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Mega Man: Reawakened

A fan-fiction written by Jose R. Vega (DestinyZX)

Prologue Ch. 1: Life-Changing Tragedy; Disaster Strikes New Light City

It is the year 20XX and our world has entered a glorious new era. The era is known as the era of robotics. Now you are probably asking to yourself, what does robotics mean? Robotics is defined as the engineering science and technology of robots along with the design, manufacture, application and structural disposition. A breakthrough occurred when two scientists named Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily developed the first prototype robot known as ProtoMan, a machine that possessed an advanced level of artificial intelligence or AI. However, a problem had occurred and it was due to the robot's AI, which made it, become self-aware. As a result of this unexpected occurrence, the robot achieved a high level of independence in which it then went off to parts unknown.

Looking through the schematics, it had come to the conclusion that its guidance system was somehow tampered. Dr. Wily explained to Dr. Light that it was he who developed it and stated it was due to a fault elsewhere. Regardless, they knew that this would be dangerous so Light suggested that the project would be scrapped and restarted. It was then that tensions between the two scientists would reach a fever pitch as one eventful night changed everything. How do I know this well… let's just say that I'm a witness or something like that.

On that fateful night, Dr. Wily got his hands on the plans that were supposed to be destroyed and knew that Dr. Light was doing this as a means of jealousy towards him. Knowing full well of the situation, Wily went off with the plans only to have Dr. Light stop him in his tracks.

"Dr. Wily! What are you doing with those plans? I thought I told you to get rid of them."

"Never! You are simply jealous of my genius. You might have sabotaged the guidance system I've worked on so you can take all the credit for that prototype you developed but now… it is my turn to be in the spotlight. Not you!"

Dr. Wily ran off with the plans in tow with Dr. Light in pursuit. Wily then pressed a button, which shut the door behind him stopping Light in his tracks. It was then Light shouted in anger that knew full well what those plans would bring forth.

"Dr. Albert Wily, come back here! You can't use those plans… for they are dangerous! They could bring harm to this world not hope!"

His voice fell on deaf ears as Dr. Wily was already long gone with the plans in his possession. Knowing the tragedy that would occur, the next day a press conference took place as Dr. Light accused Dr. Wily of tampering with the prototype robot that was supposed to be shown to the public. It was only then that a simple incident would become something much more as hatred was spread between the two scientists.

"Dr. Albert Wily, your actions in tampering with our prototype's guidance system are inexcusable. What you've done would only bring us more pain than you can possibly imagine."

"Speak for yourself Dr. Light! Only a person like you would never appreciate my genius. You think that robotics would bring humanity one step closer to peace but you are wrong… robots are much more than you can possibly understand."

"How so? You knew that by sabotaging the guidance system, you would make our prototype self-aware? Why? Why would you do something like this?"

"My answer is simple. It was to prove a simple theory and nothing more... to see if my guidance system would be able to give the robot something… more. To think, to feel and maybe… to destroy!"

"My god… Is that it? You tampered the guidance system to do something like this? You're a fool! What can you accomplish with something like this?"

"That is obvious… to have the world under my rule! Humans are imperfect and you know it. Robots posses much more potential… the potential to surpass the human race! I will make that happen and with my robots in control… the world will be mine!"

All that was heard afterwards were Wily's laughter as due to this, he had been driven insane as a result. As a result, Wily was banished from the world of science and with it came ridicule and disgust as people began to think of Wily as a mad scientist who wanted his ideals to be realized which in the most obvious sense was world domination. Even so, everyone then put their attention to Dr. Light who after learning from his mistakes began work on a new prototype whose AI would not be as advanced as the previous prototype. The project expanded and it then became known as the Robot Master project.

The Robot Master project was designed to help for the betterment of mankind. The original project was to develop six robot masters who not only had an advanced AI but possessed unique characteristics that set them apart from other robots. If this project were to succeed, it would bring the human race one step closer to entering a new era. The risks were great and the consequences were even greater but Dr. Light never gave up and put all his heart and soul into the Robot Master project. Many months have passed and all the toil and trouble that was put into the project would finally pay off. It happened one day when Dr. Light was presenting the final results of all his hard work… months of hard work designing, building and testing the robots to assure that they are functioning at optimum efficiency.

"Ladies and gentlemen… after months of hard work, it has finally come to pass. What I have here would bring humanity one-step closer… I now present to you the first series of my DLN Robot Masters!"

Within seconds, the project was revealed to be six prototype robots each possessing advanced AI and individual characteristics that would set them apart from other robots. Each robot was different than the other possessing unique talents all while being built for the betterment of mankind.

"As you can see, these are the first of a series of robots for the sole purpose of helping mankind. Each robot master is skilled in a different field of work."

Dr. Light explained to everyone what each Robot Master was capable of and knowing their potential, he feels that they hold the potential to achieve their known purpose.

"Up first we have here CutMan whose sharp Rolling Cutter blades can cut through the sharpest of steel. Next is GutsMan, a robot that possesses enormous strength. It is with that; I feel that he is more suited for civil duty such as construction. Here we have IceMan, a robot that is known to freeze anything that it touches which is why he's more suitable for cold climate temperatures such as the Arctic. Next comes BombMan, a demolition robot whose Hyper Bombs can clear debris and can destroy the toughest of rock. Where we have a Robot Master suitable for cold temperatures, this robot here works in the opposite field. We have here FireMan whose body is able to withstand extreme temperatures not to mention that its Fire Storm can incinerate anything. Oh, I almost forgot about this fellow here… this is ElecMan. He was actually the first robot that I ever built for this project. It possessed everything that I envisioned and possessed the potential to regulate and control electricity. I believe we'll be seeing him in action very soon."

The people clapped and cheered as they witnessed history in the making as a scientist had successfully developed the first of many robots. Unlike Dr. Wily who would build robots for destruction, Light saw this as a way to bring peace for mankind but it was during this time that someone would ask something that would somehow worry Dr. Light considerably.

"Now then, are their any questions regarding this? I would like to hear your thoughts on my project.

"I have a question Dr. Light… your new robots are very impressive and all but are you worried that someone would use these robots for other malicious purposes?"

"What are you talking about? If you are relating this to Dr. Wily then you are mistaken. My robots would never be used for someone as absurd as him."

"I am relating this to Dr. Wily for as a matter of fact, I think you should know that this "mad scientist" you've been referring to has been rumored to be planning something big. Have you watched the news?"

"As I said before… my robots are not meant for war. They are meant to preserve peace and harmony by helping alongside humans. This is not the time for this foolish shenanigans Robert Light."

It was then everyone began to look at me who was standing up facing Dr. Light straight in the face knowing for sure that something bad was about to occur. You've seemed to figure things out didn't you… it's no surprise. The person who's staring Dr. Light in the face is of course, me. My name is Robert Light and I'm… the grandson of Dr. Light. Sure, I may have the last name but I'm neither like my parents nor my grandfather. How I ended up in this predicament is no different than what would soon come next.

"Grandpa, this isn't the time to argue. We should be more concerned with what Dr. Wily is planning next. By showing these robots, your putting your hard work in jeopardy."

"Even so, I made sure that my robots would only serve their primary purpose and that is to help mankind. And even if he did try to steal them, that is also an impossibility."

But before my grandpa had a chance to say anything else, an explosion was heard coming from the room above. Everyone was in silence as another explosion was heard and this time the ceiling above shattered into pieces revealing a flying vehicle coming down below. As it turned out, the flying vehicle had the logo named "Dr. W" which gave me a presumptuous guess, Dr. Wily. But the first thing that was on my mind was why would Dr. Wily be here? I would find out for myself as Dr. Wily came out of the flying machine assisted by a completely different robot. The robot was different almost as if its AI was more powerful than the prototype that both he and Dr. Light developed. It looked around and its eyes put many of the crowd in fear except for myself. It was calm and didn't take my sight off of Wily for an instant.

"It's been a while Dr. Thomas Light. I wonder how life has been for you ever since you banished me from the field of science."

"Dr. Albert Wily. Who would have guessed that you would do something like this? Why are you here?"

"I heard that you have developed some new robots. They seem to pique my interest don't you think?"

"You will not go near these robots. I've poured my heart and soul into them and they will never be used for someone like you."

"Isn't that right? Well unlike you, I've become more aware of what you have planned and luckily; I have this little gizmo. You see, with this I can reprogram your robots so that instead of serving you, they… would serve me. Allow me to demonstrate…"

With just one press of a button, all six of Dr. Light's robots began to short circuit for a while as their programming was tampered and manipulated in which suddenly they had looks of anger in their eyes as they were ready to do battle. In just one instant, all of my grandpa's hard work went down the drain only to have it now work for a mad scientist named Dr. Wily.

"No! Not my robots… anything but them!"

"You ruined my life for what you have done Dr. Light… and now its time to repay the favor!"

"I hate to be the bearer of interruptions but that's not going to happen."

What I was doing afterwards would be a foolish move and at a sense… life threatening. Dr. Wily took one look at me and knew that I was not a threat to him but a robot in dark black armor saw me as target practice.

"What can a human such as yourself do to my master or better yet, what can you do to me?"

"Why don't we find out and see shall we?"

I don't know what was going through my mind but something in my gut telling me that if something couldn't be done, Wily would take away my grandpa's hard work. That robot had a smile on his face and I wasn't going to like it one bit. I tried to put up a fight against it but every blow I tried to unleash on it was repelled and countered with a blow that was fierce as hell. The blow had me stagger a bit and then he struck me in the face sending me flying only for me to end up face first on the floor. I got back up ready to go on the pounce but that robot was quick and inflicted a blow on my stomach pushing me back a few steps in which I tripped and landed on the floor butt first. He had a smile that was sinister showing his evil nature to a great extent. It was then he lifted his arm and from the looks of things, what happened next would make things go from bad to worse.

"For a human, you certainly surprise me. It was kind of fun but now it's all coming to an end."

"Wh-what are you doing?"

"Robert, get out of here NOW!"

"I'm afraid your grandson isn't going to do a thing… for now it all comes to an end. Farewell."

The robot fired from his arm a blast of pure plasma-generated energy, which pierced my chest hitting the heart, which caused a hole to come out. My grandfather can only look in horror, as I lay there dead... dead from a single shot of pure plasma energy. My body laid lifeless as the audience became shocked with fear as they ran off to safety while my grandfather was on his knees… on the verge of tears seeing that he had lost someone very close to him and it was to his own carelessness.

"You fool! I ordered you not to hurt any humans during this operation. What is wrong with you?"

"That human was in our way… he was stopping us from completing the mission. What else should I do?"

"But that doesn't give you the excuse to do something like this… Bass! Do you even know the first rule of robotics?"

"Do I care about it Wily? I don't think so. We got what we need so let's get the hell out of here before things really get hairy."

Dr. Wily didn't say anything afterwards as Dr. Light was on the ground and on the verge of tears because of his loss. The mad scientist walked into his flying vehicle known as the Skulker and with the robots in tow left the area. All my grandfather had done was cried as he had just witnessed me shot dead. It hurt my grandfather considerably because next to Dr. Light, I am all that is left of the Light family. My mother died of an illness when I was young and my father died due to an accident and that occurred when I was a pre-teen. What happened on that day terrified my grandfather but it only prepared him for what was yet to come.


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