Ezra presented his famous boyish smile causing Aria to blush. She carefully placed her finished test on his desk before giggling and hurrying back to her seat. Ezra eyed her from across the room giving her a devious wink. The rest of the class had their noses buried in there exams so Aria felt it was safe to grin back. 10 minutes passed by and a shrill bell occupied everyone's ears. The students bustled out of the classroom as Ezra asked Aria to stay behind so he could talk to her about her "essay." He cautiously shut the wooden door and made his way back over to where the love of his life stood.

"So, can you come over tonight?" He asked the desperateness leaking through.

"I think so," Aria responded. "I might have to stop home first though."

"Ok." He smiled. "Would you like take-out for dinner or one of the three dishes I can actually cook."

"Well considering you almost burnt down your apartment building that one time you tried to make us macaroni and cheese, maybe take-out would be better," Aria laughed.

"Ha. You do have a point. So how does Rose of Sharon sound?"

"Perfect. Is it ok if I come over at 6:00?" Aria questioned.

"Great." Ezra chuckled. "Wow look at the time. You should probably go to class now, I'll right you a pass. "


Aria jammed her car keys into the ignition her excitement for tonight filling her whole body. She sped away from the school and soon arrived at her house. Aria rushed into her living-room tossing her jacket onto their dark leather couch.

"Mom…Dad," Aria called.

"Yes, honey?" Ella answered emerging from the kitchen.

"Can I go out tonight," Aria asked.

"Sure, where are you going?" Ella inquired.

"Oh...um… just a night with the girls, you know."

"You sound a little nervous something wrong."

"No! ... Sorry I just, I have to get going. Bye. Love you!" Aria hastily made her way back to her car not letting her mother ask anything else.

Aria knocked on Ezra's dark green apartment door labeled 3B. 30 seconds later Ezra opened the door a huge grin spreading across his face.


"Hi." Aria stepped forward wrapping her arms around Ezra's muscular chest. Ezra pressed a kiss onto the top of her head his hands intertwining with her long brown curls.

"We better stop now if we ever want to get to dinner," Ezra chuckled.

Aria moaned and reluctantly pulled herself away from the warm body that her love inhabited. Hand in hand they waltzed over to Ezra's couch. They settled into the plush fabric the dinner already laid out on the wooden coffee table.

"Would you like an eggroll my dear?" Ezra asked.

"I would love one handsome." Aria smiled.

Ezra took a one of the long tubes from the box and fed it to Aria. A small carrot sliver fell out of the eggroll and landed on Aria's lip. Ezra inched closer to her licking the small piece of food into his mouth. Aria pounced onto him crushing her mouth against his. She forced her tongue between his lips and traced the roof of his mouth. Ezra outlined Arias back with his velvety fingertips and slowly caressed her face. Aria fingered the button on the top of Ezra's jeans and slid closer to him.

"Aria. As much as I would love to do that with you we just can't."

"Ezra, we can if we want to. It's not that big of a deal. I love you. Please."

"Aria," Ezra sighed. "You're not making it easy for me to be the responsible one."

"Well I don't want you to be the responsible one. "

"You know one of has to be. Listen I promise you we will do it, we just can't do it now."

"Fine." Aria exhaled. She picked herself off Ezra's lap before finding herself being pulled right back. Ezra's strong arms enclosed Aria as he whispered, "Just because we shouldn't have sex doesn't mean we shouldn't cuddle." He nibbled on her ear before slinging her petite body over his shoulder.

"I've have to get dessert from the fridge and you're coming with me."

Aria burst into a fit of laughter trying to wiggle herself out of Ezra's strong grip. Ezra grabbed two cannolis and finally placed Aria back on his couch. Aria snuggled into his warm chest inhaling his intoxicating cologne.

"I love you Ezra."

"I love you too Aria."

"I should probably get going; I left home kind of weird." Aria said.

"Are you sure?" Ezra replied.

"Yeah. Will I see you on Monday?"

"Yep. I really liked having you here."

"Well, I really liked being here," Aria grinned. She placed a kiss his lips and hurried away so she wouldn't be tempted to do anything more.

Aria arrived at her house to find her mother sitting in an armchair waiting for her.

"Aria, I called Spencer's mom and she said Spencer was home with her. So then I called Hannah's mom only to get the same message. I finally called Emily's mom to find you weren't there either. Aria, where were you?"