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1Chapter Five: the wrong Phil

Phil had finished taking the operation and was then sent to New Pretty Town, where Tally was.

"Tally-wa," said Phil, arriving back in Tally's room and noticing Tally going back to sleep. "Tally-wa, wake up, I'm back."

Tally opened her eyes.

"Hey, Phil-wa," she said. "So, did the operation go bubbly?"

"Yeah," said Phil. "Oh, hold on a second, I'm getting a ping."

"Oh no," said Tally, looking at the time. "You must know that there are only three hours until the party, we've got to get a really bubbly costume or we won't be admitted."

"Where are we supposed to go?" said Phil, listening to the ping.

"Stay calm, Phil-wa," said Tally. "come with Shay-la and I downstairs to the Hole."

"The Hole?" said Phil.

"Yeah," said Tally. "They give you clothes and stuff."

Phil didn't argue though, pretties barely argued.

Then, they went downstairs.


Shay had breakfast in tow; lobster omelettes, toast, hash browns,

"So, Tally-wa, do you think I look crim enough for this party?"

"Totally crim, Phil-wa," said Tally, smiling. "Don't you just LOVE being pretty?"

"Of course," said Phil. "It's beyond bubbly, don't you think so, Tally-wa?"

"Yeah," said Tally.

Even though he was a pretty, Zane's eyes seamed to lose some of the prettiness and happiness.

Too Far In The Future