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Category: Angst/Romance

Summary: JJ take Emily away. Before she goes away, Emily and her husband make love. Hotch don't know how to go on without Emily. Spoiler: Lauren

Chapter: 1

Emily is beating Doyle with a wood, she will do anything to protected her family especially her husband and her children and she knew Doyle will killed her family if she doesn't killed him first, but she make a very big mistake, she dropped the wood on the ground. Doyle grabbed the wood and stabs Emily in her left stomach. She dropped on the floor.

He grabs her and said, "Where is my son?"

"I don't know," She answered.

"Liar!" Doyle yelled.

"I'm telling you the truth. They've move Declan somewhere," Emily said. "I don't know where he is and you better leave my family alone."

Doyle looked Emily in the eyes and realize she is telling the truth, but he don't want to see it and he heard someone coming in the warehouse and tell her.

"I will be back and I will pressure you to tell me the truth," Doyle threated Emily.

Doyle left the warehouse without someone notice him gone 'till next time.

Morgan rush to the warehouse and saw Emily on the ground. He rush to her side and held her and yelled.

"Called the ambulance!"

He held her hand 'till the ambulance come. He saw Emily's eyes get ready to fade and tell her to hold on.

"Let me go," Emily said.

"No, I won't let you go. You got to stay with us," Morgan explained to her. "We are your family that loves you."

Emily realize her family does loves her beside her husband of 4 years who loves her so much and she worry about him that he can't handle it if she is gone. Her husband will have to raise their children alone when she is gone.

Ambulance came and got her. She rush to the hospital and into surgery. The teams wait in the waiting room.

2 hours later:

JJ walked in the waiting room after she got done talking to the doctor. She looked around at her friends and she don't know what to do and she don't like to lied to her friends, but she got no choice.

"She never make it out the table," JJ lied. "I am so sorry that Emily is gone."

Garica is crying, Morgan hold her. Rossi can't believe that Emily is gone. Reid don't want to believe that Emily is gone, so he almost ran out the waiting room, but JJ grabs him and hold him.

"I never got the chance to said good-byes." Reid said.

Hotch sneak out the waiting room, walked straight to the door and went to find his wife, Emily. He finally found Emily's room, walked in the room and saw his wife resting. He never see his wife so beautiful and he is so glad she is alive and he wondering what JJ is up to.

Meanwhile at the waiting room.

JJ let go of Reid after she finish hugging him, looked around to see the teams still here and she didn't see Hotch anywhere and she wondering where he go.

"Where's Hotch?" JJ asked.

"I don't know. I guess he left the hospital," Rossi said. "I guess he can't handle Emily being gone."

"I'm going to go find the doctor to find out what time they release Emily's body," JJ said.

JJ walked out the waiting room and she figure it out where Hotch is at, she went straight to the door and walked in Emily's room and saw Hotch holding Emily's hand.

"What do you think you doing?" JJ asked.

"I'm here to see my girlfriend. What do you think I'm doing?" Hotch yelled. "I knew you were lying."

"I'm sorry that I lied, but I got no choice," JJ said. "What do you want me to do?"

"I don't know, tell us the truth," Hotch answered. "What do you got plan for Emily?"

"I'm going to put her in hiding 'till either Doyle get caught or killed," JJ said.

"Mean, my girlfriend is going in witness protection program," Hotch asked.

"Almost like that. Yes," JJ replied.

"Do we have a choice?" Hotch asked, again.

"No, we don't have no choice," JJ said. "Along Doyle is still out there. Emily, you and the rest of the teams are still in danger."

Hotch can't believe that Emily will have to go in the witness protection program. He wondering how long it going to take to bring Emily back home again.

"Why can she stay here with me?" Hotch asked.

"She will still be in dangers if Doyle find out she is still alive," JJ answered.

"Can I go with her?" Hotch was hoping he will go with her.

"No, I'm sorry."

Emily just woke up and overheard what Hotch and JJ said.

"Can you give me 24 hours to be with her?" Hotch asked.

"No, I can give you 12 hours."

"24 hours."

"18 hours and that is my final offer." JJ scolded at Hotch.

"Okay. 18 hours and I don't have to like it," Hotch grumbled.

"JJ, can I talk to my boyfriend alone?" Emily asked.

Hotch and JJ looked at Emily in shocked and they wondering how long she been awake. JJ looked at Hotch and Emily and said.

"Sure. Don't take too long," JJ said.

JJ left the room and walked back to the waiting room. She hope Hotch will come to the understanding and she understand what it like to lose someone. She lost Will, because he left her and her son to go back to his hometown. She is so lucky to have someone in her life beside her son.


Notes: I will explained in my next story why Hotch and Emily called each other boyfriend and girlfriend right front of the teams instead of husband and wife. Can you guess who JJ is involved with now?