Hello fellow fanfictioners! I am proudly announcing that this is the last chapter of Sweet Dreams. Don't worry, I have plenty o other stories in my unusually small head, and keep on looking for more. I'd like to thank SweetSerendipity27 and Jedi Master Misty Sman-Esay for being faithful reviewers, and I 3 you guys! And now, the final chapter of Sweet Dreams!

Chapter 20

He felt hot, and had a burning sensation all over his body; it hurt terribly. He was lying in the charcoal and ash bank of some strange planet. He saw a figure standing above his body, a very familiar figure.

"Get a medical capsule immediately!" Anakin could now see the persons face; though distorted, and scared. It was Palpatine. He suddenly felt he was being lifted up, and taken aboard a ship. They were hooking him up to machines, and he could hear his own breathing.

After a while, they landed on Courasant. It was raining. It should have felt good against his burns, but it only irritated them. He was taken into a medical room. They began adding artificial limbs, and encasing him in a black suit.

'What are they doing? Get this off of me!' where his thoughts. After a long procedure, he could hear his breathing, see through a vision enhancing mask, and he was very alert.

"Lord Vader, can you hear me?"

Anakin woke with a start. It must have been the meds, or lack of sleep, but he felt uneasy. He knew something was wrong, but he dismissed that thought. Besides, it was only a dream, right?

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