Hullo all. Recently (last night) I watched Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower, and fell in love with the movie (not surprising since its one of my fav animes ever). Anyway, I kinda didn't like how it left off ( a lot) and so this is kind of like a sequel to it that technically doesn't exist in the real world. So enjoy!

P.S., I'm not following canon much except for a few little facts, and it might help if you watched the movie, but its basically a time-travel (yay) fic featuring our two favorite blondes.


Its been two years since the return from Rouran, regaining memories of his past and locked away memories returning. And in that time, Naruto has become the Rokudaime and has surpassed all the Hokages, including the Yondaime. Life is good, and the village is leading a prosperous era under their new Hokage. But, life can't remain peaceful. A threat has appeared; a threat that could wipe out the Elemental Nations. With seals and theories flying through the masterminds of Konoha, an experiment gone wrong just might be the way to save the day. AU, time-travel. Based off of Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower.

Disclaimer:I, sadly, can't claim this. All credit goes to the epic Masashi Kishimoto for creating this lovely manga/anime.


"This is blucross."- Talking

'This is blucross.'- Thinking

This is jutsu being spoken/thought of


Naruto ran a hand through his spiked hair; they were getting nowhere. The attacks by 'Shi no Eien'* were becoming more and more frequent as the days passed, the amount of time between the attacks shortening from months to weeks. To say the least, Naruto was stressed out; this unknown enemy had been causing havoc all across the Elemental Nations, killing key figures in the villages' economical and political infrastructure. He had, somehow, managed to kill Danzo, and while Naruto wasn't complaining about the old coot being killed, he didn't like the fact that Shi no Eien was able to sneak into his village under his ANBU's watch without being caught.

And that was why he was almost ripping his hair out in frustration. He couldn't figure out a way to capture and/or kill Shi. He'd gone through hundreds of theories and strategies, adding Fuuinjutsu into the mix to see if it could work or not. Unfortunately, he hadn't found the right combination for it to work smoothly enough where he could send his shinobi out.

Currently, you could find the Rokudaime Hokage in one of his favorite places in the village: the Ichiraku Ramen Bar. The blonde stared into his ramen as he thought about this crisis sweeping the Elemental Nations. Whoever this 'Shi no Eien' was, he was a dangerous threat, and not someone to be underestimated.

Sighing, Naruto mulled over a plan he had formed as he filled his mouth with a bite of his Miso Ramen. In his free time, Naruto had been creating a seal secretly, not informing anyone of its existence. The seal would allow him to freeze time, using chakra to determine the amount of time the seal would last. He still had to do a few minor adjustments to the seal to make it safe, but it should be up and running within the week. That was the easy part, compared to the rest of the plan.

The more difficult part would be getting out to use it; he would be damned if anyone but him test run this seal. He wasn't too sure of what would happen, but he certainly didn't want anyone getting caught in an unexpected side-affect that the seal may have. And that was where the problem lay: how could he get out to test-run the seal if one: he didn't have the time to, and two: if he wasn't allowed outside the village to test it? With the unknown threat on the loose, his ANBU were bent on making sure he stayed in the village at all times.

Sighing again (Naruto knew this wasn't good; he'd grow worry lines before his time), Naruto paid his bill, smiling at the Ichiraku's before heading back to the Hokage tower to take care of a little more paperwork before going home. He planned on going to bed early for once. If only he knew that he wouldn't be sleeping that night.


Sitting in his office chair, Naruto turned to look out the window, as he had seen his Jiji* do so many times. The sun was now setting, creating a beautiful view from his office that he loved watching, no matter how many times he had seen it before.

A knock at his door took Naruto out of thoughts of his Jiji and had him calling for the person to come in. The oak door opened, revealing his Head Strategist and Head Jounin, Nara Shikamaru. Smiling tiredly, Naruto turned to face the strategist all the way.

"What do you have for me, Shika?" Naruto asked, knowing that his childhood friend wouldn't have come at this time of day if it wasn't important.

"Take a look at this, Hokage-sama." Shikamaru informed him in a serious, yet slightly rushed tone, holding out a folder for his leader to take. Naruto became serious immediately, knowing that the information Shika had for him was deadly important, going by the tone of his voice.

Taking the folder, Naruto opened the folder and began to read. His eyebrows were slowly rising, and by the time he was finished, Naruto was surprised, and worried, by the information.

"Is this reliable?" Naruto asked his strategist, staring him straight in the eye. Shikamaru nodded without hesitation.

"Yes, this information is completely reliable. The source, while rather surprising, gave us this information that relates to past situation accurately and truthfully." Shikamaru responded, getting another raised eyebrow from Naruto as he found the source. The eyebrow dropped as a smirk appeared on his face. 'Just like his brother,' Naruto thought* before closing the folder to look up at his strategist once more.

"When do you predict the next attack will be?" Naruto asked, not liking it when Shikamaru tensed up.

"The next attack," Shika said, "is supposed be in thirty minutes, according to the information we've received." His strategist's features were taut with exhaustion and worry. 'With good reason,' Naruto thought as he signaled his ANBU Commander to come immediately.

"Yes, Hokage-sama?" A panther-masked ANBU, his ANBU Commander, asked in a calm but slightly worried voice, their voice muffled by the voice modifiers in all ANBU masks. If Naruto hadn't known Hyou* for so long, he wouldn't have caught on to it, but seeing as how he did, Naruto began giving his orders immediately.

"Shi is to attack Konoha in less than half an hour," Naruto noticed Hyou tense up, but continued on, turning to Shikamaru for the first of his orders. "I need you to evacuate the villagers, genin and Academy students into the hide-outs, with an ANBU team as protection along with five Jounin and seven high-ranked Chuunin." Shikamaru nodded, leaving the office immediately, briefly saying to Hyou to assign Platoon 5 for the job as he left.

"Next, I want you and two of your strongest Squads to wait further instruction from me in the village square. Use the rest of the ANBU to round up scattered Jounin and Chuunin and have them report to Head Jounin Nara Shikamaru. Time is of the essence." A short nod later and his ANBU Commander was gone.

Naruto turned his chair to look at the setting sun once again; the sky was a blood red, and it represented the foreboding feeling that Naruto was having. Turning away, Naruto took off the hat that signified him as the Hokage and placed it on his desk. Within the blink of an eye, Naruto was gone.


Naruto reappeared in his bedroom at in the Namikaze Clan grounds. While it wasn't known throughout the village that Naruto was a Namikaze, Naruto, by blood, had the right to the clans ground ever since he figured out his parentage a little under two years ago, after returning from his mission in Rouran.

Going up to his night stand, Naruto pumped chakra through the seal to open the drawer. In the drawer there were important keepsakes that he always kept safe; the necklace he had received from his Tsunade-baa-chan; a scroll that contained an extensive amount of knowledge about sealing from the Uzumaki Clan as well as his father's own collection; a scroll that also contained numerous photos he had taken over the years (including many of his father, mother and his father's team); and most importantly (at the moment) the time-freeze seal. Naruto knew that it still needed a few tweaks and had yet to be test-run, this may be their only choice against the Shi no Eien.

Placing that on the counter, Naruto changed from his Hokage robes into the standard Jounin uniform, albeit a few changes. For one, he had red tape around his pant legs that went up a fourth of his calf on either leg (while he liked orange, he realized how bad that was for reconnaissance missions). His Jounin vest had a special symbol on the right side of the vest, indicating that he was the current Hokage in the village. Plus, the Uzumaki swirl found on the upper right-hand corner of the Jounin vest was instead in the middle, and much larger, taking up a good amount of space in the middle of his back. Stopping to take a look in the mirror, Naruto smiled sadly as he saw how much he resembled his father when he had gone on the mission back in Rouran.

Turning away from the mirror, Naruto place his kunai pouch on his left leg and his sealing pouch on the right. Taking the scrolls and the necklace, he sealed them in a spot right above his left year; it was an excellent place to hide his possessions, he thought, and that included his sake collection he had inherited from his baa-chan.

Smiling lightly to himself, Naruto looks around his bedroom, knowing that he might not return. With a last glance around the room, Naruto disappears in the blink of an eye.


Appearing in the village square, Naruto grabs the attention of his ANBU shinobi.

"Tonight," Naruto began in a serious voice, "is the night where the Shi no Eien may be defeated. It may also be the night where he triumphs. Whatever happens, know that I was proud to serve as your Rokudaime." Naruto smiled at the group of ANBU, knowing who each of them are.

No more was said as Naruto faced the entrance to the village, seeing the lone person approach. With the foreboding feeling coming back in full force, Naruto prepared for another battle of his life.


Naruto was breathing heavily; but he was pleased to note that Shi was breathing hard as well. Standing up straight, Naruto surveyed his surroundings; the ANBU who had been with him at the beginning were starting to weary- the shield they had brought up had absorbed all the attacks that had been fired between the two adversaries. The pressure was intense, and it drained their chakra to keep it up. At this point, Naruto knew he needed to end it, and soon. It was at that point where Naruto sensed the sudden increase in chakra and turned to Shi to see, with growing horror, that he was using a deadly jutsu, and aiming it right towards his ANBU Commander.

Rushing towards the jutsu as it was shot towards Hyou, Naruto reached into his Fuuinjutsu pouch to retrieve his time-freeze seal. Pumping chakra into it, Naruto threw it onto the ground, right underneath the jutsu. The jutsu stopped in its tracks, and Naruto grinned inwardly at the success of his seal. But that soon disappeared as a light began to shine, and Naruto's eyes widened a fraction in surprise before settling in a resigned smile. The reaction between the seal and the jutsu would most likely kill him; he was glad he managed to place the seal in time so Hyou wouldn't get hurt.

Looking towards his ANBU, his friends, his smile was shown to them. He could hear the shouts and cries of surprise coming from the two squads. There was one of anguish, and Naruto knew who exactly it came from. Facing his ANBU Commander, Naruto gave a two-fingered salute with a lop-sided grin.

As the light consumed him, Naruto noticed a few things; for one thing, Shi had disappeared. 'Why am I not surprised?' Naruto mused to himself dryly.

The second thing he noticed, before the light became too bright, was a distinct female voice calling his name. Naruto grinned at his ANBU Commander, his teammate ever since they had graduated from the Academy.

"NARUTO!" Sakura shouted, her voice fading as the white light completely surrounded the Rokudaime Hokage.


Blinking to clear his vision, Naruto looked around to try and figure out where in Kami-sama's name he was. There were a bunch of trees, so he assumed he was in a forest somewhere. 'It seems familiar,' Naruto thought as he surveyed his surroundings again, 'but why?' After standing there for a while, Naruto decided nothing would come of just standing there. So, he started walking down south of the path he was on.

For how long he walked, Naruto didn't know, as the fight against Shi had taken a lot out of him, but he was still able to sense his surroundings and was prepared when he felt four presences- which seemed like shinobi, surround him.

Reaching for a kunai, Naruto held one up in defense as he felt the four shinobi close in on him. And as he felt their chakra signatures, his eyes widened a fraction.

Putting his kunai by his side, Naruto watched as the people who he had seen two years ago stop in front of him.

"Well isn't this a surprise," Naruto supplied amiably as he stared at the shinobi in front of him.

Standing before him was one Akimichi Chouza, Aburame Shibi, (a smaller-sized) Hatake Kakashi and Namikaze Minato.


And there ya go! How'd you like it? (I hope you did. If you didn't, that'd be real detrimental to my already low self-esteem). If ya like it, please review!

*Shi no Eien- Death Eternal. It took me forever to find a name to give this guy.

*Jiji- Old Man, I believe its translated to in English. Its what Naruto would call the Sandaime Hokage, except in Japanese rather that American.

*Hyou- Panther, in case some of you didn't know that. I read a fic, and it took me forever to find out that "Hyou" meant "Panther" in English. I felt really stupid.