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Summary: JJ take Emily away. Before she goes away, Emily and her husband make love. Hotch don't know how to go on without Emily. Spoiler: Lauren

Chapter: 2 The End.

Hotch and Emily looked at each other so lovely and understood each other so well because Emily is leaving her family behind. She is going in the witness protection program.

Hotch don't want his beautiful wife to leave. Who will help him to take care of his daughters and son?

Emily move over a little bit side of the bed, so her husband laid down with her. Hotch take his shoes off and laid down then turn on his left and Emily did the same thing.

She put her hand on his face and kiss him on the lip.

"Baby, How your feeling?" Emily asked.

"I'm doing okay." Hotch answered in sadly.

"No, you not. Tell me the truth." Emily knowing him.

"You're right. I'm not." Hotch said in sadly. "Who going to help me raise Jack, Abbigail, Carina and Madison without you?"

"You raise Jack all by yourself before you date me," Emily answered.

"Okay. I'll do the best I can."

"We don't have much time. I want you to kiss me and touch me," Emily asked.

"I can't have sex with you, you just have surgery," Hotch answered in scared.

"I didn't said make love to me," Emily explained. "I said touch me."

"Oh, okay."

Hotch kiss Emily on the lips then put his tongue in her mouth. She did the same thing to him and they both groan. He get ready to take her gown off. She stop him from taking it off.

"What's wrong? Hotch asked, in concern.

"Doyle brand me and I don't want anybody to see it," Emily said in tears. "He said, I belong to him."

"Sweetie, you don't belong to nobody and don't let anybody tell you that," Hotch explained. "You are my wife."

"Thank you for everything and now you can finish what you start."

"Ohh." Hotch took her gown off. He kiss her four-leaf clover on her chest, touch her breast, pinch her nipple then put her breast in his mouth.

Emily groan and she put her arms around his neck. He did the same thing to her other breast then kiss her neck and lick it. Kiss her again on the lips.

Emily unbuckle his belt, undone his button then put her hand inside his pant and grab his crotch. He growl. She keep on playing his crotch 'till the heard monitor went off, nurse rush in the room. Hotch put gown back up real quick.

"What's going on here?" Nurse asked.

"Nothing." Hotch answered

"All right." Nurse said. "Just finish whatever you doing."

Nurse fix the machine and left the room.

Hotch got off the bed and fix his pants.

He told her, they will be here any minutes. He promise her, he will get Doyle so she can come home after he either get caught or dead.

She told him, to take care of my babies after he finish kissing her and he answer her, he will take care of them.

Door open, Hotch saw two marshall walked in the room. They told him, they're ready to take her to the airport.

He said to them, okay. He looked at his wife and said to her.

"Honey, I want you do me a favor."


"I want you to stay safe so I can bring you home safe," Hotch explained. "I promise you, I'll get Doyle."

"Okay. But I want you do me a favor also."


"Take care of yourself and get some rest between now and then."

"All right." He kiss her again. He looked at the marshalls then looked at Emily then left the room in a hurry, so he can make it to the airport.

At The airport:

Hotch arrived to the airport and saw JJ at the window, so he walked up to her and stand next to her.

"It's she here?" Hotch asked.

"Yes, she is. They're get ready to load her up," JJ answered. "How you holding up?"

"I'm doing okay and I wish she didn't have to leave."

"I know."

They saw the marshalls load Emily up in the airplane then left the airport.

"We got to get ready to go to the funeral," JJ said.

"I know." He get ready to leave 'till JJ said something.

"Where are you going?" JJ asked. "We got funeral to go too."

"I'll be there, I got to take care of my son." Hotch answered.

"Okay. JJ doesn't know that Hotch and Emily have a daughters.

At the funeral:

They carry the casket then bury the body in the ground and not realize there is no body in it. The teams left the cemetery except JJ and Rossi.

They watch Hotch walked to his SUV, he got in and left the cemetery.

"Honey, I'm worry about him," JJ said. "What are we going to do?"

"Nothing. He is going to be just fine, sweetie." Rossi answered.

"How can you said that?"

"We are going to be there for him."

"Okay." They left the cemetery. JJ hope the teams will never find out about Emily being alive.

The End.

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