Chapter 32

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As I drifted off to sleep I knew I would never talk to Tasha again and I would send dad or one of the hands back to get the stud and I would tell her father what happen and that from now on out all business between us would have to be him and I and if Tasha was involved then it would not happen. Now sound asleep I dreamed of our children and my beautiful Roza.

I was suddenly awaken with a scream.

I raised my head and saw Roza holding her stomach. I jump up turning on the light and ran to her side.

"What's wrong Roza?" I asked scared to death.

"The babies Dimitri I believe they are coming, oh it hurts so bad." Roza cried.

"Shh baby I am hear lets move you to the room dad fix's for this just in case." I said as I help her up.

Dad was dead set that we have a room setup just in case we couldn't get to the hospital due to weather. It had a birthing bed and two hospital baby beds and two wash tubs to bath the babies once born that you fill with water and was heated to the exact temperature for the babies. There were gloves mask everything that you would find at the hospital and Doc Eaton had given us a crash course in birthing that we didn't tell Roza about we didn't want her to worry or stress out about it.

I help Roza into the bed and took off her pj bottoms and help her to get comfortable and then went and call dad.

"Dad, Roza is getting ready to have the babies." I said a little fast.

"Oh God Dimitri there is no way we can get to you guys with this storm and neither can the doc." Brad said with a worried voice.

"Yea I know I am calling Doc. Eaton at least he can guide me through it, I'll let you know when their here." I said hanging up and calling the doctor.

"Hello, Doc. This is Dimitri, Roza is starting to go into labor, we are by our selves her in the cabin and I am going to leave you on speaker phone until they are here is that OK?" I asked him.

"Yes Dimitri that is good just try to make her comfortable as possible and get your equipment ready and start the water warming in the tubs. They are mark to the right amount in them and then get the navel bands out and place them on the bed side try along with the scissors and the blue bulb suction pump." Doc said.

I went and wash my hands and arms three times to make sure that they were clean.

As I did this Roza had another contraction and scream out. I ran to her side and grasp her hand and kiss it. Waiting until she had rode that one out. After the contraction stop I went back to laying the stuff out on the tray according to what the Doc had said and then. Just as I finish up Roza had another contraction and yell that her water had just broke and the Doc. Assure her through the phone that this was normal.

"Dimitri can you see the mucous plug, it will like a wad of gooey stuff with some blood in it.?" Doc asked.

"Yes I see something like that." Dimitri said nervously.

"Good now ease your fingers inside and feel if you can feel the babies head, but be easy." Doc said.

I look at Roza who look scared and I just smiled at her and wink. She tried to laugh but couldn't quite get it out as another contraction rack her body and she screamed.

After her contraction I ease my finger in and couldn't feel anything yet.

"I don't feel anything yet Doc." I said.

"Well we might have to wait a while then son." Doc said.

After several hours the Doctor said he was going to take a nap and for me to call him back if there was a change and if I didn't call back in about 2 hours he would call to check.

As we waited for our babies to be born I help her ride out each and every contraction getting more and more concern with every hour that pass Roza was getting tired and was wearing out.

"Roza I know you don't want to here this but between each contraction try to rest baby OK." I said.

"OK I will try can I have some water." she asked.

"I'll get some ice for you instead OK." I said and she nodded.

As I went to the kitchen my nerves was on edge and all I could do was watch as my Roza was suffering and it killed me. As I enter Roza's room again another contraction hit her and I ran to her side and grab her hand.

"Your doing great Roza, concentrate and breath through it baby that's it." I said holding her hand and running my fingers through her hair.

"OH God Dimitri it hurts so bad." she cry.

"I know but think about it when we are holding Cayden and Sierra it will be all worth it don't you think." I said smiling at her. She nodded her head as a contraction hit they were getting closer like less than a minute apart. So I check her again and I could feel the head of one of our children. I then went and call the doc and told him about feeling the babies head. After another 3 threes went by the time was here and Roza went to pushing I could see the baby at the entrance the doc was telling Roza to breath slowly and told me to place my hand down there and be ready to hold the baby while it was coming out, but not to pull on the baby let it come out naturally.

I was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, I kept chanting in my head don't drop the baby, Don't drop the baby. The next push and the babies head was out.

"Doc the babies head is out now," I said with a shaky voice.

"Dimitri now start wiping the face of the baby off easy and gently with the soft wet cloth." doc said.

And I did the baby was squinting its eyes and making faces, I chuckle at the little thing.

"What are you laughing at Dimitri?" Roza asked.

"It doesn't like it's little face wash Roza and is making faces at me." I said smiling at her.

Another push and the baby was half out now. The doc said after it's birth just lay it on Roza stomach clip the cord, wrap it in a blanket and focus on the other one until they were both born. Once they are both out and breathing then I could bath them and check them out.

Two more pushes and Cayden was born and he let the world know he was not happy about it at all.

"Roza our son has arrived," I told her giving her a amazing smile and she smiled back. I cut the cord and place Cayden on her stomach and went back for Sierra. Forty-five minutes she was born and I started cleaning Roza up after the after birth was took care of and went to bath them. I gave Cayden his bath and place him on the scale he weigh 6lbs and 4 oz's and was 19 inches long his heart was strong and he was looking around squinting his eyes. I place a diaper on him and his sleep gown and took him back to Roza repeating the same with Sierra 6lbs and 18 inches long. Once this was done the doc instructed Roza to try to breast feed them.

"Rose, place the baby near your breast and ease them to it, and it will hurt the first couple of times you do this until you get use to it." doc said.

Rose place Cayden near her breast and he was nuzzling her looking for his dinner when he finally found her nipple he latch on to it causing her to let out a loud gasp.

"Well I can hear that the little one found what they were looking for." Doc said laughing. Thank God the doctor couldn't see Roza blushing a bright red. And he said he would call back later to check on us and that when we could get to the hospital to have them check out. With that he hung up.

She finish feeding Cayden and when he quit nursing she held him to her shoulder and burp him I then took him from her and gave her Sierra to feed. Looking at my son I could see he had my hair and my eyes but Roza's nose and mouth. Sierra has Roza hair and my eyes and Roza's nose and mouth. They were going to be beautiful children.

I call my dad and let him know that his grandchildren were here and doing great and for him to call everyone while we take care of them and let Roza rest.

I help Roza to the shower and help her clean up and change into clean underwear and night gown walking her back to our room and then retrieving our children in there rolling bassinet to our room and settling down next to her in bed.

"Roza thank you for our beautiful children I am so proud of what you did tonight and am glad that they are healthy and so are you." I said and kiss her head.

"They are beautiful aren't they, but hey look who their parents are they couldn't be anything else but beautiful." she smiled.

"You got that right sweet britches," I said tired and fell asleep.


15 years later

"I have tried and tried, mom why did you have to have a perfect score in the Cattle Horse event?" Cayden whine.

"I didn't plan it hun." Roza said as she chuckle.

It had been 15 years and nobody had tied her score to this day and a picture of her and Rio was still mounted over the fireplace.

Roza and I have been married for 15 years and have had a wild and fun life together. We now have 6 children of course Cayden and Sierra who are now 15 years old along with Brandon and Cody who are our 14 year old twin boys. Sandy Jo who is 12 and our 8 year old Abby who is as wild as the Montana wildlife and keep Roza and I busy keeping up with her.

Life can not get any better than this. We had to build a bigger house to accommodate our growing family, but we kept the cabin so we could go there for some alone time it just happens that every time we went there Roza would end pregnant.

Mason and Eddie finally settle down with some nice girls from town and live here on the ranch. The girls help with the kids and Mason and Eddie and I help and teach them to ride and how to run the ranch. Dad still lives here to.

Christian and Lissa have 3 boys and Taylor and Natalie have a little girl.

10 years ago Roza's parents were coming to visit us when their plane they were on crash killing all on board, we attended their funeral and had them buried in Oklahoma next to Roza's grandparents. That was a very said day for her.

Adrian finally married and has a couple of kids and had become a close friend of ours.

Tasha well that's another story in it self. After the mess she cause between Roza and I, her dad ship her off to her mother's and cut her inheritance off. The last we had heard she got drunk one night and was involved in a car accident. She broke her back and is paralyzed from the waist down. I almost feel sorry for her, but I just can't because she brought this all on her self.

But back at the ranch we are all loading up to go to the Cattle Baron Ball. Roza and I don't ride in it anymore we are content to watch our children compete in it.

"Well, you ready sweet britches?" I asked my beautiful wife smiling at her.

"Sure am, I love you My Big Tall Cowboy." Roza said and wrap her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. All I could think of was taking her back to the bedroom and making love to her for a long time. We broke apart when we heard a lot of gross God mom and dad can we go now. And little Abby was just giggling at us blushing pink. We all laugh and headed out the door to go.

The End

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