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Preface (Talia POV)

The sand squished in between my toes as I ambled down the beach. The sky was dark and bleak, the clouds churning heavily together to create an ominous sensation in the pit of my stomach. The waves licked the shore hungrily, begging for my return; I kept a secure distance between us, for fear that I would be sucked beneath the surface and never be seen again.

On the other hand, it would be nice to not have to face the surface world again. To be able to leave the pain and suffering above the waves…. I shuddered and spun to confront the water with urgency, racing through a large wave. My legs morphed into a powerful, sleek silver tail. I broke the surface, gasping in shock of what just happened. Before I knew it, the waves began tugging me south, away from La Push. The tides encumbered me greatly, but I struggled to catch my last glimpse at the small and gentle town.

It was a mistake.

A tall, tan figure stood by the trees, a mop of black hair on his head. I recognized him as the one who held my heart in his palm; he cupped his hands around his mouth and cried, "Talia! TALIA!"

His face crumbled in pain as understanding slapped him. I would never again run into his arms, gaze up into the chocolate pools that were his eyes, or crush our lips together one more time. I would never say 'I love you' to his face. The heartbreak that clouded his features overwhelmed me, so I froze the oceans and swam closer.

"I'm sorry, for everything," I whispered.

He howled mournfully and burst into a massive silver wolf, shredding his clothes to pieces in the process. His brown orbs stared longingly at my face, and he yipped softly before vanishing into the bracken. Salty tears leaked from my eyes as I watched our love be blown to smithereens, and I slowly let my mind unravel, piece by piece. My head sank beneath the powerful waters, and I did not resurface as the current carried me away to my awaiting family.

We were perfect for each other, but my father had to ruin it. He had to spoil everything he touched in my life. I will never love again. My heart was crushed to dust, and I could have sworn I heard another broken howl through the water.

Goodbye. I love you, was my last thought before everything went dark.