Two years later, Day 1822 arrived as expected. She thought about not counting this day, but the suspenders were there, so she had to. However, Quinn donned them today, per Rachel's request. She stated that it was time to let Rachel have a bit of the fun and if Quinn was wearing slacks on their wedding day, then by God, they were going to be held up with suspenders. Black ones. Rachel's. And they were, beautifully.

Quinn spent most of the wedding and reception teasing her new wife. She tried to make Rachel see the wonder of this amazing accessory. She snapped them on the dance floor. She twisted them around her finger at during their best friends' speeches. Rachel's eyes never left them. Her tongue would snake out across her lip before her teeth bit down and Quinn knew she had her. Rachel got it now. She'd be pooling wetness all, day, long.

And Quinn couldn't be happier.

Their wedding went off with all the expected invitees, with the exception of Russel and Judy Fabray who were not expected, but showed anyway. The elation in Quinn's heart at their final acceptance of their daughter proved more powerful than she thought it would.

She always told herself she didn't need their acceptance. Clearly she didn't need them in her life; look at what she had made of herself on her own. She was marrying the bourgeoning new Broadway star, she just landed her first teaching job at a private school in the city right out of college, and they'd purchased their first home, ready to walk the threshold together that evening.

But the acceptance, that made the difference. Everything in Quinn's life was perfect on that day. And as she and Rachel walked across the threshold together, arms looped around each other's waists, she couldn't believe how perfect the map of their life had been drawn.

It seemed like a map of the stars, everything purposefully and perfectly laid out. Her father raising her hand that night in second grade, forbidding her friendship with Rachel Berry, seemed like the perfect stepping stone now looking back. She wouldn't change a thing. Maybe she'd change the torment she rained down on the girl, but even with that, Rachel attributed her thick skin and strong willpower to Quinn for continuously building that within her.

Everything they could find to maybe deem a regret, they realized served a purpose. It was beautiful. And tonight solidified it forever.

Rachel laid her down on the bed before stepping back to slowly strip her hair of its diamond crusted bobby pins. Each second a new strand fell to her bare shoulders, the white wedding dress hugging tightly to her torso, her hips, and then flooding out at her thighs. Quinn had never seen something so beautiful, so angelic.

"What are you thinking?" Rachel asked, knocking her ears off with that smile yet again. Quinn unbuttoned her blouse beneath the suspenders and pulled it free of her pants. Next, she unclasped her bra and tossed it to the floor. Rachel's eyes raked over Quinn in nothing but suspenders and grey slacks. Fuck, she was hot.

"Just that you look so angelic. So pure," Quinn answered.

"Quinn," Rachel started as she zipped the side zipper down, and stepped slowly out of her dress. She hung it back on the torso mannequin in the corner of the room and walked back to Quinn wearing pitch black lingerie. "I don't want to be pure tonight."

"Mm, you don't look pure anymore."

"We were pure and innocent the morning you proposed. The day after. The week after. The months after. Most of the two years after. Right now, I am tired of pure. You are legally and beautifully mine and I plan on celebrating that."

"How so?" Quinn gulped.

"I'll show you," she growled and crawled up to straddle Quinn's hips. "You've been teasing me all day long with these," she said, running her fingers up and down each suspender, letting them fall a little into Quinn's slacks on the way down.

"You've been teasing me for seven years with them," Quinn retorted.

"Okay, point taken. But you've been able to have your fun, now it's my turn." Rachel unclipped the suspenders and pulled them off Quinn.

"That's no fun, you're taking them off?"

"Hush, love," Rachel purred before dragging Quinn's hands up the mattress above their heads, and pressing their chests flat together as their lips met. Rachel kissed her slowly at first, enjoying the feeling of their first kiss on their wedding night.

That's something that needed to be sweet.

And then the switch flipped. She broke free and crawled further up Quinn, her knees scrambling on either side of Quinn's stomach, her breasts, her shoulder, and then her face.

Quinn gasped at the view and nipped Rachel's inner thigh before running her tongue down the center of Rachel's underwear.

"Oh, god," Rachel groaned. "Okay, maybe my idea can wait just a second." She laced her fingers in Quinn's hair with one hand and slid her panties to the side with the other. "There you go, eager girl. Go to town."

Quinn dove back in, sliding her tongue all throughout Rachel Berry. Her wife. Her soul mate. Her second grade best friend for a day. Something inside her loved being controlled by Rachel. It happened a little less often than she liked, but there was also something in her that fucking loved controlling Rachel Berry, so really she couldn't lose.

She sucked Rachel's clit into her mouth, sucking over and over, pulling more in than normal so she could flick her tongue over the nub still inside her mouth. Rachel went wild at that that. The sucking and the flicking drove her crazy and soon she was riding Quinn's face. When the blonde dug her tongue up into Rachel's core, swirling and licking the edges of her walls, Rachel released a weak wail.

She could still make this girl sing. And sing, she did. She came apart on Quinn's mouth, just about drowning her with juices. Once her convulsing finally subsided, Rachel reached down, snapped her underwear back in place and brought her mouth to Quinn's.

"Let me taste," she purred before slipping her tongue inside the blonde's mouth. Quinn opened her mouth wide for this kiss, letting Rachel lap up anything and everything she wanted to. Once done, Rachel moved her kisses to Quinn's cheeks, chin, jaw, successfully cleaning her beautiful wife.

She straightened back up after that, crawling north again. The brunette ripped Quinn's wrists along with her and before the blonde knew it, Rachel had tied each wrist to a slit in the headboard with her suspenders. The immediate reaction to that realization sent shockwaves straight to her clit.

And then Rachel was gone after one demand: "Take off your pants." She popped the top snap open for Quinn, unzipped them, gave a small yank and then walked away. She pranced into the bathroom, shut the door, and left her half naked wife on her bed. Quinn shimmied and shimmied and shimmied her pants off. It took five minutes. And when Quinn realized it took five minutes and Rachel wasn't back yet, confusion arose.

And then ten minutes passed.

"Rachel!" she growled. "Rachel, what the fuck? Get out here!"

And then twenty minutes passed.

"Rachel Berry! I swear to God, I will murder you if you leave me tied to our bed on our wedding night! Get. Out. Here!"

A furious Quinn finally stopped jerking at the headboard after thirty minutes. Slowly the long day crept up on her and her hooded eyes won the battle. Sleep took her over.

Rachel waited another five minutes after the last sound she heard before cracking the door open. She peaked around the corner and stole a glance at the bed. Sure enough, Quinn was asleep. Perfect, she giggled inside.

She padded quietly over to below the foot of the bed and raked her eyes over her naked and bound wife. She picked up her wedding present from Quinn and snapped a Polaroid. It expelled the photo and Rachel shook it in the air before dropping it to the dresser. She would need a reminder of the day she fully conquered Quinn Fabray.

Rachel set the camera down quietly and unsnapped her bra before tossing it to the ground. This was gonna be good. This was gonna be really good. She needed Quinn angry and Quinn was no doubt going to wake very, very angry.

Goosebumps shot up Rachel's arms and down the back of her thighs. She shivered at the thought and slowly, easily, laid one knee and then the next onto the bed between Quinn's legs.

She watched the blonde's chest rise and fall in rhythmic fashion. Rachel's head cocked left: Quinn really was gorgeous. Undeniably. She hoped she would be just as gorgeous furiously angry. Rachel rarely saw that side of her. She loved her dearly for that, for being carefree, happy, elated with their life.

She slid forward another inch, her right hand reaching down between her legs to steady her newly attached silicone friend. They'd never done this before. They always talked about how it would be nice, how Quinn wanted it, how Rachel wanted it. They even bought the equipment, but something about feeling your fingers inside the other always won out for the girls.

Not tonight, Rachel thought. Tonight Quinn would get what she wants. She slid forward another inch, taking in the glistening center of her wife. Thank god she was still wet. Rachel feared the abandonment stage of her plan was going to dry Quinn out faster than a cotton ball.

But have no fear, her girl was soaked. Rachel placed the tip of the strap-on against Quinn's entrance and watched her. She waited for movement. She waited for a shift, a gruff, anything.

Nothing came. So Rachel rolled her hips forward just slightly, watching Quinn's body swallow the tip.

Rachel looked back. Quinn shifted slightly, rolling her head to the other side before settling again. Rachel tried not to laugh, her abs trembling with delight and shoulders shaking with chuckles.

Oh this was going to really, really fun. She pushed a little deeper with more force than she thought she'd need. Quinn was deliciously tight. A light whimper escaped the blonde's lips and Rachel giggled silently again. Okay, enough play, it was time.

She pushed forward a little more forcefully and that did it. Quinn moaned, bleary eyes creeping open slightly before Rachel forced herself all the way in and quickly.

Quinn arched completely off the bed, mouth gaping, swallowing air, shoulders pulled tightly back towards the headboard and her eyes finally focusing on one Rachel Berry, between her legs, pushed deep inside her with a strap-on.

Fuck, it was too much to process. And then Rachel was pulling out and thrusting back in and Quinn wailed as she collapsed onto the bed.

"Oh my god, you are such, oh god, such a bitch, Rachel Berry!" Quinn cried out, fingers gripping and yanking on the suspenders holding her captive. "You look sexy as hell, but you such a fucking bitch."

Rachel smirked and pumped harder.

"My name is Rachel Berry-Fabray to you, bitch," Rachel snapped and thrust further inside. Quinn's "O" face returned and her eyes rolled back. She rocked her hips up and instead of pulling out, Rachel shoved deeper.

"Yes, yes, keep going. God I wanna feel you in my fucking throat," Quinn pleaded.

"I don't follow your orders right now," Rachel snapped back and yanked out, all the way out. She was prepared for this moment. Or she thought she was.

Quinn's yelp died down quickly and her livid hazel eyes landed on Rachel's, burning a whole straight through.

"Get back inside me," she gritted through her clenched jaw.


"Get. Back. Inside. Me."



"Fabray," Rachel taunted and that's when it dawned on Quinn, what Rachel was doing. She wanted Berry to fuck Fabray tonight. The thought churned her insides with such steam she couldn't hold back the shiver it released. Rachel saw it. Fuck, Rachel saw it. The glint in her eyes pissed Quinn off. She was getting off on this control, relishing in high school fantasies not had. All those years she was tortured by a completely different Quinn. She wanted that Quinn tonight so Berry could fuck her senseless. Talk about sweet revenge.

"I hate you," Quinn growled.

"Oh yeah? Why's that?" Rachel taunted yet again.

"I was different back then."

"You were vicious," Rachel added with a nip to Quinn's kneecap. She gripped a leg in each hand and spread Quinn wide. Quinn snapped her legs back closed, as closed as she could with Rachel kneeling between them.

"I was confused."

"You were dreadful. Horrible. Maddening," Rachel dragged her nails- wait, she had nails now?- down Quinn's thighs. She'd have red marks in the morning.

"You grew nails just to scratch me?"


Quinn's center pooled at the thought.

"I need you inside me," Quinn pleaded, her resolve fading quickly.

"Say it."

"I can't."

"Sure you can. You said it every school day of your life from second grade until you finally kissed me and I fully became Rachel."

"I don't want to call you that."

"You owe me this," Rachel demanded and scratched her nails down Quinn's torso, over her nipples and across her abs.

"I, I what?"

"I said you owe me. We never really talk about us before you changed in a negative way. We always see the good. I love that about us. I don't regret anything, you don't regret anything, and we don't resent each other. But tonight, my inner sixteen year old wants to fuck the tormentor she crushed on for years. Give me this."

Quinn thought on everything Rachel just released from the vaults of emotion. Crushed on for years?

"How long?"

"Don't you know?" Rachel asked, a little taken aback. Quinn shook her head. Rachel slid up Quinn's body, settling herself on top and looked deep into Quinn's eyes. "You're not the only one who fell for her best friend in second grade," she whispered with a tear in her eye.

Quinn sighed and brought their lips together, softly, and kissed the gorgeous woman she had the privilege to call her wife. The kiss deepened, tongues sliding against each other and Quinn made her decision. She loved this woman. And just hours ago, she promised, vowed, to give her anything she would ever need.

She took a deep breath inside Rachel's mouth and whimpered a barely audible apology before biting down roughly on Rachel's bottom lip. The girl cried out and wrenched back, shock on her face.

"Get the fuck off me, Berry!" Quinn spat. Rachel quivered back at the tone. Quinn bucked beneath her, pulling at her ties and shoving her legs further together, almost forcing Rachel off the bed.

"Oh, no, no, no you don't," Rachel replied and crawled back between them.

"What are you gonna do, Manhands? Fuck me? Nobody fucks Quinn Fabray. Quinn Fabray fucks them."

"Oh yeah? Then how come you're spread for me?" Rachel questioned with a raised eyebrow and slid closer, the tip of the strap-on rubbing at Quinn's sex. She groaned. "Look at you, you can't even deny it. Quinn Fabray wants RuPaul. Can you believe it?"

"I swear to God, I will ruin you."

"I'm gonna ruin you right now," Rachel retorted and pushed in deep, all the way deep. Quinn cried out, arching up away from the bed.

"God, yesss," Quinn hissed, her bottom lip about to bleed from the hold her teeth had on it. Rachel continued thrusting in and out, twisting her hips, giving the girl all she had. Quinn's hips rocked furiously, pleading for more and more and more as Rachel's thighs started to burn.

"You're not even fighting it anymore, Quinn. You're practically begging me," she emphasized it by stopping her thrusts. She watched Quinn continue to hump the toy inside, whimpering because it just quite wasn't the same. Rachel backed up just a bit more, taking even more away from the girl. Quinn's furious eyes flashed into hers and Rachel smirked. "Beg me."

"I don't fucking beg."

"You will."

"I especially don't beg you, Berry."

Rachel twisted her hips and the tip of the strap spun around right inside Quinn's entrance. The blonde's chin quivered and Rachel thanked the lucky stars she had a wife who endulged her fantasies in such a hot fucking manner.

"Beg me!"

"Never," Quinn spat. Rachel pulled out even further, the tip now brushing over Quinn's clit, a slow torturous feeling. Her eyes rolled back in her head and a barely audible whimper escaped her lips.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Rachel taunted, pushing a bit harder, driving the strap-on into her clit once again.

"I said, please," Quinn mumbled.

"I don't quite figure that as begging there, Miss Fabray. Try harder." Quinn grumbled relentlessly, putting on quite a show for her lovely wife. Oh to be torn between having to pretend you don't want it and wanting nothing more than it.

"I want you," she mumbled.

"Who wants who?" Rachel said and lowered the strap-on back to Quinn's entrance, happy with the slight progress. Quinn sighed at the feeling.

"I, Quinn Fabray," she paused to swallow, "want you, Manhands, Treasure Trail, RuPaul, Stubbles, fucking Hobbity Elf to fuck. me."

Rachel's eyes widened, "Hobbity Elf?"



At that, she plunged deep inside her. Rachel pounded away at her relentlessly. She knew she'd found that spot when Quinn's legs wrapped tightly around her, holding her deep inside. She rocked tightly against the strap-on, hitting her spot over and over. Rachel watched in awe.

"That's it, fuck me, Berry," Quinn cooed.

Rachel leaned forward and captured the girl's mouth with her own. She kissed her deeply and wantonly. Quinn moaned, her hips still tightly bucking to rub that spot over and over and over again.

"Oh god, I'm making out with Rachel Berry and I've never tasted anything better," Quinn murmured and sucked Rachel's tongue. Rachel was beside herself with love, with childhood fantasy-fulfillment, with everything. "I want to eat you alive, you taste so good." Rachel's clit went wild beneath the insert pressing on it every time Quinn rocked her hips. She was going to come undone and Quinn's words alone.

"Tell me more."

"I used to dread seeing you in the hallways. Now I'm gonna wanna lie down, spread my legs, and beg you take me. I'm gonna be wet constantly." Rachel's eyes fluttered shut, her clit burning with heat. Quinn started to tremble beneath her.

"Q," Rachel whispered. Quinn's eyes shot open and found hers.

"What, baby?"

"I wanna come with you."

"I'm right here."

"No, with you, with you. Let's bury the ghosts forever. You gave me enough," she said with another shiver as Quinn rocked.

"Untie me," she pleaded. "I need-"

"I know," Rachel stopped her. She reached her arms out to the left and right and released her wife. Quinn winced as her arms sprawled south. Rachel placed a kiss on each shoulder before those arms slid tightly around her neck.

Rachel sucked lightly at Quinn's neck, her face buried in that beautiful blonde hair. They rocked slowly together, completely transitioning to a different air.

"I love you," Quinn murmured, her arms tightening.

"I know you do."

"Take my breath away, baby," Quinn begged and Rachel snuck an arm down between them, circling Quinn's clit slowly. The insert rocked into hers over and over as they slowly grinded into each other. Quinn's trembling turned to convulsing. "That's it, that's it, that's it," she panted before gasping and coming undone, shoving her hips up to meet Rachel's, effectively sending her wife over as well.

Rachel collapsed on top of her, muttering I love you over and over again. Quinn sighed, painfully happy.

Day 3225 came quicker than the two imagined life would let it. Quinn walked into their home on the fourth floor, kicked off her shoes and rounded the corner into the dining room. It was their four year wedding anniversary and Quinn wondered how the brunette decided to spend it this year.

What she found took her breath away, yet again. Rachel sat at their kitchen table wearing pajamas. She had on a bright pink t-shirt, lime green underwear, and black suspenders clipped to them.

Quinn smiled, set her briefcase down, and chuckled.

"Honey, what are you doing? You have suspenders clipped to your underwear. How was your show? And why are there candles lit?"

"C'mere," she merely said. Quinn arched an eyebrow and walked over to the woman of her dreams. She stood before her and Rachel wrapped her hands around the girl's hips before standing up in front of her.

"What's going on?"

"I need to ask you something. Something very, very simple. It's a yes or no question, Q, okay? Just yes or no. Either answer is fine."

"You're scaring me."

Rachel stepped forward and pecked her lightly with a smile.

"Don't be scared, love."

"Okay," Quinn muttered. "But why are you wearing the suspenders?"

"I need a little luck on my side right now," she mumbled, gathering herself before pulling her eyes back up to Quinn's.

"I need you to speak before I start freaking out."

"I want you to have our baby." To say Quinn was shocked would've been a lie. About two years ago they figured Quinn would have the children. She wanted to. She loved the way Beth felt inside her and she wanted nothing more than to give Rachel a baby to love. She just, she never expected the brunette to ask her like this. Granted, she didn't really ask.

"Where's the question in there, Rach?" she smirked. Rachel scowled and then gathered herself back up.

"Will you give us a child? Please say you will," she pleaded. And that look, that look right there that Rachel was giving her, would be the look that would forever be engrained in Quinn's mind as her Rachel Berry.

Rachel sat rocking in the nursery on her favorite day of the week: Sunday. She sang Lillian her favorite songs on Sundays. She walked her through the park, read her a few books, and then topped the day off with Rockin' Tunes, as Rachel called it.

She felt more than blessed to hold her baby girl in her arms. She felt more than blessed to have a wife that didn't even hesitate to say yes to her pleading for a baby. It didn't take them a week to get their first appointment made. They took Rachel's eggs, selected a male look-a-like to Quinn, and then the blonde carried her. She had a little bit of both of them, even if she was the spitting image of Rachel Berry: deep brown eyes, chocolate hair, olive skin. They were almost a little glad when they saw Rachel's genes dominated.

Quinn walked up to the nursery, took site of her girls, and rested against the door frame.

"You're more beautiful today than you ever have been," she whispered at the brunette. Rachel beamed and then smiled brightly down at her daughter.

"I think she does it to me. I just… "

"You glow."

"Yeah," she smiled. "Did you pick it up?"

"I did."

"How does it look?"

"Come see," Quinn purred and turned to walk down the hall. Rachel stood slowly and followed her to their bedroom. Quinn walked to the empty wall space beside their huge wall window and pulled a large frame from the brown bag on the floor.

She turned it around, laid it flat on the wall, and Rachel gasped with a few tears.

The black framed shadow box hung brightly for them to view. Quinn grinned widely.

"The guy at the store asked me what sports jersey we were hanging in it."



Rachel took in the frame perfectly displaying her lucky black suspenders slung over an invisible fishing line. It's like they draped shoulders in midair, two imperfectly drawn life lines. Quinn and Rachel.

Always parallel, always together. It was perfect.

"You sure you're never gonna wanna wear them again?" Quinn asked, placing a kiss on Lillian's forehead and then her wife's lips. Rachel smiled.

"I couldn't possibly need any more luck."