Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling as do all recognizable characters.

Summary: When Harry returns for his Fifth Year at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry he makes a startling discovery. Draco Malfoy's twin brother has mysteriously arrived at Hogwarts. Curious as ever, Harry starts on an adventure to understand the newest member of Slytherin House.

A/N: Harry managed to defeat Voldemort as a baby, therefore Sirius, James and Lily are all ALIVE in this fic.

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Chapter 1: New Discoveries:

Harry Potter walked through the brick barrier that prevented Muggles from entering platform nine and three quarters. He had done this every year for the past four, and now he was returning for his fifth year at Hogwarts. A small smile crept onto the boy's features as his left hand automatically raised, shoving his glasses back onto his face.

"Oi Harry"

A familiar voice rang out, turning, Harry saw his best mate and loyalist friend, Ron Weasley shoving his way through the crowded platform.

"Did ya see?" Ron asked panting and gesturing madly behind him, his long arms flailing.

"See what?" Harry asked, looking at his friend with concerned sparkling green eyes.

"Malfoy" Ron hissed, "He's here, but there's someone else with him" His own chocolate brown eyes sparkled intensely.

"Ron, Draco Malfoy's allowed to have friends" A haughty voice sounded from behind him. Glancing up, both boys broke into matching wide smiles. Hermione Granger, the third member of the 'Golden Trio' stood behind Ron, a large leather bound book wrapped in her arms.

"But 'Mione, this isn't just a friend, he looks like another Malfoy.

Rolling her eyes at the ginger haired young man, Hermione glanced at Harry, smiling at her friend.

"Who cares about Malfoy anyway, lets get on the train before all the compartments fill up" She urged, shoving the two boys towards the glistening crimson train.

"Okay, okay" Harry laughed, turning to say goodbye to his parents.

"Bye Mom, Bye Dad" He called, waving madly at his parents whom were currently talking to Molly and Arthur Weasley.

"Bye Harry" Lily Potter called, smiling proudly at her son, "Don't get into to much trouble" James called, trying and failing to keep a straight face.

Bickering between his parents ensued, though Harry knew it was playful, chuckling to himself, the raven haired teen swiftly pushed his way onto the train, slipping into an empty compartment and quickly claiming it for himself, Ron and Hermione and any other wayward friends that needed a place to sit.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" A concerned looking Lucius Malfoy asked the petite teen in front of him.

"Dad, I'll be fine" Adrian Malfoy reassured, smiling softly. The teen did in fact look like a Malfoy. With his soft, white blonde hair and blue grey eyes, he was almost a carbon copy of Draco and Lucius. However, Adrian was also tiny standing at five feet four inches, while his twin was almost six feet tall. He was almost frail looking with a too-thin body and sallow, pale skin. Still handsome, which was hard not to be if you were of Malfoy blood, the boy looked downright ill and exhausted.

"We can hold off another year" Narcissa said, her voice gentle as she stared at her son. Of course, to the outside world, the Malfoy's were simply talking, you had to be a member of the family to see the concern etched on their aristocratic faces as the Malfoy's were above showing such emotion in public.

"Really Mum, I'll be fine" Adrian said, smiling again. "The school has my medicine and I've got Dray there" He murmured, looking at his twin brother with a grin.

"Oh alright, but I want letters every week" Narcissa said, conceding and turning her attention to Draco. Draco, better known as Malfoy to many, smiled softly at his twin brother, his own grey eyes sparkling with emotion, though like his parents he kept it well hidden.

"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him" Draco drawled, smiling at his parents. "We have to go though the trail'll leave without us, and I for one do not want to be late" He said, looking around at the almost empty platform.

"Be safe" Narcissa called, while Lucius wrapped an arm around her.

"He can always come home" He reassured, watching the two boys slowly head onto the train.

"Will we get a compartment?" Adrian asked, his tone worried as he looked up at Draco.

"Don't worry, the others will have saved one for us, they're pretty excited that you're finally coming to Hogwarts" Draco replied, making his way down the stuffy train corridor.

"I'm just glad Professor Dumbledore allowed it, though Dad's on the governor's board and it's really not my fault I wasn't able to go till now" Adrain said, shaking his head slightly.

"No, it's not your fault" Draco said, his voice harsher then intended. Glancing around, he spotted a familiar face peering out of a compartment window.

"Ah, Blaise" He said, pushing the door open and slipping inside, closely followed by Adrian.

"Hey Dray, have a good summer?" Blaise asked, shifting aside. The Slytherin compartment was filled with the usual crowd. Blaise Zabini was seated closest to the compartment door, next to Pansy Parkinson, a brown haired girl with an unfortunate pug nose. Across from Parkinson sat Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle; Draco Malfoy's appointed body guards.

Sitting down next to Blaise, Draco gestured for Adrian to seat himself between Crabbe and Goyle, it was arguably the safest place.

"It was good, we went to the villa in Italy again" Draco finally responded, once he was sure Adrian was seated comfortably.

"So Adrian you excited to be finally going to Hogwarts?" Pansy simpered, looking at the shy, blonde haired boy.

"Yea I suppose, I mean it's all I ever hear about from Dray" He responded shyly, his eyes slowly sliding up to meet Pansy's own.

"Dumbledore tried to keep him out. Saying he was to old and stuff, but Father threatened him with the board and they let him in" Draco supplied looking annoyed.

"What? Dumbledore did that? What an old coot" Blaise hissed, while Crabbe and Goyle cracked their knuckles threateningly.

"Hey Adrian?" Pansy asked, once the boys were done insulting Dumbledore, which seemed to be their favorite past time after harassing Potter and his friends.

"Yea?" Adrian asked looking at Pansy once again. He seemed rather small, squeezed between Crabbe and Goyle, but he still had the commanding Malfoy presence, even if it wasn't as strong as his father's or brother's.

"Why are you already wearing Slytherin colours? I mean you haven't been sorted yet, have you?" She asked, having noticed the tie and crest were of their own house.

"He was sorted privately a few days ago" Draco said, smiling smugly. "Father didn't want to put a fifteen year old through that nonsense with the sorting hat in front of the entire school. Especially not Adrian" He added.

"Oh well that's nice. Better then being on display like some prized animal" Blaise stated, looking up as there was a knock on the compartment door.

"Anything from the trolly?" The old witch who supplied treats asked.

"Guys?" Draco asked, fishing his coin purse from his robes, he and Adrian were both already wearing them.

"I'd like some Chocolate Frogs" Adrian said shyly, digging for his own purse.

"How many dear?" The woman asked, showing him the different bags of five, ten or twenty.

"Ten?" He asked, handing over the money and receiving the small bag.

"Licorice wands" Pansy drawled, paying and receiving her own candy. The others quickly made purchases, Cauldron Cakes for Blaise, Bertie Bott's Ever Flavoured Beans for Crabbe and Goyle and Pumpkin Pasties for Draco.

"Thank you dears" The trolly witch said, slowly making her way further down the aisle.

For awhile, the only noise heard within the compartment was the quiet munching of children eating candy. Slowly, darkness began to enter the compartment and small magical lights came on, hinting that the train was nearing Hogsmead.

"Well we best gather our things, we're almost there" Blaise said, beginning to gather up his belongings which always seemed to get spread over the compartment. Pansy rapidly changed into her school robes, as did the others just as the train began to pull into the station.

Exiting the train, a loud voice was heard above the loud babble of the excited students.

"Firs' years follow me!" A familiar voice called out.

"I can't believe they haven't fired him yet" Draco groaned, shaking his head in disgust as the group made their way towards the line of carriages waiting to take them to Hogwarts.

"Who?" Adrian asked, trying desperately not to get swept up in the crowd.

"Hagrid, he's that oaf of a half giant that they let reside here. He even teaches Care of Magical Creatures" Pansy explained, shoving her way past a group of terrified second years in order to snag a carriage.

"Oh, he's the one who's hippogriff attacked you, right Dray?' He asked his twin.

"Dray? What is that, some kind of disease?" A sneering voice sounded behind the group of Slytherins. Whirling, they found themselves face to face with the Golden Trio.

"Ah, Mudblood, Scarhead and Weasel" Draco drawled, "Fancy seeing you here" Adrian looked between the two groups, instinctively trying to stay out of the confrontation. Not only would he get in serious trouble back home for it, but stress could trigger one of his attacks.

"Who's you're new pet Ferret?" Ron spat, glowering in Adrian's direction. Crabbe cracked his knuckles again, staring threateningly at Ron.

"No one of importances to you Weasley, odd how you care so much about my life when you should be more concerned about how long the school will let you stay" Draco smirked, his infamous sneer present on his face.

"Wha?" Ron asked, caught up in confusion at Draco's statement.

"Oh, didn't you hear, Hogwarts is no longer offering charity for students. So there's no way your family can afford the tuition" Draco said, feigning sadness.

Ron's ears began to redden, a clear sign of danger as his volatile temper was about to get the best of him.

"Sod off Malfoy" Harry snapped, glowering in the blonde's direction.

"Scared Potty? If Weasley goes you won't have anyone hear to make you feel all special for something that you did by accident" Blaise drawled, chuckling to himself.

"Stop insulting my family's money" Ron roared, it was a sore spot for him, and Malfoy always knew how to exploit it. Surging forward, Ron swung wildly, attempting to punch Draco, but instead his flying fist connected with Adrian.

Freezing in place, Ron watched, horrified as Adrian immediately crumpled to the ground, his body shuddering, breath coming out in sharp, painful gasps.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Pansy screamed, whipping out her wand and pointing it at Ron.

"I-I didn't hit him that hard" Ron hissed, staring at the quivering boy.

Recovering from shock, Draco dropped to his knees, pulling Adrian onto his lap and viciously digging into his robes for a small, blue vial. All thoughts of appearances were gone as Draco worked ignoring the yelling and threats above his head. Ripping the stopper from the vial, he poured the contents down his twin's throat, desperately hoping he had caught it in time. Slowly, almost to slowly, Adrian began to breath easier, his shakes slowly stopped and he was able to open his eyes.

"Thanks Dray" He murmured, reaching up and tenderly touching his swollen cheek bone. Heaving a sign of relief, Draco hugged Adrian tightly, "I'll get Weasley for this" He breathed in his twin's ear, before slowly helping Adrian to his feet.

The arguing had dissipated as Hermione and Blaise had gotten it under control. The only one who had noticed Draco's odd behaviour was one Harry Potter. Intrigued by what had just occurred, Harry glanced back over his shoulder deciding at that moment to find out more about the newest Malfoy to come to Hogwarts.

"What do you think that was all about?" He asked Hermione as Ron still fumed about 'barely touching the kid'.

"I dunno Harry, but I've never seen Malfoy act like that, nor have I ever seen someone react so strangely to getting punched" She frowned, "Maybe there's something in the library" She mused to herself as they stepped into a carriage. It already held Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood though no one minded. As aimless chatter began to take over, Harry let his mind wander back to what had just happened, barely noticing that they had arrived at Hogwarts until Ginny nudged him sharply, since he was blocking the exit to the door.