Kate's POV

I looked over the girl standing in front of me. Her worn clothes and messy hair meant she'd been up all night but she wore a smile on her face. Even though she was fragile she acted like she did not just ask me the dumbest question.

"No." I answered flatly. I turned and went to close my door but I found that was impossible because she stuck her foot in the door. This wasn't going to end very well for me.
"Why not, why are you being so grumpy? It's a wonderful day outside! So why don't we spend that day at the arcade?" she whined. I heard her close my door and drag her feet across my carpet. She flopped down on my couch and looked at me with the puppy dog eyes. Oh crap, I couldn't resist that face. I turned my head swiftly to avoid her gaze. I heard her humph in defeat but then she jumped into action. I felt teeth sink onto my arm and I started screaming and trying to get her off of me.

"HEATHER YOU'RE FREAKING CRAZY! IF YOU RELEASE MY ARM I'LL GO TO THE ARCADE WITH YOU!" I screamed. She released my arm and giggled. She grabbed my hand and drug me towards the door. I barely had time to grab my keys before she drug me outside and down the block to the local arcade. We arrived after what seemed like hours for my poor, newly dislocated, shoulder. She looked ahead and her eyes instantly lit up. She turned to me with an evil smile on her face and I looked to where she was looking and I smiled back equally as evil. If there was one game in the whole arcade Heather and I could actually beat, it was Dance Dance Revolution. We ran to it as fast as we could and waited for the guys in front of us to finish their round.

'NEW HIGH SCORE!' sounded out from the speakers and they turned around with cocky looks on their faces.

"Sorry ladies, but I don't think you can handle this machine. Why don't you go and play something a little less challenging." The taller one remarked. I saw Heather tense up as the other one checked her out. She looked pissed and I didn't blame her. These kids were badly dressed and they had greasy hair and they looked like they hadn't washed in a while. I smirked and pushed them out of the way. We inserted our quarters and waited for the game to start. Once it did we let loose. Talk about flips, slides, windmills, the splits; you name it and we did it. When the song finished the machine announced we had set a new high score. Heather turned to the boys looking smug with herself.

"Alright so since we just kicked your butt you can go on and let the BIG girls handle the machine." She said. The taller one looked angry but nevertheless he drug the other one away. Heather looked quite pleased with herself. She was doing a small victory dance but suddenly her foot got caught on the side and she fell right into me and we smacked our heads together extremely hard, so hard that we both blacked out.

I suddenly felt warmth against my cheek. I opened my eyes to see a bright light shining down on me. I felt like someone was punching me in the head and I turned to see Heather with what I would have guessed was the same expression I had. She looked up and she seemed to be thinking.

"This place looks awfully familiar." She wondered out loud. She started roaming and I followed her quickly. She cut in and out of people only to suddenly stop right when I had caught up with her. I fully collided with her and fell down on my butt. Yep, that was definitely going to leave a bruise. I got up and looked over her shoulder to where a guy was dancing. He had curly hair, well from what I could see of it under his green beanie. He was definitely showing someone up because before too long a tall guy in all black pushed him back and started dancing, and oh my... he was attractive. I turned to Heather to see she had a look of disbelief on her face.

"What, what's wrong?" I asked. She turned to me and that look vanished.

"Dude, we're in Step Up 3." She whispered. I started laughing really hard... until I noticed she was dead serious.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I yelled. She shook her head 'no'. I looked back at the dance battle to see more guys stepping up and battling the curly headed kid, whom I believe was named Moose. He looked desperate for help and before I knew it Heather grabbed my arm and drug me out onto the scene and started dancing like she's never danced before. I shrugged and joined her, no use in arguing now. Moose looked relieved and impressed. The other crew was angry, except for the hot dude, whom I believed was named Kid Darkness. He was smirking at me, so I made sure to add a few more hip shakes than needed. Soon all three of us were dancing and I looked to see Heather goofing off as usual and then we jumped back and landed in the balloons.

All of the balloons raced off into the air and the crowd cheered and clapped but we heard the shouts of cops. I saw a guy run up and he yelled something along the lines of 'follow me' and then shot off in the opposite direction. Heather and I shrugged, we weren't getting arrested again, but Moose hesitated. We looked back to see him give up and run after us. We ran for what seemed like miles, Luke (which I figured out later was his name) even jumped through a hot dog stand. THROUGH it not over it or around it THROUGH it. It was impressive. We stopped at a metal gate and caught our breath. Luke led us inside and towards a covered up car.

"I'm Luke and you guys were absolutely amazing." He said breathing heavily. Heather and I smiled and she spoke up first.

"I'm Heather and this is my best friend Kate and you looked like you were flying back there man, that… was amazing." He turned and smiled at her and they did this weird hand shake thing that she knew because, I'm guessing, she watched a thousand times on the movie. Moose finally spoke.

"I'm Robert Alexander III, just since you asked, and she's right you were pretty amazing." Luke went to do the handshake with him but Moose obviously wasn't getting it.

"Do you guys know what you did back there? You beat Kid Darkness and a few of their crew. You're good, real good." He ripped a flyer off the wall and handed it to us. "This is the World Jam. It's the biggest dance battle in the world; there's never been prize money like this before. Those guys in the park, they're gearing up for this. We need you guys, with you we could have a shot at winning this. " Luke explained. I looked at Heather but before we had time to talk it out she answered for us.

"We're in!" She said overly happy. Luke smiled at her and they did that handshake again before he turned to Moose. Apparently Heather had this whole thing figured out. You could tell by the evil look on her face. Moose looked up still debating. Finally he caved. Luke pulled the tarp off of is car and Moose's face lit up.

"What you saw in the park is only the beginning. Come on." Luke said. Heather and I hopped in the back and Moose climbed in the front. We drove off to see the city and plan what would happen next