Murphy MacManus's life was turned upside down, when he found a basket on the front step of his door step with a note,"Take care of it not my problem anymore". He lifted the blanket to see a baby girl. Spitting image of him. He gasped, looked around. He wasn't sure what to do. He picked the basket up, brought it inside. Conner came home a few hours later. They talked amongst themselves and decided to keep the little girl. Which they named Ashlynn. When Ashlynn turned 11 she got excepted into Hogwarts. She wasn't sure she wanted to go. By that time Ashlynn had become a tomboy, she wore her black biker boots, long dark pigtails. She started to rebel out in ways. But her best friend had become Conner. Nobody ever wanted to hang out with her. She was shy, but abonxious in ways. When she sat down she read the letter. She decided to go. She wasn't to much surprise when she wound up in Slytherin. She quickly became friends with Draco. By the time she turned 16 Draco and her had became very close and were dating. Five years and he never knew the truth of her. It didn't strike her until she heard him call Hermonie a mudblood. She had gone home with Draco a few times over breaks, she would always change her story why he wasn't aloud to come home with her. One winter break she went home,Conner picked her up. She sat in the car looked out the window. Conner finally broke the tension.

"So hows school?"

"its fine...Can I ask you something?"


"Whats my mother?"

"What do you mean"

"Is she a witch?"

"I don't know why do you ask?"

"Because,I have been dating someone at school and His father would never see to his son dating a mudblood. And I am to scared to even tell him I am half because I really like him and just scares me to know the truth."

Later that night she had gotten a note from Draco, he wanted to me her. She finally had deciding the hiding had to stop. She went into the kitchen. She sat down and sighed. Murphy came in and sat next to her. She sighed.

"Will you with me tomorrow, my boyfriend wants to finally meet my family. His father has gotten mad with me hiding everything. I mean I don't understand why its only been like five years. I mean hes gotta find the truth out that not only am I a mudblood but I come from a family of assassins"

"well that was a bit bold for a 16 year old, and what do you mean boyfriend? You haven't EVEN mentioned that"

"I told Conner..."

"Ah...I guess so, but you watch your mouth."