"Hey Darlin'. Ya wanna come dance?" Bo asked

"With you?" Tilly teased

"Yeah with me" Bo replied indignantly

She grinned "Yeah I guess I could risk it"

Bo pulled a face at her "Wouldn't want you to feel like a wallflower"

"Why thank you for savin we from such a terrible fate" She smiled sarcastically as he led her to the dance floor.

Vance patted Coy's shoulder, coming up behind him as he sat talking to a girl at the table. "Hey Cuz"

Coy looked round "Hey. You remember Betty Sue?"


"Good to see you again Vance" She smiled "Never thought I'd see all you fellas back here. And you with a wife and kids too"

Vance returned the smile. "Well, we all have to settle down sometime"

"Maybe not everyone" she smiled running a finger along Coy's arm

"Maybe we ain't all the settlin' down type" He said uncomfortably.

Vance smirked at Coy's reaction. "Maybe you just ain't got the right girl" He glanced at Tilly messing around with Bo, Luke and Daisy on the

dance floor. Coy followed his glance,smiling as Tilly laughed, wishing he was there too.

"Ain't that right Coy" Betty Sue spoke to him.

Coy realised he was being spoken too and had missed something she had said. Something that had amused Vance judging by the raised


"Sorry, I didn't catch that" He said nervously

"I was just tellin' Vance how we were talkin about us getting reaquainted and seein if I could help you find the right girl, if ya know what I


Coy looked from Betty Sue's expectant look to Vance's amused one.

"I think I need to get more drinks" Coy said jumping up and heading for the bar.

Bo slapped him on the shoulder and sank onto the stool next to him. "I ain't as young as I once was"

Coy forced a smile "Ain't that a fact"

"Hey" Bo nudged him "Y'ain't supposed to agree with me. Anyway, how d'you manage to pull Betty Sue when I'm here?"

Coy glanced back at the table where she was waiting and waved seductively at him. He looked from her to Tilly dancing a slow dance with


"You interested Cuz., go for it" Coy handed Betty Sue's drink to Bo and went to the dance floor. "Mind if I cut in here?"

"Be my guest." Luke replied.

"Hey Cowboy. Ya havin' fun?" Tilly asked as they started to dance

"I am now" He smiled

"Ya seemed to be getting' a lot of attention over there" She tilted her head towards the table he'd been sitting at.

"Unwanted attention" He replied keeping his eyes on Tilly's, gauging her thoughts.

"I believe you" she smiled gently rubbing his shoulder with the hand she had resting there.

"I hate havin' to pretend I'm single" He pulled her a little closer.

"Then maybe you shouldn't" She held her eyes on his.

A questioning look flew across his face. "Are you serious?"

"Depends on how serious you are about me" The daring on her face was not teasing or fun. She wanted to really know if he meant what he


His questioning look was answered by a nod and she gently kissed his lips, not caring who was watching.

"I knew it!" Daisy gasped.

"What?" Luke turned to her.

"Look" She pointed across the room to Coy returning Tilly's kiss.

Luke's mouth dropped open as he nudged Bo's shoulder. Vance laughed at their reactions.

Uncle Jesse turned back to his companions. "About time they came clean" He said matter of factly.

Ben smiled "They did a bad job of hidin' it" They chuckled and returned to their conversation.


Coy hugged Tilly as they laughed

"I think you owe me a beer" She said to him and they headed for the bar.

Vance shook his hand as he stood leaning on the bar "Nice going Partner"

Coy grinned at Tilly cuddled up next to him. "It's Just Tilly"

Vanced smiled at them "Shoulda guessed"

Tilly hugged him "Thanks Vance. We owe you"

"You're welcome Sugar. It's good to see him happy. Just keep it that way."

Tilly returned to Coy as he handed out beers. "I'll try"

"You too cuz. You'll have the whole family down on you if ya don't"

Coy smiled and put his arm round her "I intend to"

Tilly looked up at him and he kissed her.

"Time to face the music I think" Vance indicated with his bottle the contingent of Dukes approaching across the room

Coy sighed and Tilly laughed leaning her head on his shoulder.

Coy and Tilly got out of the car and walked across the yard, arms around each other.

"Give me a minute" Tilly said quietly noticing Ben sat on the porch.

Coy nodded and went inside.

"You OK Dad?"

"Just takin' in the air" Ben replied

She went up the steps and lent on the rail next to him quietly not knowing quite what to say.

Ben let the silence run for a moment, watching her look out across the farm. Then he smiled " So you and cousin Coy, huh?"

Tilly turned to him and gave a tentative smile. "Yeah. Do you mind?"

"It ain't up to me to mind" He said patting the bench next to him for her to sit down "You're a grown woman and make your own decisions"

Tilly sat down " Yeah, but Coy"

"It's been a long time comin'."

Tilly looked at him puzzled

Ben smiled "We saw it when you was kids"

Tilly chuckled "And we thought we were so good at hiding what we felt"

Ben chuckled too and put his arm round her "Only from each other"

Tilly rested her head on his shoulder "I wish I knew what Mama would have thought" she sighed.

"Told ya, She saw it comin'. Besides she'd have asked you one thing"

Tilly turned to look at him.

Ben continued "Does he make you happy?"

Tilly smiled "Yes he does"

He cuddled her close "Then that's all that matters"

Tilly rested her head back against his shoulder "He makes me feel safe, like I haven't felt in such a long time"

Ben kissed the top of her head "I'm glad, and you're Mama would be too"

Coy went into the lounge and met Uncle Jesse's gaze. The others looked from one to the other and made themselves scarce.

"Sit down Coy"

Coy could have sworn he'd just gone back twenty years as he sat on the sofa opposite Uncle Jesse's chair.

"Ya wanna talk" Uncle Jesse asked.

"Ya mean Tilly?"

"Of course. What's the problem?"

"I like her. I've always liked her. But its complicated"

"Are you serious about her?" Uncle Jesse asked

Coy studied his hands "It's early days, but yes I think I am" He glanced up

"And Tilly?"

Coy allowed himself a small smile "Yes sir, I believe she is."

Uncle Jesse held the serious face "I know you're both old enough to make your own decisions and it don't matter none what I think..."

"We'd still like your blessing Uncle Jesse" Coy interrupted

Uncle Jesse finally gave in to a smile "And you have it. You've both been through a lot and you could help each other. If ya feel enough, ya can

work through anythin'. Just be careful and make her happy."

Coy grinned "I will Uncle Jesse"

The door opened and Ben came in as Coy crossed the room

"Take care of her Coy" Ben said catching Coy's eye and holding out his hand.

Coy shook it "Yes Sir. I intend to"

Ben nodded and Coy left to find Tilly.

Ben sat down with Uncle Jesse shaking his head "I thought I was done with all this"

Uncle Jesse smiled "Somethin' tells me we'll never be done with all this"

Ben laughed "I guess not"


Outside, Coy found Tilly leaning on the porch rails, and wrapped his arms round her.

"You ok?"

"Yeah" She turned in his arms to face him "You?"

He smiled "Never better" And he kissed her.

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