These are story ideas (story background) of mine that I have in mind. For each idea, I would like to have your feedback on them.

Story Idea # 1 = Working Title: An Heir or Spare to a King

= Edmund Tudor was borne on Feb 21 1500 who was the Duke of Somerest

= Edmund was betrothed to Lady Eleanor Boleyn the daughter of Lord Thomas Boleyn the Earl of Wiltshire and his second wife Lady Catherine Tudor the Duchess of Bedford & Countess of Pembroke (Catherine is the daughter of Lord Jasper Tudor & Lady Catherine Woodville)

= How will Edmund and his sweet Eleanor change the course of history for England but also for his brother Henry and his six wives? Will a younger brother make a difference toward Henry's desired for a male heir?

MAIN PAIRING: Edmund/Eleanor, Henry/Anne, Henry/Catherine

Story Idea # 2 = Working Title: Princess Royal of England

= What if Henry was married before the death of his father making him King and this marriage resulted in his first-borne daughter Princess Isabel?

= Who will Isabel affect the Great Matter as Mary was never Henry's heiress presumptive, so Katherine knew that her daughter could never be Queen of England with Isabel ahead of her in the line of succession?

MAIN PAIRING: Henry/Anne/Catherine

Story Idea # 3 = Working Title: The English Queens

= The English-borne wives of Henry VIII stories where not completely told before now. There lives of Anne, Jane, Kitty, and Katherine will truthful be told to you through each of there reign as the Queen of England. How will these changes effect the lives of Henry's children?

MAIN PAIRING: Henry/Anne, Henry/Jane, Henry/Kitty, Henry/Katherine

Story Idea # 4 = Working Title: Struggle for a New Life

= Modern day tudors: Where Henry's wife Catherine is unable to have children, so in their desperate attempt to have a child they turn to surrogacy? There chosen surrogate will be the child's biological mother. Each of Henry's historical wives will be potential surrogates but which one will be chosen. Will some form of a romantic relationship form between Henry and the surrogate?

MAIN PAIRING: Henry/Catherine, Henry/?

Story Idea # 5 = Working Title: A Court Scandal

= Henry divorces Anne to marry Jane only to marry Anne off to someone else.

= Elizabeth remains a Princess with Anne as the Marquess of Pembroke

MAIN PAIRING: Henry/Anne, Henry/Jane, Anne/?