As of now, I'm not quite sure how I want to move this forward, so I'm going to start this story and see how it goes.

To say this upfront, expect this to be a Harry Harem fic. Now, please don't try to suggest girls, I already picked them out and I plan to use them.

Also to note, I try to see WHAT sort of harem stories a genre does and move from there. For example, most harem stories in Harry Potter start AFTER Sirius dies or in a really AU.

This time, it starts before hand.

There will be bashings, however some of the biggest villified characters in Harry fanon will be spared..but who I mean I won't reveal until I put it into typed writing.

Thanks to Animeman12 for helping determine the Potter Vault size

I also plan to explain WHY some characters are going to be bashed, instead of forging portions of actual canon, especially personality wise. It would be no fun to disclose what I mean so early. How could that come into play?

Well, I begin.


Gringott's London

The mighty white walls of Gringotts bank in Diagon Alley, Wizarding Britain's main shopping area, were a continuous reminder to the power of the Goblins, and their hidden and slight ability to control Wizards via their gold.

However, the Goblins have much more to them then their love of gold. The goblins were a proud race of warriors as well, and they honored those who treat them with respect immensely.

This list, includes very few wizards and witches. And among these wizards and witches, the list of families who respected them as a whole, instead of the odd smart wizard, was numbered but one.

And that one family, was in trouble.

"Bill, oh Bill, something's 'erribely 'vrong!" a french beauty with long shimmering silvery blond hair was freaking out as she met up with her boyfriend, a fact that said boyfriend kept from his overbearing mother.

The red head in question had long red hair, tied in a ponytail, and a dragon fang earing. In short, as far as wizards go, he is the embodiment of cool.

He, is Bill Weasley, eldest of the seven modern Weasely children.

"Fleur?" formerly a curse breaker in Egypt, Bill had taken a desk job at Gringrotts England to aide not only in the fight against the returned lord of darkness, Voldemort, known by many other names.

He who must not be named, the Dark Lord, You Know Who, Orochimaru Sr., Tom Riddle and Lord Thingy

The very same man of darkness that the Ministry of Magic, the government body of Magical England that was as corrupt as governments could get in the most part, denied had returned, and slandered all who believe he had.

Of course, the french beauty is just a bonus if your dating her.

Fleur placed a account folder down on his desk, labeled 'Potter Withdrawals 1980-present. Bill opened it, and was paling.

" checked your math right?" he asked in desperate hope. She nodded weakly

"I checked it 'zzrice after the first time. I highly doubt its wrong" Bill gulped.

"I'm going to give this a second option, Math's not my strong point, sorry, but if its still as it is...we will have to talk to Lord Ragnok."

Meanwhile, Ministry of Magic, U.K

The Ministry of Magic, the magical governing body of the United Kingdom, consisting of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Ireland proper had seceded in the 20's, and had remained as such.

The government, unlike its Muggle counterpart, was among the most corrupt and inefficient in the Magical World. In fact, it was the most corrupt of them all, according to the last ' International Wizard Corrupton Perceptions Index', which is banned in Magical Britain for just that reason

The notion of 'Blood Purity' ran strong here, not saying it didn't run elsewhere, but its was much more minor. Even the home nation of Durmstrang School, Norway recently elected a Muggle Born Minister of Magic for the 5th time (Most Muggle Borns in the Durmstrang Area instead attended Lutande-Skogen Institute of Magic in Sweden)

Not to say that EVERYbody in the government took gold over the law, or believed in over the top inbreeding, as Blood Purity was. Arthur Weasley, head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts department, Amelia Bones, head of Magical Law Enforcement, Dirk Cresswell, head of the Goblin Liason Office (And one of the few government peoples the Goblins liked) and the former head of the Department of Magical Cooperation, Barty Crouch.

Sad when the most extreme, draconian employee in the ministry is one of the few ones who weren't corrupt.

Speaking of corrupt, a large group of the more pure blood bigoted, corrupt and plainly dumb members of the ministry were now having a meeting in a dark conference room.

"DAMN, POTTER ESCAPED AGAIN!" Fudge, the pudgy green bowler hat wearing Minister of Magic, yowled in fury. Both Potter, and Dumbledore, DARED, to accuse that He Who Must Not Be Named returned.

As Minister of Magic, he would ensure that no such threat, such as their intentional destruction of the social quo!

"What do you expect minister, the Potters have long been a thorn in the side of 'proper ministry rulings' since the very beginning" Another member of the Wizengamot, the very corrupt legislative and judicial branch of Wizarding Britain, commented in a rumply voice. By that, he was referring to how Potter after Potter was the leader of the 'defiant upstarts who support mud blood rights'. The house in its long history was constantly marrying mud bloods, ignoring respectable pure blood marriage offers.

They were 'EVIL', making it a great thing when He Who Must Not Be Named killed them off...aside for Harry.

Hell, it might be good if You Know Who was back, he could kill the brat!

"Agreed, we will be the ones to rid our perfect society of those mud lovers forever!" Another voice rang out. Fudge nodded.

"I agree, Lord Parkinson, Lord Montaque. However, as long as the Potter is under the control of Dumbledore, he is untouchable..."

"Hem Hem" the toad like Dolores Umbridge croaked. Fudge smiled.

"Yes?" The evil aunt was, well looking evil.

"The Potter boy may think he's protected by Dumbledore 24-7, but perhaps it is time to deal with him directly, and crush the boy and Dumbledore" Fudge rose an eyebrow.

"And how exactly do you plan on doing that? The man is firmly leeched down in Hogwarts, and I hardly expect he's going to step down anytime soon?" Umbridge was still looking evil.

"Oh, but they don't have a Defense for the Dark Arts Teacher...and who are we as the responsible people of this nation to ensure our youth are taught, properly" various evil, and inbred, chuckles were let out. However, a younger, and far less inbred, member of the group rose his hand.

He had bright red hair and horn rimmed glasses, and resembled a less cool Bill. This was Percy Weasley, his estranged brother.

"Minister, Madam Umbridge, I do believe that even with a teacher of the Undersecretary's caliber, it would be difficult to get what dirt we need to bury both Potter and Dumbledore. What we need, is an insider, and I know a possible one. He has already begun to break from Potter and that Muggle Born know it all he's often with" it appears that Percy is a bit less prejudiced then his compatriots here "If we were to give him an offer he couldn't refuse, he'd sing all about Potter, and likely Dumbledore and his allies as well" Fudge was grinning like mad.

"Oh yes, Weasley's son, him. I did here that one of the Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee is retiring next year...he'd make a perfect fill in. He is near enough to taking O.W.L'S, and he probably has a fair understanding of muggles. Yes, that will work, Weasley I'm putting you on this" Percy nodded

The head Goblin's Lair, Gringotts

The math was correct...

Bill and Fleur stood nervously in front of a fine mahogany desk, littered with many documents. All around them were displays of fine goblin armor, a large map of the world with notes on various Gringott's branches, smithed from the finest materials, displays of various weapons ranging from swords to axes to even a boomerang, under which was a plague

Tribute to Ragnok, King of the Goblins

From, Crikey the Crooked Tooth, Australian Gringotts Branch, Canberra, Boorara Bend

Several large paintings adorned the room as well, including ones of Goblins creating Galleons, a dramatized painting of the Wizard-Goblin Wars, a couple of goblins chasing the owner of the Chudley Cannons with an axe, and a elderly goblin shaking hands with a dark haired wizard...

That wizard looked faintly familiar...

"Weasley, Delacour, are you sure of this discovery?" a goblin said heavily, sitting at the Mahogany desk. He was wearing an expensive suit, ironed crisp. If he was human, he'd look like a bank manager. However, there were some signs of war experience on him, he had eyes as hard as steel, a scar crossed his cheek like a crescent moon and his left ear had a nick in it.

Fleur frowned "It 'vould appear so, ze poor boy, 'Arry" Bill shook his head.

"If these reports are correct, the Potter vaults have been accessed frequently several times not only before, but during, Mr. Potter's time at Hogwarts, and not by him"

"But, how could we have missed that much money...7665 Galleons missing!"

Ragnok frowned "Recently, I had uncovered a corrupt triad of Goblins; Twinscar, Snakefoot and Knarlbark. Our chiefs of torture are using 'the portrait' to get them to talk" Bill and Fleur shivered at the thought of 'the portrait', and they could here it from here.



An odd set of colors like a sunset began to fill the room, along with the smell of the sea. Several terrified screams were then let out in Goblin tongue.

"Seers should never make art" Bill mused darkly.

"Also, they covered their tracks well. They and their conspirator stole about 1 or 2 galleons a day. Doing so made it hard to notice at first, particulary since the Potter vault has a constant stream into it of about 5 galleons a day" Fleur had wide eyes.

"Five Galleons a day? But ze Potter's are dead, and 'arry isn't working, right?" earning 5 Galleons a day was practically enough to fund the average 2 year and up's Hogwart's shopping, with an ice cream from Florean Fortescue's.

Only first years would exceed that, mainly due the expenses of wands.

Ragnok smiled sadly.

"The Potters are a ancient family, existing since ancient times. They are even older than this Gringott's branch" Bill's eyes were wide, that was pre roman!

"In fact, about 20% of their daily profit results from the ancient agreement that allowed this bank to officially open" Bill and Fleur's eyes were wider still.

"For you see, back when Gringotts was first founded here, and even still today, the ancient Wizard counsels that ruled prior to the Wizengamot had a law that prohibits non humans from land ownership unless a human signs in agreement. It's still activate, I may remind you"

"They made it thinking not a single Wizard would dare to raise a hand for one of their causes. However, they were wrong" he turned to the portrait behind him, and Bill and Fleur finally got why that wizard was somewhat familiar.

He sort of looked like Harry.

"Here, one of the ancient Potters, Lord Chiron Potter, is making the agreement with the banks founder, Gringott. He signed the agreement, thus allowing for Gringotts to be established here, the first branch of the bank I may add. The 1 Galleon a day payment is the required rent, easy enough to pay for. It is in honor of this ancient frienship that I, the head Goblin, take residence in England, though Gringotts is considered Goblin land and not the Ministries

"Why haven't I ever heard of that? Binns never mentioned any Potter, ever! And it wasn't just because I fell asleep, somehow that Outstanding OWL of mine in that class precedes that" Ragnok actually was laughing.

"Binns would never say that! That Pureblood spirit is against the Potters like half the Wizengamot is!" Ragnok frowned.

"Allow me to explain that, I sense your confusion. For many centuries, the Potters have been a force for the good of Muggle borns and Non Humans. In their time, they've blocked legislation that discriminated against them, such as an attempted legislation to legalize Vampire elimination by Alucard Potter in the 1500's, a law banning those of mixed descent of races from entering Hogwarts back in the 1800's was blocked by Kowalski Potter, and the Muggle Hunting Law,which was blocked with the support of Charles Potter, your Harry's Great Grandfather earlier this century and the law forbidding that would have prevented House Elves from ever leaving their homes they serve, blocked by Perceus Potter, Harry's Grandfather. They were also the only dissenters against the Code of Law Use clause that banned non humans from wand usage.

Their actions has led to many of the others on the Wizengamot to loath them, a loathing that hit its first great peak in the year 1444, when Zak Potter was challenged to a wizards duel with the Lord of House Black, Mars Black. Zak won, but Mars had struck his wife, Wadi Potter, in a last ditch, most cowardly act, with a most peculiar curse, a curse only known to the Black Family"

"What sort of curse?" Bill dared to ask.

"This curse impacts the ability of a female to have children. If hit, said female can only have one child. In such an act, Mars hoped most likely to cause Zak to shop around for a mistress to continue the line, annul the marriage, and use that to create a nasty political fallout for the Potters."

"Vow, 'vey were as bad 'ven as 'vey are now" Fleur frowned.

"Quite, but Mars underestimated the Potter resolve, an endless loyalty to those they love. All the Potters were quite indisposed against taking mistresses and the like, so the line continued, even when the curse flared up in the descendents of Zak and Wadi Potter, despite them being male. I suspect, though this is my own thinking, that Mars hoped that only having one child would eventually leave the Potters weak enough to be killed easily, or reduce them to squibs, but he forgot something"

"What?" Bill asked.

"The Potters have traditionally married outside of 'standard lines', by that meaning with Muggle Borns. Its a good thing to, for its been a nearly traditional trait that Potter males are immensely arrogant and whose intelligent, muggle born wives beat them into maturity, not literally. Such pairings include Alucard and Integra Potter, Perseus and Annabeth Potter, and most recently, James and Lily Potter.

It also has the benefit of magical freshness. Bill, as your family is the general exception to the rule, well aside for that brother of yours, Ron I think, you may not notice this, but many pure blood wizard families magic is less and less every generation. Many families are likely to become squibs in less than half a dozen generations; the Goyles, Crabbes, Browns, Bulstrodes, Parkinsons, Edgecombes, Fudges, Smiths, Mclaggans, Vanes, Umbridges...ect ect. The few families that will avoid this that are still pure blood are fresher, as in having married purebloods from other countries. For instance the Malfoy's are a French family, The Longbottoms recently had married into an Italian line, and the Macmillians have in recent times married those of German and Dutch decent."

"So, my family is an exception to the rule, generally" Ragnok nodded.

"The Prewett and Weasley familes, while not close in relation, still suffers from the inbreeding among pureblood lines. Though, seeing as you're in a relationship with a french witch" Fleur and Bill blushed "and your brother is in Romania, there is a very good chance of your line being 'freshened' further" he the

"The Potters, however, take this to an extreme. Several of their wives, though non in the last couple of generations, have married those from even farther afar, and all of them Muggle born. After all, if there is one thing the Wizengamot loaths more than MuggleBorns, its foerign Muggle Borns who aren't European

For instance, Wadi Potter was a Muggle born from the Ottoman Empire that was enslaved and rescued by Zak Potter during his wizard tour of the world wizards take. Lord Narenshanks Potter, or better called by his nickname Naruto (One of the only non Black Haired Potters in history, him being a blond) married a Japanese Muggle Born named Hinata Potter during his own tour of the world. This sum of rich and varied magical blood is a major reason for the fact that all the Potters were born powerful wizards"

"So, vey never married Pure Bloods?" Fleur questioned. She remembered seeing that Charles Potter he mentioned earlier on the Black tapestry, married to Dorea Black. Ragnok shook his head.

"Only twice since the duel with Mars. The first occurred when the only daughter of the Potters after the curse was born, Arya Potter. I am told that the Pure Bloods had a party when the news came. However, one of the allied families to the Potters had several sons, and they made an agreement to allow that son to marry Arya and have him take the Potter name. So by the marriage of Arya Potter and Eragon Hagrid, the line was spared..."

"Wait, Hagrid!" Bill had wide eyes. Ragnok nodded.

"They lost their standings in the 1940's, when Ruberus was expelled from Hogwarts. Though by agreement the Potter family obtained their seats, a pure blood tactic but useful none the less. However, unlike the last one, they actually liked one another. The marriage of Charles Potter and Dorea Black was an arranged marriage, after a fight between Charles father Vincent Valentine Potter and Cygnus Black. It was a loveless affair, once Perceus was born he bought Dorea a house on the other end of England and they avoided each other for as long as possible...

"Vait, you never said vo arranged the marraige?" Fleur caught on. Ragnok smiled.

"The person who arranged the marriage, also is one of the those who is likely to have benifited from the Potter's theft from his accounts, other than the Prewett" Bill's eyes were wide.

His mother?

"We are quite aware of your innocence in such manners, so relax" he told Bill "The person who tried to get the Potters to act 'like proper purebloods', though he failed..." he paused for dramatic effect.

"Albus Dumbledore" Fleur and Bill were stunned.

"Dumbledore...oh Bill, 'Arry's approaching 'Ogwarts with that thief at its head as we speak! Ve'd have no change of talking to him vithout being overheard!" she had tears now. Ragnok had a large smile now.

"Don't worry, we already are planning to inform him quietly. However, Gringrotts needs you to monitor his 'Order of the Phoenix', in case he tries to pull something. The greatest ally of the Goblins must be saved from whatever Dumbledore has planned!"