Hidan woke up, yet again, to Miyuna sitting on his chest. She looked at him with her innocent eyes and let out a chirpy "Good morning, Hidan-san!"

He growled slightly and threw her off, onto the bed. He was so not a morning person. He looked around the room and then to the little girl he was apparently now stuck with, and smirked. Call it a mood swing, but at least the usually pissy man wasn't alone. That made being in this almost foreign world worth it.

"Hidan-san! I didn't conver-et last night like you said I would do!" Miyuna looked almost mortified at the thought, almost scared as Hidan glared at her.

"Well you fell asleep, brat. So I guess we do this shit now, don't we?" he asked in annoyance. He loved converting people, and proving his worth to Jashin-sama, but the little girl was sure to cry at first, something he so was not looking forward to. Miyuna nodded cutely, smiling widely as she sat next to Hidan on the bed.

Hidan pulled her onto the floor next to him and grabbed his pike. He pushed her slightly to the side as he stabbed the pike through himself into the floor below.

"Ah, Hidan! That pokey-thing is gonna kill you!" Miyuna reached as though to grab the pike, but he shoved her away roughly.

"This is part of my ritual, miyu-chan. You can't interfere or else I can't convert you." He figured that would placate the girl, so he closed his eyes in prayer.

'Oh, great Jashin, please accept the small vessel I am presenting to you and take her under you great, bloody wings. Teach her your way and path.' Hidan felt a small brush against him mind, and he took that as a sign from Jashin-sama that he would be helped. He turned to Miyuna.

"Alright, kid, he will take you." Hidan swore his brain melted as the five-year-old squealed in happiness. He put a hand over her mouth to shut her up. Nodding at her to lay on the floor, he used his own blood to redraw the symbol, this time around Miyuna. She looked almost frightened.

"Hidan-san, am I going to have to be stabbed?" she asked quietly.

"No, just cut a little. Then, if Jashin-sama likes you enough, you may end up immortal like me and will be able to do my rituals and prove your worth to him even more!" Miyuna nodded happily. She didn't mind it if it was for Jashin-sama.

Hidan walked around her in a circle, chanting quietly. Miyuna was slightly frightened, but tried not to show it. She wanted to be a big girl, and follow Hidan-san on the path of Jashin! She bit her lip as he grabbed her arm and pressed the pike to it.

"It's ok to cry a little. I know it hurts, but it won't hurt soon." Miyuna nodded slightly and let a few tears escape her tightly shut eyes. It did hurt, a lot. She wondered why it hurt more than most cuts hurt, even more than when the bullies that followed her around hit her! And that was a lot.

Soon Hidan had drawn the Jashinism symbol, a circle with an upside-down triangle in it, all over her. One on each wrist, one on her forehead and on each cheek. He drew on her with her own blood the symbols of the religion that would now carry her through so much. Hidan felt a brush against his mind and knew Jashin-sama was speaking to the child. He opened his mind and asked to be allowed to be nosy. He heard in his mind:

'Small child, you have been through a lot in your short years, now I ask of you one thing. One thing that would change everything, so that no one would hurt you again. This one thing, my child, my Miyuna, is your heart mind and soul. For, strange as it may seem now, all three are of the same essence. Will you join me?'

In her mind, and in the physical realm, Miyuna stirred slightly and Hidan watched as her eyes shot open and he heard in his mind and outside it her shouting.


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