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Ember Shi

The mysterious voice seemed strangely amused, as if this was some sort of game. Forcing herself to turn around, Ember's legs gave out as she came face to face with a creature- most likely male- that had pale green skin, a hook instead of his left hand, and a Native American headdress.

"Wh-who are you?" Ember asked as she leaned heavily against her bedroom door. The creature just laughed.

"Haven't you heard it's rude to ask a person's name without introducing yourself first?" He mocked. Ember frowned slightly, regaining her composure, standing up.

"Ember," The said girl's eyes widened with a mixture of fear and shock as she heard he mother's voice. Fear, because of this creature that was floating, yes; floating, in front of her, and shock due to the fact that her mother had heard her… fall. "Are you alright, sweetie? What was that noise?"

"Oh, it was nothing." Ember answered a little too quickly. "I just twisted my ankle and fell." She yelled through the door, ignoring the laughter that was echoing around her room.

"Do you need anything for it, Ember?" Her mother asked, and Ember could hear her coming up the stairs. Damn! She mustn't see… whatever he is! Her reaction will no doubt be worse than mine. And I said I had to be careful…. Ember quickly moved away from the door, hearing that her mother was near, as not to raise suspicions. As soon as Ember sat down on the black with red paint splats patterned blanket that covered her bed, her mother opened the door. After a quick nervous glance at where the green skinned creature stood- floated, Ember smiled at her mother.

"See mom, I'm fine. I didn't expect to twist my ankle- who ever does? - So I lost my balance and fell over. It really was nothing." The little look of doubt that had been on Sankō's face disappeared and was replaced with a sheepish smile; a rare sight.

"Well, it's good that you're fine. I had thought that you had a boyfriend that you were keeping a secret and he had snuck in to see you." Sankō explained.

Ember gasped. "Mother!" It was also rare that Ember ever called Sankō mother. She only did so when Sankō embarrassed her, or made her angry. Neither happened often, since Sankō was never home a lot, but this time was an exception. Ember cheeks were burning bright red. "You know I don't want a boyfriend."

"I know, sweetie. But it would be good for you to get one at some point in your life." Sankō sat down beside her daughter, Ember's bed creaking under the new weight. "Don't let what happened between your father and I stop you from getting romantically involved with someone." Despite the seriousness of the topic of conversation, and the sense of betrayal that came along with it, Ember found herself smiling slightly.

"It doesn't mom, and I know that you don't believe me fully when I say so, but it is true. I just don't want to be 'romantically involved' with someone yet." Ember said, quoting her mother's words.

"Alright, that's fine." Sankō said, standing up and stretching her arms up over her head before continuing. "I'll let you get some sleep now; you have school tomorrow."

"I know. Night mom."

"Goodnight honey. I love you." Ember's mother said before exiting and closing the door behind her. Once Ember was sure that Sankō was long down the stairs, she turned to the creature that was hovering just off of the floor by the window.

"What are you, who are you, and how didn't my mom see you?" She asked, demanding answers. Surprisingly, he answered her.

"I am Zellogi, and I am the original owner of the Death Note that you have."

"So you're a Shinigami, right?" Ember interrupted.

"Yes, you're correct. Also, your mother didn't see me simply because you are the only one who can see and hear me." Zellogi stopped to laugh slightly. "Unless, of course, someone else touches your Death Note; then they too can see and hear me."

"Wow…" Ember breathed before her eyes widened as she remembered something. "Zellogi? Correct me if I'm wrong, but humans and Shinigami can make a deal; can't they?"

"Ah, yes." Zellogi nodded once, showing that he understood what Ember was saying. "You're talking about the 'eye deal'. How far have you gotten in the Death Note?" He smirked slightly, and even that seemed out of place on his pale green face.

"The last thing I read was…" Ember trailed off, racking her brain as she tried to remember. "'A god of death cannot be killed even if stabbed in his heart with a knife or shot in the head with a gun. However, there are ways to kill a Shinigami, which are not generally known to the Shinigami.'" She quoted.

"You've gotten that far? Interesting…. How many pages is that? Four?"

"Five, actually. But, Zellogi? I wish to make the 'eye deal' with you; if you wouldn't mind."

Zellogi just laughed. "Why would I mind? It's half of your life that you're going to lose."

"I know, and I understand. Six years would be three after the deal; thirty would be fifteen, and so on. I don't really care that much. If I have the Death Note, I might as well go all out with it." Ember stated as she put her elbows on her crossed legs, laced her fingers and rested her chin on her flattened fingers.

"Alright then; let's make the deal."


Ember stood in front of her bathroom mirror, frowning slightly as she studied her eyes. Getting the Shinigami eyes didn't hurt; actually, it was like putting on contacts- painless. The problem was that her eyes didn't look any different; they were still the same dull grey eyes that stared back at her through the mirror's glass.

"Did it work, Zellogi? I didn't feel anything when I got my Shinigami eyes, and my eyes don't look any different." Ember asked, raising her gaze to look at her Shinigami's reflection.

"Yes, it worked. Should a human take the 'eye deal', it's supposed to be painless. And it doesn't matter the colour of your eyes, you will still be able to see the name and life span of other humans." Zellogi's reply sounded annoyed, as if she doubted him.

"Alright, if you say so. But how come I can't see my own life span?"

"Users of the Death Note only need to see the life spans of the people they kill, and because of this, even we Shinigami can't see our own life spans."

Ember shrugged and turned away from the mirror, walking out of the bathroom door and into her bedroom. Still being in her pyjamas that consisted of a simple black tank top and neon green and black plaid mini shorts, she slipped under her blankets and clicked off the lamp on her nightstand. Just as she was about to fell asleep, she rolled over onto her side, facing the window.

"Zellogi?" She mumbled sleepily. "How long will you be staying?"

"Until you die or the when Death Note is destroyed."

Ember nodded and gave a sound to acknowledge that she had heard him before burying her face into her pillow and falling into darkness.