Falling into Fire, Rising from the Ashes

UnluckyWriter: Well…this came to be after I watched various news channels, from CNN, to Headline News, to Fox, I have watched pieces of them all and have learn so much more about our nation and small world. It was depressing. And then this dude on the TV began talking about superpowers and Berlin Wall, and yada, and I went, "Hmm…Since America has tons of trillions of bucks in debt owed to China…-GASP- China's gonna eventually be a SUPERPOWER NATION." Cue, the ideas, the raging plot bunny kamikazes, and cereal insane laughter eruptions problem. Love it. Also, this was ORIGINALLY supposed to be a LARGE oneshot, but I thought it would be too long, so I decided to go with Stargazer500's suggestion, and turn this into a multi-chap.

Pairings: RoChu (Russia/Chin), USUK (America/England), GerIta (Germany/Italy), GiriPan (Greece/Japan), PruCan (Prussia/Canada), friendship!Russia/England, etc.

Rating: M for safety

Disclaimer: Haven't I already gone over this? If I was the owner of Hetalia, not only would I screw it up from hell to heaven, I would accidentally kill countless innocents for actually reading the messed up creation. Is countless billions dead yet from my version of Hetalia? No. So that means I don't own. Pity.

WARNING: OOCness, profanity, angst, horror (?), emotional stuff, CHARACTER DEATH(S), sing-along-songs, weapons, war, some gory bits, etc. You don't like, press the back button. It'll be your light… Wait, I said don't shoo- *Shot*


"Due to unpaid debt, America has fallen from Leadership Status," the chairman of the World Powers meeting solemnly announced.

England watched the mentioned nation stiffen at the words, horrified look crossing spectacled face, before, at the request of his superior, he stood up and went to the front of the room, standing alongside another silent nation. The sunny blonde trembled, hands twitching almost imperceptibly. The British country understood, having to experience the same rite long ago, and pitied the younger nation.

To lose one's throne of fame, wealth, and tremendous power is like a painful fall from grace…

England couldn't do anything, couldn't stop what was going to happen, so he closed green eyes instead, as the President of the United States of America finally pronounced emotionlessly, "Therefore, I hereby declare that China… is now the new superpower."

At the end of the end of the declaration, America groaned, body shaking in pained tremors as he fell to the ground on his knees, thin hands covering grief-stricken face. The nation beside him also seemed to tremble, before suddenly, China stilled and smiled.