If I owned death note or starwars do you think L and Obi-wan would have died? I also don't own the sport of golf A/n I got this Idea from a dream I had I only own my OC

Ok so carter(My OC) was on degobah and he wanted to learn the force so he went to Yoda's hut and inside of it he saw Near sitting down playing with toy's with the force so he trained carter in order to use the force and carter got a lightsaber and everything.

so now he's going to go mini-golfing and Light, L, Mello and Matt were there and Carter saw somebody trying to mug someone so he asked Light to kill him and Light said,"Ok." and killed him and L arrests him for being Kira and let's Carter execute Light.

A/N and thats it purely crack and I had a dream where it happened sorry it's so short if you like it and sorry if it's too long if you hate it. please no flames and have a cookie (: :)