It was a fine day in unova as we find our heroes resting in the middle of the forest. Cilan was cooking dinner when Ash said "I'm going to look for some pokemon". Cilan replied "Ok, but hurry back". An hour later the 2 were worried about Ash so Cilan said "I'll go look for him". When Cilan went into the woods all you can visualize is Iris looking into the woods. When we hear a scream still at Iris looking into the woods when she gasped and went into the woods herself now we just see an empty campsite in the woods we hear a voice which is Ash's saying "No don't! Anybody help please. Don't shoot me please. Iris...". BANG! As we hear a gunshot and Cilan saying "OH MY GOD!". As we go to Cilan and Ash's body on the ground bleeding on his chest with Ash's hands covering his wound and him shivering. Cilan picked Ash up and brought him to the campsite Iris came back and said, worriedly, "Oh no, what happened!?". Cilan replied "Ash is injured and thats all I know we need to get him to a hospital". He sat Ash down and looked at the map and continued "Driftveil City isn't far from here, let's hurry".

As they hurried to Driftveil City, Ash kept moaning and shivering. When they got to the outskirts of the city officer Jenny came from the police station just outside of town and asked "Excuse me but what are you doing with him?!". Cilan answered "We need to get him to the hospital he's injured and we need help". Officer jenny took a look at Ash and said "Here I'll help you get in". They got in her car and they went to the hospital fast. When they made it they brought Ash right in. Then the worker at the front desk called in a stretcher, both Iris and Cilan followed Ash to the hospital room. There was a voice on the PA system and it said "We have a code 45674, repeat code 45674 any free doctor please come to room number 139 repeat 139". Immediately a doctor came in and said "Oh no, you two you need to give me info on him, if you can". The doctor said as fast as he could speak. "Uhh..Ok?" both Cilan and Iris said in Unison. Ash just moaned and shivered as the questions were asked and answered. "Okay let me just get my pen and pad, ok so what's his name". Cilan answered "His name is Ash Ketchum". The doctor continued, "Ash Ketchum okay so how old is he?". Iris answered "He's 10". The doctor then continued "He's 10?! Still a kid, he's not even a teen yet! Any way where does he live". Cilan answered "He lives in Pallet town in the Kanto region". The doctor concluded "Ok thank you for the help I'll be back in a moment... nurse can you run this into the computer, thank you". "Pika..." Pikachu said worriedly. Pikachu has remained silent since Ash was shot as he was worried. Cilan tried to comfort him and said "I know you're worried about Ash, Pikachu. Don't worry though, Ash will be ok the doctor said so". The doctor came and said "I most certainly did not! He's not ok, he was shot in the chest it's amazing he's alive, anyways we're going to take some x-rays to see if there was any damage to his body besides the bullet hole any way you should contact his family to let them know he's in this condition". A couple of people took ash to the x-ray room.

As Cilan went to the Phone to contact professor Juniper. He dialed the number and professor Juniper appeared on the screen and said "Oh Cilan! It's you I was just about to have Bianca give Ash another item, can you tell me where you are?". Cilan answered "We're in Driftveil City but professor Juniper we have an emergency! Ash was shot!". Professor Juniper said "Look Cilan, I know your jokes are bad but this is no laughing matter, put some someone serious on the phone, is Iris there". Cilan said "Yes she is but professor juni...". Iris pushed Cilan off the phone and said "Hello professor Juniper". Professor Juniper asked "Iris can you tell me what's going on?!". Iris answered "We're at the hospital didn't Cilan tell you Ash was shot?". Professor Juniper didn't believe them, so she asked "Ok Iris, so how much is Cilan paying you to say that". Iris answered "Nothing Ash really was shot". Professor Juniper said in an angry matter, "Just put Ash on the phone". Cilan pushed Iris off the phone and said "We're not joking professor Juniper! Please understand!" Cilan broke into tears. "Please just listen Ash really was shot! I'm not making a joke!". Professor Juniper then said "Wow you're really acting realistic about this... Ok then I'll just hang up". Just then a voice on the PA system said "We have a 10 year old who needs major surgery as the result of a gunshot any free doctors and surgeons please respond immediately". "See! I wasn't joking!" Cilan said wiping the tears from his eyes. Professor Juniper said "Oh that could...be...any...10 year old..with...a...bullet wound and... ok! Its' Ash. Cilan, Iris, I'm so sorry for not believing in you. But who would do this!? And why...".