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This is a quick little one-shot I decided to write. Hopefully y'all enjoy it.





This is everything you are to me.

This is what you represent for me, the greatest warrior to ever serve Lady Yoruichi.

This is who I value.

You are a man that I have followed and observed for ten years to this day.

You are my worst enemy.

You are the thing that keeps me awake at night.

You are an impulsive imbecile.

You are someone I should not have even given a second thought to.

You are someone I wish to battle until the end of time in a place known only to us.

You are a man that possesses much resolve.

You are a brave fighter who doesn't stop until he's vanquished his opposition.

You are a man who wears a pitiful scowl on his face.

You are the man that many in the Seireitei have come to fear and loathe.

You are someone I can't help but relish being around.

You are a man who's quite handsome, yet unrefined and undisciplined.

You are someone I austerely admire.

You are the man who I would give everything for on a whim.

You are my inspiration for further excellence and perfection.

You are what no one else can ever be.

You are something that many couldn't begin to comprehend.

You are what I've fought so hard for.

You are my blanket.

You are my safety net.

You are my warmth.

You are my tourniquet.

You are my weakness.

You are my strength.

You are both my lover and my best friend.

You are the reason why I smile.

You are the beloved father of our children.

You are my husband.

You are my strawberry.

You are Ichigo Kurosaki.

This is who you are.

This is what you symbolize.

This is why you are the person that I adore and will adore until the end of time.

Author's Note: I hope everyone enjoyed that little piece. I thank you all for reading and I welcome your thoughts on this.

~ Take care, and God bless.