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I want this chapter to serve as closure for the first season. Sure I did start adding new characters such as April O'Neil and Casey Jones but they will have a much bigger role in the later parts of the story as well as a one-shot story that I will have up my sleeves relating them. I want to expand the Reawakened Universe into something that will involve many franchises. You know already stuff like My Little Pony is part of it due to someone looking exactly like Robert Light. There's a reason for it and soon, others such as what I said earlier will also be a part of it. It's going to be one hell of a ride I assure you. But in time you guys will see it come to fruition.

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Final Chapter – United in Holy Matrimony; Robert & Tron's Big Wedding Day

Two and a half hours later…

All I hear in this house is the sound of people sleeping. What do you expect? Everyone here is tired and they need their beauty rest. Anyway while everyone's sleeping, I decide to head out of my room to get a needed late night shower. You probably wonder why right? Well it seems that the party I had between Tron and her new friend (yep that's right) lasted a little longer than it should. My body felt shaken, energy output is at low level due to the fun I had and some confetti still lingers on my body. If anything I think we partied way too much. I went into the bathroom, turned on the water and let it run. My body soon becomes covered in water and I can feel the exhaustion slowly trickle down. It feels good. It really does.

"Whew," I whisper, "Man that was good. What a night today has been."

I let the water continue running through my body. All the while I reminisce about everything that happened today. With the New Light Day festivities, a showdown with Bass, Tron's surprise party as well as the after-party lovey-dovey fest, I can at least say that it was nuts. But what more would you want? Stuff like it is a yearly thing but with all the other stuff that I have to contend with, I'm grateful I get to have some needed R&R. A few minutes later, I head out of the bathroom and change into some pajamas. It's still late so I had to keep noise to a minimum. I went downstairs to the kitchen, taking out a can of soda from the fridge. Opening it, I take a sip and relax. Looking around, everything is quiet the way it should be. But I can hear Teisel snoring since the guy can really let out some serious noise.

"Some things never change," I whisper, knowing my feelings are probably agreeing with me.

I soon notice my brother ProtoMan showing up and walking quietly. He doesn't want to make any noise like I'm trying to do. But the sooner he spots me, I know he'll want to talk… or not.

"You got bored watching the city at night?" I wonder.

He nods and responds, "Pretty much. My guess coming in here is probably not a good idea."

"You heading off to sleep?"

"Probably but shouldn't you be concerned if Wily will attack again?"

"Right now, I shouldn't be. I have bigger things to worry about like the inevitable wedding."

"Wedding? What do you mean?"

"My guess you weren't there. To summarize, I proposed to Tron despite some trouble since I couldn't muster up the emotion to do it. To make it worse, I nearly broke down. I was worried that she would say no but she did. She accepted my proposal. It made me happy because I'm one lucky man. Not only that but Denise surprised Tron and I with an actual wedding."

"I see. I congratulate you both," He says, giving us his blessings.

"Thanks bro," I reply, finishing up my drink.

"Has a date been decided?" He asks.

I nod and tell him, "Yeah. In about two weeks. Surprising thing is that Denise said we're not just getting a wedding but also the works such as the tuxedo, bridal gown, wedding cake, etc."

"Really?" I'm surprised he isn't showing any other emotion other than seriousness.

"Of course man. In two weeks I'm getting married and I know after this, I'm going to devote my time in having a family with Tron," I tell him.

"I wish you luck on that. Shouldn't you be heading off to sleep?" He says.

"I will," I toss the soda can in the recycling bag, "I only needed to get some refreshments so I can sleep."

"I understand. Rest well brother. Tomorrow is another day."

"Same to you. At least maybe now you can spend some time with Dr. Light. He's trying his hardest to help you open up."

"That will take time and you know it's time that I don't have."

"Come on Proto. Do it for my sake… and for our sister's too."

Proto doesn't respond but rather he answers with just a nod. I can't blame him. He heads for the basement lab while I head upstairs but with everyone asleep, I need to be careful not to make nay noise. Once I reach my room, I get a look at its surroundings. I don't know what Tron or that girl was thinking in turning my room into a party hub but clearly, I can sum it up in just three words: a pig sty. Not really because at least they take the time to move stuff out of the way so a party can happen. I can't say the same for the fact that a party can make a serious mess. Heck I turn around to see the two of them and they're somewhat covered in confetti. Seeing the two together is enough to make me smile. I go to where each of them are and plant a soft kiss on their cheek. They deserve it since the party was truly something else. I join the two as I get the rest I need. Tomorrow's a new day and with it, the start of preparing for that big moment. Sure it's in 2 weeks but if it happened tomorrow, boy it would be nuts.

So anyway while I was still sleeping, I feel something move away. I don't know it at first but it seems that the girl who dropped by & surprised us earlier has to go. But she didn't want to go back. She wanted to spend just a little while longer with Tron and I. You know that she's welcome anytime but she wants to make sure that we'll never forget her. So like I did earlier, she plants a soft kiss on my cheek but it doesn't end there. She also kisses Tron's cheek too. I don't know why and I probably don't want to know or care. With a smile on her face, she leaves my room via window. Will she ever come back again? Will she surprise us with another party? We'll have to see.

Two weeks later, Channel 6 News Building

Before the rise of technology, people would always get their news via TV broadcasts or radio. Nowadays with the Internet, you can find news anywhere. Many news broadcasts adapt to the changing times by using said technology to get the news they need to their viewers. In the case for this news station, they're one of many who not just adapt, but also use said technology to their advantage. Channel 6 News serves as that said example providing news not only to TV but also online. They've been around for almost half a century so how should I know. Anyway inside the news building, many employees are at work ensuring that what they cover is sent out to the viewing public. One employee, April O'Neil however has something else to contend with: her boss. She waits while her boss deals with another employee. Judging by the tone, it isn't good. The door opens and a male walks out, fuming mad. Could it be because he's getting a pay cut? Who knows?

"April, get in here. Now!" her boss yells.

April doesn't say a word. She enters inside to see her boss, not pleased one bit. Speaking of which, her boss, named Burne Thompson is a middle-aged man. Having blonde hair and wearing a white short-sleeved button shirt with pink tie and blue jeans, he's the man that runs the Channel 6 News Offices. He's been at this job for more than 20 years. Unfortunately his years having spent on keeping the news station up to speed has put an effect on his body, his weight to be more specific. He put on some pounds and my guess he never bothered hitting the gym. Moving on. April has a seat as Burne gets a good look at her. The look on her face says that he probably is going to chew her out. I pretty much feel the same way on that matter. Letting out a sigh, she gears up for the worst.

"Okay April, let's have a chat," says Burne, being calm, "Two weeks ago, I got word from Vernon that some masked vigilante hit the New Light City Day festivities."

"That's probably right. What's your point?" She responds.

"The point here is that he tells me that the vigilante was your boyfriend," I think this guy probably means Casey.

"EX-boyfriend to be exact," Talk about getting straight to the point.

"Doesn't matter! I'm beginning to wonder if my intern employee that I hired proves to be a mistake."

"What are you getting at here Burne? If this is about Casey, it's in the past-"

Burne rapidly interrupts her, "Not with me it ain't! That troublemaker is proving to be problematic not just for the city but for this station too!"

"At least you got your story. Isn't it what you always care about?" She responds sarcastically.

"I'm in no mood to deal with your antics April! I really ain't! You're only here because of an internship program and I don't want to report back to your professors on how you messed up because of your own self-interests. At least the others know by example of what not to do when you're after a story."

"Good god Burne, are we dealing with this again? You think that people like him are troublemakers when clearly they aren't."

"Don't be sassing me. I am in no mood. This city already has a hero and we don't need someone going above the law to do what he can't."

"I thought you considered him a troublemaker too after that skirmish with the N.E.S. terrorist group half a year ago? What made you change your mind?"

"Oh I haven't changed my mind all right. I still consider that "Mega Man" kid a troublemaker but at least he's doing something about terrorists like Wily. Too bad he couldn't get him. He just had to let him get away," What a way to rub salt on the wound fat ass.

"It wasn't his fault. Can we get to the point? This is leading us nowhere," She asks him, hoping to change subject.

"You want to know why I brought you here huh? Okay fine! Here's the deal. Today is the day that Robert Light kid is getting married and every news station across the country is going to be there to get the story. Hell it's not just going to be any story. It's the news of the century and we're not going to miss out on this! No way!" Burne tells her.

"So you want me to make sure we get the story about the wedding huh? Sounds easy enough," replies April.

"Sounds easy enough huh? You have no idea because security in that place is going to be tight as hell. The guy is making sure nothing goes wrong which is why you'll need this," Burne hands April some kind of pass.

"An NLC press pass?" She wonders.

"Yep. You need one of these in order to get in the wedding & every single news crew are going to be carrying these. Oh and with tight security, they're going to be checking bags and such so don't be carrying anything that'll cause a ruckus you hear?" He orders in which April responds with a nod.

"Good. You'll be going with Vernon and that little fangirl friend of yours so for my sake, don't screw this up," As if Burne has a tendency to say that.

"Look Burne, I'll get the job done. You may be my boss but you got to at least stop being a total ass when stuff like this happen," tells April.

"I'll worry about that when people like that masked troublemaker end up paying for their crimes. You got what you need so get out of here. You got a wedding to cover and I mean it, don't screw it up."

"Yeah, I got it. Whatever you say… Burne," says April as with pass in hand, she leaves her boss' room.

Once she's out of there, all she can do is scream and rage but no. She decides instead to take a deep breath and relax. She's in a news building and April doesn't want people to think of her as a complete & utter nutcase. She heads out of the main offices and into the hallways, hoping to get her mind cleared up.

"I'm at least grateful that guy didn't fire me. Man doing this job is the pits," Unfortunately her need of relaxation gets interrupted by an unexpected face.

"Burne chewing you out again April?" A woman replies causing April to turn towards her.

"Pretty much. Did you get the memo too from him?" She asks.

"Yep. I did," The lady answers back.

"That's good. Maybe now I can get some help around these parts, Irma."

"April, you know full well that I got your back no matter what," She tells her, "But to think that you're going to a wedding that people will be talking about for a long time is a big honor."

April lets out a chuckle before continuing, "Irma, you're flattering me. Come on, we got to meet Vernon at the parking lot."

With their conversation done, the two head for the parking lot. You guys are going to wonder about Irma right? Yeah. Irma (her full name is Irma J. Langsteen) is a co-worker at the Channel 6 News Office. But the thing is, she's April's childhood friend. Whereas April is a girl that may do what she can for a story, Irma is what many say to be a klutz. She's an assistant operator at Channel 6, helping reporters obtain what they need for their stories. Everyone knows her by her hot violet square glasses, brown hair, blue short sleeve sweater and purple blouse. Of course that's by her looks. Everyone sees her as a klutz. She's known to be the one to blame whenever something goes wrong. Personally I dislike that because it shows how lousy people can be towards others. But hey, I don't work at a news station. I rather do my job saving people than sitting at a 9 to 5.

Anyway, the two meet up with Vernon at the parking lot and it seems even he got the same memo too. Guess these three will be in for quite a ride.

"I take it you guys got the memo?" says Vernon.

"Duh," April replies, "Not to mention Burne being a real ass because of what happened two weeks ago."

"I got off scot free and I rather not talk about it," assures him though I feel that this is his way of softening the blow April went through.

"Yeah right," interrupts Irma, "You got chewed out just as much as April did. At least he praised you for getting the footage to be used on the evening news."

April doesn't say a word, rather she responds with a disappointed yet angry look. That has to stink hard.

"Can we worry about it later? Right now we need to head to the Cleaners and then to the wedding," He tells them.

"Wedding? You mean the wedding that everyone in the tabloids are talking about?" wonders Irma.

Vernon nods and explains, "The very same. Security there is going to be tight as hell, which is why Burne gave us all press passes."

"Press passes for a wedding? Invitations are much easier," April scoffs.

"April, I don't think it works like that," Irms explains but Vernon rapidly interrupts her.

"Uh guys, can we get on the van? We're going to be late and I don't want to hear Burne getting on my butt if we make it late," Vernon says, interrupting them both.

The two suddenly realize as well and all of them got in the van, heading off for the wedding at New Light Park. That's where it's going to take place. They thought it wouldn't happen for several months. However as you all are aware, Denise took the liberty of getting in touch with a few people that helped make it possible. In just a matter of days, people started coming into my home wanting to speak to us. All they had in common was one thing: our wedding. A lot of questions were asked and some were just really out of place. Tron and I weren't prepared for it. It didn't help the fact that we never had time to plan our outfits for the wedding as they were provided for us. Tron didn't like it especially. But we decided that we would get our own outfits. Yeah it was a hassle but truth is, it's better this way.

Teisel recommended me to a store that sold tuxedos since his dad knew someone there. He didn't disappoint. It helped me find a two-piece suit that is perfect, all in white to match my blue hair. Sure it doesn't make sense but hey, I'm up for it. Tron was a different story since she wanted her dress to be the way that she wants it. It didn't help that she insisted that they included a noticeable feature and it's some kind of pirate skull. It could be since her father used it to represent their business, Bonne Industries. They integrated it into the dress and you can tell the rest is history. News about the wedding spread like wildfire. Reporters and the paparazzi had a field day with it, hounding us hoping to find anything about the wedding that would be deemed fitting. It didn't sit well with us, especially me who's more likely been swamped with so much crap that it's nuts. I'm not just a hero. Hell I'm a celebrity! So therefore I had to get help from the NLPD to provide security until the wedding day. The press knew we meant business and backed off, save for a few media guys that are desperate to know including a very snooping reporter.

Now comes the big day and you know full well the press is going to be there. We had to make sure nothing goes wrong so with the help of the NLPD, rules had to be in place to make sure that nothing and we mean nothing goes wrong. It's not like some jackass is going to come in and attack. We ain't letting that happen but anyway, with the much needed security boost, they integrated the use of passes so that anyone who is invited must have it at all times. No exceptions. Besides I don't want to have the most important day of my life be ruined by some loony crazy dudes. That would suck. The van arrives near the entrance of New Light Park. Though finding parking is a different story.

"Great. Why is it places like these get packed?" complains Vernon.

"Well you expect this to be easy? Nope," replies April.

"April you aren't helping. Listen, I'll get this van parked. You and Irma get the gear and head for the park."

"Got it."

Vernon stops the van and the two ladies don't waste any time. Getting the gear from the back of the van, April and Irma head for the park to prepare. Along the way, they spot several other crews with their gear, probably rival news outlets. Heck even some photo op stringers are in it too as part of the so-called paparazzi. Fortunately security is here to keep everything here under control. The two show their IDs to one of the officers and they took care of the rest, providing the reporters their passes. Of course they know all the R&Rs. Didn't think I mentioned that huh? Anyway once they find their spot, they get to work on preparing their stuff for the ceremony. Though April is determined, Irma is another story. She has a sense of excitement. Looking at her clearly tells April that it can be trouble.

"Hey Irma, think you can tone yourself down a peg?" She tells her.

"Huh? Oh sorry," Irma replies, "I'm just a bit excited to see the groom. I wonder how hot he'll look."

"Oi vey. Irma, do you know he's taken?" I know where this is going.

"Of course. Why do you think I'm part of the Official Mega Man fan club?" Irma replies. Her tone starts to increase in annoyance.

"Well I think you need to keep yourself under control. I don't want us getting fired because of you doing something stupid," A warning like that may be enough to convince Irma.

"Y-you're right. Burne's lucky I'm getting this chance," See what we mean?

"Big time so why not help me out with setting up the camera?" asks April. Irma nods and helps out.

Before long Vernon shows up and the three get things ready. Now that things set, only one thing matters and that's to see the wedding unfold.

"Alright, we're set. So when the wedding's going to start?" wonders Vernon.

"I don't know. I heard that it's about to start in a couple of minutes," answers April.

"Well all the guests are coming in so that's a clue," says Irma as she spots some people arriving.

Tron and I made sure to invite people that mean a lot of us. It includes Denise, her family including her older sister Liz, Higsby, Dr. Regal, many friends from New Light Labs and even the one guy who I saved months back, Cameron Elias. Speaking of which, the guy is actually doing a lot better now. Since he met me, the guy was able to get help, found a job and now is living a better life. I'm happy he was able to turn around. Made better is that I was able to give him the strength needed to carry on. I want to make sure everyone has that strength so that they can be able to conquer the coming tomorrow. So anyway with the guests arriving and taking their seats, you think the wedding would soon begin right? Well, one of the Servbots comes rushing out and the look on his face tells us "not good".

"Um… is this thing on?" wonders #18. Some of the people watching give him a nod saying yes.

He nods in response, "Um, okay. We like to thank you all for coming to this wedding. However… we are experiencing a problem."

Most of the guests including the news crews didn't expect this. #18 tries his best to compose himself because he doesn't want to break down in utter disappointment. Upon seeing another Servbot behind him, he takes a deep breath and continues.

"Apparently, the groom has not arrived," No surprise. Everyone looks at this with complete shock.

"Um… therefore, we will not be starting the wedding for another 20 minutes. Please be sure to check our banquet hall. We don't want you guys to go hungry while we hopefully wait for the groom," #18 bows at the guests and then runs off to meet his other brethren.

"Looks like we arrived early," says Vernon who obviously shouldn't have said that.

"Vernon, you ain't helping. Something isn't right," April wonders.

"Yeah. The wedding can't start without a groom. It's distasteful!" complains Irma.

April doesn't like what she sees from her co-workers, "You ain't helping either Irma. I'll look into this myself."

"April wait!" shouts Vernon.

"You and Irma stay here. This won't take long," she orders. All the two can do is watch as April tries to find out what happening.

Normally we don't allow any guests inside the rooms because that's truly a violation of personal space especially for a wedding. But with April it's another story. She sees some Servbots move all over the place albeit in very agitated states. But that's nothing compared to the amount of rage that's going to be unleashed here.

"Where is he?!" yells an irate bride by the name of Tron Bonne, "Where the hell is he?! He's supposed to be here so we can get married! Why oh why does he have to go now!"

Her yell is enough to surprise April but it isn't enough to dissuade this reporter. She looks to see Servbots running around in fright. They're not in the mood to deal with something like that.

"I swear it! This is the most important day of my life and I can't have it because the one I'm devoting my life to is not here! Dammit! If only I knew where he is so I can teach him a lesson!" It's pretty clear she's ready to explode.

"Calm down Tron," replies Denise, "Robert's going to show. I know it."

"You know it? Then where is he? Did he tell you where he went?" She asked.

"He didn't. He didn't tell anyone," That's not good.

"Dammit!" Her yell is enough to make windows shatter.

"What's going on?" wonders Roll.

"Oh, what do you think? Tron's angry that Robert isn't here. Nobody knows where he is. Not even Teisel or Higsby," Denise tells her.

"So my big brother just went up and left?" She says as if she had no idea that it was happening.

"Exactly!" Tron shouts, "Why do you think I've been yelling for the past few minutes! I made all the Servbots run off because of that!"

"Don't you think you should calm down a bit?" Denise suggests but that gets flown out the window with Tron continuously yelling.

Grabbing the nearest thing around her, she gets ready to throw it in response but before she does, she spots April who has appeared in the right place at the wrong time. Everything just stops and Tron's look of anger is replaced with confusion. April is in utter shock seeing Tron ready to throw something out of rage. Things become silent for a few seconds but that gets broken almost immediately.

"Uh… did I catch you a bad time?" She says.

"What are you doing here?" Tron wonders, "You're not allowed in here. Only the bride, groom and the wedding crew are."

"I get it. I heard you're having a shit fit because your groom to be isn't here."

"How did you… oh man," This is why ranting like an utter crazy person is not the best way to go about.

"I understand you're angry but you need to calm down. What would the press think if they saw you acting this way?" says April.

"Would I care?" Her response is a no brainer here.

"My guess you don't. Anyway, have you figured out where he went?"

"No. Nobody knows where he went. He never told us. He just up and vanished."

"Great. Looks like we're in a rut and trying to find him in a city like this would take us hours."

"And I'm not going to let this wedding take hours. I want my wedding now! I wouldn't be surprised if Robert doesn't show up and when I find out, I'm going to ram my engagement ring up his butt so fast, he won't see it coming."

"Okay I think that's a bit too far."

"I don't care!" shouts Tron, scaring April.

"You should relax Tron. You don't want to go into a rage," says Roll but it's already too little, too late.

"Too late for that Roll!" See what I mean?

"Look. I don't know if being angry about it helps but I think you should relax. We do know that Robert is within the city. The question is where," April wonders.

"And like I said, it'll take us a long time," Tron reminds her, again, "We don't have the patience for it. I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to visit that ex-boyfriend of yours."

"Ex-boyfriend?" April mutters before thinking what she meant. That's when it hit her.

((No. Could it be that he's… he has to be. I know it.)) Tron notices April thinking about something.

"Something wrong? You seem quiet," Tron questions her.

"I think I figured out where Robert is," April replies.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Tron seems more gung ho than I thought.

"But Tron," says Denise, "If you head off, what's going to happen to the wedding?"

"The wedding can wait," dissuades Tron, "Right now we need to head to where Robert is. Do you know April?"

"I do. I know where he is but I want you to let me handle it okay?" She suggests.

"What? Why?" Tron asks.

"Because you need to stay here and make sure the wedding doesn't become a complete flop. You are the bride to be, dressed in white."

"I…" Tron is speechless by April's unexpected request. Of course it takes her a while before she accepts since the wedding is already a bit of a disaster.

"You leave things to me. I need to get in touch with my co-workers so see you later," April heads out leaving Tron, Denise and Roll wondering what to do. It's pretty obvious that they should take April's advice.

Upon heading out she spots Vernon and Irma feeling bored. Noticing the situation around them, it gives April a needed idea.

"Where have you been April? We were looking for you for quite a while," asks Vernon.

"Relax Verne. Listen, the wedding isn't going to start for a while so why not take the time interviewing the guests. I need to head back to the News Station. It's important," she orders.

"Important? Did Burne call you?" He asks once more.

"Duh he did," She responds, "I'll take the van. Be back in a few."

"April, be careful," warns Irma.

"Don't worry about a thing Irma. I'll be okay," She assures her.

Heading for the van, April starts it up and drives off away from the park. Though Verne and Irma wonder if what April told her is legit, they did decide to provide more footage so with camera and mic in hand, the two get moving. But you guys are wondering where do I fit in all of this right? Or better yet where am I? Well why don't we find out.

Sure today's my wedding but I feel that it wouldn't be a proper one if I didn't get in touch with someone who helped me a while back. I'm not talking about Cameron. I'm talking about a certain masked vigilante who in reality is a fellow reporter's ex-boyfriend. Rush and I are within the city skyline, looking to find the place Mr. Marmalade mentioned… or to be specific the location of one Casey Jones. Since our team up two weeks ago, news has been spreading like wildfire about the guy. Sure the guy was trouble because he wanted to take the law into his own hands. Many say that the guy is a troublemaker and that they don't need him while others believe that New Light City is in need of change and he may be the one to lead it. It's 50/50 mind you but law enforcement and political figures believe that people like him only bring more harm than good.

Anyway before I went off to find the guy, I paid a visit to the NLPD hoping to find anything about the guy. To my luck the guys there provided me a complete file on him. It took a few minutes to read everything and man the file they provided me had quite a lot. In a way, it makes me want to have pity for him. But I need to save that pity for later. I need to right now find Casey before he does anything that he may ultimately regret. We reach his place but instead of him causing trouble, it's the other way around. He's outside with a gym bag in tow. I don't know what for but it tells me that maybe he's out for something. A look in his face tells otherwise.

"Guess this is it huh?" He says before letting out a sigh, "Time to kiss this city goodbye."

Is he really? Knowing that this may be my only chance, I have Rush fly us to where he's heading. Unfortunately this only gets his attention, something that I don't want mind you. But it's not like anything could be done about it.

"You just don't know when to give do you? Want to make me feel more trouble than I already have?" He says.

"I got no interest in it today. I'm here for another reason… you," I respond, catching him by surprise.

"Why me? You think that's enough?"

"Not really. First of all, what do you have in that bag of yours?"

"Nothing that should concern your blue-haired ass."

I didn't need to know. Obviously my eyes undergo x-ray vision mode and I get a look. Turns out to be some clothes inside. Putting two and two together, I figure out what Casey's actually doing.

"You know you can't hide anything from me. There are clothes in that bag of yours. Are you leaving by any chance?" I ask.

"Guess the cat's out of the bag huh?" He replies, nonchalantly.

I shudder as a result, "No shit Sherlock. So you're packing up and deciding to move on from here eh?"

"That's right, yeah. This city is nothing but trouble and you ain't making things any easier. But hey you do put up a hell of a fight and that kind of made me feel alive."

"Is fighting all you care about?"

"Of course. You know of an old saying? To survive is to fight and to fight is to survive. It's what I've been doing since I was a kid."

"I know that your life wasn't always pleasant."

"Are you now prying into my private life man? That ain't right."

"No, I'm serious. I read up on your file and honestly… I pity you."

"Pity me? You must be rocking out of that ass of yours to think I need your pity. It's not like mine is any better than yours."

"You really are stubborn you know that?"

"Who gives a damn? I don't."

"Then let me get straight to the point. You had a messed up childhood."

"Yeah, so? Don't all kids have messed up lives when they grow up?"

"Not you though. Having a former gang leader as a dad really can put a number on you."

"Okay now you're getting on my nerves. How do you know this?"

"Thank the NLPD for it. Why do you think you spent 6 months in juvey for nearly putting someone in a coma? You're just as careless as I am when I was young… at least in some ways."

"Hey, that kid got what was coming! He was a bully picking on everyone in the school and the teachers did shit. When he tried it on me, I made sure the last thing he saw was my fist ramming straight up his crappy-ass face! All the kids at school were happy that clown got what was coming. The teachers were a different story because they didn't like it. None of them did and it didn't help that I punched a teacher who tried to stop me. That was an accident."

"Too bad you got your ass kicked out."

"I didn't care. I ended up spending time in juvey for it anyway because the idiot's parents called the cops on me. Though it did rough me up, it only convinced me that maybe I had something going. Hell my dad didn't like it and when I got out, he beat me up for it."

"What about your mother?"

Casey tried his best not to reply because it would probably make it difficult. I wasn't going anywhere. I wanted to know everything from him and why he's deciding to leave the city.

"My mother wasn't there. I didn't have a mom for most of my life. She… she died when I was pretty young," He tells me.

"I'm sorry. What happened?" I ask.

"Cancer. Serious stuff. We didn't even have medical insurance and they couldn't help her. The price we had to pay for being poor."

I was going to say something but Casey stopped me, "No. I know what you're going to say. Just don't. Without mom, things got hard. My dad would always come home drunk and if I was around, he'd take his anger out on me. It was like this even when I was a teen. It got so bad that I had to get out of there. I'd do anything just to be away from my dad… anything."

"You're lucky. My father died four years ago due to an accident. If he was still alive then I know he'd chew me out if I ever slipped up."

"Isn't that quaint? So yeah… one day I had enough so I just basically fought back. Dad didn't like it but I could tell that maybe, just maybe deep down he knew. He knew that I needed to make a name for myself. That's what I did. I cleaned up, changed my ways, went back to school and was able to get a scholarship."

"Wasn't it around the time you met April?"

"Of course. It was during freshmen year that I met her. We started off as friends but as time went on, things between us kind of mellowed out. I put more time in sports while she went into entertainment. She always said to me that she wanted to be a reporter. Guess she got her dream come true. As for me, I took a different path."

"And that's why you decided to be a vigilante right?"

"Yeah. It happened about a year ago when I saw my dad lead a gang of thugs into a nearby bank. People were getting hurt and I didn't want to see anyone die so I went in & tried to stop them. Almost died if it wasn't for him."

"By the way, I should have asked you this but… who is your father?"

"Want to know? I have the same name as him: Arnold Jones but everyone in that gang of his call him Hun."

This was a shock. His own father was a gang leader and to think that he would ultimately end up having a kid later down the road. Fate has weird ways of doing things to people huh? Of course I know all about Casey's dad. The guy is a violent loose cannon, has had run-ins with the law many times through his youth with one stint nearly got him in jail for life. Ultimately he took part in a gang called the Purple Dragons. Started out as a thug but rose the ranks to reach the top, even going as far as killing the one who got him to where he is. He led the gang for a time until he met a woman and next thing you know, they married, had a kid and decided to leave that old life behind… but you can tell it's fated not to last right? Thought so.

"Wow. Really didn't see it coming," I said.

"I'm surprised. If I told anyone the same thing, they would think I'm some kind of crazy nut," He replies.

"Whatever happened to your dad? I mean you told me that he stopped his gang from nearly killing you."

"Yep. He did. I remember what he said to me when he decided to let me go," Cue flashback time.

Flashback, four years ago

"You have nerve boy... a lot of nerve to try to take on the Purple Dragons," says Hun who sees his son lying on the ground, broken after getting beaten down by several of Hun's thugs.

"Let me give you a little warning. Don't let me find you messing with my gang again otherwise… I may not be able to get you out of another mess you make," Casey sees his father walk off, hoping that he would be smart enough to take his advice.

But like the guy he is now, he's stubborn and tries to get himself back up on his feet. This makes Hun stop and have his head turning slightly to see. He doesn't say anything yet deep in his mind, he sees that Casey is not one to be taken lightly.

"It appears… you refuse to listen do you?" He says.

Casey doesn't respond. Rather he lets his actions speak for him. Taking the nearest object he sees, he holds onto it firmly with a tight grip. Hun notices his son gearing up to battle despite being severely beaten up.

"All right. I think boy you are in need of some discipline. Have at me!" Hun yells as Casey races towards him. What happens between the two? Only they know but only one would be left standing.

End flashback

"So in the end, your dad kicked your sorry butt huh?" I ask him.

"Yeah. He did. Gave me a good wallop but I knew that I wasn't ready for this. After I recovered, my priorities were two fold: going through college & heavy training. Look where it got me," I get a look at him and all of his hardships had brought him to where he is now.

"But why are you devoted to training so much?"

"I don't know. Maybe to show my dad I can do something with my life… and to send the Purple Dragons packing. They've already caused enough trouble to this city."

"But it doesn't excuse the fact that you are leaving this place behind. Seriously, come on. Why don't you take a look around? You already know what's yet to come? What you… no, we are up against? This city can use a guy like you. You're turning your back on them especially the people who can't even stand up for themselves!"

"Me? The city needs me? Don't make me laugh!" It's as if my attempts at convincing him not to leave falls on deaf ears. It really pisses me off.

"I guess I tried so hard to convince you not to leave this city. I really tried. Hell I should be getting married right now. You see this? I'm wearing my tuxedo. I'm supposed to be at New Light Park ready to utter the words "I do" to someone who I love so dearly but nope. I'm wasting my time with you of all people!" I rant, going on to say that my time was wasted on dealing with an ignorant oaf.

"Hey more power to you if you went all the way out here. I ain't stopping you if you want to go back to your little wedding," He replies.

"Okay. I guess you made your choice huh? Well then take care of yourself Casey Jones," I let out a sigh and say, "I guess it's what you're best at isn't it?"

Since trying to reason with Casey has become pointless, I decided to depart back to the wedding. With Rush turning into its Jet Mode, I get on top but not before Casey gets my attention one more time.

"Hey Light!" He says. I turn almost immediately, "Good luck out there."

I don't respond, rather I get on top of Rush and fly off back to New Light Park. My work's probably done at this point since trying to convince someone that they made their decision is all I can do. Casey sees me fly off then lets out a sigh. He wonders if this is the right choice to make. I did say that the city needs a guy like him. Hell we need all the help we can get because with I've went through over the past year, more allies would mean a fighting chance for all of us. But I can't force anything on anyone. There are times that some people want to make their own choices, their own decisions. All I can do is watch and see where their path will take them. Whatever path a person goes, I hope it's the right one. Casey soon notices a familiar van. Already his gut is having a bad feeling but since he figured that today would be his last day, he may as well stomach it. Once the van pulled over, its driver got out to see if I was there. Upon seeing Casey however, she begins to show a look of disgust.

"Guess I just missed him huh?" says April.

"You did," He replies, without delay, "He went off to his so-called wedding after trying to convince me that I should stay. I have no reason to stay here. All this city brought me is trouble."

"If you're referring to me then you really have a problem."

"I don't mean you. Seriously, do I ever see anything wrong in you?"

"Other than the fact that I have to deal with an annoying oaf, of course not."

"You aren't helping you know that?"

"Nope. So you said Robert already went off for the wedding right"

"Yeah, I did," He did say that.

"Good. What are you going to do?" She asks him, "You made up your mind?"

"Yeah… I have. I thought about it after talking with him."

"And? What is it? You decide to leave the city or what?"

Casey doesn't respond to her. Rather he gives her a straight look as a way of telling her what his decision will be. Of course we don't know if he's going to stay or go. All I can say is that I hope he makes the right choice… hopefully.

New Light Park, 5 minutes later

I arrived at New Light Park and not a moment too soon. Of course this contributed in me getting chewed out by Tron of all people. She's upset that I didn't tell her I went off to meet with Casey but I had a reason for that. Ultimately what I did earlier may determine whatever decision he chooses to make. As I said, I tried and I can only hope for the best. That to me is all that matters.

"You're lucky that today is our wedding day Robert. Really lucky," She tells me as if I'm already lucky enough as it is.

"Look I said it already. I'm sorry for not telling you all of this. I was going to after the wedding but I had to make some needed changes," I reply, explaining things.

"Yeah? Like what exactly?"

"Well the fact that Casey was going to leave New Light City is one reason. I wanted to convince him otherwise since maybe a guy like him would prove helpful in the fight against evil."

"All Casey is ever good for is being a complete annoyance, at least in my opinion. Besides he has April who worries for him."

"The reporter? I don't know. They're not even in a relationship."

"You're probably right about that."

"So anyway, I think its high time we should get the wedding started. People have waited long enough."

Upon seeing Tron nod in agreement is more than enough for me. Before she can say a thing, Roll comes in telling us what we've been hoping to hear.

"Am I interrupting?" she says. We nod telling her no.

"Good. It's time." Hearing it was more than enough for us. I turn to Tron, who's looking forward to this as much as I am.

"Are you two ready for this?" She asks us. We both give each other a nod signaling our readiness.

Roll smiles in response. The wedding that Tron and I have been waiting for finally begins. Everyone in the altar is already seated. Several of our friends are there too. They're excited that it's happening. Of course I'm there in the front, standing up and with a nervous glance. Butterflies are flying within my stomach. My emotions flow like water, my mind starts to scatter in all directions and my gut feels like it's ready to go all out. Silence soon fills the area. I also notice cameramen recording the whole thing. They're trying their best not to make noise that would ruin it but hey, I don't mind it. I look up ahead, hoping if Tron will come in. Of course I do know that in normal traditions, a bride is supposed to walk down the aisle along with her father. Tron's dad has since passed on but we know in spirit he's watching everything unfold. Same for my father but strangely, I feel that he's also watching as well. I look and wait. Everyone is. About a minute in, music starts to fill the place to the tune of "Here Comes The Bride". We all see Tron walking down the aisle taking one step at a time. Everyone got a look at her bridal gown. It is simply exquisite though I notice the special marking that was in the dress. Fitting since Tron seems to like it.

Tron reaches where I am. She places her left hand as I place my right. With our hands together, we turn our attention to the officiant, a reverend that's part of the New Light Church. The music ends and my feelings of nervousness intensify. I'm not used to weddings but since it's my first experience, my gut tells me to relax. I try. You can guess it isn't going to end well.

"Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, citizens of our fair New Light City, we're gathered today to witness and celebrate the union of Robert Light and Tron Bonne in holy matrimony. Through their time together, they've come to understand that their personal hopes, ambitions and dreams are more obtainable and more meaningful through their combined effort as well as mutual support provided in love, commitment, and of course, family. And so they have decided to live together in this world as husband & wife."

Silence still fills the ceremony despite the bustling aura that fills the city. I still have butterflies but looking at Tron says that it's all right. I only hope it is because I don't know if I can handle it all. I turn my attention back to the officiant.

"May you always need one another, never to fill an emptiness, but to help each other know your own fullness. May you want one another, but never out of lack for anything. May the two of you embrace one another but not encircle one another. May you two succeed in all the most important ways with each other, and not fail in the littlest of graces. May you both have happiness and ensure you find it in making one another happy. May you both have love and ensure you find it in loving one another."

We then hear him ask us to turn towards each other. I see her face covered by the veil she's wearing. We listen in as the officiant continues the ceremony.

"Do you Robert Light, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health, and whatever challenges you two may face, for as long as you both shall live?" He asks me.

I turn to him and say these two words, "I do."

"And do you Tron Bonne, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? To be your partner in life and sharing the path you carry; equal in love, a mirror for your true self, promising to honor, to cherish, through good times and through bad, until death do you part?" He asks her.

Like me, Tron turns to him and says, "Yes. I do."

"Very well. Will the ring bearer please come forward?"

We turn to see Servbot #30 calmly approaching us carrying some kind of pillow in his Lego-like hands. The pillow held two rings, wedding rings to be more specific. He lifts his arms as high as he could. The officiant continues the ceremony.

"Each of you will take a ring and place it on the other's finger. Robert Light, you may go first," I nod in response to the officiant.

Taking the ring, I put it on her index finger. I know what I have to say to her, "I, Robert Light, give you Tron Bonne this ring, a symbol of my love, as I give to you all that I am… and accept from you, all that you are."

Tron sheds a tear upon seeing the ring she now has on her hand. She then grabs the other ring and places it on my index finger. Like I did earlier, she also says this, "With this ring, I, Tron Bonne, give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it remind you that I, for better or worse, am always by your side and that I will always be a faithful partner to you, now and forevermore."

"With this, you both have exchanged not only the rings you have but of the vows you both will carry," He says.

"Therefore… by the power vested in me, vested through everyone here in this fair city of New Light, I hereby pronounce you… husband… and wife. Robert Light… you may lift the veil and kiss the bride."

I do just that, lifting the veil that covered Tron's face. I get a look at her. She looks lovely, smiling the whole way as she sheds another tear. What more is there to say here? With our gazes locked together, we share our fated kiss, a passionate one that promises no matter what, we will be together. Forever. Upon that moment, everyone cheered for us, for our happiness. Many couldn't contain their emotions. Some of us cried, many wept like babies. Once we finished, we turn our attention to the crowd that's cheering. They're happy for us. I couldn't be happier than ensuring our vows would be forever. Even the officiant tries to contain himself. I can tell because he's about to cry too. He has a job to do though and he has to see it through to the end.

"Ladies and gentlemen… citizens of our proud city, I present to you for the first time Mr. & Mrs. Robert Light."

The cheering explodes almost immediately. Many friends and family gave us well wishes and good luck. Though I would end up getting hugs from Higsby and the others, Tron and the bridesmaids came together for a group hug congratulating one of their own. It was a joyous moment, one I ain't ever going to forget. With our vows exchanged, the wedding has now moved on to the reception. It's in the same place so what do you expect? Tron and I saw our wedding cake and it's marvelous. A 4-layer cake bathed in white frosting. I wonder more what's inside. Tron looks at me, with a nod and we decide to find out. Taking the knife nearby, everyone gets a look as we cut the first slice. As we did, I cut a smaller piece and put it in Tron's mouth. Of course she responds by taking some frosting and putting it on my nose. I couldn't help but let out a chuckle. She then uses the knife to cut another small piece and puts it in my mouth. I taste it and man it's lovely. It's a chocolate wedding cake. My taste buds soon kick in and man it's making me happy. Once we finished, everyone else got a chance at getting some. They all did. Tron notices that she still has the bouquet. Her gut is telling me she has a job to do.

She sees everyone nearby wanting the bouquet she has. Turning around, she tosses it onto the crowd. We wonder where it'll end up on. Luckily someone caught it and I didn't think that he would. Everyone here looks to see. It was Casey Jones and he wasn't alone. April is with her too and just in time to boot. She looks and sees her co-workers nearby. They look at her with relief and concern. I focus my attention on Casey and I figure that with him here, his choice was made.

"I figure you would be here," I tell him.

"Yep," He replies, "I did. Am I too late?"

"Other than the fact that you missed the big moment where Tron and I exchanged our vows and kissed, not much."

"Not much? He missed out on a lot!" says Tron from out of nowhere.

"Hey hey, it's okay," Casey assures her, "I just didn't think I'd catch this."

"Didn't think you would," she replies.

"They say that if you catch the bouquet, you're more likely the next person to get married. Even I don't know because it represents good luck though it's only better for women, not men though," I tell him.

"Really? Oh jeez. Guess I kind of ruined that," No surprise here Sherlock.

He decides on a solution and ends up tossing it to the one person most likely to expect it. It ends up in the hands of one young woman, Denise Marmalade. Upon catching it, her expression becomes one of shock. Though Casey did catch the bouquet earlier, it wouldn't really count. But since now that it's in her hands, I know Denise will one day have a wedding that would give her eternal happiness. Seeing Teisel in front of her is proof of that. I turn to Tron and we share another kiss. This one is a sign of a new beginning for us.

The reception continues on through the day. People were talking, hanging out, having fun, eating, dancing, etc. It's a day for some needed reprieve. Of course even the Servbots got in on the fun. I notice much of the press are packing up and heading out. They got what they needed and probably they're going to present it for the evening news. Of course I didn't think that this wedding would be that big of a deal. Blame the paparazzi personally. They're the morons who think its okay to invade others' personal space just for a profit. Jerks. Moving on. I notice April meeting with her co-workers but only ends up getting much more than she bargained for.

"Where have you been April? You missed out on the wedding!" complains Vernon, angry over April's actions.

"Not really? I did get to see the wedding thanks to you guys," She replies.

"Very funny. You have any idea how angry Burne is?"

"Do I care what that tub of lard thinks? No way."

"April, this is serious," explains Irma, "Burne's not happy with what you've been doing these past few hours. He gave you a job and you slipped up. You could get fired cause of this."

"I wouldn't worry about it Irma," She tells her.

"What do you mean?" wonders Irma.

"Simple. I got in touch with Burne and told him everything. He knows."

"Wait a minute. How come he didn't tell me?" wonders Vernon.

"Let me make it simple for you. I told Burne that you guys would handle the wedding coverage for me and in exchange, I'll work on the report for the evening news. He also assigned me for something else," The looks Vernon and Irma have are of surprise upon hearing that.

"Great, just great," Vernon says, breaking the silence, "You're really pushing this aren't you? One of these days you're going to get all three of us fired for this."

"Like I said. Don't worry about me. After all, a new story got my attention so that means I'm at work. This is one that I think surprised him when he found out. Before I do, I need to eat. I'm hungry," April heads off to the banquet for some needed food.

I spot her and decided to have a chat, "Looks like your co-workers don't seem happy about what you did."

"Nah, don't worry. I've had worse. I got a new assignment anyway so my boss is letting me off scot-free," She tells me.

"Fair enough," I respond, "I hope things get better for you Ms. O'Neil."

"Same here. Congrats on getting hitched."

"Thanks. Looks like I'll be enjoying some much needed time off."

"Yeah. By the way… thanks for convincing my ex not to leave. I wouldn't know what to do without him."

"Sure, you're welcome. Wasn't easy because the guy really wanted to leave."

"I know. That to me was what worried me."

April follows with a nod but doesn't respond. I then turn my attention to Gramps who embraces me with a well-needed hug. We chat for a while. It wasn't much but I can tell he's happy for Tron and I.

"Say Gramps, what do you plan on doing now? I mean… a year down the road into our marriage, we may end up having a kid. You're going to be a great-grandpa," I tell him, trying my best to keep composed.

"Well, it would be something but aren't you a bit young to have children?" Gramps asks me curiously.

"You may be right. But like how you told Mr. & Mrs. Bonne years ago, we'll be ready when that moment comes. Not now though," I assure him. He may be right about us having kids too young.

"I'm happy to hear. Of course, I have something for you."

"Huh?" I said, "What is it?"

He takes out a white envelope from his pocket and gives it to me, "It's not much but you and Tron deserve a well needed honeymoon. You can also thank Denise for it since she and her family put this whole thing together."

I open it up and it reveals a few things that made me look at Gramps in complete disbelief. It contains some plane tickets, a paper containing travel info and a check for a whole load of money. Don't know the amount but this is enough that can have our upcoming trip last quite a while. I couldn't find the right words to tell him. All I can do is watch my Grandpa smile at me. I respond to his smile with an embrace. My eyes start watering up and I make sure to wipe away the tears.

"I think Tron would want to see it too. You have my approval Robert," Well thanks Gramps. I may as well.

I head to where Tron is and showed her what Gramps got us for our wedding. Like me, she couldn't find the words to say it. In fact her best expression that she can give right now is of complete happiness. We hug following it up with another kiss. Everything here soon wraps up. Not counting the gift I got from my gramps, we got a lot of gifts from all the guests. But what better way to end a wedding in style than what comes after.

"Denise, we can't even thank you enough. I mean… how can we repay you?" I ask her.

"You don't," She tells us, "It's not just my way of saying thank you but the whole city too."

"Wait. What?" wonders Tron, "The city?"

Denise explains, "Yeah. Did you think I had this whole thing done by myself? Of course not! I had to get a lot of help from some of the biggest in the city, though truth is, my dad helped out too since he is one of the city's founders. I assisted him and suggested to help provide a wedding for you guys and... the rest is history. So yeah, you guys mean so much to me and I only want what's best for you guys just like how my dad did the same with your parents."

"Wow… I… I don't know what to say," she says, "Denise… thank you."

"Yeah. Thank you… from the both of us," I follow, in which Tron and I join Denise in an embrace. We three didn't let go for quite a while.

After that hug, Denise had a smile on her face that says she has something else planned. This has us curious. We follow Denise to the parking lot and our faces open at the sight of what's in front of us: a white limousine.

"Denise… did-did you just?" Tron wonders about Denise's recent actions.

"No. That was my dad who took care of it. I just only decide to guide you two here. This limo that my dad helped get for the wedding will take you to your honeymoon. Dr. Light did give you the envelope right?" She asks us.

I nod at Denise in response. To prove it, I show her the envelope that contained the tickets along with some spending money. Guess everything did pay off huh?

Denise then follows it up, "So that's settled. You two need it more than anything so what are you waiting for?"

"She does make a point Robert," Tron tells me. She plants one on my cheek afterwards.

"You know… maybe you're right," I reply.

We see the limo head out of the parking lot after Denise gave the driver a signal. Tron notices me head closer and I lift her up. I see her blushing as a result but I took her to where the limo probably will end up. We see all the guests apparently waiting for us. I could only smile while Tron has the exact same feeling I have. I take her down to the limo and the guests start showering us with a mix of rice and flower petals. No seriously, rice. In weddings, guests throw rice at the newlyweds for good luck. Though the flower petals are added for cosmetic reasons, it's enough to make Tron and I feel that our newfound happiness begins on a high note. The limo is white and I see on the rear bumpers the term "Finally Married". Finally is the term here since it's something we both wanted and it happened.

The driver gets out of the limo and goes around to open the back right door. We turn to see the guests offering well wishes, farewells and hopes for the both of us in the coming future. I suddenly hear the word "speech" from the guests and they keep at it. I feel a snug from my wife Tron so I turn to see her nod at me. Even she wants to see me do a speech. Okay fine, might as well.

"All right. Thank you everyone for attending this ceremony. It really means a lot to us. Since my… "Rebirth" last year, I experienced many ups and downs. I didn't think coming back would amount to having my occupation be defender of humanity. That's probably a solo job for anybody who has to do this. But I guess that's not what you want me to say huh? To be honest I kind of suck at doing speeches like this. They're not my thing," I said.

"Who cares if you're not that good Robert," replies Teisel.

"Just speak whatever your heart comes to mind," follows Gramps.

"Yeah… you're right," I answer him, "I know that I… I mean, we will enjoy some needed time off. But I promise you guys this. When I return, my duty here is two fold: to be a hero to the people and to be a loving husband and hopefully, father. That's my goal."

"Big time!" says Teisel.

"Promise me big brother that you'll be back safe," tells Roll.

"Roll, when have I ever doubted you? Unlikely. I'll be back," I ensure her.

"Take care you two," says Denise.

"I offer nothing but the best for you both. Your parents would be very proud of you today if they were here," follows Gramps.

"Agreed. Hope you two have fun," wishes Higsby.

"We will. Now then… shall we be off Tron?" I tell her. She responds with a nod.

I turn to the driver and gave him a nod. He heads to the front driver's seat while I go inside entering the back. Everyone here says their goodbyes to us as Tron and I say ours. Before long, the limo we're in drives off towards the city. The sounds of metal cans tied to the rear bumper of the limo hitting the pavement below catches the ears of anyone nearby. People notice that a marriage has taken place and offer congrats to the newlywed couple. I take notice, responding with waves. Tron catches my attention and she wastes no time wanting to plant her lips on my mouth. I don't waste time. I encircle her in my arms while she does so. Good thing the driver doesn't see us otherwise that would cause quite a scene. I normally would worry more about people like Wily still out there. Sure you guys know that I failed to get him but there's always another day. There's always will be. Let him enjoy his time. All I care about is being with the one I now vow my life towards. This here is the end of one story… but would soon become the beginning of another.

As the car heads off into the deeper parts of the city, a couple catches wind of it heading their way. Upon closer inspection, one looked like me albeit a bit hardened and serious and the other was a girl having bits of pink all over her, like her hair for example. She doesn't say a thing yet shows him the car that passed through. Why did she do it? Maybe she knows who are inside.

"Guess someone got married today. How lucky," He says.

"Oh oh, I know who. My senses tell me I know who they are," She replies.

"Really now Pinkie. It's those two right?"

"Yep. I'm so happy for them. Their party was a blast!"

"You said it. We made sure not to attract any attention right?"

"Duh. You told me so yourself Robbie."

"Good. Your antics would probably mess it all up. Plus with the press."

"I know, I know."

"But look at it this way, you had a little field day with those two didn't you? I say probably… twice in fact," He chuckles which has Pinkie let out a cute yet angry pout.

"Not funny Robbie. You're being a meanie!" She insults in response.

"Okay, sorry. Won't do it again. Not your fault you had too much wedding cake."

"I did make the cake and there was enough for everyone. Not my fault the guests couldn't get their fill."

"Yet I wonder why the heck you're such a troublemaker not to mention a party animal. You're my kind of girl."

"That isn't funny Robbie."

"Is it a reason why I love you sweetheart? You're my kind of girl," He tells her.

Though Pinkie doesn't want to be the girl that has to give in to a man's charms, she simply provides an acceptable response. She plants one on his lips and follows with a soft embrace. But her emotions quickly change because even though he loves her dearly, there is one thing she doesn't tolerate and it's his attitude.

"Guess our time's up. We need to head back," Rob tells her.

"Aw, can't we go see a movie pretty please?" Pinkie pleads.

Rob thinks about it for a bit before answering. Fortunately it doesn't take long, "Okay fine. I guess if it makes you happy, why not."

"Yay! I want to see that movie. It's a sequel to that film we both saw," she suggests.

"What film? You mean Rainbow Rocks? People are saying it's better than the first," He says.

"Uh huh and I want to see how awesome it is! Let's go!" She replies, grabbing him by the hand onto the city's entertainment district.

Rob doesn't say a thing but decides to follow hoping that she'll be happy. As I said already, everything I've went through this past year has been one hell of a story. It began with tragedy but a light deep within allowed me a second chance in life. Throughout all this, I experienced many things such as the good, the bad and many of the in-between. But all the while, I gained strength, united my family and through it all was able to achieve great things. Well not all great things but still. At least I married my girlfriend so it's something. The only thing that matters now is what the future holds for everyone. You know there's an old saying right? The future is never written. It's unknown but the future is whatever and however you make it. You got to make it one worth living and for Tron, myself, my friends, family and even those who lives I've changed for the better, we all will. I know it.

My name is Robert Light… 17 years old from the city of New Light…

Through trials and tribulations, I have gone through a year filled with tragedy, reassurance, hope, doubt and determination. I've made many friends as well as enemies. I even had to go through the bowels of hell to reunite with someone I love dearly back when I was human, Tron Bonne. She kept me going, she along with my family & friends are whom I fight for. But on this day today, my heart now belongs to Tron just as her heart is now mine. It was a time of bliss but at least with that, I am assured that the future we'll create together is our own. On one side, I'm a hero that fights for all life and on the other I'm a man who lives on both sides of the spectrum. The story I've created since I was reborn has come to a close but I know that a new story in this world… is about to start. It's never the end. This is only the beginning…

I am Mega Man, the blue bomber & savior of Earth… and this… has been… my story.


Now normally, this is where I would present the next "season" or arc of this story but unfortunately that is no longer the case. After almost four years, the first season of Mega Man: Reawakened is finally over, at last. It's been a tough ride. There have been many times where I wanted to keep going but I didn't have the motivation. Yeah it happens. But I never gave up. I kept going. I made sure this story has a resolution and look where it got me. We did it.

Although Season 1 of Reawakened is over, does it mean the end? Nope. It isn't. As I said earlier, one story ends and with it, a new story begins. I will be working on Reawakened Season 2. What will you expect in Season 2? A lot. But if you want to know the lowdown, here goes nothing.

Mega Man: Reawakened Season 2 is set one year after the end of Season 1. Things have gotten peaceful in the city of New Light, despite the fact that Wily hasn't been found. But this peace will slowly be shattered, as a new threat is about to emerge. Robert Light, knowing the danger that may unfold suits up once more. He'll encounter old acquaintances and new dangers. New foes will test his limits. New dangers loom within the shadows and all the while, everything will culminate into one final showdown. A new battle is about to begin and it's up to one boy in blue who has to save the world.

Yeah, it's not the best because it's too early but it's what I have. It'll take some time but hopefully I'll have something up my sleeves. I do have a one-shot planned but it'll come when they're ready. You'll like it. Trust me.

I offer thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read, review and provide support to this project. Special thanks to MegaBauer, lalalei2001 and Gancena for being good friends and motivation to my work, TheNameUGiveMe for being a supportive friend, SkyPirateDash (LizSama) for allowing me to use her character Elizabeth Marmalade, my girlfriend Shelby for being an important motivation to my life and to Keiji Inafune himself for giving us a character & a franchise that we will continue to love to this day.

I like to also thank the following users: Pikatwig, Half-beastdragonsoul2013, ash the pokevenger, Kuralesache (I still miss you), Design-Escape and to all who showed a love to this story. You guys rock out loud.

So I guess this is it huh? Time to say goodbye… at least for now. See you guys around for when I return with Reawakened Season 2… coming soon.