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Mr. & Mr. Wittendale

True to their words Davis and Adam retired from the Department of Magical Creatures. They then spent two glorious weeks getting married in France- the true romantics they are; and then Honeymooning in Caribbean. Davis took Adam's last name more out of Adam's refusal to have his whole name be Adam Alexander Asingleton- or in case you missed it his initials be AAA.

And to Hermione's surprise they returned from their vacation to run the new MARCH Department.

"I thought you were retiring?" Hermione had asked.

"We did, from our old department." Davis said with a smirk, while Adam smiled. "And now were Heads of a New Department."

Hermione had wished them well. Not that they needed it, the MARCH Department was a wonderful help over the next few years and eventually became just a regular place of counseling for all married couples. And of course she'd work with them again in the future…

Kaitlyn & Jasper Angel

Kaitlyn was indeed the one to get promoted- taking Adam's spot; and became Hermione's actual partner. The two women were the best in the department for the next few years together. And with Kaitlyn's help Hermione finally got much better at field work. And Hermione even managed to get Kaitlyn a few lessons from Healers about certain magical creatures.

With her promotion Kaitlyn wasn't technically allowed to see Jasper Angel anymore- him being a lower ranking than her. So against her better judgment- Hermione made him her assistant. So at the very least they would get to see each other often enough.

After many, many, many, many mix ups he eventually learned to do a Brilliant job. And when he was finally promoted the two quickly married. Michael was the Best Man, and Hermione the Maid of Honor.

They have two kids together, a big house, a white fence, two wonderful godparents… you know the spiel…

Michael Urless and Charlie Weasley

At some point before Harry's Party finished Hermione actually made her way back inside. She saw most of male Weasley's huddled in one corner and made her way towards them. Even with everything going on she and Ron still had '10 minutes' of together time to do. So they'd danced for a bit.

At some point though she'd switched off to Charlie.

"Is your current date a keeper?"

Charlie had snorted with amusement.

"So then, you wouldn't mind meeting someone else then?"

Charlie had only cocked an eyebrow up.

"Someone I know apparently wouldn't mind getting to know you better, if you're amiable, of course."

"Who?" He asked simply.

Hermione had seen Michael in her peripheral the whole of her dance with Charlie looking their way, but as she looked in his direction now as he danced with Kaitlyn and Jasper he seemed wholly unaware of them.

She'd smirked.

Charlie had smirked too when he saw.

"I thought I felt him staring at me a few times."

"Interested?" she asked getting to the point.

"He seems overly…" He didn't finish the sentence, but Hermione got the gist of it.

"He is at times, but that's when he's having fun and relaxed. At work he's a lot more serious."

"He works with you?"

"No, he's an Unspeakable." Hermione said with a smirk.

Michael was right, Charlie looked back at him with more interest then as if being an Unspeakable is some type of secret word for getting what you want.

"He might be," Charlie said non committedly and stopped looking in that direction all together and paid more attention to their dance.

"Is that a yes?"

"No…" Charlie said with a grin, "But you can give him Bill and Fleur's Floo and tell him to Floo me tomorrow afternoon."

"What about… I'm sorry, what is your current date's name again."

"Dasher or Prancer something that sounds like a Reindeer. Don't worry about him. I'm doing him a favor- I was going to come solo."

Hermione had only nodded. And when she finally relayed the information to Michael he'd smiled as if all his dreams had come true.

Hermione wasn't quite sure on all the details of what happened immediately afterwards, she did know Michael had Floo'd Charlie- Bill confirmed as much. And that they had gone out together- confirmed by Fleur. And that they had indeed fooled around- confirmed by Kaitlyn.

But Charlie's home was in Romania and Michael had top secret duties in Britain. And so neither one would mention the other soon after that. Not until a few years later at a party when they both showed up together.

And then at another party… and another… and well everyone was sure they had both settled down…

Seamus Finnegan and Lavender Brown

Ron never pressed charges on Lavender- more out of a favor to Hogwarts than anything having to do with Lavender. If she went to prison for 30 days who would teach her class? And then how did the school explain having a Professor in Azkaban for any amount of time? But her restraining order was reinstated, and she was put on a two year probationary period. For the next two years anytime she left the grounds of Hogwarts she would have to send out a form to the Ministry letting them know of her planned whereabouts- and if it turned out Ron might be anywhere near her requested area's she wasn't allowed to go without his okay.

The whole ordeal had finally managed to put her off Ron Weasley.

Too bad for her, Seamus had already been put off her as well. He refused to sign the renewal slips. He moved out of Hogwarts- with their kids in tow, and bought a house near Ron's house in the country- effectively banning her from coming too often if Ron was home.

Seamus would eventually run into recently single Lisa Turpin- a Ravenclaw from his year' and settle down with her. She had one child from her marriage and they all lived together happily for the rest of their days.

And though her class still remained popular- she really was good at her job; she would end up looking as crazy as her predecessor in her later years. And one day in what she would call 'fate's cruelest punishment' her daughter Sunshine would marry Hugo Weasley.

She resigned soon after that and spent her days in the Janus Thickey ward in St. Mungo's.

George and Angelina Weasley

True to their word, George and Angelina didn't remarry- not for about two years at least. In fact they both went on several dates at different points. Angelina was even quite tempted to leave for real, but as she was packing her things and talking to George he told her "If leaving is what will make my best friend and other half happy, then I'll let you leave."

Apparently hearing George call her his other half- after all his feelings about Fred; she kissed him soundly, changed her mind and went into the kitchen to start on lunch. They remarried two weeks later.

Harry and Ginny Potter

Harry and Ginny would have another son about four years later- and Ginny finally put her foot down about naming him after any more of Harry's dead companion's and hero's.

"But what about Remus?"

"Let Teddy have the chance to do it, dear." She'd said simply.

"Fine… what about Allastor?"

"No dear," Ginny had answered.


"Never liked it much…"


Ginny only looked at him and shook her head with a sigh.

"So you just want to give him a regular name?" He asked sounding as if that was the worst thing in the world.

"You named a couple of C names dear, how about Charles?" she said giving him her cutest smile.

"Charles? As in Charlie?" Harry had quizzed a bit shocked.

"Yes sweetie," she said kindly as she rubbed her huge belly, "It's not as if Charlie's going to have kids. And it sounds quite nice with Potter."

"Charles Potter?" Harry said experimentally, "Charlie Potter… Come here Charlie… Yeah it does sound alright…"

"So we can do Charlie then?" Ginny asked.

Harry scooted down in their bed, leaned down and kissed her stomach and then whispered "Hey Charlie… can't wait to see you."

Ginny smiled, until he added "Yup, Charles Brian Potter."

She raised an eyebrow, and was quite certain Brian was familiar somehow, but she actually liked how it sounded as well and so she let it go.

And so, Charlie was born first…

Ron and Nicole Weasley

While the day after the party was a day off for most people, there were some people who had things to do. Parents had to get up and send their kids off to school. Professors had to get up (all though later than usual) and do any last minute preparations. And Ron and Hermione had one more session with Nicole to attend.

Hermione hadn't expected it to be a long session. They tell her they've decided on divorce and thank her for help. But boy had she been wrong.

Nicole had as many follow up questions as she'd had introductory questions.

1. What lead to your decision?

3. What things did you realize about yourself?

4. What things did you realize about each other?

8. How are you planning to handle it from here?

11. Do you feel like you have enough support?

It was on the last question that Ron had answered he had a whole family of support. And Nicole had mentioned that sometimes some people feel like their family are the last people they want to help them- especially if everyone is still on talking terms with your soon to be ex.

"Really? That can happen? But me and Mione are good with this, so we shouldn't worry right?" Ron had quizzed.

"She only said sometimes Ron." Hermione added.

"What do people do in those cases?" Ron asked ignoring Hermione.

"They might hang out with friends or more distant relatives more often. And some continue counseling as just a means to vent sometimes."

Hermione had thought it a ploy to keep people coming back, but she couldn't blame the woman for making her money. And Ron ate the idea up-

"Really Ron?" Hermione quizzed when they'd gotten home. "You're thinking about going to see her again?"

"Well yeah… I mean, you've already got Snape. And everyone expects you to still hang out, but once Snape is in my face all the time I might not feel so cheery about seeing you…"

Hermione couldn't deny Ron his feelings- especially if he was already thinking about it. So she gave him her blessings.

She was quite surprised when six months later he'd sat her down to tell her he was 'sort of falling for another girl…'.

"That's wonderful Ron? Who is she? Does she work in the Ministry?"

"No, she's not even magical…" he admitted with a blush rising up his cheeks and ears.

"Not a witch, you mean? But who do you even know who isn't… You mean Nicole?" she'd asked in genuine shock.

"Yeah… I didn't mean for it to happen that way, honest. You gotta believe me…" he pleaded.

"Relax Ron, you're perfectly fine to like who you like." She said with a smile, "I'm happy for you… well wait, does she reciprocate your feelings?"

"I don't know, it's a bit hard to tell, she's supposed to listen to me, you know?" he admitted.

"Well I doubt she can date you while you're still seeing her. You'll have to stop seeing her."

"But then when am I supposed to ask her out?"

"Quit your sessions. And then wait a couple of weeks and then go to her office and ask her out."

"You think?" he asked. "Won't that be a bit weird?"

"It'll be weird if you ask her while you're in a session." Hermione pointed out, "It's just like with Jasper and Kaitlyn, it can get messy if it's not handled right."

"But why am I quitting the sessions? They actually go really well."

"There you go then- you've decided you feel you're in a good place, and you're starting to develop feelings for someone and you need to free yourself of talking about your past."

"Oi, that's brilliant that is," Ron remarked with a grin. "No wonder Snape kept coming back to you."

Two weeks later Ron started dating Nicole- who was a bit terrified of seeing Hermione. She was aware of what Hermione had done to Lavender. But Hermione hugged the woman and wished her the best.

And when Nicole became pregnant with twins- Nicholas and Roman; she was just as thrilled as the rest of the family. She gave birth about two weeks after Ginny…

Hermione and Severus Snape

As much as they both wanted to spend the night together after the party, it wouldn't work. In fact, for the first few weeks it was hard for them to do much of anything together. With Severus staying at Hogwarts and Hermione and Ron not publicly announcing their divorce yet, what could they really do?

"Have you two decided on a date yet?"

"Erm…. Well we're thinking that we could do it just before Halloween. We're thinking that it might die down quicker with all the Halloween related things they usually print in the paper." Hermione answered knowing it wouldn't please Severus.

"So you expect me to be content with another month of waiting?" Severus had asked, "All the people you actually care about are already aware, I fail to see why you should care what anyone else thinks?"

Hermione hadn't been able to give a proper response because Severus was quite right. And so she managed to convince Ron that doing it sooner was much better than doing it later. And for the first two weeks of October, 'the breakup of Hermione and Ron Weasley' made headlines. The following two weeks headlines about 'the dating of Hermione Granger and Severus Snape' was the only reason the first had died out when the couple had finally gone on a real date with real people around.

October hadn't been Hermione's best month.

But eventually the story passed and things got back to normal. Hermione worked well with Kaitlyn at work, and Severus remained Hogwarts most feared Professor.

One year later

They married in October- both wanted happier memories of the month. No one in attendance was someone they didn't know personally and it was a wonderful affair. Of course, Severus and Hermione only lasted an hour at the reception before disappearing for a honeymoon in the Caribbean- they'd gotten a tip it was a wonderful honeymoon spot. The tip had been right.

Three Years Later

Hermione was once again offered the spot of Head of the Department as Derby's – Davis's replacement; was now retiring herself. Hermione had always wondered why he'd chosen someone who was as close to retiring as well, but she assumed it was because Derby was the next tenured member of the staff and she was rather good at her job.

Her answer came when Davis strode into her new Department Head office.

"Maybe in a few years…" He said with a smile on her first day.

Hermione had a funny feeling-

"You knew she would retire so soon?"

"Of course I did. I asked her about it." He stated simply, "I told you Hermione, this job needs you. But not until you were ready."

"So you made that poor woman a… a fill in?"

"Oh please, Derby could've said no. But she wanted a shot at the top before she went so I let her have it. And she had three years to offer the job to anyone she wanted. But she saw what I saw- someone who'll make sure the department is run right. Someone who actually cares. How many laws have you gotten pushed through in your time here? Dozens… the next closest is your protégé Kaitlyn at three."

Hermione opened her mouth a few more times without saying anything.

"And now it works for everyone. Jasper- who you said was quite 'hopeless'- if I recall; is now being promoted. And he and Kaitlyn can get married and stop looking hopelessly at each other."

Hermione didn't bother asking how Davis stayed afoot of the goings on of her office, but she could only shake her head and smile.

"I suppose it does." She answered.

"Can't wait to see you at your first Department Head Meeting in a few weeks. They can get sticky. Adam and I always need more people on our side."

Hermione had only laughed…

Four years later

Hermione didn't know how Severus would take the news of her pregnancy. Of course they'd talked about kids- even though Severus seemed surprisingly accommodating towards her own kids.

Hugo finally grew out of calling him scissor man last year, and Rose seemed content with him as long as Severus let her 'brew' potions too. If brewing meant setting her up with a small pot and throwing some water in it and letting her mix all the harmless ingredients together. At some point she realized potions are made to be ingested- and expected everyone to drink them.

Severus would use his wand and 'inspect it'- which really meant vanishing it; and then would tip the pot to his mouth and pretend to gulp down the whole thing. Of course, she's starting to realize that potions also have some sort of effect so if he gulps it down, he better have an excellent answer for what she had just cured him of.

"Severus…" she said in a small voice as she stepped into the bed in their summer home.

"Yes?" he answered as he perused a potions catalogue.

"Are you in a good mood?"

She'd learned if you just asked him, he was really quite honest about answering that question.

"I wouldn't say good, but I'm not upset either." He answered, and then looked over at her with that look that was probably responsible for her being pregnant in the first place.

Hermione could work with this mood.

"There's something we need to talk about," she said snuggling closer to him.

"Is there?" he said tossing the catalogue to the side.

"Yes… I don't suppose you've given any more thought to having kids?" she said as she let her hands roam over his chest.

"Hmm… not much…" he said pulling her body closer to his.

"Funny you should say that…" she said before giving him a kiss.

He returned every kiss as if it was their first, and she the same. Three years strong and she couldn't see it changing. She pulled away to ask, "don't you want to know why it's a funny thing?"

He looked at her and quirked an eyebrow.

"Not if it means another discussion on the pros and cons of having kids. I keep telling you all the fun is in making them…" he answered with a smirk, "And I wouldn't mind another failed attempt right now…"

Severus started kissing her again, and for a moment Hermione forgot what she was going to say. But when he started to rub his hand down her stomach on its way down to regions south of her waist she remembered.

"Severus… Sev wait…"

"Hmm?" he said seemingly one minded.

"What if I said one of our attempts wasn't a failure?" she said in a rush of words as his fingers were flooding her with a rush of heat.

Of course said fingers stopped immediately and he looked up at her face.

"Perhaps my hearing was… deficient. It sounded as if you were attempting to tell me you are with child."

"Did it?" Hermione said in an abnormally squeaky voice looking away.

This might've be the only moment in her time with Severus that she wished he was more like Ron- Ron was thrilled at the news of her being pregnant, as she knew he would be. She had no idea how Severus would react.

"Yes, it did." He said lifting her chin so she could look him in the face. "Is that what you're trying to tell me Hermione?"

Hermione remembered the first moment he'd called her by her name- it had been right after her and Ron had announced their break up. He wanted to be sure Hermione was his and only his before he stopped calling her Granger. He still did it sometimes for purely sexual reasons- she liked it when he called her that.

"Yes Sev… I'm pregnant…" she said staring into his eyes and hoping she wouldn't see that look he saved for rule breaking students. She was relieved to see his eyes didn't look like that.

Quite the opposite really, he blinked rapidly, and she was sure before he lowered his head to attack her neck in kisses, she might've seen a tear. Hermione was promptly treated to the most tendered night of sex they had ever endured. And when they were done, he kissed her belly softly.

"So you're really okay with it?" she said looking down at him.

"I'll admit until you said the words, I would've been content to never have been a father. But once it was said… I can't find sufficient enough words to describe it Hermione." He admitted looking truly perplexed.

And for a moment Hermione thought to giggle, but he continued "But know this, I thought you'd made me the happiest man alive when you agreed to be my wife. But now that you've agreed to be the mother of my child, I dare you to find any imbecile who could think to match my joy."

Suffice it to say they'd made love again after that.

And a few months later, Hermione gave birth to a son a month after Nicole- Swain Tyler Snape…

Rose Malfoy and Hugo Weasley

"Did you ever think we'd get here Hugo?" Rose asked her brother.

"What? To seeing these little pains graduate?" He asked with his father's grin, "Yeah right, thought they'd stay in school until they made Severus pull all his hair out."

"I would've paid good money to see that." James and Albus said together- ever the twins even now as grownups.

The family was gathered at the graduation of the Infamous Four as they were known in school. Charlie, Nick, Rome and Sway got into more hijinks then anyone could think possible and never seemed to let anything stop them once they thought of something.

Not even the fact that Severus Snape was a part of their family- Sway's father at that. She and Hugo, and the rest of her cousins for that matter; had steered clear of Severus during their school years if they knew what was good for them.

Of course, Rose and Hugo also knew how to soften the old man up- he was a sucker for anything once Rose indulged him in anything potions related- he seemed to take great care in the fact that Rose was seriously interested in Potions. She'd straight out told him that when she finished her Apprenticeship she'd be taking his job. Severus had only nodded, but she thought he might've wanted to actually smile as well.

And Hugo knew if he called Severus Snape Scissor Man, it might be the only thing besides his mum that could make the man blush.

"I don't know who okay'd this," Scorpius said with the classic Malfoy smirk from beside his wife Rose. "I know Severus didn't."

"I suspect the Headmistress wanted to get them out as soon as possible." Rose said.

"You're all idiots, if you believe those stories." Lily said walking over into the group.

"What do you mean?" Hugo asked.

"I overheard Auntie Mione talking to Uncle Severus." Lily whispered as she looked around for them to see if they were still far away- Severus hearing was impeccable. It was like he was born with Extendable Ears.

"Lily what are you now? 21? Quit calling them Uncle and Auntie." James chastised.

Lily ignored him.

"They were all… you know…"

Everyone shook their heads immediately. Everyone knew.

Hermione and Severus Snape had been caught all over the place having naked lie ins by everyone in the family. At one point it became such a regular occurrence that the kids started betting on how long it would be till the next one.

"But Uncle Severus was saying how happy he was that Sway was graduating-"

"Well that is his son." Scorpius stated.

"Not because of that, but because then he and Aunt Hermione could finally go back to having their house to themselves."

"Ew…" James and Albus said together.

"Gross…" Rose added.

"Thanks for the mental image Lily." Hugo said while shaking his head.

"I just thought you should know the truth, they were kicking those four out if it was the last thing they did together." Lily said with a smirk.

"It is in a way… He's finally going to retire from Hogwarts, and Mum is retiring from the Ministry." Rose said looking a bit forlorn- even though she was the one taking his job.

"Yeah, but they're old… they should retire. Grandma and Grandpa Weasley always look so relaxed when we visit them- maybe retirement will calm them down a bit." Hugo said.

"It's still sad. Dad's still a top notch Auror and Uncle Harry is still running his department." Rose said.

"But you know our dad, he lives for being an Auror," Albus said.

"Yeah, they're going to have to kick him out of office." James added.

"It's still the end of an era…" Rose said.

"Yeah, but our Era is only just beginning," Hugo said with a smile and then looked over to where Sunshine was standing, "Listen, I'm going to head off with Sunshine before mum and dad see, you know how they are about us."

Everyone smirked.

No one knew the exact details, but something had happened between Rose and Hugo's parents and Sunshine's parents. And anytime Hugo mentions Sunshine it makes all the adults in the family cringe.

"Good Luck bro," Rose said as Hugo bound off.

"I don't think Hugo has to worry about his mum seeing him at least." Scorpius said with a smirk.

"Why's that?" Rose asked.

In answer he pointed to the Entrance of the building where Severus and Hermione Snape had just waved their goodbye's at Sway, Nick, Rome and Charlie, and they turned around with smiles on their faces and made their way inside the castle.

The end of an era indeed.

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