"…can't believe he could be so reckless!" said a voice, it seemed distant and slightly familiar.

"He wasn't reckless, he was stupid." snapped a very familiar voice.

"It wasn't stupid, he saved my life." that voice was louder than the rest, light began filtering through his vision and he flinched at the brightness.

Silence enveloped the surrounding area, the people were now talking with scarce whisperings and hushed tones. All he knew was dull throbbing pain, his entire body ached. His muscles were tight and his entire body seemed sensitive to everything. He opened his eyes and immediately regretted it, the sudden influx of bright light made him wince, he tried covering his face with his hands but his arms were so heavy he could barely lift them.

"Harry…Harry. Can you hear me?" said a voice, it was getting fainter. He tried opening his mouth to talk but his voice couldn't emit a sound, he coughed slightly and pain shot through his chest like a burning sensation. As it subsided everything seemed to get darker, more voices started talking, all of them becoming quieter and quieter. He breathed slowly and as though drugged he drowsily slipped back to his unconscious state…

"Come on, you can do better than that" Sirius's face went from a smile to a look of shock and surprise, his body was arching slowly and the look of delight and triumph on Bellatrix Lestrange's face. The image burned, blood pounded through his head, anger burned with such pure loathing.

"Sirius! Crucio! I'll Kill Her!" the images reeled through his mind, the sensation of satisfaction and retribution he had felt in the fleeting moment of hitting Bellatrix with the Cruciatus spell. The initial hatred he had felt when Remus Lupin had told him Sirius was gone. The gut wrenching moment and wave of sickness he had felt. The image of Sirius slowly going backwards through that Arch in the Ministry, never to reappear.

"Sirius!" he was sat bolt upright, his body layered in cold sweat, his throat ached from shouting. Adrenaline must have fuelled his body as now, pain ebbed through every part of his body. His eyes were open but it was dark, he could barely see his hand in front of his face. Where was he? He reached for his wand, but it wasn't in it's usual place, tucked in the waistband of his jeans.

Fighting the pain he lifted himself of the surface he'd been lying and hunched down as quietly as he could. Reaching out he grasped at thin air and slowly started to creep along trying to find something to lean against, his body was almost fighting every movement. He heard footsteps approaching, panting slightly he stood up. His body was tense, he didn't know who was coming or where he was. Struggling, he braced himself as plans of action tried to congregate in his mind. The footsteps were getting nearer and louder. Picking his moment he attacked the stranger, or at least he made the movement. Light flooded the room and he was immediately blinded. He lost his sense of direction and his footing and crashed to the floor.

"Harry!" said the voice, it sounded familiar. He tired to pick himself up but he just fell to the floor again.

"Come here, what the hell are you playing at." said the voice, it was filled with concern.

"Lights…" coughed Harry, as he was helped to his feet and sat down on something.

"Sorry." said the voice, in an instant they were dimmed. Opening his eyes slightly, he blinked rapidly. He was still sensitive to the light but it was much better than before.

"Where am I?" croaked Harry, his he was buried in his arms still and it was muffled.

"Headquarters, you want some water?" asked the voice. Harry only nodded in response, he heard the sound of water running. Headquarters? The word echoed through his memory. He was at Sirius's house. No he didn't want to be here. He attempted to stand up, and staggered slightly.

"Hey, hey. Come on. Sit down." said the voice, gently pushing him back down. Harry couldn't fight if he tried, the water was placed into his hands, he barely held on to the cup. Raising it to his lips the cold liquid felt soothing, he spluttered slightly as he struggled to swallow the liquid. Forcing it down, his throat felt much better. He raised his head and opened his eyes again, a blur of red hair occupied his vision.

"Ron?" asked Harry in a low voice.

"Close, I'm Bill. Ron's older brother, we haven't really met I guess." Harry's vision focused slightly, and saw the face he had seen in a few photos of Ron's at Hogwarts. He saw a hand being offered and Harry put out his and they shook slightly. Harry winced at the tough grip.

"Sorry." laughed Bill.

"What's going on, what happened?" asked Harry, his memories were a blur. He could barely remember anything past picking up a shovel in the darkness.

"You don't remember?" said Bill, his voice and blurred outline of his face seemed serious.

"I remember picking up a shovel and… Death Eaters, they were at Privet Drive. Lucius Malfoy was there, Azkaban! It's been took over!" said Harry quickly, his voice was cracking slightly and he took another gulp of water. Panting slightly all he did was look up and look at Bill.

"I know, Voldemort took over in the first few days of the holidays. We think he made a deal with the Dementors." replied Bill, his expression stoney and almost looking worried.

"Malfoy said… they'd been negotiating all last year." said Harry, remembering his conversation with Malfoy. Being flown through the air, and then sending Malfoy through the air. He smiled slightly at that.

"The Dursley's, are they alright?" asked Harry, he wasn't worried but if they were…dead. It was only more deaths on his conscience.

"They're fine Harry. They've had their memories wiped, the Ministry were adamant on that. They wiped everyone within a half mile radius. Big clean up operation from what dad's been saying." said Bill.

Harry's mind was reeling, he remembered shouting at his Uncle Vernon. Rodolphus Lestrange sending send him flying through the air and crashing on the floor, standing above him, Tonks saving him, being on top of Bellatrix and ready to blast her head off, the fear in her eyes, being sent crashing through fences. Tonks lying beside him because she had come back to save him again. Sending the mystery Death Eater flying against the wall and Tonks stunning Bellatrix. The familiar flash of green that had plagued his nightmares jetting towards Tonks.

"Harry….Harry!" said Bill louder, Harry snapped out of his thoughts and was quiet for a second.

"Tonks is dead, isn't she." said Harry, faltering halfway through his sentence.

"You really don't remember, do you?" said Bill, it was a statement more than anything.

"Why? What happened?" asked Harry, but Bill was not the one who answered.

"You saved her Harry." Dumbledore was standing in the doorway, his face tense, his ice blue eyes showing no emotion.

The last time Harry had seen Dumbledore was just after the Ministry of Magic, when he had more or less destroyed the Headmasters office. He still felt guilty about the childish reaction but felt under the circumstances it was quite justified, after all he had just lost his Godfather and learnt he was the one that had to kill Voldemort. 'Kill or be killed' was a thought that had g0one through his mind numerous times.

He didn't meet Dumbledore's eyes and kept quiet, he was still annoyed at the aged wizard. He wasn't quite sure what for, maybe it was just everything. But what he did know was that he didn't really want to talk to the man.

"How are you feeling Harry?" asked the Headmaster, walking into the room. Tonks walked in behind him. As did a few Order members he recognised from last summer. Harry stayed silent, and waited for someone else to break the silence.

"He doesn't remember what happened." said Bill, speaking for Harry, who was looking at all the members. All had varying degrees of surprise and shock on their faces. Tonks looked like she had been crying.

"Ah, well allow me to fill you in then. You battled and quite valiantly against the Death Eaters until help arrived, when the Order arrived, Nymphadora here found you and gave you a Portkey to Headquarters. Miss Tonks proceeded to re-enter the battle, but heard you battling another Death Eater. Bellatrix if I'm not mistaken, another Death Eater started duelling with Nymphadora and you managed to incapacitate your opponents. A Killing Curse was sent at Tonks, you threw yourself at her. Knocking her out of they way and the curse hit you." Dumbledore finished, his voice had remained relatively unchanged in tone and volume during the recollection but Harry knew that Dumbledore was unimpressed at Harry's actions.

"You survived the Killing Curse… again." added Dumbledore, a faint smile appeared on his face.

"Oh…" said Harry, it was all he could say. He was surprised but he didn't really know to react, he didn't really know how to feel about it at all.

"Oh? You could have died you idiot, you should have died!" snapped Tonks, who promptly burst into tears and ran over to hug him. Harry hissed in pain and grimaced, but she kept on hugging him anyway. After a feeble attempt to hug back Tonks let go, a bit red faced at her reaction and stood to the side of proceedings.

"Why did you do it?" she whispered, as if scared of the answers. Harry paused for a moment before replying.

"It was just instinct, I didn't want you to die, I don't want anyone to die because of Voldemort ever again. So I just pushed you out of the way." said Harry simply, trying to shrug his shoulders and barely able to.

"Harry, you can't jump in front of every Killing Curse. Next time you might not be so lucky." said Dumbledore, sternly.

"I don't want anymore people to die, sir. You can't expect me to stand by and watch people die for no reason." Harry almost snarled in his reply, anger bubbling at the surface.

"You can't save everyone, Harry." replied Harry, his voice was sorrowful.

"I can try." growled Harry, getting to his feet. He clenched his jaw at the pain that came with doing so, it was subsiding. But only slightly.

"I think it's best you get some rest." said Tonks.

"No." said Harry and Dumbledore simultaneously.

"Harry's only just woken up and he's more than well rested I'm sure." stated Dumbledore, who looked at Harry and he gave a small nod of his head.

"Right then, Bill. Will you stay with Harry until the morning. I'm sure you'll find something to talk about." said Dumbledore who then walked out of the room, everyone else followed slowly. Tonks got to the door and smiled at Harry again and left, leaving just Harry and Bill.

"Come on, might as well go sit somewhere comfortable. Want help walking?" asked Bill. Harry shook his head and allowed Bill to walk ahead. Entering one of the main lounge areas that they had cleaned last year Harry saw that it had been nearly completely redecorated. The walls had a vibrant red tinge, that seemed to illuminate even more when Bill started a small fire in the fireplace.

"Here." said Bill, pushing a comfortable chair close to the fireplace and waited for Harry to walk to it before getting his own. They both sat down, Harry relished the comfortable leather, it was like his favourite chair in the Gryffindor Common Room.

"So…" said Bill, as if starting a conversation.

"So…" replied Harry, almost numbly.

"Ron and everyone are coming over in a week or so." offered Bill.

"Good… Bill, how long was I out for?" asked Harry. He didn't know why it had taken him so long to ask.

"Two days, first night everyone came here. The entire Order, couldn't believe what you'd done. Tonks was a state, stayed by your side until tonight, Dumbledore ordered her to get some rest." laughed Bill, it brought a smile to Harry's face which Bill found promising.

"Madame Pomfrey came, but she was scared of doing anything. She's never treated someone who should have been killed before." said Bill.

"Bill… I've just had a lecture." replied Harry in an annoyed voice.

"I'm not lecturing you, I think it's amazing. I mean, your an idiot but still. It's a very cool thing you did." said Bill, his word filled with respect for Harry.

"Anyone would have done the same thing." replied Harry.

"Yeah right!" exclaimed Bill, who saw it was annoying him.

"Unless you did it to get in good with Tonks" teased Bill, who laughed at the instant affect it had on the colour of Harry's face but laughed when he heard Bill laughing.

"Ow! Don't make me laugh Bill, it hurts." coughed Harry, his face, would have challenged Ron's with the shade of red it was now.

"Sorry… oh, I've got to warn you. When Ron, Hermione and Ginny come you best have a good hiding place. They're besides themselves with the lack of replies to their letters." said Bill, who stood up and grabbed a cracked tumbler and dusty bottle above the fireplace and poured himself a drink. Harry stared at the labels, all were covered in dust but nearly every label had Firewhiskey. They must have been years old, thought Harry.

"The amount of bottles in this place was unbelievable, we had to test them all in case they were poisoned. These are some of the less refined types of Firewhiskey." he took a sip and coughed profusely as he swallowed the amber liquid.

"Still gives quite a kick though…" added Bill, who was red in the face himself.

"Can I have some?" blurted Harry. Bill eyed him and picked up another equally cracked tumbler and blew out some of the dust it had in it.

"You can have one, but one only. And don't tell anyone because my mum will kill me." cracked Bill, who gave him a clumsy single measure.

"Bottoms up?" offered Bill, Harry stretched and they clinked glasses, and much more slowly than Bill raised the glass and drained the contents in one. It was hot coming down, but the aftertaste was even hotter, beating his chest which the liquid seemed to have set on fire. Coughing he composed himself and breathed deeply, making him feel better instantly.

"Maybe we should have started with Madam Rosmerta's Finest Oak Matured Mead" said Bill, warily eyeing a bottle higher up.

"Maybe…" said Harry in a hoarse voice. Bill laughed at Harry's response.

"Congratulations, your first shot of Firewhiskey. I'd say it calls for a drink, but you've already had your one." laughed Bill, who took the glass from Harry and replaced it with a bottle of butterbeer.

"Thought you might like something besides water." offered Bill, Harry took the bottle and drained half of it within seconds. Filling him with warmth and felt like it relieved his aching body. Harry sunk further into the chair, stretching slightly. It hurt less than he thought it would.

"Feeling better?" asked Bill, Harry nodded in reply and took another sip of his drink and silence fell between them, this time, Harry opted to break it.

"Bill, you do wards right? How did the Death Eaters get through the wards?" asked Harry.

"Dumbledore wanted me to check them before you came back, I refused because if I got found out, I would have been fired from Gringotts with a permanent black mark on my file. I think he checked them himself because I overheard him saying the next day that they weren't that strong and you'd need to stay there for a month. It's weird though because the types of wards I have studied, especially blood wards depend on the strength of the castor and the people they are directly tied to. The blood wards protect you and the Dursley's and nobody else, if somebody gets some of your blood. Technically it could be compromised." said Bill, Harry instantly knew how they had been compromised.

"Voldemort used my blood." stated Harry, shocking and confusing Bill.

"At the end of fourth year, when he came back. They used some of my blood to help resurrect him." said Harry, showing Bill the scar on his arm.

"That explains it, Dumbledore's put up new protection now though. Says no-one with a Dark Mark can get through." finished Bill, who looked at Harry. Wondering whether he should ask him what he really wanted to know, he decided to take a gamble.

"Why did you save the Dursley's?" asked Bill, trying to judge Harry's immediate reaction but his face didn't change.

"Because nobody should have to go through the torture and games that they play, before killing you." replied Harry, almost instantly. Bill only nodded in response, if half of what Ron had old him about the Dursley's was true, he would have been hard pressed to save them.

"Why would Gringotts have fired you if you looked at the wards at Number Four?" asked Harry, interested to know more about wards and Curse Breaking.

"Wards are very secretive at Gringotts, if somebody unauthorised knows the details on a properties wards then it's much easier to break through them. The goblins at Gringotts don't take it too lightly if you snoop around a house to check out the wards without permission of the land owner. Which Dumbledore wanted to overlook." Bill frowned as he finished what he was saying and saw Harry looking at him.

"I think that the people who own the house, should have the right to know what protection they should have. And although Dumbledore wanted me to just check the wards. He'd have wanted me to do more than that after I had, probably want me to cast another set. And if I did, I'd have been fired without a chance of appeal." explained Bill. It seemed fair enough to Harry.

"Can you tell me a bit about curse breaking and wards?" asked Harry, a small glint came in Bill's eyes as he launched into the subject with gusto.

It was hours later when the first person came down for breakfast, and found Harry Potter and Bill Weasley having breakfast and talking about old Egyptian Curses and Spells with Harry occasionally noting things down. He had quite a stack of parchment that was filled with incantations and the affects of the spells. He had learnt so much that his head was spinning wit hall the information, he had written down nearly every spell Bill had talked about, and had Bill promise to talk to him about Warding.

"Morning Bill, Potter." said Mad-Eye, who glanced over at the notes Harry had taken.

"Trying to get another Curse Breaker for Gringotts, Bill? Didn't know they were recruiting?" remarked Moody, who took a piece of toast from the stack on the table.

"Just giving Harry a little introduction, that's all Mad-Eye." smiled Bill, who rolled his eyes. Knowing what was going to come next.

"You would have made a fine auror, Bill." sighed Mad-Eye.

"I thought about it, but decided I'd rather keep all my limbs intact." joke Bill, Mad-Eye let out a bark of laughter.

"Can see your point there, Weasley. But don't you try and take away Potter, should have heard some of them at the office last night. Thought you held your own brilliantly, Potter." quipped Mad-Eye, both eyes trained on Harry's.

"Thanks, but it was nothing." replied Harry, not wanting to make a big deal out of it.

"Nothing? We tested Malfoy's wand, cast a lot of nasty spells the other night, he did. And I know he caught you with a few of them, Chest Cutter was it?" asked Mad-Eye, Harry moaned, his eye could see through anything.

"And the Cruciatus." added Bill.

"No kidding, and you kept on fighting? Not many would have the nerve to do that, Potter." cackled the old aurora, who sat down and retrieved a bottle from inside his jacket and poured himself a drink.

Harry mumbled a thanks and Bill started listing spells again, Mad-Eye cut in occasionally, either to offer his opinion on the spell or giving one of his own. It was an hour or so later before more people came down and started making their own breakfasts. Everyone kept glancing occasionally at Harry, who found it quite annoying and moved back to the lounge area with Bill where they proceeded to talk about wards. It was not long after that, when Dumbledore entered.

"Ah, Harry. Just who I wanted to see. Can I have a word with you, in private." It was a statement, more than a question and Harry just stood up wearily and followed the aged Headmaster, they walked for a few seconds before he was beckoned into a room that looked like it was to be a study of some kind. Dumbledore flicked his wand and conjured a couple of squishy armchairs and asked Harry to sit down.

"Now Harry, I understand that you might not want to talk to me that much. Especially after our little disagreement last night, and in my office earlier. But I'm afraid I must insist." said Dumbledore, who with a tweak of his wand made a a pitcher of juice and two glasses appear and start pouring themselves. Harry took one, and still avoiding eye contact took a sip.

"Harry, look at me." said Dumbledore softly. Harry looked up, and met Dumbledore's eyes. Whose blue eyes seemed full of regret.

"I'm sorry, but I must ask that you return to your Aunt's house, all they know is you were injured because of a allergic reaction to one of the plants in the back garden. I told them you were to rest as much as you could. I believe they will let you rest this time." Dumbledore had a rue kind of smile on his face.

"Sir?" asked Dumbledore, curious at what Dumbledore had said to them.

"Rest assured, they'll pay attention to my words, you are only required to stay for one week. Then you can come back in time for the rest of the Weasley clan to move in." said Dumbledore softly.

"Fine." said Harry, he didn't mind going back to his Aunt's. It was coming back here.

"Is there anything you want to talk about, Harry?" asked Dumbledore, half-expecting Harry to say something. Harry shook his head.

"Is that all, Professor?" asked Harry, looking at Dumbledore, a sign of resignation appeared in the Headmaster's eyes, Harry tried to offer a courtesy smile and stood up to walk out.

"Harry, your wand." said Dumbledore, who pulled out his wand from his robes, he held it out for Harry. Who took it.

"Thankyou, sir" murmured Harry, who walked out of the room, Dumbledore followed a few seconds later. They walked back to the kitchen area were they found everyone was waiting quietly.

"Bill, would you take Harry back to his Aunt's residence?" asked Albus, Bill nodded in reply. Everyone else either looked at Dumbledore or Harry, expecting the latter to react in an angry fashion.

"Yes Professor, now?" asked Bill, Dumbledore nodded and left the room, his eyes appearing to be deep in thought, as though they were calculating something.

"Ready, Harry?" asked Bill. Harry too nodded, he picked up the stack of parchments he had written all night and this morning. Following Bill, they to the main courtroom. Harry followed as quickly as he could, he found Bill in the entranceway. The object in his hand glowed blue, in the familiar glow of a portkey.

"Come on, we need to activate this outside. Portkey wards would damn near kill us." said Bill, a grim look on his face. Opening the door and letting Harry through first, and closing it behind him. They walked slowly down the road, to stand out of eyeshot.

"Kill us? I thought wards only kept people out if they tried to get in without permission, not kill them." queried Harry.

"The Black family, well they deemed it prudent to add some extra security on their wards. Quite nasty stuff. I'll find you a book about it and bring it to Privet Drive, if your not to busy with that lot." laughed Bill, nodding to the parchment Harry was holding.

"I'm a quick reader." grinned Harry. Bill offered the Portkey out, Harry had a quick look around and touched it. Feeling the familiar tug around his navel, he braced himself as he spun around. Closing his eyes, he waiting for the ground to slam underneath his feet. A second later his feet hit the pavement, bending his knees as he did, he barely kept his footing.

"Nice, at least you stayed upright." joked Bill, they turned around. They were just outside Privet Drive, Bill and Harry started walking together, Bill walked slowly so Harry wouldn't rush himself.

"I'm on guard tomorrow, in the late afternoon. I can bring you a few books then if you want. I'll be walking the rest of the week." explained Bill. Harry just nodded along. He'd seen the section of road that had been turfed up, it was coned off. Bill followed his glance.

"Death Eater?" asked Bill.

"Malfoy, Cruciatus." replied Harry, simply. Walking up the pavement to Number Four, Vernon opened the door.

"Who are you? Wait your one of those, Weadel's" spat Vernon, eyeing Bill with distaste.

"Weasley's, Uncle Vernon." said Harry, giving Bill an apologetic look.

"I don't care, just get inside before somebody see's the pair of you." replied Vernon, his face was getting a shade of red darker every few seconds.

"I'm only dropping Harry off, Mr Dursley. But I'm coming back tomorrow, dropping somethings off for Harry to read while he's resting. So he has something to do." emphasised Bill, keen to get the message through that Harry was to rest and not put to work like a dog.

"What kind of things, no freakish stuff. I won't have it!" said Vernon, the idea of something wizarding related terrified the man.

"They're books on advanced curses and foreign spells I've acquired. As a curse breaker, I've had extensive experience in the field, and Harry has shown an interest in them." said Bill, a smile on his face Vernon looked near apoplectic.

"Spells on how to deal with Egyptian mummies, decapitation, disembowelling, turning them into stone. Very nasty stuff, but it has to be I guess. Protecting their treasures from tomb raiders like me." said Bill, dead serious. He flashed a smile and it was all Harry could do from laugh.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Harry." said Bill, not taking his eyes of a Vernon Dursley that had gone from a deep crimson colour to white with fear.

"Later, Bill." said Harry, walking past his Uncle carefully and struggling up the stairs. He wasn't bothered for the rest off the day, apart from his Aunt checking he was alright every hour, bringing something for him to eat on occasion. Harry made sure to thank her, sincerely. Every time.

He was reading the curses he had written, committing everything to memory. Until he could repeat the spell, it's wand movements and effects every time. Then he moved on to the next one, it was getting to the evening time when he began to felt tired and noting where he was, set the wad of parchment down and rolled over. He was asleep within minutes.

It was only a few hours later that he woke with a start, nightmares plaguing him. He hated it, thankfully Sirius was not in this one. It was Cedric, his motionless body and his spread-eagled outline haunting him. He breathed deeply and moved about slightly, sheets sticking to his body because of the sweat. I've got to do something about it, he thought as he drifted back into slumber, trying to ignore the images of death in his mind.

The next morning he woke up, his Aunt had left him some soup in a thermos flask, a bowl and half a loaf of bread. He was famished and carefully poured himself a bowl, he picked up his notes and read as he ate. It was around lunchtime before his Aunt came up and took the empty thermos. And brought him a few sandwiches, setting them aside for later. He started reading a few curses he had circled.

Sempraset - The Slashing Curse

Causes large cut wherever the spell connects, spell is particularly effective due to the inability to close wounds as they must heal naturally. Any magical treatment does not work and prolongs the healing time.

Wand movements - A half counter clockwise circular motion and a stabbing motion in the direction of attacker.

Pronunciation - Sem-pra-set

Marlekno - Gouging Curse

Deep gouges appear around the surface it hits, effective on stone, metal and flesh. Crater like gouge's are caused, lethal around head, chest and neck area on people.

Wand movements - Downwards motion and upwards flick.

Pronunciation - Marr-lek-no (emphasis on Marr)

Disrello - Disembowelling Curse

Disembowels opponent, stomach and guts explode from within. Lethal

Wand movements - Simple stabbing motion.

Pronunciation - Diss-rell-oo

Combraden - Shielding Spell

Shields from various onslaughts, fire, physical attacks, spells up and some beyond Seventh Year. Lasts for as long as can be sustained.

Wand movements - Large clockwise circular motion.

Pronunciation - Comm-bra-ben

A few nasty, Dark Arts curses and a handy shield spell, thought Harry. He kept on reading, most of them were lighter than those he had read, quite a lot lighter. He was sure Bill had mixed in prank curses as well.

"Bandage Wrap Curse, Oil Slip Jinx, Pie Launching Hex?" whispered Harry to himself, committing them to memory anyway he read all day. His body was still hurting slightly, compared to how badly he had ached though he was relatively fine. Banging at the door distracted him and instinctively drew his wand. He peered outside and saw it was Bill. Walking downstairs as quickly as he could, he reached the door just before Dudley.

"It's for me, Dudley." said Harry, who went to open the door.

"Who'd come for you, freak." jeered Dudley, pushing Harry to the side and opening the door. His face dropped, hands instantly clapped across his bottom.

"Hi, Bill." said Harry, holding in a laugh at Dudley's terrified expression.

"Hi, Harry. I take it your, Dudley." said Bill, a stern expression on his voice. Dudley, fearful at Bill mentioning his name he waddled backwards as fast as he could. Bill burst out laughing, as did Harry.

"Here, I dug out my old sixth year books and some of my older Curse Breaker books. Their not exactly banned, more hard to find." said Bill, handing him a few books and walking inside. Helping him carry them upstairs. Harry didn't see the look of disdain on Bill's face as he saw Harry's room.

"I've got an hour or so to spare, I'll highlight some of the ones I think you'll find interesting and useful." said Bill.

"Thanks." said Harry, in genuine appreciation. An hour or so later Harry was left alone with a dozen or so books, and a promise from Bill to help with anything needed, when he was back at Headquarters.