Any Thing Can Happen In A Minute chapter 3

Selena's POV

It was amazing to see who fast rumors and lies can be spread around and how one little secret can be revealed. Justin and I had kept our relationship secret for 3 months. Of course there were suspicions we were dating but we always denied. The only people who knew were us, our families, and our close friends. Then that picture was taken and after less than 5 minutes our whole secret was revealed to the world. The picture was one every gossip website in a couple minutes. I tried to force myself not to look, but I couldn't help but read the articles. "Don't read those articles, they aren't good" Justin told me as he pulled me away from the computer. My mom made sure all the windows were closed and reporters couldn't see through them. I was worried about what would happen now since the secret was out. We could keep denying them but that wouldn't last for long. The room seemed very quite all of a sudden. Our dads weren't screaming and yelling at the TV anymore, our moms weren't discussing the latest news, and the little kids weren't running around and playing. It was unusual. It was kind of calm without any noise besides the light thunder outside. Justin's arm was wrapped around my shoulders as my head rested on his chest. My headache was just growing stronger because of all my thinking. Then all of a sudden I could hear a bunch of cars coming down the usually quite street and the honking of cars. Everyone in the room turned their heads towards the front window. "Stay here" Pattie said. I nodded my head agreeing with her. As she opened the window a tiny bit I could see photographers covering the front lawn and black shiny cars parked all down the street. This was defiantly going to be hard.