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After a fun night in the Common Room, Ginny says goodnight to her friends as she makes her way up the stairs towards her dormitory. Climbing into her bed, she wonders about the events lately and where she has been during them. Deep in thought, she doesn't realize that "it's" happening again. She gets up, absentminded, walks down the stairs, and out the portrait hole.

Ginny walks on, ignoring the Fat Lady's cries of protests. After arriving at Hagrid's hut, she kills the last rooster and makes her way back to the first floor. After writing on the wall, "Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever," using the rooster's blood, she enters Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.

"Open," Ginny commands the sink in Parceltounge. After the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is revealed, she hops on in.

Nearing the statue of Slytherin, the 'curse' is broken. Looking around wildly, Ginny wonders where she is.

"Hello, Ginny, nice to see you could finally make it."

Ginny looks around madly. "Who's there?" she nervously asks, summoning up her Gryffindor courage. "Show yourself!"

All of a sudden, she sees movement in the corner of her eye. Turning around, Ginny notices a boy a few years older than she. She asks, "Who a-are you?"

"I, I am Tom Riddle," the boy answers obediently.

"You!" Ginny gasps.

"Yes me," Tom chuckles. "Miss me?"

"Can't say I have. What's going on?"

Tom explains, "You are in the Chamber of Secrets. All year long, you have been doing my bidding: Killing Hagrid's roosters, writing the messages, Petrifying students. Tonight, I have brought you down forever. As you die, I shall get stronger and soon be returned to life.

All of a sudden, Ginny starts feeling herself getting weaker. She tries to protest, but Tom throws it away, accompanied by laughter.

"Good bye, Ginny! Have fun in the After Life!"

All went dark.

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