Willam: I own Kingdom Hearts

Jack: Willam does not own Kingdom Hearts!

Jake: Ya he doesn't own Kingdom Hearts!

Willam: Yes I do!

Jack and Jack: No you don't!

Willam: OK I don't.

Title: Talk show with guests from Kingdom Hearts

By Willam

Hello I am William and this is my talk show where I talk to random characters from different books, TV shows, and Games. Today my guests are Xion from Kingdom Hearts and the director of the game Tetsuya Nomura. I brought back Xion from the dead.

Me: So how are you feeling Xion and Tetsuya Nomura

Xion: ….

Tetsuya Nomura: Just fine thank you.

(Xion is glaring at Tetsuya Nomura)

Me: hello? Why are you looking at Mr. Nomura like that?


Tetsuya Nomura: No I didn't wasn't that Roxas that killed you?

Xion: yes but you made it happen that way.

Me: but what about when you told Roxas that you were happy that he was the one who killed you

Xion; I was happy that he was the one who killed me but it was stupid Mr. Nomura what made it have to be that way.

Tetsuya Nomura: I had to make the story interesting or my fans would lose interest.

(Xion gives Tetsuya Nomura a murderous look)

Me: ok things are getting a little intense here.

(Looks at both Xion and Tetsuya Nomura)

(Suddenly Xion pulls out her key bade and attacks Tetsuya Nomura yelling you killed me now I am going to kill you)

Me: security come in here and break them up!

(Security come and pulls them apart)

Me: That it for the show

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