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Recap: She went and opened the door only to be greeted by a voice "Hello Delia" the voice said.


"What are you doing here?" Delia asked, shocked by who was at the door.

"Gee, I wonder why? Oh yeah! Maybe it's the fact that…" the voice replied before cut off by the door slamming.

"Go away!" Delia yelled from behind the door.

"I will do no such thing!" the voice replied, loudly trying to forcibly open the door.

"Please, just go away!" Delia yelled, hoping the voice would comply.

Unfortunately, the voice did no such thing and the door was forced open to reveal a man in a suit. Delia was whimpering in fear. As the man walked into the house, with a frown of anger and evil eyes, began to speak "No I will not! Delia our son has been shot and you tell me nothing! Would you care to explain?"

"Why do you care? If you did you wouldn't have left me." Delia pointed out, "Now just go away, Giovanni!"

The man, now revealed to be Giovanni, had a look of regret "look, I didn't mean to leave you. I was just forced to."

Delia didn't believe him, "likely story." She rolled her eyes.

Giovanni tried to keep his cool.

*1 hour earlier*

At the I.R.B.I. headquarters of the Kanto branch, the deputy director received a message from a Team Rocket spy.

A video feed showed an undercover I.R.B.I Agent in team rocket clothing. The director and a couple of high ranking I.R.B.I. agents were watching.

"From what I've heard the leader Giovanni took a 'personal day'," the undercover agent said.

The Director asked, "What do you suppose it is?"

"I don't know," the undercover agent answered, "but what I can tell you is that Giovanni hasn't been the same since that shooting." There was chatter amongst the high ranking agents.

A newly promoted agent spoke, "do you think he went to go seek the mother, Delia Ketchum?" he had a nervous tone; clearly, he hasn't done this before. There was more chatter amongst the high ranking agents.

"You know I did hear some grunts talk about that," the undercover agent replied to the theory as a buzz was heard, "sorry, I have to go or else my cover will be blown, this is Agent Stan signing off."

There was a brief silence, then the director spoke, "we need to contact the nearest agent in the area. Anyone know who it is?"

An agent with a computer answered, "It looks like it's that Unova Agent, Alex Priest," she answered and continued, "he's going for a routine visit to Delia."

The Director then replied, "Contact him and tell him to stay alert. The rest of you are dismissed."

The Director then wrote a Memo and then gave it to his assistant, "take this to communications and have them contact Agent Priest." The assistant replied, "Yes sir!" and left the office and went to the communications room.

On the way he passed by the interrogation rooms, noticing the major criminals the I.R.B.I. caught, as well as people with links to the Ketchum shooting. He was just an assistant, but he knew the ways the I.R.B.I. interrogated people. It wasn't torture, but he still didn't like it. They were harsher than ordinary police. He could hear the yelling of the agents doing interrogations. The assistant shivered as he kept moving, he was thankful that he wasn't a criminal.

After a while, he made it to the communication room and handed the note to the chief communicator. He urgently grabbed a microphone and spoke into it "Agent Alex Priest we have a code 1941 please respond, over."

In a car a few miles away from Pallet town Agent Priest was heading for his usual visit when he heard his radio, "Agent Alex Priest we have a code 1941 please respond, over."

Alex quickly picked up the microphone. He knew code 1941 meant imminent danger to the close family of the victim. In this case, it was Delia Ketchum. He spoke into it, "Alex Priest badge number 12-47 Unova Branch."

The chief communicator said, "Agent Priest listen, we have reason to believe that Delia Ketchum may be in danger. The Kanto Deputy Director Jack White has given you the authorization to use your stun gun. Do you understand?"

Alex was nervous, he had never used his stun gun before, "Oh, umm….yes, I understand." The chief communicator then said, "Be on the lookout, the Viridian city police reported that Giovanni is driving a red Cadillac from the 1980's. His license plate is A5G-187T. That's all for now be careful." And with that Alex's original plans were ruined.

Back at the headquarters, the chief communicator sighed as he sat the Microphone down. The assistant then started to speak, "well should I go ask Jack to prepare a holding cell?" The chief communicator had a worried look on his face, "I don't know Scott, that kid's just been recently promoted and this is his first real case. I could tell he was nervous when I mentioned the stun gun. In any case, tell him to prepare the cell and to keep 2 more agents and an ambulance on standby." The assistant, now known as Scott, agreed with him, "will do Fred." He then went back to the director's office.

Back to Alex, who had just entered the Pallet town city limits. He drove to the street where Delia lived and parked his car 1 house down on the curb. "Now comes the easy part." He said to himself. Since he had been to Pallet Town before, he knew that there wasn't much traffic on the streets. He then saw a car driving slowly behind him and he quickly ducked. He heard the car stopped near him and his heart skipped a beat. He then hears it drive again. He slowly put his head up and saw the car park in the Driveway of the house. The driver got out of his car and walked towards Alex's Car. Alex sighed in relief that it was not Giovanni's. He then proceeded to get out of his car. Revealing his Casual clothing consisting of jeans a shirt and a jacket, He usually wears casual clothes when he visits people affected by a case, just to make them feel comfortable. He then proceeded to talk to the driver.

"Excuse me for asking, but why were you parked in front of my house?" the guy asked, "Were you waiting for my wife? Dang, it! I told her if she was cheating on me…. Argh! I knew you were more handsome than me." The guy was distraught.

Alex was lost in words but he tried to calm the guy down, "Sir, I appreciate the compliment, but your wife is not having an affair, I'm only 18 for God's sake. I'm in the I.R.B.I. and I'm only here because Giovanni's coming and Delia's in trouble."

The man then seemed concerned and relieved "Well at least she's not having an affair… with you anyway. But wait, why's Giovanni coming back if he left 11 years ago?"

Alex then replied, "Sir I don't know, but what needs to happen is that I need to protect Delia and..." out of the corner of his eye he saw a red Cadillac turn onto the street they were on; he could barely see the license plate, but he could make out the license plate number. He remembered what the chief communicator said on the radio, "His license plate is A5G-187T," as it echoed in his mind. He then spoke in an urgent tone, "Listen, it's Giovanni, he's coming I can't have my cover blown. Just go with me on this, and take the hint, it could help you." He winked and the guy nodded, Alex continued, "by the way, I'm Alex Priest." He took his hand out. "I'm Charles Coleman." Charles shook Alex's hand right when Giovanni parked his car in front of Delia's house.

Giovanni stepped out of his car he was wearing his usual brown suit. He casually walked towards Delia's house but then noticed Charles and Alex. He walked towards them and said, "Charles, long time no see," walking towards them in a light happy tone. He noticed Alex, who had a nervous look on his face. Giovanni didn't quite trust him and asked who he was, "So Charles, who's your friend?"

Charles didn't quite know how to respond but thankfully Alex knew how to, "Oh, I am the Coleman's marriage counselor, and I was just telling Charles here that he needs to talk to his wife a lot more and maybe do some trust exercises, now if you excuse us we need to continue in private."

Giovanni nodded, "Oh, okay well Charles it was nice seeing you again," he said as Charles and Alex walked towards Charles' house.

"Ummm…yeah you too," Charles said as they both went inside his house and Giovanni continued to Delia's house.

Inside Charles' house, Charles was panicking, "Oh God, oh God, what am I gonna do, what am I gonna do?"

Alex, who had been looking at Delia's house from a window, tried to calm him down, talked in a stern voice, "listen Charles, 1st you really need to see a marriage counselor, and 2nd, I need to go over there. Here, if there are any signs of a struggle you call this number and tell them where I'm at. You have my word for it, I promise you will be rewarded and protected by the I.R.B.I." Alex wrote some things on a piece of paper and handed it to Charles.

Charles nervously took the paper and studied it carefully, "got it," he said determinedly.

Alex noticed Giovanni forcing Delia's door open and Delia pleading for him to go away, "now's my chance, remember to call the number," Alex said as he rushed out the door and headed to the Ketchum house. Keeping his stun gun ready, he went to the open door. He used the side as cover and peeked in to notice Delia and Giovanni argue.

"Likely story," Delia rolled her eyes. Giovanni looked as though he was trying to keep his cool but he couldn't. Giovanni in the heat of the moment pulled out a gun and pointed it at Delia, "you are just gonna calm down and talk to me," he commanded. Delia was panicking, "is that your answer, to shoot me? For all, I know you probably shot my son!" Delia said knowing that it could've been the last thing she said. "Our son!" Giovanni said forcefully, aiming the gun towards his wife. Alex couldn't bear to have such a helpless woman killed so he quickly stepped in, "this is it, it's now or never," Alex said to himself, "Freeze!" Alex yelled, making Giovanni looked behind him. Delia used this time to escape as Giovanni focused his attention on Alex. "What are you doing here? I don't have any quarrel with you, leave now and maybe I'll forget you tried to stop me," Giovanni said, as he tried to convince Alex to leave, still thinking he was just a marriage counselor. However, Alex did no such thing, "No, I'm here to stop you!"

Giovanni chuckled, "And what's a marriage counselor going to do. I'll give you one more chance to leave."

Alex didn't comply and revealed himself, "I'm part of the I.R.B.I and you're under arrest for breaking and entering, threatening murder, and as a suspect for the shooting."

Giovanni laughed, "Really? I've evaded arrest before and today's not gonna be any different." He aimed his gun towards Alex, "any last words?"

Alex utilized the time to grab his stun gun and fired it quickly, hoping to stop Giovanni, but unfortunately, he only hit Giovanni's leg. Giovanni hissed and fired his gun in return. Fortunately, the bullet only hit Alex in the arm. Alex screamed in pain and fell to the floor.

Outside the house, Charles was watching the whole thing and after he heard the gunshot he immediately put out his cellphone and called the number on the paper, "Hello this is Deputy Director Jack White of the Kanto branch of the I.R.B.I, you've called a special emergency number, what's the problem?"

Charles didn't hesitate, "Yeah, one of your agents, Alex Priest, is in peril. I think he just got shot by Giovanni, earlier Alex told me to call this number now hurry, please!" Charles panicked. "Okay sir I will alert the nearest agent and an ambulance now if you are outside please go inside if not just stay inside," the Director said trying to calm Charles down. "Will do!" Charles said as he hung up and rushed inside his house, locked his door, and hid in a closet.

At the I.R.B.I. headquarters…

Deputy Director Jack White grabbed his radio speaker and spoke, "attention car 11-king please respond, I repeat car 11-king please respond." A person on the other end picked up "This is agent Cole Phelps of car 11-k, I'm with my partner, what's the trouble?" Cole asked Jack. Jack answered "We have a code 1997-25. Repeat, 1997 agent is in trouble, 25 likely to have been shot. We need you there now, pistol weapons are allowed, I repeat pistols are allowed. Ensure the safety of people in the area and tell the ambulance to follow you." Cole responded urgently, "roger that!" and with that, the car zoomed away with the ambulance in tow. They both had sirens on and rushed to the scene.

Returning to the scene…

Delia was hysterical the moment that Alex was shot. Delia rushed and hid from Giovanni in the closest room possible. This was her son's room, she locked the door and prayed to be safe. She noticed that Pikachu was hiding under ash's bed and she remembered that Mr. Mime went to the grocery store with a list of groceries. Pikachu was scared out of his mind and when he noticed Delia scared, he quickly dashed to her to keep her company. Delia grabbed ahold of him and whispered, "Pikachu a bad man is here and he has a gun. If he comes in here I need you to shock him. Please!" Delia was so frightened and Pikachu noticed this and agreed, he didn't want to see another person gone from his life. "Pika!" he said as he nodded.

Outside Giovanni was furious, he had just been shot in the leg and now Delia was missing, "Delia I know you're there come out now!" he yelled. It was silent, save for Alex, who was on the floor clenching his arm, "You won't find her, she's probably far away from here by now. You should just surrender now, we go easy for people who give up." He looked up to Giovanni. "Oh shut up!" he said loudly as he repeatedly kicked Alex in the chest and in the face. Alex gagged in pain and was sure something happened to his ribs, he coughed up blood as he fainted from too much pain. Giovanni stopped and continued to look for Delia. He decided to look in the closest room, which unfortunately was the room Delia was hiding in. Delia heard footsteps and quickly crawled to the window. She was just about to climb out them she heard the door get kicked in, "There you are! You know you've been kind of a hassle maybe I should calm you down," he said as he pulled out his gun and aimed it. Delia screamed as loud as she could and fainted due to so much stress. Pikachu saw the perfect time and used the strongest thunderbolt he could. "Pikachu!" he yelled, as a flash of electricity came out of Pikachu and headed towards Giovanni. Giovanni didn't have time to react and screamed in pain as all that electricity entered his body and fainted just when he heard sirens sounding…

A couple of minutes later…

The car and the ambulance arrived at the scene and many people in the neighborhood came out of their houses to see what the commotion was. Agent Cole Phelps was the first to enter, he had his pistol ready and entered the front door. He noticed Alex on the floor unconscious with blood coming from his arm, his nose, and his mouth. Cole called out, "Hey, we have an agent down bring a stretcher." 2 paramedics rushed in and quickly brought Alex out of the house. Cole continued his search and noticed a door busted open and carefully walked in. His heart sank when he saw Delia by the window on the floor motionless. He also saw Giovanni on the floor with him still holding his gun. He pulled out his walkie-talkie and contacted his partner, "We have a situation here, agent Stefan Bekowsky please come here," he said in a sad voice. Stefan complied and headed towards Cole. Pikachu was hiding under the bed again when he noticed Cole walking more into the room. Pikachu quickly rushed to the front of Delia with an angry face and sparks coming from his cheeks. Cole noticed this and lowered his gun, "Oh so you must be his Pikachu. You must've been defending her from Giovanni. Well, thanks for the help." He smiled as he gave a thumbs up. Pikachu lowered his guard.

Stefan rushed in to see the 2 unconscious bodies, "My God, what happened here?" he said shocked. Cole looked at him, "Not certain, but there doesn't seem to be any signs of gunshots and they're both breathing. I guess only this Pikachu knows." Cole pointed to the Pikachu. Stefan pulled out his walkie-talkie "We need 2 stretchers. 1 normal and 1 with straps, we have a violent suspect unconscious here and we need to take precautions. Over."

2 paramedics rushed in and strapped Giovanni in, they brought him out and came in to get Delia. This proved difficult as Pikachu guarded her, but when he saw that they were paramedics he stood down and let them take Delia. When they left the room, Pikachu quickly followed them outside the house where he saw an ambulance and a total of 5 cars with various people in suits around surveying the area. He also saw a group of 4 police officers lead by Officer Jenny. They were putting up crime scene tape and telling people to stay back. Pikachu followed the paramedics.

People watching from the tape line were shocked and talking amongst themselves. Many of them tried getting information from the officers or the agents, but this showed little success as the only people who truly knew the whole story were unconscious. One of the agents was questioning Charles. He talked about the moment with Alex and Giovanni as well as the plan Alex came up with. This information was helpful and after that, they lead Charles to a car where he signed some papers.

Just around the block…

Professor Oak was walking to Delia's house, "I wonder what's taking her? I should've seen her at the lab a couple of minutes ago. She hasn't been answering his phone either…wait, what's that noise?" Professor Oak heard someone or something rushing towards him.

"Mime! Mime! Mime! Mime!" it was Mr. Mime or Mimey, Delia's helper. He was running towards Professor Oak.

"What's wrong?" Professor Oak asked worryingly. All Mr. Mime did was grab Oak's hand and drag him. Mr. Mime took Oak around the corner and straight to the scene. Oak was shocked, "What happened here?" He then rushed towards the yellow tape, "Excuse, sir, sir, sir…,"

"Stefan, can you see what that guy wants?" Cole was asking his partner, "Try to calm him down."

Stefan nodded and walked towards Oak, "Sir, what's the problem?" he asked Oak.

Oak answered quickly, "What's going on? Where's Delia? Is she okay? Can I see her? ..." Oak began to jabber.

"Sir, sir, calm down, I'll be honest with you." Stefan did a settle down gesture, "We don't know what happened either. The only people who truly know are unconscious…"

"Can I see her?" Oak interrupted, "I'm Professor Oak, a close friend of hers."

"You're Professor Oak?" Stefan was surprised, "Okay, since you're close to her and we have some questions you can probably help us with, we'll let you in." Stefen put his hand on the tape, "Also can you shut that Mr. Mime up, please?"

Oak went to Mimey, "Hey Delia's gonna be okay, now Mimey can you go to my lab and stay there until it's okay to come back?"

Mimey did just that and rushed to his lab. Oak wondered if he would stay there or try to bring Tracey. Oak walked into the crime scene and was lead to a small tent where they were treating the 3 people. Alex, who they were, unfortunately, operating on, Delia, who looked like she was asleep, and… "Giovanni?! He caused this?" Oak asked while surprised. He walked towards Delia. Like something straight out of a fairytale, Delia was Murmuring and then woke up.

"Don't shoot!" she screamed and rose from the stretcher.

Oak jumped back, "No one's shooting!" Oak said.

A doctor looked behind him and rushed towards Delia, "Miss are you okay? Do you have any injuries?"

"No, I don't think I do," she looked around and gasped, "Oh my, where am I?"

"Miss, you're outside of your house in a medic tent, 2 agents found you unconscious and some paramedics brought you here," the doctor answered in detail. He then looked towards an agent inside the tent, "bring them in." The agent then went outside, "it'll take a minute just wait," he assured Delia and Oak.

Outside the tent…

The agent then found Cole and Stefan, "Hey, Delia's awake the doctor gave the okay to talk to her."

The 2 agents looked at each other and then at the agent and they both nodded okay as they both headed in.

Inside the tent…

The agents walked in and Professor Oak backed up to give them some space. "Mrs. Ketchum, I'm Agent Cole Phelps and this is agent Stefan Bekowsky. We're from the Kanto branch of the I.R.B.I. If it's okay with you, we would like for you to answer some questions."

Delia nodded, "Yeah sure, anything for the people who helped me."

"Okay, can you tell us what happened because frankly, you, Giovanni, and Alex only know," Cole asked.

Delia recounted the whole event the best she could. She talked about how and when Giovanni came, their whole argument, Alex jumping into the picture to save her, and the whole ordeal after that up until her fainting.

(She recalled the whole beginning of the chapter as well as the part when Alex tried to stop Giovanni)

Cole was writing in disbelief that someone was that evil. Oak was furious as he looked at Giovanni, "How dare you try to hurt her."

"Oh my, where's Pikachu?" Delia said looking around for her son's Pokémon.

Right when she said that there was a yell, "Look out his gonna shock us!" At that moment Delia got up and rushed out before anyone had a chance to stop her.

She looked towards 2 people running out of her house. She then saw Pikachu follow them and said, "Pikachu stop!" When Pikachu was about to attack. Fortunately, he heard her just in time. He stopped readying his attack and rushed towards Delia.

He hugged her leg, "Pika…" he said sadly.

Delia patted Pikachu, "Thank you for protecting me, but it's okay now. These people are friendly."

"Pika, pika, pika," Pikachu said in a happy tone.

Oak rushed out of the tent and went to Delia, "Delia, you shouldn't have run out like that."

Delia looked to Oak, "I needed to stop Pikachu. Who knows what he could've done."

One of the people Pikachu chased overheard the conversation, "Yeah, and we thank you for it. We've been trying to get inside your son's room." Pikachu looked embarrassed and rubbed his head.

Cole and Stefan walked out of the tent to see Delia talking to someone and they both walked up to them. "Oh hello, Cole, fancy meeting you here," The person said, with a smile.

"Well, well Roy Earle. What are you doing here? Trying to be a show-off 'cause your 'higher up'? Hmmm…," Cole asked trying to talk down to the other agent.

The agent, now revealed to be Roy Earle, did not take the insult lightly, "No, I'm here to help. I don't know why you would think that. You impress me, Cole, some people even call you a Prodigy."

Cole then frowned, "Well I'm sorry, I didn't know that. Thank you." he then shook Roy's hand. Stefan then pulled Cole off to the side and told something to him, "Be careful dealing with Roy, I've heard that he abuses his powers and may even be corrupt." Cole went wide-eyed, "I'll keep that in mind," he said.

Jack White noticed the agents talking and overheard Roy and Cole's conversation, "Well it's good to see you 2 getting along," he said with a smile, he then looked towards Delia, "Anyway, Mrs. Ketchum, I'm Jack White, deputy director of the Kanto branch of the I.R.B.I."

"Nice to meet you," Delia said as she shook his hand.

"Pleasure is all mine," Jack said, "Now one of the reasons I came here was to talk to you. You see, since this whole incident with Giovanni happened I wanted to see if you would feel safer in one of the I.R.B.I. safe houses. We can get you one in Unova so you can be much closer to your son. However, the choice is ultimately yours."

Delia thought for a moment. Was she still safe here? She then spoke, "I would like to take you up on that offer."

"Splendid, now I'll let you go pack some of your bags and we'll have a car waiting for you this evening." He then looked towards Stefan, "tell them to let Delia into her house," Stefan shook his head and went with Delia to her house. He then looked towards Cole, "Cole, you just might be promoted in a short while. Though you might need to continue to prove your worth."

Cole went wide-eyed, "Well thank you sir!" he said.

Oak felt his phone ring and took it out. Seeing it was the number for his lab, he answered the call, "Hello?"

He heard Tracey talk, "Professor Oak, somethings wrong with Mr. Mime. He's all shook up and he's trying to get me to follow him. Is something wrong?"

Oak sighed, "Something happened at Delia's house," he heard Tracey gasp, "Giovanni came and tried to attack her. Delia's okay, but Alex, the Agent, was wounded and Giovanni was electrocuted by Pikachu. Delia's gonna be taken to a safe house in Unova tonight. I was thinking that we can come with her to see Ash a little earlier than planned."

Tracey had a lot to take in, "Well, at least she's okay. I think we could see ash a little early."

"Can you come down here? Bring Gary and Mimey as well, I think Delia would like to see us," Oak said

"I will," Tracey replied and ended the call.

Oak looked towards Pikachu, who was sitting down, "Looks like you'll see Ash earlier than expected."

Pikachu looked towards Oak, "Pi?"

Oak kneeled down and pat Pikachu "Yes, we'll all see him a little earlier this month."

"Pikaaaa!" Pikachu was excited.

A Couple of minutes later…

Oak was waiting at the tape line when Charles walked up to him, "Hey Sam, pretty shocking isn't it?"

Oak answered, "Yeah it is. I can't believe Giovanni could've done such a thing."

"Well you might not be seeing me around here in a while," Oak looked at him and Charles continued, "Andrea and I are going to a safe house in Unova until it's deemed safe for us to return."

"Funny, Delia's doing the same thing," Oak explained.

"Oh really?" Charles asked

"Gramps!" said a voice. Oak looked to see Gary, Tracey, and Mimey rushing towards him.

Oak waved towards them, "I'm here."

They made it to Oak and Gary was the first one to ask, "What happened? Where's Delia?"

"Relax Gary, Delia's okay, she's just packing some things to take with her when she leaves for Unova. As for Giovanni, he's unconscious."

Tracey then asked a question, "Did Giovanni really try to attack Delia?"

"Unfortunately so," Oak answered sadly.

"And because of that, we can arrest him. Also if he confesses to shooting Ash, He'll go away for a long time." Oak looked behind him to see Cole. He then looked towards the group, "Hello, I'm Cole Phelps of the Kanto branch of the I.R.B.I. you guys must be here for Delia. Here I'll let you in." he then let the 3 inside the tape line.

Around that time Delia came out with a couple of Bags. Oak, Gary, Tracey, and Mimey rushed to help her, "thanks a lot!"

Inside the Medical tent…

They were some faint mumbling then a scream. A Doctor who was checking on Giovanni looked behind him to see Alex sitting up, "sir relax your injuries are quite severe and you don't want to make them worse," the Doctor warned

Alex clenched his chest, "you're telling me. Owwww," he noticed a cast on his arm and bandages on his chest, "so I'm guessing Giovanni kicked me senseless."

The doctor nodded, "you lost a lot of blood from the gunshot as well, but we managed to keep you in the living."

"So what happened to Delia?" Alex asked

"She's okay. From what I've heard she's heading to a safe house in Unova. If you want to see her I can get you a wheelchair." The Doctor answered.

"Yes, thanks," Alex told the Doctor. He went to get a wheelchair and helped Alex into it. He was just about to leave when he remembered his fedora and used his good arm to grab it and put it on his head. The Doctor rolled him outside. Then when back into the tent. He tried his best to roll his way towards Delia who was talking to the group and Charles, but all he was doing essentially, were donuts.

Jack white saw Alex and went towards him, "hello agent Alex," he greeted, "I'm Jack white if you remember and I would like to thank you for helping us capture Giovanni. I've contacted the Deputy Director for the Unova Branch and he said that you might be promoted for this."

"Really?" Alex asked, "Also can you help me get to Delia so I can talk to her?"

"Sure thing," Jack answered as he pushed Alex towards Delia and the Group.

"Mrs. Ketchum!" Alex tried to get her attention. She looked at him, "it's great to see that you're okay," he continued. Jack started talking on his phone

Mrs. Ketchum was happy to see Alex okay too, "I'm happy to see you okay as well,"

"Hey everyone," Alex said to the group.

Everyone else said hi to Alex and some small talk followed as Jack white got off the phone. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but Mrs. Ketchum your House is ready and a small passenger truck will be here to take you guys as well as Charles and his wife and you Alex," Alex looked towards Jack, "Yes Alex you're being sent to the hospital in Driftveil City. You live there and the Unova deputy director gave you some time off to heal and rest."

"Well thank you, sir," Alex smiled

"No problem," Jack smiled back.

At that moment there was a small fight, it was loud, however, "CHARLES! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" everyone looked towards yelling and saw Charles arguing with his wife. Jack rushed to try to calm them down.


Charles calmly rebutted, "Andrea listen, Giovanni tried to attack Delia and I helped save her because of that, we're going to stay in Unova for a while."

Jack arrived when Charles finished that sentence, "he's right Ms. You two are heading to a safe house in Unova. Team rocket might be looking for you both and you 2 will be compensated," he then looked at Charles, "and Charles you will receive your reward for helping us sometime next week," he then looked towards Andrea, "now miss I suggest you pack some bags because a truck will be here in a short while."

That was a lot to take in for Andrea, but she complied, "okay sir I will." She then went inside her house.

A short while later Andrea stepped out of her house with 2 suitcases, she was struggling so Charles went and helped her, "Honey listen, I think we should see a marriage consular when we get to Unova"

Andrea looked at him, "you know I was thinking the same thing. We don't want to see our marriage end and we still love each other"

Charles sat the suitcases down and kissed her and she kissed back. Right, when they finished a transport truck came and Jack White gathered the group, including Mr. mime, plus the Coleman couple and told them to board the truck so they can head to the airport, "I wish you all good luck, stay safe in Unova," Jack said to them and waved goodbye as the truck left.

After a while, they arrived at the Viridian City Airport. The truck went through a special entrance and arrived at a secluded building. There the entire group including the Coleman couple and Alex entered the building and they formed a single file line heading towards the back of the building. They dropped their luggage off and after a couple of minutes, they were registered for the flight to Unova and boarded the I.R.B.I. plane. After everyone got settled and the pilots were ready they were given the okay to take off. Then the flight took off without any troubles.

After the flight…

The plane landed at Driftveil city right on time and landed near another secluded building. Inside the cockpit, the pilot spoke into a radio, "this is flight Y-562 we have the passengers and we are asking if we have permission to let them off? Over." A voice from the control tower answered, "Roger you have clearance, tell them to disembark in a single file line. Over." The pilot then switched over to the plane's P.A. system, "folks thank you for staying calm throughout the flight. You have permission to leave the plane in a single file line. Good luck and be safe in Unova."

The entire group did just that and exited the plane. After a couple of minutes of registering and collecting their luggage, they reached the entrance of the building where another truck was waiting for them. The driver was leaning with his back on the truck and said to the group, "Hop on! I'm supposed to take you to the safe houses." So the group got on the back of the passenger truck and the driver took them to the suburbs where the I.R.B.I. safe houses were. The drive took around an hour and the driver stopped by 2 houses. They looked like ordinary houses in the suburbs; you could guess that that was the point.

The group got off and were met by a Unova I.R.B.I. agent who said to them in a happy tone, "Hello and welcome to Unova. I'm Nate Woods and I will help you guys get settled in your temporary houses now the Coleman couple can you please follow me so I can show you your house. The Coleman couple then followed Nate into their house. Alex, who was still in his wheelchair, then told the remainder of the group, "Hey guys it was nice seeing you all again, but I gotta get to my house 'cause I hear my sister's waiting for me and she's gonna help me get to the Hospital. See you guys later." The group said their goodbyes to him and he, with a little help, got into the passenger seat and the diver took him home. Once the truck was out of sight Nate came out of the house.

"Okay, now Delia Ketchum and the rest please follow me." They did just that and entered another safe house. It looked a little bigger than Delia's and it had an upstairs and was even furnished. Nate directed the group to the living room and the group sat down on couches and chairs while he was explaining the setup, Delia told Mimey to help put her bags away. She also sat Pikachu down as she had been carrying him for the whole trip. Pikachu then ran off to explore the house. Nate started "Now Delia. This is where you'll be staying until its deemed safe to return. But don't worry you'll be safe here." he assured as Delia nodded, Nate continued, "starting tomorrow, you will be given a sum of money enough to last you for a week with a little extra to for miscellaneous things. The house has 2 furnished bedrooms upstairs, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and this is the living room. Now listen closely 'cause this is important. For your safety, it is vital if none of you disclose Delia's location, or mention that the I.R.B.I put you here." they all nodded. Nate smiled, "but most importantly enjoy your stay in Unova, if any of you have any questions don't hesitate to call us. Now I have to get going, goodbye." He waved to the group and they waved back, He then walked out the door.

The group were talking amongst themselves "how long do you think it's gonna be until it's safe to return," Delia asked, the rest of the group was unsure. "I don't know Delia, but at least you're safe. Giovanni could've killed you." Tracey then jumped in "what I don't understand is why Giovanni would do such a thing. It just seems so random." Upon hearing that Delia whispered in Oaks ear, Oak then frowned, he looked at Delia and nodded. Delia then spoke, "Okay, I have something to confess." she gulped "Giovanni is Ash's Father…" the rest of the group save for Oak were extremely shocked upon hearing, "we were married for a short time, but before Ash was born, he left me to go lead team rocket. Only a handful of people know the truth, almost everyone thinks he either died or just abandoned me." Delia started to cry, "And now he tried to kill me. I hope he gets whatever comes to him." She started getting angry. The rest of the group started to comfort Delia.

After a couple of minutes, there was a couple of knocks on the door. Gary went to go open it, it was the Colemans. "Ummm, hi? Is everything okay?" Charles spoke, "we were just here to ask if you guys wanted to go out to dinner with us." Charles asked with a smile on his face. "Delia who stopped cry but her eyes were still watery looked at them, "oh sure we would like that, but can you give me a couple of minutes to clean myself up?" The Colemans shook their head, Delia told them to come in and have a seat as she rushed to go get cleaned up. The rest of the group plus to Colemans talked amongst themselves while they waited. After about 5 minutes Delia then walked back to the group holding Pikachu, "if everyone's ready, let's go!" Delia said a little happier. So they all left to go to the nearest restaurant…

*Meanwhile, in another part of Driftveil*

"Here we are," the truck driver said to Alex as they arrived in front of his house. The Driver helped Alex out of the truck and into his wheelchair. Alex texted his sister ahead of time, so she was already heading towards them. "Thanks," they both said to the driver. The driver waved to them as he drove off, "Alex," she began, "I'm glad to see you're okay, mom and dad are pretty worried and I had feared the worst." Looking at the state Alex was in, she was sure it was right to have been worried.

"Stacia, I'm fine. Though yes I did get a beating, I'm a hero; I helped stop Giovanni and saved Delia's life, I may even be promoted for this." Alex said in defense. Stacia smiled, "you know. Mom and Dad always said you were special. They said you would grow up to do something important and when we see you now we can't help but feel pride in what you accomplished so far." Alex blushed, "oh come on stop, yes it's true I have accomplished a lot. Such as being one of the I.R.B.I.'s youngest members, solving some small cases, and helping people prove their innocence. I can't take all the credit." He said shaking his head from side to side.

Stacia laughed, "Well anyway we should get you to the hospital. Here I'll help you." She then proceeded to roll Alex to her car. This was difficult mainly because He had to get in a certain way that was comfortable enough for him, it also didn't help the fact that Alex' was starting to feel a sharp pain in his chest, but it wasn't anything severe. Once Alex was safely inside the car, Stacia got in the driver's seat and drove to Driftveil General Hospital. Around 15 minutes later, they arrived and Stacia parked her car, she then proceeded to help Alex out and put him back into his wheelchair. She then wheeled him into the hospital and to the Front Desk. She then spoke to the receptionist, "umm, Hello? I think you're expecting us?" The receptionist looked up and noticed the 2 and started speaking, "ahh… yes we were expecting you. Now Mr. Priest we need you to fill out some forms before we can accept you. Here you are…," She then handed a clipboard and a couple of papers to Alex. Stacia grabbed them and then wheeled Alex to the waiting room.

She sat beside him as she helped Alex write and answer the questions all in the while Alex was looking at the TV where ICNN was on, they were reporting the incident. "This is ICNN…" a deep voice on the TV said. It then flashed to a reporter at a desk who began speaking, "Hello and good evening, we have we have breaking news coming in from Kanto, we bring you to our Kanto correspondent James Kane," It then flashed to show James in from of the Ketchum house in front of the yellow crime scene tape, the police and I.R.B.I. were still on the scene, the voice of the reporter was heard, "James can you tell us what happened?" after a short delay James started talking, "Yes, it appears that at around 9 AM, western Kanto time, Giovanni, the alleged leader of Team Rocket, charged into the home Of Delia Ketchum, the Mother of Ash Ketchum, and attempted to shoot Delia, for an unclear reason.

We have with us the Deputy Director of the Kanto I.R.B.I. Jack white with us to tell us what he can about the event." The camera then panned over the Jack white, showing a man in his late 60's, his black hair was greying, but he still looked very aware and had no signs of slowing down, James started speaking to jack, "Now Mr. white can you please tell us all you can about what is going on here?" Jack answered, "Yes, what happened is that around 8 AM we had reason to believe that Giovanni might have been heading to Mrs. Ketchum's House, so Around 8:30 we had alerted a Unova Agent, by the name of Alex Priest, who was on a routine visit to Mrs. Ketchum, to be alert, When he arrived he sought help from a neighbor, who called us when Alex was shot trying to protect Mrs. Ketchum. Then Giovanni fell unconscious when Ash's Pikachu shocked him, then around 5 minutes after we arrived at the house and set up a crime scene, then 2 agents, Cole Phelps and Stefan Bekowsky entered the house and recovered the unconscious bodies of Alex, Giovanni, and Mrs. Ketchum. That pretty much sums up what happened, Mrs. Ketchum and Alex have woken up and are safe along with the neighbor, and Giovanni is unconscious and is under strict monitoring. For safety reasons, we cannot disclose the name of the neighbor or his wife, the motive for Giovanni coming here, or the current location of anyone. "

James then began to talk, "Thanks for that, and we understand safety is important." The camera then panned towards James, "Agents Cole, and Stefan were unavailable for comments, we will now go back to Janet Parsons," the TV then flashed to the Desk reporter, "thank you James, and it is reported that Giovanni will be charged with, breaking and entering, 2 charges of attempted homicide, 1 charge of assault. He is also now a prime suspect in the Ash Ketchum shooting, and will possibly be charged with running a criminal organization. That is all for now, stay tuned for more on ICNN." Then a commercial came up. Alex and Stacia were now done with the paperwork and a couple of workers took Alex to a recovery room. (I really don't know what it's called, but it's one of those rooms where people go if they need to stay overnight)

After taking the elevator to the 4th floor Alex was brought to his room. It had a couple of dressers, some cushioned chairs, a TV, and some other things you would see in a hospital room. The hospital staff helped Alex into the bed and told him what was going to happen, he would be staying there until he has made a full recovery, they would be checking his vitals daily, and that they might need to perform surgery if they find anything wrong, among other things. Alex understood what they were saying and once they finished they left to go do other duties, leaving Alex to get accustomed to his new living arrangements while Stacia helped him.

Suddenly there was a ring on Stacia's cellphone, she picked it up and saw that it was their dad's number. Stacia answered…

Stacia: Hello dad?

Dad: Stacia? Are you with Alex?

Stacia: Yes, he's at the hospital do you and mom want to talk to him?

Dad: Yes put him on.

Stacia hands the phone to Alex

Alex: Hello? Mom, dad?

Dad: Alex? Are you okay? Me and you're mom were worried sick.

Alex: I'm okay

Dad: I knew something like this would happen, I should've never let you join!

Alex: Dad stop worrying about me I'm okay. If you wanna come visit me then you can. (Alex tried to change the subject)

Dad: *sigh* Okay then, we're coming down there.

Alex: All right then I see you soon.

Dad: Okay then bye.

Alex hung up, he knew that it was probably a mistake inviting them but he didn't really worry. He looked at the time it was after 4 PM he was surprised, though he remembered that western Kanto was 5 hours behind western Unova, upon looking at the clock his stomach started to growl. Stacia heard it and laughed, "Oh wow you must have worked up an appetite" she then got up, "I'll go to the cafeteria and get us some food." Alex nodded. Stacia then left, Alex looked at himself "*sigh* this has been quite a day. Maybe dad was right, I probably shouldn't have joined…"

*The Next Day*

Today was the new day that Delia and the group decided to see Ash. Delia was eager to see her son, especially after what had happened yesterday. At around 8 AM they had arrived at the hospital, they showed their cards at the front desk and the receptionist let them pass, they arrived at Ash's room. Dr. Johnson was taking his vitals and had a slight smile on his face he looked towards the group, "oh hello there, you're a couple of days early, but I don't mind. Anyway, we have some news, Ash here is showing signs of waking up!" The group, especially Delia, were shocked to hear this. "Finally some good news!" Tracey said happily. Delia rushed next to her son, "Hello Ash…"

Like something out of a fairy tale…

Ash started moving around, the heart monitor started beeping faster, and everyone in the room could not believe what happened next. Ash rose up quickly with his eyes wide open.

"HE'S AWAKE!" Everyone in the room yelled.

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