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Chapter 21: Weasley Wizard Wheezes

Adrian and Draco landed inside the main fireplace of the twins' joke shop. The large room was completely empty except for a huge pile of books.

Draco yelped loudly as he was suddenly grabbed from behind and jerked into a hug, all he noticed was red hair and loud giggling from his twin. Finally he was released, massaging his neck, the blonde eyed Fred wearily, though he was only joking.

"So glad you two could come and help" George said, smiling at the Malfoy twins, "The first two floors are going to be the shop, and the third floor is our flat" He explained, pointing various things out.

"We're thinking we need to set up everything in groups, like one shelving unit for our 'Wonder Witch' products, another for our 'living products' like the pygmy puffs" George continued, "And so on and so forth"

Adrian nodded in understanding, "So like 'defensive jokes' like your shield hats and decoy detonators?" he questioned while George nodded enthusiastically. Fred and Draco were to busy subtly trying to stare at one another to be paying much attention to anything going on. Both Adrian and George shared a look, before breaking off into loud snickers.

"What?" Fred demanded, glowering at the laughing pair.

"You two need to just snog already" Adrian said, smirking as his twin flushed a rather fetching shade of pale pink. "We've been talking for like twenty minutes about the shop and all you two have done is stare at one another" George added, ignoring Fred's glare.

"W-we don't want to snog" Draco venhemently denied.

"I dunno about you, but I want to" Fred said, the corners of his lips quirking lightly as he stared at handsome young man standing right in front of him.

"You do?" Draco asked, eyes wide.

"Well who wouldn't want to snog you?" Fred teased, though his eyes showed that he was serious. Draco flushed again, glancing anxiously at his brother and George.

"Er George, didn't you have that thing you wanted to show me? Upstairs?" Adrian said, nudging the red head.

"What? Oh, yes the thing!" George grabbed Adrian's arm and the two dashed upstairs, leaving Fred and Draco alone.

"Subtle" Draco drawled, rolling his eyes at the pair.

"At least they left us alone" Fred said, stepping forward, he was a bit taller then Draco, but not by much.

"Mmm yes" Draco breathed, staring at Fred with hungry eyes.

"So, do you want to?" Fred asked, leaning closer to the blonde, his blue eyes staring into silver ones, desire making them sparkle.

"Yes" Draco replied, sliding closer to Fred, their chests were now touching. Fred's arms snaked around Draco's waist, dragging the blonde even closer while he bent forward, pressing his lips to the blonde's, sparks of passion flying between the two. Draco's eyes widened in surprise, before they closed and he succumbed to the bliss of the heated kiss with his once rival.

"Merlin" Both boys breathed, breaking apart and continuing to stare at one another.

"What the bloody fuck is going on here?" Ron's angry voice rang out from the entrance of the shop.


Narcissa and Lucius walked sedately along the crowded streets of the alley. Seldom they were jostled however, most people had enough common sense to get out of the wealthy couple's way.

Pausing in front of the store, the couple admired the large, welcoming sign, and the posters for new products that covered the windows.

"Seems like the boys will be alright" Narcissa said softly, "Shall we go into the apothecary?" She asked curiously, "Leave them be for now" She added, tugging her husband's arm gently.

"I suppose" Lucius said, a bit more reluctant since they hadn't actually seen the boys, but he also knew they wouldn't be thanked for showing up and nothing was really wrong.


Fred and Draco leapt apart at Ron's angry tone, both of them whirled in unison, staring at the trio standing in the door.

"Oh..." Hermione breathed, staring worriedly at Harry. Ron wasn't going to react well to this, not at all.

All the shouting had brought Adrian and George back downstairs, and both stared, horrified, at the scene in front of them. It was reminiscent of the day by the lake, though that was between Adrian and Harry. It was obvious to anyone that Ron was pissed, Malfoy had gone to far this time in the red head's mind, he had obviously enchanted his brother and forced him to snog him.

"Ron..." Fred said, raising his hands lightly and sliding his wand free of his wrist hostler.

"What the hell are you doing here?" George hissed, coming to stand beside Fred. Harry and Hermione exchanged worried glances, had they not been invited to help with the store.

"Ron said you asked us to come help set up..." Harry explained, trying very hard not to stare at Adrian.

"We didn't" Fred bit out, staring worriedly at the youngest Weasley male. Ron's face was a dangerous shade of red, and his fingers were gripping his wand compulsively, even if he wasn't supposed to use magic outside of school.

"He made you do it Fred" Ron suddenly shouted, "You'd never really kiss the ferret right? Right?" He hissed, pointing his wand haphazardly in the direction of the two sets of twins.

"No Ron, he didn't make me do anything I didn't want to do" Fred said, his tone soft yet stern. With a howl of rage, Ron exploded.

A blast of light erupted from the end of the precariously held wand, smashing directly into Draco and sending him flying into his twin. The light was so bright and the burst so concussive that no one could see, and everyone but Ron was thrown to the ground.

Finally the light died, and Harry, being the first to move, tackled Ron to the floor, struggling with the red head while Hermione snatched his wand, having the presence of mind to do so.

Groans could be heard from the corner where Fred and George had been tossed, though they seemed to be okay.

"Bloody hell" George hissed, sitting up gingerly, "What the hell was that?" He rose unsteadily, letting out another groan as he saw the absolute destruction of the shop.

"Damnit Ron" He hissed, glowering at the teen who had finally been subdued by Harry.

"Where's Draco?" Fred asked as he was helped to his feet.

"Dunno" George said, dragging his attention from Ron to look over the shop, neither Malfoy could be seen.

"Shit" Fred hissed, beginning to look through the debris of the shop, looking desperately for the twins. Draco had taken the spell to the chest and with Adrian's illness they needed to find them right away.


Lucius and Narcissa had just made it to the counter with Lucius' selection of goods when a loud blast sounded from next door. Potions were thrown off of the walls, and the blast itself sent everyone in the store to the floor. It only lasted moments, but in that time chaos had ensued. Pulling himself up, Lucius helped Narcissa to her feet, the two shared a single look before they were running, very un-Malfoy like, towards the shop next door.

"I knew it" Lucius ground out as he shoved the door to WWW open, though it was already hanging by its hinges and fell rather dramatically to the floor. The damage inside was enough to freeze Lucius' heart, and both parents immediately surveyed the area for their sons. When neither boy was spotted, panic began to set in.

"What happened? Where are my sons?" Lucius hissed, turning his glare on the twins, though he had noticed Harry Potter holding a feebly struggling Ronald Weasley to the floor.

"Ron he-he cast a spell. It hit Draco, who then hit Adrian and sent them flying.." George stammered, "We haven't been able to find them" He added as Narcissa rushed in, helping Fred in his search.

Soon everyone was involved in the search, shoving beams of wood, boxes and various broken merchandise aside while they searched for the missing Malfoy twins.

Ron had been put in a body bind by George so that Harry could help look, since he knew the brunette was worried about Adrian as well.

Finally, Narcissa's hoarse voice called out for her husband, and the group converged on the area where she'd been working.

First they unearthed Draco, who was unconscious and bloody, but appeared to not have suffered from any other things, despite the spell striking him. Beneath his prone body was Adrian, also unconscious, his face pale and blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth.

"Mungos" Lucius said softly as he gathered both of his sons, setting them down and looking at his wife.

"How do we get them there?" She asked, completely ignoring the others, "I can take Adrian for you" George offered suddenly, "I'll carry him through the floo, that way you can take Dray" He murmured as Lucius nodded distractedly, "Fine" He glanced at the other teens along with Fred.

"Deal with this" He pointed at Ron, his tone turning menacing , "I'll be pressing charges against him. The aurors will be by shortly" He said, looking at Fred softly, "Would you like to come?" Despite Draco's attempts at hiding it, both Narcissa and Lucius knew of the affection between the two boys.

Fred heartened noticeably, nodding vigorously as he followed the Malfoy's and his twin through the floo.


Harry and Hermione exchanged exhausted glances, both sinking gratefully into the large, leather chairs of one of the many living rooms of Potter Manor.

"I can't believe Ron did that" Hermione murmured, sipping her tea as she stared at the fire. After Lucius had left, it been only moments before the aurors had showed up, taking Ron with them to the Ministry for questioning. Then Molly had arrived and they had been dragged to the Burrow to explain what had happened, before Lily had come by and take the tired teens back to the Manor to rest.

"I know" Harry murmured, "We knew he hated the Malfoys, but I never thought he'd go that far" He added as his mother came into the room.

"You guys feel up for some supper?" The red-headed woman asked curiously.

"Not really" Harry admitted, while Hermione nodded, "Maybe later" The polite girl added, not wanting to upset her hosts.

"Of course" Lily said, kissing Harry's forehead before slipping out of the living room.

"He could have killed them 'Mione" Harry breathed, eyes wide as the impact of what could have happened hit him.

"I know" Hermione shuddered, "He didn't even seem to care, all he wanted was to hurt the Malfoys" She shuddered again, "I mean, I don't particularly like Adrian and Draco, but no one deserves that" She said, staring into the flames.

"I hope their okay" She added as Harry nodded, both staring at the fire now, no words spoke between the pair as they both contemplated what had just happened.


Severus burst into St. Mungos, his large, black robes billowing about him as he rushed up to the lift, not even bothering with the Welcome Witch. He hurried out of the contraption, rushing down the hallway towards the end of a familiar corridor. No Malfoy would have a regular hospital wing, Lucius had had their own rooms built in the hospital, which is why Severus knew exactly where to go.

"How are they?" The greasy haired man demanded as he stepped into the room, moderating his pace as soon as he saw Narcissa.

"They've been better" She said softly, hands shaking as she looked at one of her oldest friends.

"Draco has a concussion and some fairly bad bruising to his chest and face" She explained, "He also has three broken ribs, but they can't heal them just yet because we don't know the nature of the spell that the Weasley boy cast"

"And Adrian?"

"Adrian suffered an attack while trapped under Draco, the minute we got here he began to have seizures. He's stable, but they don't know if any more will occur" She shuddered, "He also has a broken arm from Draco landing on him and some bruising. The seizures scare the healers the most, since they don't know if they'll become a regular part of his condition or if this was a one time thing" She explained.

"And the spell, does anyone know what it was?"

"No, the aurors are questioning Ronald now, hopefully once we know what it was they can cure the boys" She said, tears slipping down her pale face.

"Where's Lucius?" Sev asked, stepping closer to Narcissa and pulling her into a tight hug.

"Talking to the healers and then taking the Weasley twins back to their shop. They accompanied us here, but there's nothing they can really do for the boys right now" She shuddered, her sobs catching on her throat as she tried to remain somewhat in control.

"Oh Cissa" Sev murmured, "They'll be fine, they're tough" He reassured, rubbing her back soothingly.

"Oh gods Sev, they could have died" She said, her voice muffled.

"But they didn't, they're strong" He reminded her, "Don't dwell on what could have been, just focus on helping them get better" He said, his voice stern yet gentle.

Narcissa nodded, finally breaking away from Severus, "Thank you" She murmured, "Would you like to see them?" She had finally gotten herself back under control.

"Please" Sev murmured, following her into the large, well-decorated hospital room. Both boys were lying on traditional hospital beds, Draco had a few monitors surrounding him, producing odd noises, where as Adrian had many. Small cuts and bruising marred the handsome faces, but beyond the fact that they were in a hospital they could have been sleeping.

"Thank gods" Sev murmured softly, "When can they go home?" He asked gently, sitting down beside Draco's bed.

"Soon, the healers just want to make sure nothing from the spell will suddenly manifest" Narcissa said, stroking her hands through Adrian's hair.

"It could have been much worse" She added.

"Could have been" Sev murmured, gently reminding her not to dwell on what 'could have been'.

"They'll have to take it easy, Adrian especially, but they'll both be fine" She smiled, looking relaxed finally. It could have been so much worse, but both her boys were alive, relatively healthy and her husband would do everything in his considerable power to prevent anything like this from happening again. Despite everything, she was happy, her children were happy, and life would move on.