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11. A Premonition of Death (Talia's POV)

I've never been so happy in all my life. It was sad, in a way, how much joy could come from such a simple act, but the realization didn't change my perception of the situation. My father and I were on dry land, the meadow I found, to be specific. It was a clear day, hardly a cloud in the sky. The sun was beating down on us and reflecting off of the pond, lighting up the entire field with a rainbow of colors.

We were just enjoying each other's company, an oddity in itself. A blanket separated us from the damp ground, each of us cradling a book in hand. A picnic basket—an odd contraption that Sam had shown me a couple of days after I came here—held a bundle of treats from under the sea, like seanut butter sandwiches and a pitcher of white tea. Dad cracked a corny joke, and I chuckled, nudging his shoulder. Suddenly he tackled me and began tickling me, making me shriek out giggles. It felt good to be with him, no worries and no problems. That was when trouble gave a mighty blow to our day.

Ominous dark clouds rolled over the sky, causing Daddy to look up in confusion. White pieces of cotton—snow, I believe—sprinkled down on us. Cold descended in the air, rapidly erasing the previous warmth. I glanced around in bemusement as well, the sudden chill alarming me. To the north, a tall dark figure in a grey cloak stood stoically, his piercing red eyes unwavering from my own. A toothy smile formed on his face before he turned and merged into the foliage.

I turned to my father but jumped back in surprise at the spectacle in front of my eyes. The man was back, this time with three others. Upon closer inspection, I realized the man was enormous, with broad shoulders that could easily outsize any of the Quileutes, a mop of black hair on his head, a surprisingly soft jaw line, and vibrant red eyes, paired with a curved nose and full lips. He was standing towards the back of the group, inspecting my father with eyes full of mischief and promise. He must have felt my gaze on him because he glanced at me, winking and mouthing the words, "Soon, baby."

The smallest form lifted the hood away from her face, and I was surprised to see a woman—no, a girl, step toward us. She was angelic, with red eyes and a symmetrical face. Her dirty-blonde hair was pulled back into a sharp bun, adding a level of severity to her form. A slight growl rumbled in my chest, and she smirked at me before narrowing her gaze on my father. He squirmed under the heaviness of her glare.

"You have failed to uphold our agreement, Adam," the girl stated. Her eyes were dead of any emotion as they locked onto his. "Your actions require repercussions."

"Please don't do this," he begged. "I can pay, you know that."

"Silence! You knew calling us would result in this. Do not fight us, Adam Sinclaire," she remarked. "Take the girl. Leave no witnesses."

My father tried to protect me, but unfortunately, strength and battle strategy were not his strong suits. He was also outnumbered and outmatched. The man with the spiky hair blurred behind him, and when my father turned, he kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying across the meadow and closer to the younger vampire. The one closest to him suddenly released trails of black smoke from his palm, almost life-like in the way they honed in on my father's fallen form.

The heavy clouds of smoke writhed and slithered across the ground at a deadly pace before encircling around my father. As they traveled around his legs and up his torso, his icy blue eyes shot to my face, panic and fear shining from his orbs. His last words were touching to the heart, a final plea of forgiveness for himself from me. I watched as his eyes rolled back in his head and the last syllable of my name die on his lips.

"Felix!" the man with the short hair hollered. "Take her to Jane while Alec and I finish up here."

The man and Alec moved toward my father's still form, while Felix flashed over and slung me over his shoulder. I peered at my father through my hair, and my lunch threatened to come up at the gruesome sight. He was sprawled out on his back, paler than the snow with his face tilted up to the sky. The rich red coloring of his neck, a startling contrast to his surroundings, made me nauseous. Alec was at his neck, while the other had his back hunched over my father's limp wrist. Alec smiled, his once white teeth tinted red with Adam's blood. A trail dripped from his lips onto the ground, and suddenly the trees swallowed me up, hiding the monstrosity from my gaze. In the distance, a lone wolf howled.

I jerked up off the mattress, tangling the covers around my legs in my haste to leave the bed. Panting heavily, I stumbled to the bathroom, pausing at the sink to glance in the mirror. My hair was in a disarray, matted and tangled with sweat, while my eyes were bloodshot and had startling bags resting underneath them. I glared at my reflection before stripping my clothes off and stepping into the shower, thankful that my tail won't suddenly appear in the water. That would be difficult to explain.

The dream I had threw me off kilter because it was so frighteningly realistic. I could still feel the cold shoulder of Felix pressing into my stomach, and the smell of my father's blood lingered in my nose. I scrubbed at my skin furiously with the cloth to rid myself of the feel of the dream, the panic in my chest receding the harder I scrubbed. Eventually I shut off the water and stepped out, finding my clothes for the school day with minimal trouble.

When I came here three weeks ago, I didn't think too much about when Emily threatened me with school. Now, I wish I had taken her more seriously. After a week to get on my feet, which was basically when I met Patrick and saw my brother with those blood-suckers, she registered me into the reservation school with little hassle. They didn't even require that much information because it was the last two weeks of school. It was a blessing, really, because I had to leave almost all of my paperwork behind for my father.

Knowing people there like Jacob and Seth helped my social situation a lot; without them, I would have definitely been a lone nerd. Since I was also a part of the "La Push Gang," people gave me respect, despite my intelligence level and interests. All in all, high school, for once in teenage history, felt like a breeze.

Of course, shit then hit the fan. And I totally forgot how to duck.