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"Do you have to go home," Ezra whispered into Aria's neck.

"My mom thinks I'm with the girls and they know I'm here so no," she smiled.

Ezra flashed a gleaming grin and slid his arms around Aria's waist. He trailed soft butterfly kisses from the tip of her shoulder up to her temple. Aria brushed that one unruly curl from Ezra's forehead and glided her hand down his hard chest. She slipped each button out of its designated slit and marveled at how his body could still make her insides flutter. Ezra kissed Aria's ever so slightly parted lips and brought his hands to rest on the back of her thighs. Aria jumped up and wrapped her legs around Ezra's abdomen pressing herself even closer to him. Ezra tightened his grasp on her and slowly walked them over to the bed. He gently placed her on the cotton comforter her dark hair cascading across the sheets. He hovered over her, smiling to himself as he realized he was the luckiest guy in the world.

"What?" Aria giggled.

"I didn't even think it was possible to love one person this much." His warm minty breath fanned her face as her dark hazel eyes captured his gaze.

Aria blushed, before considering what he'd said for a moment.

"It's possible because we're soul mates."

Ezra looked down at her as he whispered, "That we are."

"Happy Birthday dear Aria, Happy Birthday to you!"

Aria stared into the bright white flames as they flickered in the dimly lit room. She squeezed her eyes shut and blew out a strong gust of air. She had wished that she and Ezra would stay together forever, even though she knew she didn't need to. Aria was confident nothing would ever break them apart but it didn't hurt to do it just in case.

"I can't believe you're going to be starting senior year. And then only one more year until my little girl's going to be 18," Byron sighed.

"Dad," Aria laughed. "I promise I'll come and visit as often as I can." Aria stood up from her chair and enclosed her father in a tight hug.

"Alright, let's open presents before I start crying," Ella chuckled.

"Oooh me first!" Hannah exclaimed as she jumped up from position across the table.

Hannah handed Aria a hot pink box with a big silver bow wrapped around the top. Aria grinned at her friend before tearing open the shiny paper. Aria lifted up the cover to the package to reveal a gold Gucci purse.

"Every girl needs Gucci," Hannah explained.

"Thanks Han, I love it," Aria said as she gave Hannah a hug.

"Me next!" Emily handed her a yellow bag with white tissue paper tumbling out the top.

Aria pulled out the crumbly paper and placed it on the table. She reached into the bag to find a huge brown book with a picture of the four girls and Ali.

"My mom taught me how to make scrapbooks when I was younger, so I put a bunch of pictures of us and Alison together.

"It's beautiful," Aria told her as she flipped through the first couple of pages. "Thank's Em."

Spencer handed Aria a flat white box with a simple red box taped on it. Aria opened the gift to reveal 3 cd's of her favorite band, a new sweater, and a bunch of classic old movies.

"Thanks Spence! Now me and Ezra have some new stuff to watch on Sundays," Aria laughed.

Ezra agreed and pecked the top of Aria's head from behind.

"Ok, Aria here's the present from me and your father," Ella said as she reached for a box from behind her. Aria received a lilac strapless dress that she had once pointed out she liked when shoping with her mom.

"Thank you guys," Aria said hugging them both.

Lastly Ezra pulled out a long red box that was about 6 inches long. Aria raised the hard cover to see a long necklace with a diamond heart. She turned it over and saw engraved in small letters

Forever and Always


Aria glanced up at him her heart swelling with every breath she took.

"Thanks," she whispered as he encircled her in an embrace.

"Of course," he whispered back.


"How was senior prom?" Ezra asked as he invited Aria inside.

"Eh," Aria responded as she smoothed out her dress. "I wish you could have been there, but I'm glad I left early so I can spend the rest of my night with you."

"You didn't have to do that," Ezra said as he helped Aria out of her jacket. "I don't want you to miss out on all these fun things because of me."

"Ezra, I don't care about any of that stuff," she clarified. "All I care about is you."

Ezra smiled at her and grasped her hand. He let her over to the middle of his apartment before lowering the lights. He pulled Aria close to him and rested his arms around her waist. Aria wrapped her arms around Ezra's neck and buried her face in his chest. She inhaled his sweet cologne and he slowly started to sway them back and forth. Ezra started to hum Happiness by The Fray as pressed kisses to her hair.

"I wish I could have done this with you at the dance tonight," Aria sighed.

"3 more months…3 more months," he trailed off.


"Aria Montgomery," Principal Johnson called.

Aria paced across the stage shaking the hands of her teachers as she walked along. She peered into the crowd and saw Ezra smiling right back at her. Aria clutched the diploma in her hand, the key to her freedom. She was finally done with high school and she and Ezra were legal.

"Congratulations, class of 2013!" The four girls threw up their hats and joined in one big group hug. Aria raced down to go see Ezra and threw herself into his arms.

"Hey," he laughed.

"Hi," Aria smiled.

"So I guess the rumors were true, Fitz did hook up with a student after he left," some guy from the football team said.

Aria's eyes started to well with tears as the boy just shook his head and walked away.

"Ezra were never gonna be able to just be a normal couple," Aria whimpered. "People will never accept us here."

Ezra took Aria's hands in his and stared deeply into her eyes.

"Then let's leave," Ezra spoke. "Aria…marry me. Right Now. Let's hop on a plane to Vegas and just do it."

"Are you serious?" Aria laughed.

"Aria, I love you and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you, so yeah I am."

"Ok," she beamed.

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