This writing thing is addictive. So I decided to have a little play in Warner Brothers playground again. Timing: I'm thinking a year or two before the reunion movie. Read, comment,

hopefully enjoy. See where the journey goes.

It's been a long time

A car could be heard screeching to a stop, followed by a door banging and voices.

"Hey Uncle Jesse! We brought ya the post in" Bo called as he and Luke came into the kitchen.

"Shh" Daisy reprimanded turning from the stove as Bo kissed the top of her head and Luke tickled her playfully. "Uncle Jesse is taking a nap"

"Wrong. Uncle Jesse was taking a nap" He sighed coming in from the lounge "Was there anythin' that important in that there pile o' post that they needed

ya'll to go hollarin' so that ya could be heard down at Sticks River?"

"Sorry Uncle Jesse" Luke apologised, echoed by Bo. Luke added "Don't seem as if there's anythin' much" He handed the pile over.

"I would have thought that Coy and Vance woulda been here by now" Bo commented.

"They'll be by anytime" Uncle Jesse replied as flicked through the letters. "Well, would ya looky here"

"What is it Uncle Jesse" Daisy asked slapping Bo's hand away from the food she had been preparing and going over to her Uncle.

"There's a letter here all the way from Pineville, Mississippi" He replied

"Who'd be writin' to you from way out there?" Bo looked puzzled

"Ain't that where Aunt Margaret's family live?" Daisy questioned.

"That's right" Luke replied "You remember Bo. They used to come by each summer and stay for a while. Sometimes help with the harvest."

"That's them" Uncle Jesse confirmed.

"I remember" Bo added "Aunt Margaret and Uncle Ben had a daughter."

Daisy laughed "I guess you would remember that"

"Daisy!" He pouted "She was a real tomboy"

Luke grinned "Not Bo's type at all"

"Well, she did have three brothers to contend with" Uncle Jesse reminded them as he read the letter whilst listening to their chatter.

"Yeah and she could out work Bo here every time" Luke continued to needle

"That ain't fair..." He started to protest but was cut short by the sound of another set of tyres screeching into the yard and a horn sounding.

"The fellas are here" Daisy squealed and rushed into the yard followed by the others.

They all excitedly greeted Coy and Vance with hugs and handshakes before going inside to the meal Daisy had been preparing. Supper was a noisy affair

as they all exchanged news.

"And hows them young uns of yours doin'?" Uncle Jesse asked Vance

"Gettin' bigger every day, Uncle Jesse" He replied. "They'll be in college before we know it. Anna's lookin' forward to bringin' em down next week."

"I can't wait to see her again" Daisy sighed "It's been a while"

"Sure has Sugar" Vance gave Daisy a quick hug. "Hey Uncle Jesse Have ya heard much about how the rest of the family's doin'?"

"Real strange ya should ask." He replied "The boys brought in a letter from your Aunt Margaret's kin just before you arrived"

"How they doin'?" Coy asked cautiously.

"They seem to be doin' just fine. Seems as though young Tilly Anne has taken over from her Ma in keeping the men folk in order." Uncle Jesse told them.

"She ain't that young anymore" Bo commented.

"No, she's at least a year older than you" Luke agreed sarcastically "Which would make her ..."

"At least in her late thirties" Daisy worked out for him. "Ain't none of us as young as we used to be."

Bo grinned "You may all be gettin' old but not me"

"You'll always be the baby" Luke teased.

"I was real sorry to hear about Aunt Margaret passin' 'n' all" Coy spoke up bringing the conversation back to the letter "It's good to hear they're all doin'

OK. Who wrote ya Uncle Jesse?"

"Was Tilly Anne as wrote" he replied.

Vance shot Coy a look "Why you so interested Partner?"

"Just askin' is all." Coy replied defensively "I ain't heard from them in a good while"

Bo frowned "Am I missin' somethin' here?"

Coy pulled a face "Y'aint missin' anythin' Cuz. Me and Tilly Anne was just friends havin' fun. We was just kids"

"Yeah" Daisy defended him "You two always had a lot in common and spent a lot of time together when they was around."

"And the last time we all musta been here y'all musta been at least eighteen, that's plenty old enough..." Bo teased grinning.

"Bo, that's enough of that kinda talk" Uncle Jesse reprimanded "This ain't one of your racin' get togethers"

"Sorry, Uncle Jesse" He dropped his head giving Coy a sly smile as if to say he hadn't finished with him.

Coy ignored him as the meal and the conversations continued.

The following day, Coy came into the house to fetch some glasses of Daisy's lemonade and found Uncle Jesse on the phone. "Now Honey, you know that

you's welcome to come by anytime" He heard him say as he prepared the drinks. "The more the merrier...Everyone's back here for my birthday next

week...As it happens they're all out workin' ...'cept Coy. Ya wanna say hey?" Uncle Jesse beckoned Coy over.

"Who is it?" Coy asked looking puzzled.

"Tilly Anne" He replied handing over the receiver.

Coy looked a bit startled before regaining his composure and speaking. "Well, hey there stranger..." Coy smiled "No, but you ain't written in a long while


Uncle Jesse smiled as he walked away and left Coy catching up a little.

Eventually Coy took the lemonade out into the field where the others were working. They stopped as he arrived and came over to each take a glass.

"What kept ya partner?" Vance asked.

Luke grinned "Ya been away so long that ya lost ya way from the field to the house"

"No, I didn't get lost" Coy pouted.

"Taking your time so's we have all the work done, I'm guessin'." Vance teased.

"No, Uncle Jesse was on the phone to Tilly Anne and he gave it to me and we was just catchin' up a little."

"There's that name again " Luke commented

"Didn't ya keep in touch with her?" Vance asked Coy

"We used to write once in a while" Coy mused "but not in a long time"

"Are you sure you never..." Bo nudged Coy and winked "All that time ya used to spend together"

"No Bo, sorry to disappoint. But we never even kissed. We were only ever friends."

As they all teased Vance started wondering if there was more to this than Coy was letting on. It seemed to Vance that Coy was hiding something and he

made a mental note to ask him about it later when the others weren't around.