Annabeth: I am doing this one me no one else.

Erik: Yeah you also said, 'I got this one falling off my skateboard.'

Annabeth: What I fell off my board and I got an idea.

Erik: What about that Gin/Rukia story?

Annabeth: That can wait.

Erik: Whatever. Mom told me to pick you up some dinner. What do ya want?

Annabeth: Milkshake! Also the thoughts are in Italic writing.

A/N: This is a Kisuke/Rukia pairing.

Disclaimer: Don't own bleach

Chapter 1

Not Him Again!

Rukia needed to get more soul candy but she didn't want to see Kisuke Urahara. She wanted to send Ichigo but he yelled at about why she wouldn't go. Rukia was walking towards Kisuke's shop in her gigai. She was taking her own sweet time doing so. She was complaining to herself about seeing Kisuke but she needed the soul candy.

She was still mad at Kisuke for the last time she was there. He slapped her ass for no reason. Stupid Bastard she thought. He never stopped harassing her. It was irritating. Any time she saw him he would say or do something totally inappropriate. She hated when he was dating someone because he would harass her even more and even more badly.

Rukia finally got to Kisuke's shop and stood outside the door. She was glaring at the door, when it opened and Kisuke stood there smirking behind his fan. "Well, Ms. Kuchiki, to what do I owe this great visit?" Rukia rolled her eyes and said, "I just need more soul candy that's it." "Feisty right now aren't you." Rukia kicked him in the stomach and said, "Just get me the freaking soul candy!" "Come inside please first."

Rukia walked in and instantly she kept an eye on Kisuke. He walked to the back and grabbed her soul candy. He walked back into the front and saw Rukia sitting on the front desk swinging her legs around. She was in the school uniform he had given her and he knew it was shorter than others but he did that on purpose. He smiled and walked up to her. "Here you are Ms. Kuchiki." He handed her the soul candy and she said, "I get this for free right?" "No, you have to pay for it." She hopped off the desk and started tracing circles in Kisuke's chest. "But, I never do anything but be a great customer." She stuck her bottom lip out in a pout. Kisuke didn't know what was going through her head right now.

Rukia wrapped he arms around his neck and said, "Please, just this once." "No Ms. Kuchiki." Rukia stood on her tip toes and kissed his cheek. Then started moving towards his mouth. She stopped before she hit his mouth and said, "Please it will only be this once." Kisuke went stiff when she started kissing him. He gulped and said, "J-just th-this once?" She nodded and he said, "Fine." She let go off him and walked out of the store.