Chakotay/Seven.

I decided that this would take place in the unaltered time line so that we could have some really good Seven and Chakotay moments.


Voyager shuddered as the ship shifted course, again. They had been traveling through a strange pocket of space for the past three hours and the ride seemed to get bumpier.

"Janeway to Seven, how long until-" Janeway gasped as another ship appeared flying erratically.

Tom Paris quickly adjusted their course but the strange ship came to a dead stop.

Janeway studied the strange ship. It had obviously been damaged. It's three 'wings' had multiple scorch marks and the top 'wing' was nearly gone.

"We are receiving a distress call from the ship." Tuvok announced.

"Play it." Janeway said.

Static filled the speakers on the Bridge. Now and then a word or two would be heard clearly but other than that it was a mess.

"It appeared to be automated." Tuvok reported.

"Scan for life forms." Janeway ordered.

"Multiple life forms." Harry Kim reported.

"Can we get a lock on them?" She asked.

"Negative." Harry reported.

Janeway turned back to the viewscreen. The strange ship was sparking in several places and leaking fuel.

"Take either a shuttle or the Delta Flyer over, see if you can dock and rescue those on board." She told Chakotay.

Chakotay stood.

"Tom, Harry, Seven you're with me."


Tom carefully piloted the Delta Flyer towards the ship.

"It must be a transport ship of some type." He commented as they got closer.

"It must be." Chakotay agreed.

"I am not familiar with it's design." Seven said as they approached the ship.

"You mean that the Borg have never encountered it before?" Tom asked. "That is correct." Seven replied.

After some searching they found what appeared to be a hatch.

Tom maneuvered the Delta Flyer so that they could dock with the ship.

They opened the hatch and were greeted by what sounded like sobbing.

They looked at each other before Chakotay poked his head through the hatch and gasped. Several young children, no older than four or five years old were restrained to seats that lined the room..

They looked at him; their expressions that of fear.

Chakotay pulled himself into the ship and surveyed the compartment. He counted six children of various races including two human looking ones.

"Tom, Harry, Seven I believe it's safe to come in." he called back to his crew mates.

The children pushed themselves deeper into their seats.

"We are not going to hurt you." Chakotay said as he knelt in front of a human looking boy with silver hair and gray eyes.

The boy reached for the hand of an alien sitting next to him.

"Tom, check on the pilot." Chakotay said. "Maybe he can calm the children."

Tom nodded and headed for what appeared to be the cockpit.

Inside was a human man and human woman. The woman was slumped against the side of her seat and the man was lying on the controls.

Carefully he touched the woman's neck and felt a pulse. He did the same with the man and also found a pulse.

"Their alive but injured." He called back noticing the cuts and burns on the hands and faces.

"Harry help him move them to the Flyer." Chakotay commanded. "Seven why don't you pick up the things on the floor, they might be able to tell us more about them.

Seven knelt on the floor and began to pick up scattered pads and card-like devices. She placed them in a backpack like bag against the wall.

Harry stood and quickly headed for the cockpit.

Chakotay turned his attention back to the frightened children. Tears filled their eyes.

He gently reached out and brushed the boy's hair out of his eyes.

"It's going to be alright." He told the boy. "We are not going to hurt you. We're here to help."

The boy smiled.

"Ailyn, Denis, Numa, Char, Engel." The boy said.

The rest of the children turned to the boy and the boy said several words that the Universal Translator couldn't translate. But the tears stopped and the frightened expressions were replaced by those of curiosity.

Chakotay smiled and started to undo the restraints.

The boy's smile widened when Chakotay undid the last latch. He carefully set the boy on a cloak on the deck and moved to the next child.

Tom and Harry carefully set the woman down on the floor in the aft of the Delta Flyer and returned for the man.

Chakotay had freed most of the children and was working on number five when Tom and Harry carried the man into the Delta Flyer.


"Captain, I'm getting readings that suggest that the ship might go soon."

"Janeway to away team. How soon will you be done?" She asked. "We just finished moving the pilots to the Flyer. Chakotay is working on freeing the passengers." Harry reported.

"It appears that the ship is going to go soon so please hurry." Janeway informed them.


"We got to hurry Commander, the Captain says that the ship might be ready to go." Harry told Chakotay.

Chakotay nodded as he undid the last restraint for a white translucent skinned girl with butterfly like wings.

"Let's get into the Flyer and back to Voyager!" He said and grabbed two children. Harry and Tom followed his lead, each grabbing two children, Seven grabbed the pack and the cloak on the floor and hurried back through the hatch into the Flyer.

"Detach Tom and get us back to Voyager as fast as you can." Chakotay said.


"Captain the ship is going critical."

"Is the Flyer back?"

"Just docked."

"Shields." Janeway ordered.

Shortly afterwards the strange ship exploded, sending shards of it everywhere.

The lights flickered off and were replaced with Emergency Lighting.

"Damage Report." Janeway called out.

"We are on Emergency Power, the other systems were overloaded." Tuvok reported.

A few minutes later the lights came back on.

"Power is restored." Tuvok reported.

"Janeway to Chakotay, did you get everyone?" She asked. "I believe so Captain." He responded. "We are taking everyone to Sick Bay. Let the Doctor know that we have two injured."


Chakotay lifted the man up while Tom took the woman.

"Let's go." He said and lead the way to Sick Bay.


The Doctor was waiting for them when they arrived in Sick Bay.

The children took one look at the Doctor and shied away from him.

"It's okay, he doesn't bite." Chakotay told them.

The children looked at Chakotay curiously but didn't say anything.

The Doctor moved towards them again. They screamed and hided behind Harry.

"Lieutenant, why don't you exam the children." The Doctor said.

Tom nodded and laid the woman down on a bio bed.

The Doctor went over and started to scan her when she suddenly sat up and grabbed the Doctor's wrist.

"Trandoshans!" She whispered before slipping back into unconsciousness.

Everyone exchanged looks before the Doctor went back to examining the woman.


Captain Janeway walked into Sick Bay.

She observed Tom as he scanned the children.

"Well?" she asked her commander.

"The Universal Translator can't translate their language and I doubt that it could since they are so young they probably aren't annunciating their words properly." Chakotay explained.

"Who attacked them?" Janeway asked. "Apparently something or someone called Trandoshans." The Doctor said.

Janeway turned to Seven. "The Borg have never encountered them before." Seven said.

"Can you wake the adults?" Janeway asked.

"Unfortunately they have slipped into some sort of coma." The Doctor explained. "I am not sure how to bring them out of it."


B'Elanna sat at a table in the Mess Hall examining one of the pads found in one of the bags the children had brought with them.

It was similar to their padds but at the same time not.

Finally she pressed a button on the pad and the screen came to life.

The pad said something in a language she didn't understand and a series of symbols blinked.

Curious B'Elanna touched the flashing symbols.

The screen vanished and was replaced with several groups of symbols. B'Elanna watched as symbol group by symbol group they lit up and a voice spoke.

B'Elanna felt hope rise in her.

If this is what I think it is we should be able to communicate with the children! She thought excitedly.


It took several hours but the Computer, with some help from Seven, was about to piece together the language on the pads.

Now it was time to test them.

B'Elanna hesitated for a second.

"What is your name?" she asked the silver headed boy. The boy smiled. "Bail Ruwee Solo," he said proudly. "What's yours?" Bail asked "B'Elanna Torres Paris," B'Elanna answered.

B'Elanna pointed at the two unconscious pilots. "What are their names?" She asked. "Wedge and Selina." Bail replied.

"Where were you going?" she asked. "A trip!" Bail answered.

"Where are your parents?" B'Elanna asked. "Home," Bail answered. "Where's home?" "The Jedi Temple." Bail replied.

"What planet is the Temple on?" B'Elanna asked. Bail struggled for several seconds trying to say a name that had 'core' at the beginning. "Ask Denis, he can say it." Bail finally said.


It turned out that Denis couldn't pronounce it either.


The Senior Officers sat in the Briefing Room.

"Doctor, tell us about the pilots and the children." Janeway said.

"The pilots appear to be Human, or so genetically similar to Humans that we can't tell the difference." The Doctor said. "One of the children, Char, is like the Pilots genetically. The boy, Bail, genetic makeup is interesting. His Maternal grandfather wasn't a full whatever they are, he's half, and what is Human, if you will, shows signs of genetic tampering.

"The two children Denis and Ailyn are brother and sister and their species is similar to the 'Humans'. Numa is genetically similar to Denis and Ailyn, but she isn't related to them. And last of all is Engel, she is naturally bio-luminescent. I can't be sure of the purpose of her wings but I doubt that they allow her to fly.

"Their immune systems are stronger then ours and they all have very high mitochondria counts in all of their cells, especially Bail; they are practically jammed into his cells. However it doesn't seem to affect him at all." The Doctor reported.

"Seven, have the Borg ever heard of anything like this before?" Janeway asked. "The Borg haven't heard of any being with high mitochondria counts. However the children are very familiar with technology. They even asked me about my implants and Bail said that his Uncle Luke has a fake hand too."

"We will have to check with the locals in the area to see if they know anything." Janeway said.

"For now the children need a place to stay and while we search for their parents." She continued.

"Seven and I will take them." Chakotay said. "They aren't afraid of the alcoves and they won't be a bother. And if it doesn't work out then I am sure that there will be others willing to take them."

Janeway looked at everyone. "Is that fine with everyone?" she asked. Everyone nodded.

"Well then, I will allow you two to get your quarters ready for the children. In the mean time keep your eyes on the scanners. We either will run into their attackers or their families or both.