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Recap: The group went to Ash's room and there they saw Ash, Dr. Johnson, and Alex…


The scene here was not pretty. Ash was still in a coma with no sign of waking up. Delia told the group that she wanted an hour of alone time. The rest of the group understood and went out. The room was silent with the exception of the heart monitor beeping. It was like that for a moment until Delia broke that silence by saying to ash's unconscious body "hello Ash you've been through quite a bit haven't you? I love you…" she then started crying "oh Ash, why did they do this to you? You were so young. You still have your whole life ahead of you." She then yelled while still crying "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! PLEASE ASH WAKE UP!" The group outside could hear Delia yelling. Tracey wanted to enter the room to check on Delia. He had his hand on the doorknob but, Professor Oak stopped him, giving Tracey a "don't do it" look and he agreed.

After the 1 hour mark, Delia told everyone to come back in. They all went back in and Dr. Johnson told the group "well a month gone and no sign of waking up, the injuries he received from the shot are healing but, rather slowly. I'm sorry Mrs. Ketchum but, there's a possibility that he might never wake up or it could take years for him to wake up. We are still trying our best I can assure you that but, there may be a time where all hope dies." Upon hearing that Delia began to cry again. She didn't want her son to spend most if not the rest of his life in a coma. Oak comforted her while Alex Priest said to everyone "well after a whole month we aren't even close to solving the case. One reason is that we can't just directly walk up to one of the team's bases and question them. Also each one of ash's friends, including his rivals, gave us different information. We have leads practically everywhere. Not to mention that we are also busy trying to prevent what may be World War 3. What is the world coming to?"

Gary answered like a smart-aleck "an end. Well because you said world war 3 and…". Alex then replied to that "ok, 1. That was a rhetorical question and 2. It's not funny when all heck breaks loose." Gary replied, now feeling like an idiot, "ok sorry, geez." Alex then continued "it's ok, now continuing where I left off, we even have reports of a news reporter acting suspicious. So unless Ash wakes up and tells us or we can somehow translate what his Pikachu is saying. This case might go unsolved." Pikachu then tried to tell the group "I don't know who it was. All I just know is that he was a tall looking person and he said something I didn't understand."

Authors note: Just because Pikachu said "he" that does not directly rule out girls.

All the group could hear from him was just his name. Delia petted Pikachu who was by Ash's side "its ok Pikachu Ash will be ok." Pikachu mentally face palmed he wished Ash was still awake that way at least SOMEONE could understand him. So after a while of them, excluding Johnson and Alex, each talking to ash, feeling sorry for him, crying, and wondering who would do such a thing they decided to leave. Alex asked them where they were going to go and Delia said "I don't know. Maybe go home; I guess we didn't plan for anything besides visiting Ash." Alex understood "I know, why don't you spend some more time around Unova. I hear there's a very good restaurant in Striaton city." Oak remembered "hey didn't that kid… oh what's his name?" he snapped his fingers trying to recall his name. "Cilan?" Tracey Asked. "Yeah that's him" Oak answered "he said that if we were ever in Striaton we should go to his restaurant. Why don't we go there?" the group saw no problem with that.

"Well since it's decided. Here…" Alex said as he gave Delia some money for the group "consider it a gift from the I.R.B.I. as a "we're sorry it's taking so long to find the criminal" compensation". Delia then replied in a happy tone with a smile "oh thank you Mr. Priest, you didn't have to do that" this had been the first time Delia was happy in a month. Alex then said "no it's my pleasure and you can just call me Alex. After all that happened, you all need some time to relax." He then looked at his pager that was buzzing "Well sorry to rush but, I need to go back to headquarters. Good bye, see you again soon". They then said their goodbyes and Alex left. Delia counted the money "5,000 Pokedollars?" she could not believe how generous Alex was, she felt a range of emotions that she, and everyone else, thought she forgot after the shooting, happy, surprised, optimism, etc. "Well let's go" Tracey said optimistically. So they went back to the airport and got plane tickets using some of the money Alex had given them out of kindness, they boarded the plane and took their seats. The plane had a lot more people than the first one they were on, this being that it was a Unova flight. During the flight Delia was still happy, and the rest of the group was shocked to see that.

"We have now arrived in Striaton City. Thank you for joining us" Said the flight attendant on the P.A. system. Everyone on the plane including the group gathered there belongings and left for the airport's terminal.

Definition of terminal (edited to make it easily understandable): An airport terminal is a building at an airport where passengers transfer between ground transportation [cars, buses, etc.] and the places that allow them to board and unboard aircraft.

Since this was a Unova to Unova flight they did not need to go through a checkpoint. A good thing too because it looked as though the security guards weren't as friendly as the Driftveil ones, they looked as though they wanted to detain (keep under custody) every Kantoian in sight. Once the group saw that they were thankful they didn't have to go through that checkpoint. They quickly got to the entrance and Professor Oak got a map of Striaton saying "this'll do us some good. He then looked at it and showed the group "it looks like the restaurant is here" pointing at the location "it's only a couple of blocks away we can walk to there, is that ok with you guys?" the group all agreed and started to walk to the restaurant. It was still sunny and a lot of people were out and about there were even some Pokémon trainers having battles, they didn't let the league shutdown get the best of them. Delia, seeing the battle, imagined Ash there. She frowned for a bit, but smiled again when she heard Professor Oak saying that they were there.

Once they reached the door a waiter opened it and greeted them "hello and welcome to the Striaton city Gym and Restaurant. Unfortunately the gym is closed due to the league shutdown but, please enjoy our restaurant. Right this way" he then lead them to a certain green haired person who was working at the registration booth. Looking at the registration book he said in a happy tone "hello and welcome to the Striaton city gym and restaurant. Unfortunately the gym is closed due to the league shutdown but…" he then looked at the group and smiled "oh hey it's you guys. No need to wait right this way" he then lead the group to a table that had a sign saying reserved They then sat down and Cilan told the group "wait here and I'll go get the breakfast menus". Cilan then left to go get the menus when Cress stopped him asking "Cilan 1. Why aren't you at the booth? and 2. Why are there people sitting at the reserved table? I don't remember a breakfast reservation for 5 including that Pikachu."

Cilan answered the 2 questions "ok Cress listen I know your mad but, I'll explain everything" Cress crossed his arms waiting for Cilan's answers "you see, those people over there are important. She" pointing at Delia "she's the mother of Ash Ketchum, that's his Pikachu, and the rest of the people are some of his closest friends. I told you that they might be stopping by." Cress remembered "oh yeah. You did say that. Sorry Cilan for forgetting. Well we need to make sure that they feel welcomed and happy in light of the circumstances." Cilan nodded "ok I need to get the breakfast menus for them. Can you go let Chili know about what's going on?" Cress nodded and went to the soda bar where Chili was working. Cilan went to go get 4 breakfast menus.

"Chili we got some important people here today" Cress explained to Chili. "What is the President in town?" Chili asked sarcastically. Cress rolled his eyes "I wish but, no. Remember Ash Ketchum?" Chili tried to remember "isn't he that happy go lucky kid with that Pikachu?" Cress answered in a nod and Chili continued "didn't he get shot a month ago?" Cress answered "yes but, don't go blabbing it out." Chili was confused "wait why are you telling me all this?" Cress answered "well because his mom and 3 of his close friends are here and we wanna make them feel welcome". Chili went wide eyed "well ok, but what do you want me to do?" Cress answered "I want you to try to not be so blabby. We wanna make them feel welcome. Not make them feel like they're at a press conference". Chili reluctantly agreed.

"…and here are the menus I'll let you 4 decide and I'll take Pikachu here to the Pokémon section. Is that ok Pikachu?" Cilan said and asked. "Pikachu" Pikachu said trying to hide his depression. So Cilan did just that. First dropping Pikachu off at the Pokémon section, there Pikachu saw a familiar face it was Cilan's Pansage. Pikachu smiled as he ran over to him and started talking to him. Cilan smiled as he walked away.

"Pikachu! It's you!" Pansage almost yelled. "Pansage!" Pikachu said excitedly. "What are you doing here? And where's Ash?" Pikachu frowned and Pansage noticed that "what's wrong?" he asked again. Pikachu answered "something bad happened to Ash, He's not here at the moment". "What happened?" Pansage asked. Pikachu almost cried "please I don't wanna talk about it". Pansage understood and dropped the subject.

During the conversion Cress was getting the drink orders from the group. "Ok so sweet tea, coffee, and 2 orange juices. Is that correct?" the group nodded so cress went to go get the drinks. Delia spoke to the group "this is a really nice place. The staff is friendly and everything else is just wonderful." Professor oak continued "not to mention that the music they play on the speakers reminds me of my childhood" he then sung along to the song "A DREAM LOVER WILL COME MY WAY. I haven't heard that song in a long time." "so it's good to hear that everything's going ok" Chili popped in holding a tray with 4 drinks "Hi, my name is Chili and I'm Cilan's brother, like Cress, and I have your drinks right here." He then gave each one of them their drinks "oh by the way Mrs. Ketchum I'm terribly sorry for what happened. I hope they find the person responsible." Delia frowned "I just can't believe someone would do such a thing."

"I oughta give him or her a piece of my mind" Cilan popped in saying. "Oh! Cilan forgive me, but I didn't thank you for rescuing Ash." "You're very welcome. I will always help a friend in need" Cilan replied back as Chili left. "So did you decide on what to order?" Cilan asked the group. The group nodded and said their orders. Cilan wrote down their orders and went to the kitchen. Later Cilan brought their meals out and the group ate them. After they finished Cilan came and took the dirty dishes to the kitchen. A while later Cilan came back and Delia asked him "Cilan I beg your pardon but how much do I owe you?" Cilan sat down in an open seat and answered "well as a showing of gratitude you all get to eat for free today." "well thanks" Delia replied with a smile "oh by the way since you guys staying for the rest of the day I thought I should tell you about the fun stuff you can do here…" so Cilan told the group about some of the places they can visit around Striaton and told them to come back for lunch and dinner, he even told them that there was going to be a dinner theatre that night.

So they left the restaurant and went to some of the places Cilan told them about and at around 12:00 noon they came back for lunch. They sat in the exact same place as they did during breakfast and ordered their food. Chili got their orders and went to the kitchen.

"Hello and welcome to the Striaton city Gym and Restaurant. Unfortunately the gym is closed due to the league shutdown but, please enjoy our restaurant. Right this way" a waiter greeted leading a tall, Skinny looking man wearing glasses and a tailored suit with blonde hair to the check-in booth where Cilan was working. "Oh hi Mr. Priest, what are you doing here?" Cilan asked as he saw him. Alex answered "I'm here on official business but, first I would like some lunch. Can I have a space at that soda bar over there?" Cilan said "sure right this way" leading Alex to a bar stool. He then sat down and Cilan went back to the booth. At the soda bar the news was on a TV mounted on a wall…

"…and the U.N. treaty to change the Pokémon training rules fails worldwide ratification today as the Parliament of Kalos voted no on ratification. If Kalos ratified the treaty it would go into full effect immediately raising the Pokémon trainer journey age to 15 and would have placed curfews for the trainers ages 15 – 16 on their journeys among other things. The president of Kalos stated that he is happy to see that the treaty failed saying that the world was not ready for such a drastic change but, hopes that a less drastic treaty will be made. The Prime Minister of Kalos stated that he was shocked to see that the treaty did not pass saying that the protection of defenseless children was mandatory and will try to convince parliament to pass a Kalos only version in hopes that it will cause a domino effect. Other regions such as Sinnoh and Johto stated that the treaty, if passed, would have messed up their economies. Orre has stated that the treaty would have bankrupted them. The Ranger Union of Fiore, Almia, and Oblivia abstained from the treaty stating that they have not yet started the Pokémon trainer concept in their country. It was not included in the final counting. Lastly the Orange Archipelago stated that their Pokémon league is shorter and therefore, more safer. Leaving Kanto, The Sevii islands, Hoenn, and Unova ratifying the treaty however the majority was against it and upon hearing the results waves of protests occurred. Now onto Antonio on the possible Kanto-Unova war. It then switched to Antonio who was standing in front of a monitor which read INTERNATIONAL CRISIS "thank you" he started "can you believe that it didn't pass, anyways we have almost reached a breaking point that if reached war would be inevitable. Johto and The Orange Archipelago have stated that they will be ready to help Kanto in the event of war, and Kalos and Sinnoh have stated that they will assist Unova. On the lighter side both sides have stated that they will follow international laws and will not use nuclear weapons as a first strike if war were to break out. The government of Unova is considering reenacting the draft act to be prepared if war were to happen. That is all for now thank you for watching ICNN, The International Cable News Network, for more news please go to ICNN .com or tune into the ICNN channel. That is all for today on your local channel." Antonio finished.

Upon seeing the news many people at the soda bar had fear in their eyes Alex put his hand on his forehead saying "this just keeps getting worse and worse". Chili was cleaning a glass as he spoke to Alex "uhhh… sir you ok?" he asked Alex answered "oh I'm fine and can I have a menu by any chance?" "Sure here you go" chili said handing him a menu "might I suggest today's lunch special, spaghetti and meatballs with sweet tea". Alex thought for a bit "I'm not really a fan of those but, ehhh…. what the heck I'll try it." "Splendid" chili said as he wrote it down "I'll just bring this to the kitchen".

Alex decided to wait while watching the TV. "….and it's time for an all new Family Feud!" said an announcer "this week we have the Richards family!" showing the Richards family cheering "vs. the Cooper family!" showing the cooper family cheering "and here's your host… Steeeeveee Harvey!" "Thank you Joey Fatone, hey everyone we got a great show for you today we got the Richards family versus the Cooper family" *cheering* Steve Harvey continued "ok first I need" pointing to the Richards "Michael and" pointing at the Coopers "Franklin" *cheering*

Steve Harvey: ok guys top 5 answers are on the board… Real or Fictional name a famous shooting


Steve Harvey: Franklin!

Franklin Cooper (with confidence): Who Shot Mr. Burns!


Steve Harvey: oh yea that Simpsons cliffhanger I bet a lot of people lost money on that one. Show me Mr. Burns!


Steve Harvey: wow number 2 answer ok Michael you have a shot at this. Ha-ha get it shot?

*moderate laughter*

Michael Richards: uhhh JFK?

*moderate applause*

Steve Harvey: I can see that, the famous presidential shooting. Show me JFK!


Steve Harvey: number 3 wow ok so Coopers you got control of the board you wanna pass or play?

Franklin Cooper: we'll play


Steve Harvey and Franklin went to the Cooper side

Steve Harvey: ok so Franklin, introduce your family.

Franklin Cooper: well, here's my wife Christine, and our sons Dylan and Colby and Colby's wife Emily.

Steve Harvey: sounds like you got a good family, now Christine Real or Fictional name a famous shooting

Christine Cooper: this is an old one… umm who shot J.R.?

Steve Harvey: oh yea that person from Dallas, that TV show… Show me J.R.


Steve Harvey: number 5 so Dylan

Dylan cooper: I'm a big history buff so I'm gonna say the St. Valentine's Day massacre

Steve Harvey: you talking 'bout that mob shooting well ok, show me valentine's day!


Steve Harvey: number 4 ok Coopers you can win this round Colby you're up!

Colby Cooper: Grand Theft Auto?


Steve Harvey (talking to everyone): Are y'all serious?!

Colby Cooper: it's a shooting

Steve Harvey: a shooting game I didn't ask for no shooting game! *sigh* if it's up there I swear I'm retiring, show me GTA!

*Strike Buzzer*

Steve Harvey: yes! Ok now Emily it's your turn.

Emily Cooper: why were you..?

Steve Harvey (interrupting): believe me I've seen some crazy stuff on there before!

Emily Cooper: Ok so I know this has to be on there. The Ash Ketchum shooting.

Steve Harvey: oh yea that trainer kid who got shot a month ago. Now if this is not the number one answer y'all need to stop living under a rock! Show me Ash Ketchum!


Steve Harvey: number 1! Coopers win round 1!


Steve Harvey: we'll be right back after these commercials.

"Sir your food" a voice popped in. "huh? Oh right just set it right here" Alex told the waiter. The waiter put his plate of spaghetti and his sweet tea down on the bar table and left. Alex picked up his fork and started eating. "Wow this is good" he thought. Chili went back to Alex "you enjoying your meal sir?" he asked. Alex answered "yes it's delicious" he decided to watch the rest of Family Feud as he finished eating.

Steve Harvey: welcome back to Family Feud. Ok so, now I need Christine and Jackson


Steve Harvey: ok so 2nd question the top 7 answers are on the board. Name a reason why some people don't like to go outside


Steve Harvey: Jackson

Jackson Richards: Ummm… Weather


Steve Harvey: number 1 answer!

"Excuse me Mr. Priest?" a voice popped in. "yes?" Alex answered; I was wondering what kind of official I.R.B.I business you were talking about?" "Oh yea" Alex remembered "well I was just here to check in on the group to make sure they're ok and to question your brothers". Cilan thought and then said "ok I lead you to them" Alex finished the few bites he had left and followed Cilan to the group. "Oh, Alex fancy meeting you here" Delia said. "Yea" Alex replied "I was here to check up on you guys, and to ask the other two gym leaders some questions, oh by the way Cilan have you heard from Iris by any chance She seems to have completely Disappeared" Cilan had a look on his "no, come to think of it I haven't…" Gary popped in "you know I bet she's in hiding. She was the prime suspect after all." Alex though for a moment "you know Gary that's not a bad thought you have there, now Cilan can you lead me to your brothers"

Cilan agreed and lead him to Chili and Cress. "Cilan what's this about" Cress asked. "Well you see" Cilan answered "this man is with the government and he wants to question you 2 on the shooting". Chili replied "well ok but I can tell you that we don't know much". "It's ok any little detail can be plenty" Alex assured.

Alex: Ok so Cress and Chili where were you two at the time of the shooting?

Cress: I was battling a trainer.

Chili: I was working at the soda bar.

Alex: ok so do you know of anyone who would do this?

Cress: maybe a rival

Chili: it could've been a Gym leader who's a sore loser

Alex (in disbelief): wow that's new. Well that's all for now and thank you for your time.


Alex's pager buzzed, looking wide eyed he quickly said "sorry I have to go there's been an emergency!" he then rushed out towards the exit, but couldn't help but hear an emergency broadcast over the radio and the TV. "This is a national emergency broadcast there has been an attempt on the president's life, please remain calm as everything is all right. This is the only incident that has been reported but, please do not cause a panic. The top suspects have been reported to be either Kanto or Unova nationalists. Please stand by for a message from the president" Said a monotone voice. "Greetings Unova" said a calm voice "there is no cause for alarm I am ok. The good news is that we are not going to war, we will try our best to diplomatically resolve this issue, and we also need to get more information on this case. I am allowing everything to return to normal, that is all for now." A series of sighs struck the inside of the building.

Alex rushed out, went into his car and drove off thinking "oh great now we have to stop 3 things could this day get any worse?" A voice on his radio spoke "hey Alex are you there?" Alex picked up the speaker "yes I'm here and I'm heading back to base". The other voice spoke "Ok, and did you find out any new leads on the Ash Ketchum shooting?" Alex answered "yes Chili said it could've been a gym leader". "That's new" the voice said "I was interviewing Trip Shooti also and he said that Ash could've shot himself to set all these events into motion." Alex was shocked "well that's a crazy theory but we'll find out the true story if Ash wakes up." "Roger that" the voice said.

Back at the Restaurant the group was just about to leave after deciding where to go next. Cilan reminded them to come back for the dinner theatre. At around 5:00 pm they returned and just as Cilan said there was a dinner theatre. The performers were just warming up, when the group took their seats. They ordered their food and the lights dimmed, Cilan was on the stage "Good evening everybody, and welcome to the Striaton gym and restaurant, we got a some great acts here for you tonight, for starters here are the Striaton players, doing a very famous episode from the 1950's TV show I Love Lucy. They will be doing the episode entitled job switching."


Cilan leaves as the I Love Lucy Theme Plays and the curtains go up

Actor as Ricky Ricardo walks into the living room looking mad: Lucy!

Actor as Lucy Ricardo in a happy tone: is that you sweetie pie? Oh gee I'm glad your home how about a great big… (Noticing Ricky is mad) well see you later…

Authors note: Although I would like to I don't wanna break the rules by completely copying the script of the entire episode so I'll just talk about the beginning. However, just to let you know this is the episode with the famous chocolate scene.

*skip to end of play*

*applause* as the actors finish

Cilan comes back up on the stage: that was simply great wasn't it? Well for our next act we have the Improv Squad.


Improve squad comes on stage and the leader talks to the crowd: hey, hey we're the Improv squad and for our first act we need a place.

Out of the many ideas the crowd had, one seemed interesting

Leader: ok I heard a Pokémon professor's lab, now we need a random person

People in the crowd said their ideas

Leader: I heard a Pokémon thief disguised as a Pokémon trainer, ok so we need an action. What is this thief trying to do?

The crowd said their ideas

Leader: ok so, so I heard trying to steal the Pokémon but is out of his luck. Ok so sit back and enjoy.

They started their act

Actor as the Pokémon thief: ha-ha with my new disguise they'll never see me coming

He walks in and talks to the professor

Girl actor as the professor: why hello there are you here to get your starter Pokémon?

Thief: yes I would, is it ok if I see them?

The professor leads the thief into a room where 3 actors are posing as Pokémon; the 3 "Pokémon" have a conversation

Actor as Tepig: what do you think about this guy?

Actor as Snivy: I don't think I trust him

Actor as Oshawott: Hmmmm…. He kinda looks like a thief.

Tepig: you really think so?

Snivy: I think he is I heard about this thief who possess as a new trainer to steal Pokémon. We need to do something!

They all agreed. And a narrator popped in

Narrator: It was here that the 3 Pokémon needed to stop the thief. Then the professor and the thief came to them.

Professor: So here we have 3 starter Pokémon for you to choose from.

Thief in a thinking position: which one to steal? (He stopped thinking) I'll check out this Tepig

Narrator: as the thief was about to pick up the Tepig, the Tepig quickly used ember on the thief's hands

Tepig: Tepig! (He yelled as he "used" ember)

Thief: Owww! My hands! (He yelled as his hands were "burnt")


Professor: oh I'm sorry about that, I don't know what went on with him. Oshawott can you put some cool water on his hands.

Narrator: the Oshawott listened and did spray some cool water but all over the thief's body.

The actor playing the Oshawott poured water over the "thief's" head

Thief: ARRGH! Tell him to stop!


Professor: Oshawott stop!

Narrator: then Snivy used vine whip the tie up the thief

The actor playing Snivy used a rope to tie up the "thief"

Thief: ARRGH! Untie me now!


Professor: I'm sorry I don't know what going on with then

Just then a "policemen" popped in

Policeman: I'm sorry to intrude but I heard there was a suspicious person in the area and… wait that's him.

Professor: wait, who's him?

Policeman: that's the Pokémon thief, he goes around pretending to be a beginner trainer and steals starter Pokémon.

Professor (shocked): really? I had no idea. But I guess the Pokémon did.

The "policeman" put handcuffs on the thief; and led him out of the building.

Thief: I don't want to see another Pokémon again just take me to jail.

Policeman: nope! For attempted Pokémon theft you'll be doing community service at the Pokémon daycare center.

Thief (almost crying): ohhh! Nooo!

*laughter and applause*

The Improv Squads did another act. After some more acts by other people the dinner theater ended at around 11:00 P.M. and everyone left. Delia grabbed Pikachu from the Pokémon section and the group left for the airport. "That was a fun time!" Delia said happily and the rest of the group agreed. Professor oak finally asked Delia "Delia we noticed that you've gotten a lot happier lately. Care to tell us why?" Delia answered "well I guess it's because of what Alex did, he didn't really have to do that for us." Professor oak nodded.

They arrived in Kanto and made their way back to pallet town. When Delia arrived at her house with Pikachu she opened the door went inside and closed it. She then spoke to Pikachu "I hope you had a fun time!" Pikachu nodded "Pikachu". Delia went to her bedroom and went to bed.

During the second month things started improving. Kanto and Unova relations increased slightly as they worked together to find the would-be presidential assassins. They also worked together to sort out other issues diplomatically as well. In the Pokémon trainer news a new Pokémon trainer treaty was passed but, this one was less drastic it stated that all Forrest path ways from city to city would be more direct and well monitored. There was also a slight increase in new Pokémon in new Pokémon trainers and fears of another incident died down. Thing were looking up. The group also decided to visit ash again at the end of the month.

It was a couple of days before the scheduled date and Delia woke up to a knock at the door "I wonder who that could be?" she asked herself. She went and opened the door only to be greeted by a voice "Hello Delia" the voice said

Authors note: just to let you guys know I have school and chapters might be delayed and bit more but I promise to update as soon as I can.

So anyway do you really think Ash could've shot himself? Or do you think it was a gym leader? Or do you think it was one of the 2 nationalist groups. Or could it have been someone else? And just who is this mysterious person?

Sorry if this chapter seemed to be different from the others. I wanted to write a chapter about the group doing something fun to get their minds of the incident.

See you next chapter…