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Sumary: When the Winx come bback to school, they find that they are sharing this time with a new student, with the power of opposites and more. She has strange powers (well, stranger than a normal fairy's powers). No one knows anything about her, except that she apparently comes from Earth, more specificly Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and is fifteen years old. Who is this girl, and how is she from Earth when she is fifteen and the magic only returned under a year ago? This is her story.

Pairings: SkyXBloom, FloraXHelia, MusaXRiven, etc. Jott, Bobbilee (Jubby), Kurty, Anti-Lancitty, and more!

Disclaimer: I only own the character whose point of view this is.

Warning: Reenactment Hazard: Not for children under 5 years.

[?'s POV]

It was near midnight, but I wasn't asleep. I was up late, packing for my forbidden midnight trip. In short, I was running away.

My family didn't know my secret. I was… different from everyone else. Even I hardly knew who I was. I couldn't even say my own name.

It's not like my parents gave me an embarrassing name or anything, but I couldn't, literally couldn't, say it. When I introduce myself to someone, I wouldn't say my real name. If it was a boy called Michael, I would say Zabriella. That's definitely not my name, but I can't say my real name. My real name is S-mmph. See? I can't say my real name. I can hardly even think it!

Back to how I'm different. I have… special abilities. Nobody I know would ever like me if I told them. It's entirely my parent's fault! They made me like this! If I wasn't born with this birthmark, I wouldn't even be like this! I wouldn't be… a monster.

Oh, what am I saying? It's not my parent's fault at all. It's my fault. If I had told them about my powers, and why I'm always covering my birthmark, they may have been able to help.

No, wait. It's not my fault either. It's no one's fault. Plus, look on the bright side: If I wasn't like this, I wouldn't be able to have such an interesting life's story!

Ok, no more explaining me. Time to say more of what's happening. It was late, but I was busy packing for when I ran away tonight. By now it was 11:45, almost time to go; only 15 more minutes until I leave this house for a new place, almost a sanctuary, a place to be hidden from those who… don't understand… me.

I was almost ready to go. All I needed was a new bracelet to cover my birthmark and a cloak. I would get the bracelet first. I needed something to match my pink shirt and jean Capri's, large enough to cover a birthmark the size of a baseball, but not too bulky looking.

"Perfect," I mumbled, looking at a flat, wooden bracelet that was pink and purple. I untied the piece of cloth from my left upper arm, quickly re-covering it with my hand. I didn't need to transform now. I brought up all of my will-power and quickly took off my hand, showing a birthmark in the exact shape of a Yin-Yang sign for a split second. I immediately pulled the bracelet onto the birthmark, letting out a relieved sigh. I didn't transform yet, I thought, catching my breath, last time I changed my bracelets and transformed. My willpower is getting stronger!

I then mumbled, "Opposion," and leaves from the tree right beside my window flew in towards my bed. I repeated "Opposion," and the leaves flew together, changing from dark green to black, becoming a cloak able to easily cover every part of me. I put it on, went through the window with my bag in arms, and began climbing down the tree/

I was one step closer to being able to control my powers.

I was in the forest now, looking for the Institute. I was about half a mile from the school, unbeknownst to me. As I was walking, I saw something strange.

There was a woman, who had white hair but looked only to be in her mid-to-late-twenties, floating in the air, appearing to control the weather. At first I thought she had the power to fly and got caught in a storm, so I walked over to her. I was just about to ask her if she was OK, if she needed my help, when it happened.

I snapped a twig, and she immediately turned to face me. I'm usually not a coward, but when she flew over, I was scared. I let out a short, shrill scream, backed up to a tree and fell over. I was cowering, my right arm over my face. She stopped flying and landed, about five yards away from me. She walked towards me.

"It's alright, child," she said in an African accent, "I will not hurt you. You are safe here," At that, I slightly let down my guard, still unsure whether to trust this woman or not.

"I am Ororo. What is your name, child? Are you lost?" When she asked for my name, I couldn't reply, and I knew it. Instead, my eyes widened, not able to be controlled by me.

"Breeze," I said, much too fast. Ororo looked at me for a moment, and I shook my head. "What did I say my name was?" I asked, sure that I would get a strange look, but didn't.

"You said Breeze," Ororo replied instead, "And that is not your name, is it?"

"No, Ororo, or should I call you Storm?" I half asked, half said. Storm looked shocked for a moment, and then smiled.

"I knew that you would figure it out," she said, "I should not have used my powers where others could see me. Now, 'Breeze,' are you lost?"

"I'm not lost," I said, "I ran away, because of my… powers. I came here to find the Xavier Institute. Can you take me to it?"

Storm smiled and said, "Of course. What powers do you have?"

I looked down at my feet and said, "I would prefer not to go into detail until I meet Professor X, but I can transform into a flying creature. My birthmark," I looked at my upper left arm, "Is the source of my powers. If I uncover it, I can't control it, unless I use all of my will-power,"

"I see," said Storm, "I could hardly control my powers before." After a moment of silent walking toward the Institute, Storm said, "Can you fly or levitate without transforming?" When I shook my head, she smiled and said, "Well I hope you don't care about your hair getting messed up, because we're going to fly in style; Wind current style that is!" My face lit up when I heard I'd be riding in a wind current. I had always wanted to float in the air, without using my wings!

Just a few moments later, we were flying, I in a wind current created by Storm, who was flying by herself. After about five minutes, we were at the Xavier Institute.

I was finally there.

When we went in, I saw a man with black hair pick up an apple from a fruit bowl with claws that I could have sworn weren't there before. He appeared to have just noticed us come in when he turned around to go who knows where. "Who's that in the cloak, Storm?" He asked gruffly, "Newbie? A shape-shifter who can't control their powers, maybe?"

"Logan," began Storm, eyeing him, slightly glaring, "I don't think that our new student here will appreciate twenty questions on her first night, or should I say morning, here, do you? She has already seen a lot. She saw me doing my nightly practice, and thought I was going to attack her. She has powers that she can barely control. The difference between her transforming and not hangs in the balance of a bracelet. Literally!"

Storm's lecture about not asking a newbie a thousand questions on their first day was cut off by Logan, whom I later learned is also Wolverine, "What do you mean, 'Hangs in the balance of a bracelet,' exactly?"

Storm was about to answer, but, feeling brave, I cut in by saying, "She means exactly what she says, Wolverine. If I don't wear a bracelet over my birthmark, I unleash full power in the form of a winged person, otherwise known as a fairy, in human size," I didn't know where I learned who this 'Logan' person really was, but when I said his name, he looked shocked.

"How do you know my name, Pixie?" he growled after he got over the shock.

I then remembered how I knew him: My dad was a total X-Men Evolution fanatic. He watches one of his many X-men Evolution DVD's at least once a day. He had every DVD in the series, and could line them up in order easily, which he does. I remembered Wolverine from most of the episodes that I watched, acting like the 'gruff uncle' to most of the kids in the Institute. But I wasn't about to tell him that, for fear that he would snap my neck for pretty much spying on him. I was thinking, OK, I have the ability to read people's minds. I'll tell him that I overheard Storm thinking 'Why does Wolverine always jump to conclusions?' before I said it. That's true, because I did hear Storm thinking that. She can attest to the fact that she was thinking it. Yeah, that'll work!

"I-I can also read minds," I said, putting my perfect lie into motion, "B-but I can't really control it. I overheard Storm thinking 'Why does Wolverine always jump to conclusions?' before I spoke up. Sorry about reading your mind, Storm,"

"That's alright," I half-heard Storm saying, but I was actually reading Wolverine's mind. Apparently, I forgot that he could smell lies, because I heard him thinking, I smell something wrong with that… But she's new; I'll give her a break. There's pretty much no way that anything bad could happened because of… What's her name? I didn't ask.

"What's your name, Pixie?" Wolverine asked, snapping me out of his mind.

"Yoninah*," I said immediately, much too quickly. I looked up at Storm a moment later and asked, "What did I say this time?"

"You said Yoninah," said Storm, starting to get used to me asking what I said, "Professor X will tell you later," she said, turning to a confused Wolverine, "But for now, Xavier is exactly the one who we need to see,"

And with that, we were off to see Professor Charles Xavier.

We were right outside the office of Professor Charles Xavier, otherwise known as Professor X. Storm knocked on the door, and a naturally stern yet gentle voice said, "You may come in."

Storm opened the door, and motioned for me to come inside. There was a Grandfather Clock by the wall, and I read it to be 12:52, nearly one in the morning.

"Who's this, Storm?" asked the voice, the voice of whom I thought to be Professor Charles Xavier, "A new student? Why didn't Cerebro detect them?"

"Excuse me," I began to ask shyly, "But what is a cerebro? It kind of sounds like Cerberus, the Greek, three-headed dog who is said to guard the Underworld," I had done some Greek God and Goddess research, and I heard that Heracles had to capture Cerberus alive without any weapons as his twelfth and final labor.

Storm looked at me strangely, but Xavier just laughed. "Not quite," he said, "Cerebro is a computer, programmed to track mutants, like Storm, who you've met. It can also be used as a regular computer. Now, what is your name?"

I was beginning to get used to being asked this, but my eyes still widened and I immediately said, "Kellan**"

I looked up at Storm, and even before I asked, she said, "You said Kellan," knowing what I was going to ask.

Xavier gave me a questioning look. "It's my powers," I said, "I can't say my real name. Whenever I try to say my real name, I say the opposite name of whoever I'm talking to instead. K is the opposite of X, so I said Kellan, but it's not me who says it. I don't know why, though, but it might be because of my powers,"

"Well, what are your powers?" Xavier asked when I was finished, "And why are you wearing a cloak?"

"Well," I began, "I have a few powers, but some are hard to explain. The first power I learned about is that I can change into… well, I think it's a fairy, but it's human-sized. I'll just show you,"

I took off my cloak, revealing a pink and purple wooden bracelet on my left upper arm. I slowly pulled it off, showing a birthmark in the perfect shape of a Yin-Yang sign.

As the bracelet was removed, I was slowly transforming into my 'fairy-form' as I began calling it. I was wearing a white, sparkly tube-top with one black sleeve. My birthmark was still showing, and I had a black-and-white bracelet was on my left wrist. My hair, usually brunette, had blonde hair in the front, [A/N: like Rogue's hair, only blonde and brunette instead of brunette/red and white] but other than that, my hair was normal. I was also wearing a skirt, the left side longer than the other, which was black with a white stripe in the middle. The skirt was also sparkly. I was wearing black boots, but the top of the boots were white. The boots were also sparkly. I had clear wings with three curved points on each wing, too ***.

"I see," Xavier said after I transformed, "Do you have any more powers?"

"Yes," I said, preparing to show him my other powers, "I can also create balls of… something; I'm still not sure what, though. But, I can only make it look like a yin-yang, no matter what I do,"

I began making my ball of an unknown substance in my hand, saying "Opposion" to make it easier. "I have the power to do other things that have to do with opposites," I said, "But I'm just going to tell you a different power, to save time. I can read minds, but I can't really control it much. When I try to use it, I can, but sometimes, I just do it. But when I try to say what I just learned when I'm in someone's mind, I sing about it, instead. Sometimes when I just read someone's mind I sing about it, too."

When I was finally finished, Professor Xavier said, "I see…" and began mumbling something about why Cerebro didn't detect me."Well," he began again, "I see you have many powers. But, do your parents know that you are here?"

I wasn't really happy that my parents would most likely be informed that I was here, because even if I lied, Xavier would know, but I still said, "No, because I ran away. I never told them about my powers. They don't know. All they know is that I cover my birthmark all of the time, but they think it's because I'm embarrassed by it. I never went into my 'fairy mode' when I was with them, so they don't know anything,"

Professor X had a slightly concerned look on his face, which I later learned was because that he knew that my parents would immediately call the police when they saw that their fourteen-almost-fifteen-year-old daughter was missing.

"Well," he said, starting exactly what I feared would happen, "You know we have to call them. As soon as they see that you are gone, I am sure that they will call the police. Now, what is your parent's phone number?"

"757-473-2648****," I said, wishing that my parents didn't have to know, "My father's name is Jacob Adams, and my mother's name is Elena, so they know that I wasn't kidnapped,"

"Alright, then," Xavier said, dialing the number, "Hello. Are you Mr. Jacob Adams? I am Professor Xavier from the Xavier Institute," There was a pause, and he said, "No; I don't believe I have the wrong Mr. Adams. You are the father of Symphony Alexandra Adams, correct?"

There was another pause, and during that time I thought, how does he know my name? I never told hi—oh, yeah… he's a telepath, so he can read my mind.

"Don't worry, Mr. Adams, your daughter is fine. She came to us, we didn't kidnap her," There was yet another pause, in which I heard my father yelled something that I'm not going to repeat. "Sir, please. You have no need to yell. Your daughter is perfectly safe. She came here so she could learn to control her powers," there was another pause, where my father most likely cut Xavier off. "Yes, she is. She most definitely possesses the X gene, and she has some quite wonderful powers," there was another pause, where I could just faintly hear my father screaming: "You're just making that up so you can have an excuse for kidnapping her! What ransom do you want? A million? A billion? What do you want from us?"

Professor Xavier sighed and said, "Mr. Adams, if you think we are holding your daughter ransom, you may talk to her. She will clear this up." There was a pause, and Xavier handed me the phone.

"Daddy?" I asked, already knowing that it was him.

"Sweetie?" my father asked, trying to make sure it was me, "Are you alright? Where is that Xavier creep holding you? If I find him, I'll…"

He was cut off by me. "Daddy," I said firmly, "I came to him. I do have powers. I never told you because… I thought you would hate me for being a mutant,"

"Oh, sweetie…" my father said, "You're not a mutant! That man brainwashed you!"

"Daddy! No!" I said, "I am a mutant, and I've known for over a month! That's why I kept covering my birthmark; it's the source of my power. When it's uncovered, I turn into a human-sized fairy. I have the power of opposites, and that's why I could never say my name when other people didn't know my name! I always said the opposite of whoever's name was asking!"

"Oh my…" my father said, sounding bewildered, "How did you get brainwashed so horribly?"

"Daddy!" I said, trying to convince him, "If I was brainwashed, why couldn't I ever say my name before? Why did I cover my birthmark, only one month ago? I'm proud of my birthmark, but I have to cover it!"

"How can I know that this is true?"

"Well," I thought for a moment, "Well, you can visit here sometime, and I'll show you my powers!" As an afterthought, I looked at Xavier, covered the part that you talk on for the receiver, and asked, "That is ok, isn't it? They know about mutants, and so does everyone else, now,"

When Xavier nodded, I returned my attention back to the phone.

"Well…" My father was thinking, "As long as you're telling the truth… and we get to see you at least once a week… and you're not kidnapped… I guess I can believe you. But, if you aren't telling the truth, I will call the police and tell them this is where you are and you were kidnapped. Got it?"

"Got it!" I said excitedly.

"So, when are we going to see each other?"

"Let me see…" I said, looking at Professor Xavier.

"How about this weekend?" Professor Xavier asked, but it was more like a statement.

"This weekend?" I asked my father through the phone.

"You've got it!" he said, "Love you, sweetie."

"Love you too. Bye,"

"Bye," he said, and we both hung up.

"He kept saying that you brainwashed me," I said to Xavier, "He wouldn't believe anything I said."

"I know," Xavier said, "He thought I was holding you ransom. He kept asking how much money I was asking for,"

At that, I giggled, thinking about how over-protective my father is.

"What's so funny?" professor X asked, trying to hide a small smile.

"Nothing," I said, "It's just that my father is very over-protective. It's just, kind of an inside-joke,"

Xavier smiled and said, "Well, you had better get to your room,"

"There's already a room ready?" I asked, wondering how often this school gets new students.

"Yes, there is," said the professor, sensing my confusion, "We always have rooms ready for any new students. Your room is on the third floor, room 329,"

Xavier handed me the keys.

"Thank you," I said after I remembered my manners.

"You're quite welcome," said Xavier.

"321…" I start mumbling, looking at the doors instead of the halls, "323… 325… 327… Ah, here it is! Three twenty nine!"

I opened the door with my keys, and said, "Wow."

The room was huge! Well, a lot bigger than the room that I shared with my 7-year-old sister, Mai! I expected it to be much smaller, since it was a single, but it was bigger than a room that two sisters used!

There was a bed that's at least a size full, with a side-table and a lamp by it. There was a vanity, a desk, and a large closet that I'm sure that I could walk into, even though it was definitely not a walk-in closet. There was a door to what I'm assuming is a bathroom, because I'm sure that there wouldn't be two closets in a single. There was a stone fireplace with a mantle on it.

My thoughts immediately moved to decorating.

Now, I began thinking, how am I going to decorate this? I don't have much in my suit case other than clothes, and I left most of my money at home on accident… I'll just have to make a trip home and get some stuff, I guess.

Then, my thoughts turned to school.

I wonder if I'll have to transfer schools, I thought, I'm already enrolled in Glen Cove High for ninth grade, so will I have to go to Bayville High, like all the other kids at this institute? Oh, what am I talking about? Of course I'll have to go to Bayville, Glen Cove is ten miles from here, everyone here goes to Bayville, and I don't want to ask anyone to drive me, and I won't be able to walk or run that far, and I can't fly there, and why am I thinking 'and' so darn much in this sentence?

I let out a sigh and collapsed on the bed.

"Why do I have to have these stupid powers?" I asked myself aloud, "Why can't I be normal, like most normal people are?" After I replayed that sentence in my mind, I giggled despite myself at how stupid I just sounded.

"Oh, who cares about being 'normal'?" I asked myself, "There's technically no such thing as normal, unless every person in the world except one is weird, because no one is exactly the same, and 'normal' means that your pretty much someone's clone."

After that, I just let my thoughts wander: How'm I supposed to tell all of the other kids my name tomorrow? I can't tell them my real name… Wait! Back when I was ten, someone asked for my name. I managed to ask him to guess before I said some random name, and I didn't say any random names. I gave him a hint and he guessed right on his twelfth try. My eyes went wide like when I say a weird name, and I told him that I was going to give him super-intelligence. Maybe I can make a kind of a contest, and they'll get a power-upgrade if they guess my name right! I'll have to think some power-upgrades for them, so I won't have to go all unconscious and stuff, so I'll be able to see their reaction.

Now, what power for whom…? Let's see… Storm doesn't know my name yet, she didn't hear Professor X say my name, so if she guesses right, I'll give her the power to see the weather in any place in the world, and maybe the power to control the weather wherever she's looking at the weather… And who else is there? There might be more since I watched the show…

I yawned, and fell asleep in all of my clothes.

[A/N] So, how did you like it? OK, I guess you'll want some explanations. Here they are:

*: 'Yoninah' is a name that means 'dove'. I thought that 'dove' is pretty much as close to an opposite of Wolverine's personality as it gets.

**: 'Kellan' means 'warrior princess'. I don't know why I chose that name, but since 'physical' is the opposite of 'mental' and Xavier is a telekinesis, and that means that he can move things mentally. It's the only good name I could find that meant the opposite of Xavier, OK?

***: I'll put a link on my profile soon. I'll get a DeviantArt account and draw it, OK?

****: I just typed ten random numbers, so don't try calling this number, 'cuz I don't know who you'll end up talking to. (Maybe you'll end up talking to some random Russian dude? Who knows?)