Jenny went tumbling down the slope and crashed into the creek, dousing her jeans in icy water. She didn't care. She just had to get away. Up she leapt and began running through the dense forest. An arrow whizzed past her, just nicking her ear. She winced in pain, but did not slow. A few scratches meant nothing in comparison to what could happen if she was caught.
"How long have I been running?" she wondered. She could not remember. In fact, she could not remember life before running. All she knew was that she had to get away. Her life, and probably other lives, depended on it.
Suddenly, her foot caught on a vine, and she went sprawling to the ground. It was all the time her pursuers needed. Before she could recover, a huge, clawed hand grabbed her by the hair and wrestled her to a standing position, facing her captor. She briefly beheld two sickly green eyes; an open mouth, filled with fangs; and dull grey, warted skin. Her attention, however, was quickly diverted to the sunlight glinting on a crude knife, poised to strike a blow...

"NO!" she screamed in terror.