Chris glanced around P3, walking over to the bar he sat down desolately, his dark brown hair moving to it's rightful place in front of his emerald green eyes. He knew something was wrong but for the life of him couldn't figure it out. Sighing Chris leaned over the bar and poured himself a shot.

"It's a bit early for that, don't you think?" Chris' newest charge Natalie moved out of his room and stretched lazily across the stool next to him. Her finger tips drew patterns in his arms trying to draw him out of his misery. When that didn't work she gave up and moved forward with her plans. "Thanks for letting me stay here last night after having that whole 'magic exists, your destined for greater things' crap thrown at me yesterday I was exhausted and the talking helped. Where did you go anyway?"

"Nowhere important." Chris assured her. His eyes still glazed over as he tried to remember what exactly he had done yesterday. Emily took this as her cue to leave and sauntered back into the room to shower and change.

Chris finished examining the room and knew he had to clean up this mess before Piper arrived. He shuddered as he imagined the casket she would blow if she saw the overturned tables and crayon drawings on the wall. Walking over to the far wall with the most graffiti he realised it had been signed P&P, next to which appeared to be the author's attempt to spell out their full name, Peyton Noah Hal-, but it was abruptly cut off. Chris could feel a tugging at the back of his brain and knew he was forgetting something important. As he heard the water shut off he made a sweeping gesture with his hand and the chair's and table's where in immaculate condition.

Chris' attention was alerted to the middle of the room as he heard the telltale chimes that accompanied orbing. Soon enough Leo materialized and Chris felt himself scowl.

"Hey." Leo stated, his dislike and distrust leaking out with just one word. Taking in Chris' disheveled state, Leo immediately rounded on him. "What are you doing sitting around here? Aren't you supposed to be getting to know your new charge?" Natalie choose this exact moment to see what the fuss was about and walked out barely covered in a fluffy white towel that clung to her body. She motioned to Leo as a sign of greeting which was only met by a grimace, so she turned and returned to changing. "Chris, are you out of your mind? Besides from this being out of line, it's completely against the rules." Chris rolled his eyes at Leo's hypocrisy and tried to remember why he came from the future in the first place. Leo orbed out with one last scathing glare thrown Chris' way to emphasise his point.

"Is he gone?" Natalie's hesitant voice floated through the open door and she poked her head out once Chris said it was safe. Leaning in to Chris she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as thanks and headed out promising to call if she needed him. Once she was gone Chris turned back to his initial dilemma. Returning to the wall he knew it was a key in him remembering what had happened. While examining the wall Chris suddenly felt as if he was pulled backwards.

"You must be Chris. I'm Natalie." Chris smiled and took his new charges hand as a way to get rid of Leo. Once Leo was pleased with the matter, he turned away from the pair and orbed back up to 'Elderland' as Piper liked to call it.

"So Natalie how are you coping." Chris stated calmly his voice washing over Natalie like silk and it was all it took for her to breakdown completely. Sobs wracked her body and Chris walked over gathering her in his arms, used to this kind of reaction from the future, as more and more people found out about magic when Wyatt's grand plan was implemented, he started consoling her.

After a few hours of talking through her queries Natalie had cried herself to the point of physical exhaustion. Chris lay her down gentle and said a spell that would keep her sleeping until tomorrow, he knew she would need it. Chris orbed out of the room and quickly checked up on the sister's who had been stressed throughout his talk with Natalie. He found Phoebe in the middle of an office brawl, with a nasty looking cut on her forehead which he once again felt guilt and annoyance at the fact he couldn't heal. Paige dealing with a case of sexual abuse in the office, plotting how to seek revenge and finally Piper was simply playing with Wyatt, Chris made his decision and orbed into the conservatory sitting down next to Piper and examined his brother, the future source of all evil. Of course he claimed his regime was fully based on accumulating power and those that got in his way were simply inferior beings and that good vs evil was an archaic belief. Yet it was the fact that Wyatt had been unable to kill him despite all his transgressions that gave Chris hope that he could be saved. That and of course-

Chris' train of thought was abruptly cut off by his name being called repeatedly. Chris quickly apologized to Piper and explained that he was needed by his newest charge. Piper sat their stunned as her whitelighter orbed away. He had been so hellbent on getting them to understand the severity of his mission that she didn't think he would up and leave at the sound of his name, and the fact that he apologized also through her threw a loop but as she looked back on her time with him she could tell that despite the post apocalyptic like world Chris said he grew up in, he was raised with manners. Glancing back at Wyatt, Piper was suddenly surrounded by the familiar sensation of being orbed. Once her feet touched solid ground she looked accusingly at her son knowing this was somehow his doing, that he needed to be scolded for possibly exposing magic and she was immediately on the phone to her sisters.

Meanwhile Chris responded to the calls in his head. He landed just in time to dodge a demon that was thrown across the room, crashing into a glass cabinet with a sickening crack. Chris did a quick body count as he rounded on the culprits. "Parker and Peyton! What in God's name is going on here." Chris' arms immediately stretched out to catch the bundle of orbs, while looking expectantly at the shimmer that was quickly materializing at his feet. Once he felt the little body land safely in his arms he bent down to eye level of the little boy in front of him. "Parker, it's okay I just want to know what happened."

The little boy's bow shaped lips parted to start speaking, but quickly shut as his lower lip began trembling. Chris immediately scooped the boy up as well and clutched him tightly to his chest. He felt two sets of arms wrap around his neck and he felt wet drops begin to collect on his shoulder. Chris started making reassuring sounds and stroked Parker's back.

"Parker you're not in trouble, I just need to know you are both okay." Chris waited for the boy to collect himself and then locked eyes with the him, staring into green eyes identical to his own. Suddenly Chris felt a memory begin playing in his mind and he knew at once this was the best Parker could do while he tried to pull himself together.

Peyton was annoyed because despite being four years old and omni-linguistic, she was forced to homeschool along with her older brother Parker, who despite being six years old was doing work for ninth graders and both were bored out of their minds. Their tutor was as baffled as always when the tiny children were able to answer work that she found troubling.

'Parker, I want to do something fun' Peyton complained to her, brother grateful for their telepathy, Parker looked at his sister with a mischievous glint in his eyes, fighting the urge to smile and Peyton had to hold back a laugh of her own. Parker used his telepathy to suggest to their tutor that she take a break and have a nap on the couch.

Peyton orbed their coats to them and Parker grabbing her smaller hand shimmered them out of the house. They found themselves in the middle of the mall and quickly sought out the ice-cream parlor. The two kids eyes lit up as they rushed inside. After paying and thanking the man they headed back outside licking their respective ice cream. Their ethereal features always drew too much attention and so Peyton quickly used her glamour to disguise them. Their chocolate brown hair changed to beach blonde, their eyes became a dull blue and their skin became an ivory colour as opposed to the tanner pallor that highlighted their unique eyes. After finishing their treat, Parker took Peyton to the playground and pushed her on the swings subtly using his telekinesis to push her a little higher and ensure she didn't fall off.

After an hour or so had passed they turned to the bathroom and once safely inside a stall Parker shimmered them back into the house. Returning just in time to be ambushed by 20 demon's who had been drawn to the power surrounding the house as a result of it's occupant's. Immediately a fight ensured, Peyton and Parker launching straight into offense, Parker froze the 6 demon's advancing on him and using his ability to manipulate fire grabbed his handy lighter taking the small flame and making it grow before throwing it at the Demon's who unfroze just in time to scream as they were vanquished. Peyton on the other hand had started hurling energy balls at the demon's who had greatly underestimated her power. With the ten Peyton vanquished along with Parker's six, four remained and split up to target each kid in a pair. Peyton quickly conjured up and athame and using her telekinesis moved one of the Demon's onto the end causing him to let out a scream of agony. Next she met eyes with the remaining demon and tapping into his emotions, she manipulated it so she felt all the human emotions and amplified remorse and guilt causing the Demon to become so overwhelmed it was vanquished by the tide of emotions. Parker had used his advanced form of astral projection to create two functioning versions of himself one of whom quickly lit one of the Demon's on fire watching as it were reduced to ash and the other him conjured an athame and sent it flying at the Demon who finally joined the others, after crashing into a glass cabinet.

Parker quickly took off in the direction of his little sister and began checking her over for injuries. Peyton quickly wrapped her brother in a comforting embrace. "Thanks Parker, I had a lot of fun!" Peyton began laughing uncontrollably as she clutched to her big brother, relishing in the rush they both got from a vanquish. Suddenly a high pitched shriek cut through the air and the two turned guiltily towards their tutor knowing they where in so much trouble. Seconds later that was reinforced by their names being called.

The memory tapered off and Chris immediately knew they had called him to help them erase her memories as they had used up too much power in the fight. Chris sighed and gently placed Parker back down. Moving to release Peyton, he wasn't surprised to feel her grip around his neck tighten. "Daddy please don't yell at Parker, it was my fault I wanted to have fun." Chris looked into Peyton's tear filled eyes and wiped away the ones that escaped. His other hand reached out and ruffled Parker's hair lovingly.

"Parker, I told you, you're not in any trouble. Quite frankly that fight was amazing and showed me you haven't lost control of your powers," Chris turned his head back to Peyton, "either of you." Chris was finally able to put Peyton down and looked over to the couch where the tutor was rocking back and forth telling herself it wasn't real. Chris sighed and placed his fingertips on her temples mumbling the spell quietly he quickly replaced her memories. Dismissing her for the day Chris turned back to his troublesome children, just in time to see a Dragon fly past the window and knew something had happened.

Motioning to his kids they quickly flung themselves into his open arms snuggling in before he orbed them back to P3.

Chris went to check on Natalie and was pleased to see her still asleep. He heard a crash from the other room and ran out just in time to find one of the tables already overturned in what looks like Parker's attempt at building a fort for them. "Parker, you know the drill. Take care of Peyton, try not to destroy the club, could you also keep an eye on Natalie and this time no magic I can't have any Demon's after you at the moment I have to take care of a dragon."

Parker nodded in agreement and Chris watched in amusement as Parker's hair flopped around like his own. Chris prepared himself to leave giving Parker one last kiss on his forehead whilst ruffling his hair causing an annoyed groan from the boy. As he moved to stand he was attacked from behind. Chris grabbed onto Peyton's feet and moved her around the front, holding her upside down he watched as her gold-streaked brown hair cascaded around her in gently waves before skimming the ground. Chris noticed her eyes were tinged blue and was grateful that her empathy allowed her emotions to be seen through her eyes. He watched unhappily as the blue grew deeper with each passing second, he didn't want his baby girl to be sad anymore. One of his hands whipped forward like a cobra and immediately began tickling her until she was nothing more than a ball of laughter and the regular golden flecks had rightfully returned to her eyes.

Parker knowing his dad had to leave moved towards the pair and with a small smile held his arms out for his baby sister. He wrapped his arms securely around his wriggling sister and wished his dad good luck, sighing as he listened to the disappearing jingle. Parker surveyed the club amazed at how different it looked to the one left barely standing in the future. Parker quickly noticed a box of Wyatt's toys in the corner and raced over to them pulling Peyton with him. Peyton's footsteps grew louder beside him as she realised where they were headed, she knew her brother would always take care of her, even if that meant playing with mean Uncle Wyatt's little kid toys. She knew her dad kept saying that Uncle Wyatt was still innocent in this time but she could grasp the concept especially since he was the one who tried to kidnap her and Parker one a week, since they were the only ones left in their generation because Wyatt had already killed all the others apparently the Halliwell will was too strong to break and he was unable to turn them.

Chris surveyed the mess that Wyatt had created and got a strong sense of Deja Vu one that he only got when the cleaners had somehow been involved and he knew it was up to him to fix this mess before it happened again. He knew the sister's were capable to talking their way out of whatever deal they have to make with the cleaners and right now he just wanted to make sure no one got hurt by the dragon. Chris arrived at the tunnel just in time to orb the people in the cars out of the way and prepare to face the dragon. Chris orbed one of the Dragon's arms off and it was momentarily distracted by the pain enough for Chris to throw the potion at it that takes away it's ability to see. The Dragon let at an ear splitting roar and lashed out in front of it, successfully making contact with Chris. Satisfied and scared the Dragon turned and fled from the tunnel.

Piper and Wyatt orbed back to the manor with Phoebe and Paige behind them and they cleaned up while trying to figure out why they forgot the day. Once the cleaners showed up and tried to take Wyatt again, the sisters raced into action. Paige and Phoebe set to work on how to stop the cleaners whilst Piper called for a higher power. Despite her defending that Chris was their whitelighter earlier, Leo is still the one she calls when in trouble. After a bit of arguing and some cryptic advice that Leo's always good for, they headed out to stop more people from getting hurt. After Paige orbed a scale away from the Dragon, Piper finally grasped what Leo was saying. Handing Wyatt to Paige, Piper called out to the Dragon making sure Wyatt could see, once the Dragon began attacking Piper, Wyatt knew he had to save his mum and orbed the Dragon away just in time. After a final confrontation with the cleaners, they all orbed back to the manor to put off the inevitable.

Parker was admiring the mural he and Peyton had just completed and Peyton was finishing writing her name when she abruptly dropped to the floor clutching her head. Her screams filled Parker's ears and he immediately rushed to her side. Once she felt her brother's arms around her she began to sob but knew it was not the time, so she orbed them straight to the tunnel. The minute Parker was able to see he sprinted towards his father and bent down over him. Three distinct claw lines had slashed his chest open and Chris' breathing had grown labored. Looking up at his son, Chris brought his hand up and stroked a piece of hair away from his face.

"NO! No, no, no, no. Peyton! I can't heal him all by myself. Help!" Parker watched as despite the glow from his hands his father was bleeding out quicker that then cuts were healing. Peyton was at her father's side instantly hands stretched out just like Parker's as she tapped into his ability to heal, her glow a little stronger since Parker had used more magic than her today to fend off the Demon's.

"Please Daddy, please don't leave us." Peyton begged hopelessly as Chris stroked her cheek lovingly. Tears were streaming down both their faces as they watched the life slowly seep out of their father. "Paige! Help, please help." Peyton called out despite her dad's protests, she couldn't let him die and she knew Paige would be the sister most likely to help and keep it a secret.

"I love you... keep each other safe. Promise me." Chris wheezed out careful not to flinch and show just how much pain he was in.

"We promise Dad, but you can't leave us. Please!" Parker felt helpless as he called out for his dad.

They watched as their father's eyes blinked slowly and knowing they didn't have much time, Parker grabbed onto Peyton's hand as well as his father's hand and shimmered them to the small garden surrounded by columns that he knew was his parents favourite place. They crawled in next to their dad, knowing that if they kept healing him it would only prolong his painful death. Lightly shaking from the crying they rested their heads on a shoulder each and watched as the light left his green eyes, eyes they had both inherited. They felt as his solid mass suddenly became nothing more than golden lights and he disappeared. Peyton launched herself at her brother attempting to feel some form of comfort and they both cried their for their dad. Suddenly their was a warm feeling that wrapped around them and they watched as their blood soaked clothes returned to their original state, they noticed the Golden Gate Bridge reform. They glanced at each other utterly confused until they heard the deep voice they loved.

"Parker! Peyton!" Chris watched as his kids brightened, and he couldn't stop the tears that cascaded down his cheeks.

"Daddy!" Peyton threw herself at her father with so much force that they both went tumbling to the ground. He stroked her hair gently as she held onto him for dear life.

"Please don't ever leave us again." Parker called out as he too threw himself on top of his family. Chris chuckled and watched how both his kids closed their eyes and simply listened to his laughter.

Once they had both calmed down he orbed them to P3. Grabbing the camera from the back room he took a photo of their masterpiece and then handed them a bucket of soapy water and a sponge.

"Clean it up. No magic." Chris tried to hide his smile as his kids groaned but immediately set to work. What can he say growing up with Piper meant that he was bound to have a neat freak in him. He waved his hands and the tables fixed themselves.

"No fair!" Parker called from his spot next to the wall, as he was backed up by Peyton's "Yeah."

"Do you want me to put it back and you can fix them by hand as well, or would you rather have breakfast some time soon?" Chris asked.

Peyton's plaits hit her in the eyes as she shook her head and the same time Parker nodded. Chris raised one eyebrow at them and they immediately vocalized their response.

"Please Daddy can you leave it as it is." Peyton's soft voice accompanied Parker's response of "Can we have waffles, pretty please."

Chris chuckled at his kids predictability and simply nodded his head in agreement. Turning toward the counter Chris sat down and waited for Natalie to finish with her shower. Once she appeared fully dressed Chris turned to her.

"Hey Natalie, I'm sorry but as you can see I have my hands full at the moment." Chris gestured to his 'pride and joy' that were currently in the middle of a water fight. Natalie nodded her head in understanding. "I know it's not my place to ask anything of you but would you mind not mentioning them to anyone, I'm trying to keep them out of the magical community." Chris finished.

"Yeah sure that's fine, thanks again for last night Chris." She quickly kissed his cheek and turned to leave. "Oh and Chris, if you ever need anyone to babysit, just drop them by."

"Thanks Natalie, will do." Chris watched as she disappeared and was immediately corned by his kids who had charmed the sponges to finish cleaning.

"She's pretty Daddy, I like her." Peyton's voice raised in pitch until the end was a squeal, conveying her excitement in the matter.

"Yeah, can she babysit us. I mean I know I'm not a baby but I'm sure we can homeschool from there, we can teach her some magic stuff and we don't have to worry about calling you after an attack." Parker was attempting to be the voice of reason but his voice was laced with hope.

"Fine." He continued over their proclamations of joy. "But only if you still call me during or after each attack."

"Promise!" came their synchronized answer.

"Well then Pey, you want to do the honour of conjuring breakfast today." Chris grinned at his baby girl.

"I do it everyday." She argued with a smile but obliged and moments later a full spread was placed before them. Immediately their hunger took over, but being descendants of Piper napkins were placed on laps and utensils were used.

"This is great Peyton." Parker complemented as he swallowed another bite of the fluffy waffle.

They ate, while making small talk before Parker reached for the stool next to him and was hit with a premonition.

"Dad, Leo's coming in a minute." Everyone jumped to action and Chris orbed all the food and his kids to his room and placed a cloak on. While Peyton and Parker held their hands over their mouth and nose to prevent any excess noise.

"What are you still doing here, Chris? Shouldn't you be getting to know your new charge?" Leo scolded Chris in the same tone he always used.

"Yeah, about that. I'm, uh, going back to what I originally said. I don't have time for her." Chris shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal.

"Chris." Leo said condescendingly.

"Leo, I mean it. Because whether you believe me or not, I'm here to protect Wyatt, not other charges. Other than the sisters of course." Chris amended knowing that playing on Leo's beliefs about protecting the Charmed ones and his son was the way to get what he wanted.

"If that's how you feel about it I guess I'll reassign her."

"Thank you." Chris said dryly as he tried not to cringe at having to say thanks to Leo.

Chris breathed out a breath of relief once he heard Leo leave. Peyton quickly used her sensing power to make sure Leo wasn't still hovering before taking Parker's hand and orbing everything back out to it's rightful spot.

"I don't like this Grandpa Leo any better than I did in the future." Peyton said pouting as she finished eating. "I miss Grandpa Victor."

"I know baby girl, so do I." Chris sighed as he thought of how easy it would be to see his grandfather again, alive and well in this time and hopefully get him to give up cigars that way he'll live longer in the future.

"Is Grams any better?" Parker asked, hope shining in his eyes.

"Well she doesn't like me very much but I guess that has more to do with the fact that I can't tell them anything other than something evil hurts their precious son and nephew. But I'm sure she would love both of you."

"Daddy, you have to tell them at some point that Uncle Leo is the definition of evil." Peyton glanced accusingly at him.

"Pey, why are you so smart for your age?" Chris sighed dramatically as he scoped her into a big hug.

"It's why you love me. Besides someone has to make up for the lack of brains between you two." She answered having obviously inherited her dad's ability in the sarcasm department and her eyes twinkled in enjoyment.

"Do you think we'll ever get to meet Grams and Aunt Phoebe." Parker voiced quietly.

"Maybe, but don't you want to meet Auntie Paige as well." Chris asked, confused as his kids faces scrunched up in disgust as he said her name.

"No, she left you to die. She didn't come when we called." Peyton huffed as her eyes changed slightly red as her anger built.

"Hey! Listen up everything is okay. I'm here now and besides Aunt Paige wouldn't have been able to help anyway, she doesn't have control over her healing yet. So we are not going to hold grudges over any of that. Besides you remember how much fun you both have with Auntie Paige in the future." Chris watched as they both nodded their heads slowly. "And remember if you do get to meet them your names are..."

"Nathan Masters and my sister..."

"Noah Masters age four and awesome but can only speak English nothing else." Peyton finished smugly.

"Okay good. So what are we going to get up to today?" Chris stated and he looked up at his kids and all three of them had the same mischievous glint in their emerald eyes.