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Chapter One

Rise of evil

(Via short circuit)


"Yes master?"

Zim sighed. Once again Gir had broken the base. He had been throwing his rubber piggy about and it had fallen into the center of the house and damaged the AI's brain.

"Gir, I need you to just stand here and stare at the TV, okay?"

Gir saluted. "Yes my lord!"

Zim smirked. That should keep him occupied.

Zim took the elevator below and removed the broken AI. He replaced it with a new one and sighed with relief.

The sigh came a second too soon. The AI sent a power surge out and caused a short circuit, essentially killing the base.

Zim snarled. "Gir…"


When Zim reached the upper room, he saw Gir hanging limply from the cords that made up the ceiling.

Zim facepalmed slowly. Using his PAK, he climbed up and detached Gir. Zim pulled out a small object from his PAK, and zapped Gir into life with it.

Gir sat upright, his eyes blood red.

"GIR! What did you-" Zim began, but was cut off by Gir's empty stare. "Gir? HELLO?"

Gir's cold eyes turned and gave him an unfeeling stare.

"Gir?" Zim asked, somewhat nervous.

"Must… destroy… must…" Gir muttered softly. "I shall eliminate all life in the universe…" He declared, standing.

"G-Gir?" Zim spluttered, backing away.

"Starting with you."

Zim's nerve failed him, and he bolted out the door, not even bothering to put on his disguise.

"ALL MORONS SHALL BE THE FIRST TO DIE!" Gir howled, chasing after him.

Zim tore along as fast as he could, eyes wide with panic. Gir's AI must have been twisted by the power surge; it had driven him crazier than normal. There was one place Zim had a chance. It was unlikely, but he had a chance.

He ran to Dib's house.

He pounded on the door.

He screamed as Gir caught him.

He screamed.

He screamed.


Dib opened the door to see Gir standing there, eyes red, hands covered in a slimy dark green liquid. Gir lashed out with his hands and Dib fell, a low gurgle coming from his throat.

Gaz stomped down the stairs.

"DIB! SHUT UP AND-" She stopped as she saw Gir standing over her brother. He held a long knife in his hands and was covered with blood. Slowly Gir walked towards her.

"SECURITY!" She shouted, summoning the deadly stuffed animals from her room.

Gir did not even twitch. He merely fired a small object from his arm. It let out a blast of noise, like static, and it made all of the machines fall to the ground. Gir lunged at Gaz, knife outstretched…


Professor Membrane sat down in his lab, making a serum to cure all forms of virus on earth. He chuckled softly as he prepared the small needle, and injected it gently into a small mouse. He turned to the monitors to check its vitals, and was pleased to see that it was working.

His work was distracted by an earsplitting shriek from outside. He jumped to his feet and ran to his lab's entrance, but froze. There was a noise echoing down the stairs…


Like water, dripping from a faucet. He stepped cautiously forward. There was a soft plish, as his boot touched down. He looked down and saw a small red pool forming at his feet. It was trickling down the stairs in a crimson river.

The professor looked slowly up, and saw a silhouette standing at the top of his stairs, brilliant red eyes leering down at him. He started to run, to get a weapon, to get away, but Gir was upon him, small blade sinking into Membranes stomach.

"I would shoot you, but there is a certain thrill in feeling the blood flowing out." The little SIR whispered, before violently ripping the knife upwards through Membrane's flesh.

Gir grinned, before leaving, pausing only to take any sharp objects he could find, and storing them in his head.

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