Ember Shi

Ember was defiantly not a morning person.

"God, just shut the hell up!" She yelled. Pulling the pillow out from underneath her head, Ember threw it at the alarm clock that was beeping like a bomb ready to explode. But, of course, the pillow did nothing to stop the annoying sounds emitting from the black and white rectangle. Ember sat up and sighed, pushing the snooze button. After forcing herself out of the warm haven that was her bed, Ember automatically walked over to the four panel closet. Opening the two panel door on the left, she climbed up onto the mattress and sat with her legs pulled under her as she stared at the black and white sketches and coloured paintings that covered the crimson walls.

"Did you do those?"

Ember gave a chocked, startled sound at the voice before looking over her shoulder and smiling faintly. "Yeah, I did." Was her answer to Zellogi's question. "I did these six years ago, when I was twelve." Is he going stay here all the time? How will I change? Well, I guess I could always change in here…. Turning to the other compartment of her closet, Ember grabbed a pair of dark denim jeans, and a scarlet short sleeved shirt. "Hang on; I'm just gonna change real quick." She said before closing the closet door and doing as she said she would. When Ember opened the door she saw Zellogi sitting on her bed, flipping through the pages in a binder. The cover read イモコイス トクニ トノイカソクイトEmber Shi Sketches and Ember winced. Nobody was supposed to see those. They were done when she was sixteen and seventeen, and the realisation of pain had reached out to her fully. The sketches were inspired by heart break, death, hurt, and betrayal. Some of them were just the looks of how someone felt on the inside after going through one of Ember's inspirational causes. The rest were bloodshed.

"Why don't you put these drawings up?" Zellogi asked, sounding more bored than curious as he closed the binder.

"They make me feel different; like I'm not meant to be with everyone else. Family included." Ember answered as she grabbed her brush and started to brush the reddish orange hair that streamed down to the middle of her back.

"Don't humans strive to be different? To 'be their own person'?" Zellogi rose from the bed and floated a couple of inches above the wooden floor.

"They do," Ember stated. "But there is two ways to be 'different'. You could be different as in unique, or your own person, or you could be different as in weird, or a freak. So if you haven't guessed, those drawings," The red head jerked her head back in the direction of the binder that lay on her bed. "Make me feel like a freak among 'normal' people." After placing the brush back onto the dresser, Ember reached for a hair tie. Slipping in around her wrist, she began to braid her hair.


Ember entered the school, braid swishing behind her. The halls were quiet for a normal day, but this was the day after Shitsureina's death. Zankokuna would most likely not be in school, depending on when the funeral was, and without anyone to lead them, the rest of 'The Twins' group would be lost. Maybe they can finally think for themselves. Ember thought while walking through the door of her first class, which was English. All of the staff was aware of Shitsureina's 'passing', so the teacher made a mini lecture about how good of a person Shitsureina was, and about how students were not to goof off during a time such as the one at hand. Someone actually came in and talked to the class.

"…Zankokuna might even be happy about her sister's death, if Shitsureina lived a good life." Ember thought back to Zankokuna's crying face as she leaned over her sister's dead body. Yeah, she's happy alright. She thought, mentally rolling her eyes. Ember tuned out the rest of the man's speech, and glanced around the room, trying to see Zellogi without being caught. She founded him floating over by the windows, his eyes staring a little ways away. Following Zellogi's gaze, Ember caught sight of the student he was looking at. It was Light Yagami. Why is Zellogi looking at Light? Is there something I'm missing?

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